a real street in my town

I wish I didn’t want to see you again and it sucks because you’re nothing special and I know that. But I guess for some reason I want to believe that I didn’t waste my time with you and that maybe the door isn’t completely closed. And I still want you to see me in town one day from across the street and fall in love again. But I know that’s not real and I hate myself for wishing it could be.
Treat me like your personal dog watcher? You can find another place to stay.

Sorry, this might be kinda long. TL;DR at the end.

My sister came home to visit this weekend. She went to college in a town two hours away and liked it so much she stayed there after graduating, but she still comes home to visit sometimes. She always brings her dog, but she has to stay in a kennel in my room because our house is very small and my room is the only place to put the kennel, but she can’t roam the house because we have three cats that are terrified of her whenever she’s here.

This morning I wake up to the dog barking and whining and realize my sister isn’t in the room. I check on the dog and see that my sister gave her a stuffed dinosaur that the cats like to play with, and she’s ripped it to shreds, stuffing everywhere. My sister is in the bathroom, so I knock on the door and tell my her she needs to clean it up if she doesn’t want her dog to eat it like she has before (and that resulted in a $1600 vet bill my dad had to pay for) and I go back to sleep.

I wake up a couple hours later to more barking and whining. My sister’s car is gone, and the dinosaur is still all over the kennel. I pick it up because I don’t want her to get another bowel obstruction, and call my sister to find out where she went, as I suspected that she had gone off with her friends, but she says she’s just getting gas and will be home in 15 minutes. She says don’t worry about taking the dog out to go potty, because she did that before she left and the dog should be good for a while.

An hour later my sister is still gone, and the dog is whining and scratching on her kennel floor. I don’t want to clean up a mess in my room, so I take her outside. When I come back in, my mom says she called my sister, who said she’s with her friends a few towns away. Exactly as I thought! Mom said my sister’s excuse was that she couldn’t ask me to watch the dog because I was sleeping, so just left, but that she’d pay me when she got home. This isn’t the first time my sister has done this, and it’s gotten old real fast. It would be one thing if her dog respected me and listened to me, but I’m not her master (mistress? Let’s just say owner). The dog doesn’t listen to any commands I give her, and frequently tries to pull me across the street to visit the dogs over there. It’s a hassle every time I have to take her out. Did I mention my sister lives with her boyfriend who is part owner of the dog, and she could leave her with him when she comes to town.

Now comes the revenge. My mom and I had a long talk about my sister and her total lack of respect for us and our house. (She comes home saying she wants to spend time with the family but then we don’t ever see her.) My mom decides she’s had enough. Do we bring the cats when we come to her town, and leave them for her to take care of while we do other things? No. Do we come stay with her and leave a mess? No. We never stay the night with her ever, because we respect her space, or lack thereof. We aren’t running a hotel or a kennel service. It’s not my dog, it’s not my responsibility to look after her. It’s not my job to make her bed to be ready when she gets here, just because that bed is in my room. It’s not our job to gather the things she leaves behind when she goes back home to her town, and bring them to her. I suggested an intervention but my mom had other ideas. As of now, my sister isn’t allowed to come home anymore. If she comes to town, she has to find someplace else to stay and someone else to watch her dog. If she wants to do something with us, we’ll make arrangements. Otherwise she has to stay somewhere else, or we will come see her in her town when we have a reason.

TL;DR: my sister is an inconsiderate jerk and my parents and I are sick of it, so she’s not allowed to come home anymore and has to stay somewhere else when she’s in town.

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The Snow Globe

by reddit user NP-CO

“Janie honey,” My mother said as we left the funeral. “That lawyer gave me a key.”

“A key?” I said.

“It seems that Aunt Tabitha left you something. Locked in a safe deposit box.”

“Really? I asked turning to my mother. “But wasn’t she poor?”

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Summary: Heyy can you do the prompt line number 3 with Isaac?? Or any character is fine, pleaseee 🙈


Paring: Brett Talbot x Reader

A/N: I used Brett, I hope you don’t mind. I’m just still upset about the whole thing and I’m in my Talbot feels. Amanda Katzenburg is not real, i just made her up.

Disclaimer: Nothing really… 

By midnight Beacon Hills, vaguely turned into a ghost town. The shops had closed, and it was only every other twenty minutes that a car would pass by. Illuminating the areas with their headlights before disappearing and leaving the streets to fall back in the complete and utter darkness. People were home asleep, getting a nights rest for the next morning. However, there was always a handful that would be out causing or looking for trouble.

