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How do you feel about Frazeleo? Also do you have anymore headcanons on them, please?

i love love love frazeleo!! and sure!!!

  • leo is the cook
  • hazel is the baker
  • and frank makes specialty dinners like on holidays and stuff b/c that’s what he’s best at
  • frank also loves doing the housework like vaumming and dusting b/c it calms him
  • but leo does the laundry
  • and hazel does the dishes
  • they don’t have friday night movie nights really, instead they try to have as many weekend adventures as possible
  • one weekend they went hiking
  • another they went to the beach
  • and then there was that amusement park fiasco
  • but shhhh, no one knows it was them
  • except in the winter, they do have movie nights in the winter
  • unless they want to go to a ski resort but that’s rare
  • hazel loves loves LOVES chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (the really sugary ones from the grocery store) and so frank and leo always make sure they have them in the cabinet
  • frank loves tea and they have their own special tea set it’s real cute, it’s pale blue with white cloud patterns on it but it’s pretty sturdy and it’s a good size so it wont break
  • in bed hazel is the big spoon and leo is the little spoon and frank is either the EXTRA BIG SPOON OMG or he cuddles up next to leo and sort of hugs leo and hazel in this gigantic cocoon of his arms
  • how cliche would it be for me to say that frank has this sleeve tattoo of a bird (i don’t remember was it a crane his grandmother transformed into or a phoenix, i’m p sure frank described it) and a dragon on his right arm for his grandmother and his mother
  • b/c we never saw his mother transform or anything but i feel like her choice would def be a dragon she’d fuckin rock that
  • omg that headcanon made me cry oh my god
  • leo walking around in boxer briefs and just randomly getting his ass slapped by frank and hazel
  • he doesn’t mind
  • hazel looks A++++++++++++++ in white button down long sleeve formal shirts and after parties when they get back to their apartment she wakes up early and walks around in them and makes breakfast 
  • and leo shuffles in next and grumbles b/c he likes to cook but he just starts making coffee and of course he puts on some water for frank’s tea
  • and frank shuffles in last and he’s always the most tired but he comes and kisses both of them on the cheek before sleepily setting the table
  • and leo always ends up stirring his coffee with a fork
  • but the sun is leaking through the window
  • and the little baubles they hung above the sink glitter and shine
  • and they all eat their eggs and their biscuits and there’s always fresh orange juice
  • and they all have their little piece of paradise right there with each other


♡ Maybe. [Valentines edition: Hanbin ver.]

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Title: Maybe

Pairing: Hanbin x Reader

Genre: Romance

Length: ~600

A/N: these are just short drabbles for all the singles (or not) out there coughlikemecough and i thought it’s be nice to read a little scenario with your bias on this special day. truthfully i didn’t even realize it was valentines day until all of my friends sent me selfies with their bf’s lol but yeah, it’s very short but i hope you like it! i’m about to write the next one (i hope i can do all members). happy valentines day to y’all <3

Jinhwan ver.

“Where are we going? I thought this was the end of the so called special day”, you teased Hanbin with a smile, when you were actually so thankful that he took some time for you although he had so much to do. “The best is yet to come”, a smile spread across his face and he looked a little shy. His cheeks were tinted pink and it made your heart jump. 

You interlaced your fingers with his and it just felt right. This was all you needed. Why was Valentines day even so special? Just being with him was enough to satisfy the hunger of your heart. “Hanbin… You already did so much though. It was already special, i don’t need anymore, really.“

"Don’t worry I’m not gonna ask you to marry me, no need to be afraid.” You knew it was just a joke but you couldn’t hold yourself back from giving him a soft punch, “You idiot. You think I wanna marry you? Hah you wish”, maybe you did actually want to marry him, you weren’t sure. In 5 years maybe? Would you be even still together at that point? It sounded like such a long period of time. 

If you had one wish right now, then to spend the next 5– no, even 100 years with Hanbin.  

“What? You suddenly turned so quiet. Realized you really wanna marry me?”, “You wish”, he knew that you were lying because the way he gripped your hand even tighter afterwards, giving it a soft squeeze made you realize that he probably thought the same thing. “You don’t need to worry”, he whispered and pulled you closer to peck your forehead.  

“We’re here”, you looked around to meet nothing but a secluded playground. It looked so familiar– 

“Remember? We used to come here when we were younger. I still come here when I feel lonely… or miss you.”  

