a really angry panda

Let me tell you a stupid story…

I suddenly remember two years ago when my closeted bisexual friend celebrated her eighteenth birthday (the equivalent of a sixteenth birthday in the US) by throwing this charity function in an orphanage handled by the church. There were about forty kids there. We, the oldies (and by that I mean, her friends) were there to help handle the proceedings and the program. And for some damn reason someone let me hold a microphone.

When it came to the part of the birthday wishes, one of the kids told her, “I wish you have a good life, miss, and also that you get a boyfriend.”

Her response: “Nah, I kinda want a girlfriend.”

I can still remember the shock in the faces of those nuns. I can still remember my laughter amplified by the stupid microphone in my hand. Or that I swore. A bit. Just a tiny bit–oh who am I kidding I have the mouth of a sailor.

Or how we scarred so many lives that day, god bless us.