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You Belong With Me

Originally posted by perryskeet

A/N: AND SHE RETURNS!!! Hello, it only took me eight years but here I am, with something new, especially for @thatsadbreakfastclub and our mutual love of Reggie. Its not perfect but it’s s o m e t h i n g (hopefully it’s not eight more years until the next one)

Summary: Walking alone in Riverdale can be dangerous, especially at night when well-meaning football players are lurking. (Andrews!Reader)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: N o n e, ‘cept some mild fear at the beginning 

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I really wish people would understand that taking pictures of Columbine and getting inside of Columbine to take pictures is really Really disrespectful.

The school is not a museum. People still go there for classes. Teachers who were at the shooting still work there. Its just disrespectful. It would be different if it was abandoned. Or it was actually a museum. But its not. And actually going on to the property when no one is there or after school hours is trespassing when it comes to Columbine. So you are literally breaking the law.

Guys believe me I know it’s interesting. I read all the same facts you do. But you should be respectful. Go to the memorial its literally at Clement park. WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO COLUMBINE. Don’t go in the school to take pictures. This is apart of my towns history. And we hate the fact that it is. Being in Littleton on 4/20 is like being in a ghost town. My grandpa worked with Dave Sanders. My moms friend was a sophomore when it happened and lost her best friend. One of my high school teachers went there and it was one of the worst days of her life. This shit is real. This actually happened in my town. I grew up DOWN THE STREET. This is real life and people deserve to feel normal. This apart of peoples lives everyday. We do not need people going in to the school who don’t belong there.

All I ask is people just respect that. It is not that hard. It really Fucking isn’t.

Archie Andrews - I believe you

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 1308

Request: by @deepestdreamlandinternet 

May I request an Archie Andrews imagine we’re you both dislike each other for some reason but kiss or something like with Veronica and him the closet????

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, I had so much fun writing it. I really hope you enjoy it. This imagine corresponds more to the first part of your request but I do think I might make another one inspired by him and Veronica in the closet.

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First day of school and already I managed to bump into him. Him and I were… complicated. He was the classic jock type, well build, especially after this summer, star football player and music prodigy. And even though every girl drooled over him I did not feel that way for the least bit. Back in the day maybe, just maybe I might have considered looking at him that way. What really made me mad was that a few years ago I called him a friend. Since my parents were close with his, I spend practically my whole childhood around him, he was the closest thing I had to a brother and as we grew I guess my feelings started shifting. But then as we were about to enter the high school world he got offered a seat at the popular table. He tried to fit me in his new lifestyle but I guess it just wasn’t my scene so we started seeing each other less and less. But there was this one night, everything was going south in my life at that point and I really needed him to be there just this once for me, to have a shoulder to cry on… I guess I was out of luck since I waited and waited in front of Pop’s dinner for him to show, until I got tired of waiting and returned home to the comfort of my bed. It was that night that my hatred for Archie Andrews officially embedded itself in my heart.

So today, almost 3 years after Archie had ditched me at that diner I was doing great. I skipped town for the past two years and went to live with my dad in Cali but I decided I was finally ready to come back and face my past in Riverdale. What I hadn’t expected was to be facing it so soon. Just as I was walking down the hall towards my new assigned locker I heard a group of loud boys coming round the corner, I hadn’t even bothered looking up to see who it was until one of them bumped into me while they were talking about an upcoming game. I was just about to let out a snarky comment but he spoke first “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” When I heard the voice my face instantly drained of colour. Fortunately, I was still looking down trying to pick up my scattered books so he couldn’t actually see my face. I quickly glanced at him grabbing my last book right from his hands and walked as fast as you could to get away from him. I wasn’t really sure if he had recognised me. To be fair he wasn’t the only one who had experienced and sudden ‘glow up’. During my time away I managed to work a little on myself and my feminine assets had finally appeared. Plus I had gotten glasses that just made me look smart in the hottest way possible.

Thank God this day is over. I thought waking towards my locker, earphones in my ears after the end of my last lesson. The day wasn’t really that bad, I’ve already managed to get a couple of friends around here but seeing Archie this morning threw me off and I was just eager to go home. “I knew it” I heard over your music. I looked around and there he was, leaning against the lockers staring me down. “What do you want Archie?” I asked annoyed. “I knew it was you. I could recognise you anywhere.” he stated proud of himself. “Well, congratulations, that’s amazing that you managed to recognise the girl who used to be your best friend. Allow me to get you a trophy to add to your already big collection of hurting Y/N 101.”I spat out sarcastically. “Hey, why are you mad at me? You were the one who left town without even saying goodbye. What was I supposed to think?” he asked suddenly hurt. “Oh that’s rich coming from you…” I muttered angrily walking away as I felt the tears rolling down. Get yourself together. He doesn’t deserve your tears.