You had expected everything, a spot full of roses or candles or just some chocolate that he’d give you under this beautiful night sky. However you hadn’t expected something like this and although It might have been so meaningless to other people, it flooded your heart with so many precious memories you had already made together, feeling warm all around.

A little Hanbin sliding down the slide to rescue the little girl who was too afraid of swinging by herself. A teenage girl who was sharing her first kiss under the vivid sky, her smile hiding behind the white clouds. 2 people making up after their first real fight, holding onto each other because they felt so guilty about everything.

It had been a while since you came here.  

“Let’s go swinging”, Hanbin interrupted your thoughts and you walked towards the swing you were once so afraid of. “I will help you”, you weren’t sure if he was just teasing you or if he was treasuring the memory as much as you did but despite that he ended up pushing you, higher and higher till you felt like you could just reach out to the stars that were shining down so brightly.  

“Would you say yes if I asked you to marry me now?”, he said after a while, kneeling down in front of you so that he could look at your eyes properly. “Why? You planned this special date to bring me into the mood and say yes?”

“I don’t know, maybe i did.”

"Little White Clouds" One Direction Mashup - Little White Lies x Clouds - YouTube

EVERYONE STOP AND LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!!! Mash up of Little White Lies and Clouds is my new favorite song ever

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Some fun Med School terminology.

Zebra. “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras,” is a common saying in medicine. The idea here is that the most common diagnosis that explains a set of findings in a patient is the one you should consider first. A zebra refers to a rare diagnosis, which med students are known to favor over more garden-variety ones.

Gunner. Gunner refers to a med student who is bent on getting the highest grade and looking good in front of faculty no matter what it takes. Gunners do all of the required and recommended reading. They blurt out answers to the attending’s questions on rounds, even if the question was directed at another student.

They make it their mission to dominate discussion sections and are either oblivious to or don’t care about the fact that they’re annoying their peers (and often the faculty). Every medical school has a few gunners, and you’ll probably be able identify the ones in your class by the end of the first week.

Scut. Scut or scutwork is menial work that med students are assigned to do during clinical rotations. These duties usually don’t involve patient contact and have little or no learning value. The definition of scut varies; some students consider escorting patients down to radiology for imaging or doing blood draws to be scut; others say that any task that’s part of patient care, no matter how basic, isn’t scut.

Hit. A hit is an admission into the hospital. An admission requires taking a history and doing a physical examination, writing orders, checking test results, and performing the many other tasks it takes to get a new patient settled in.

GI rounds. Rounds involve discussing and visiting each patient on the service. During this time, the history, diagnosis, test results, and plan are mulled over and the attending or senior resident uses the cases as opportunities for teaching. However, GI rounds are different. This term actually is a way of saying that the team is getting ready to head off to lunch or dinner.

Of course, if you’re rotating on the gastroenterology service, “GI rounds” may mean the real thing, so check before you race to the cafeteria!

White cloud. Good luck seems to follow some medical students and physicians. For these white clouds, admissions are light during call nights, diagnoses are straightforward, patients don’t encounter complications, and discharges go off without a hitch.

Black cloud. In contrast to the white cloud in the preceding section, a black cloud is someone who seems to get constant admissions when he’s on call, ends up with the most difficult and complex patients, and can’t seem to catch a break.

404 error. A 404 error gets its name from the message that the server shows when a page can’t be found on the Internet. This term has been co-opted by medicine: A physician who’s digging for a lab result or a patient’s medical record may say that he or she is “dealing with a 404 error” or “having a 404 moment.”

Benign rotation. A benign rotation is one in which the attending physician doesn’t put students on the spot during rounds, the residents are friendly, and the overall environment is collegial. During a benign rotation, you may work hard, but finding time to grab a meal during your shift or get some rest on call isn’t a major ordeal. Scutting is kept to a minimum.

The word benign isn’t reserved for rotations; it also can be used to refer to residency programs that are known to treat their residents well.

Malignant rotation. Every so often, you may end up on a malignant rotation that leaves you counting the days until you switch to the next service. The attending’s idea of teaching is to ask medical students obscure questions in front of the rest of the team, and the residents seem perpetually cranky.

Sleep deprivation doesn’t bring out the best in people, so you may be seeing the results of a program whose participants are overworked and stressed out. If you’re interested in a specialty, don’t let one malignant rotation dissuade you. Do an elective in the same field at another institution so that you have another experience to judge from. That same specialty may be enjoyable at another hospital with a different team.

-found in Getting into Med School for Dummies