a reality show about stage magicians

Every single thing in your world has some sort of story behind it, right? This place has a story, too. But before I start, I should introduce the characters within it too, right?

  • Trixie Edgar, Horror Blogger
  • Kiyoko Hanamura, Dog Breeder
  • Yoshi Himura, App Designer
  • Tomie Himuro, Cryptozoologist
  • Emiko Hino, Good Luck
  • Daiki Hiwatari, Tea Brewer
  • Mao Kakuma, Weather Reporter
  • Marco Mason, Dungeon Master
  • Kiri Matsumoto, Stunt Double
  • Arlechenno di Mercurio, Stage Magician
  • Minori Murakami, Conspiracy Theorist
  • Kaoru Naito, Gofer
  • Yumi Okawa, Claw Machine Master
  • Zenjirou Okasan, Clockworker
  • Kazuo Oshiro, Aviator
  • Takumi Shirayuki, Defense Attorney
  • Hanako Suzuki, Stage Assistant
  • Rowan Trengrove, Wheelchair Basketball Player
  • Huang Xiaozhu, Reality TV Show Host
  • Touma Watanabe, Demagogue

There are more, but you just need to know these for now. Now, listen to me carefully please, because our story is about to begin.