Few days later

I was walking home from the gym listening to my favourite playlist. Things had gotten back to normal, relatively speaking. I was doing good at Riverdale’s high, I had made real friendships and Archie hadn’t talked to me since that first day. I finally turned to my street and saw my house, and someone sitting on my porch. At first I didn’t recognise the man, but as I came closer I realised it was a desperate looking Archie. “I thought I made it pretty clear that I didn’t want anything to do with you Archie.” I sated firmly. “Y/N, I really don’t know what happened between us… I just… I wish I knew so I could fix it” He responded weakly. “There’s nothing to be fixed.” I was trying my hardest not to break. “You really hurt me when you left, d’you know that?” he said regaining confidence. “Good.” I simply said. “I can’t believe you! You come back after 3 years of no letters, no emails, no nothing and when I confront you about it all you have to say is ‘good’?!” he stared getting mad. “If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get into my home now.” I tried going around him to get inside but in vain. “Oh no, you are not going anywhere until you explain what the hell is wrong with you?” this let your bottled up rage free. “Excuse me?! What is wrong with me?!” I shot back pointing a finger to my chest to emphasise my point. He stared at me confused. “Oh you really don’t know do you?” I asked a little shocked. “Know what?” “Gosh Archie, are you really so full of yourself that you hadn’t even noticed that I desperately needed you?! You were my best friend! I was counting on you! You were supposed to be there the one damn time I needed you. Damn it Archie I freaking loved you I looked up to you! You made me feels things no one ever has and I was always there when you called! But the one time, the one time I was in a bad place and needed you, you left me standing there, in the rain for 5 hours waiting for my alleged best friend to show up. So yes I think I earned the right to be pissed don’t you?!” I was out of breath after that confession. We just stood there staring at each other for what felt like an eternity and then suddenly he grabbed my face in his hands and his lips came crashing onto mine. No one had ever kissed me like that, so passionately yet so sweetly. I was backed against the door forcefully, I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. 

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I couldn’t tell you the thousands things that raced through my mind during those few seconds but all I know is they all ended with him and me kissing on my porch. “I’m so incredibly sorry for what I’ve put you through Y/N… I had no idea… I got really drunk that night and when I finally came to my senses the first thing I did was looking for you, I went to your house but your mum had told you had left town for good. I love you, so much it hurts and when I thought I’d lost you I… well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.” I just stared deeply in his eyes, unable to utter a single word, I kept searching for something to tell me was lying, that he didn’t deserve that second chance you were so compelled to give him but yet the only thing you managed to get out was “ I believe you”  before joining your lips again.

Monastero Santa Teresa in Puglia, Italian holiday.

I love Italy, and I have at least one annual trip there. Most recent one was to the south, a 3 day trip to Puglia. I have never ventured past Naples and Capri, so everything was completely new. The region is growing in popularity, celebrities buy summer residences, there are haute couture ateliers, it is spotless clean, and not yet touristy.

We headed to Nardo, in Lecce province. Only 1.5h flight from Paris to Bari, and then a short drive along olive trees plantations (rent a car as other transportation modes can be a bit tricky, whereas driving a cute Fiat 500 will set you up in a good mood), and here we were in Nardo. 

You will not find here big chain hotels but rather a state of art, ancient palatial residences turned into boutique hotel. We stayed in one of such places: a very unique Monastero Santa Teresa. The domain has quite a history, it was an aristocratic palace, turned into a monastery and most recently into the hotel.

Staying among antique furniture, in a real princess bed in Puglia for a weekend is a refreshing experience. 

Beautiful wall frescos inside Monastero Santa Teresa.

Antique furniture everywhere

Sneak peak into the monastery chapel.

A view from my bed in the morning. One thing I enjoyed about Monastero Santa Teresa was the space, with only a dozen of rooms you are not feeling like in a hotel, you live the palatial atmosphere of a luxury boutique venue. And for breakfast you will take a pretty walk through tiny streets of Nardo to nearby Relais Il Mignano. 

Yes, I did climb the rooftop of Monastero Santa Teresa

Nearby towns, each one a bit different, smelling cypress trees, with pretty beaches, local restaurants, and amazing sunsets. Somehow in 3 days we drove 700km, listening to countless playlist and enjoying every moment of it.


Relais Monastero Santa Teresa, 

Corso Garibaldi n°31 Nardo' 

(Le) 73048 Italy
telephone: 0039 0833 572506

My curse. And theirs.

Pairing : SamxReader, Dean.
Word count :
Author :
Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings :
depressed reader.
Square filled :
Touch Starvation.
Written for

A/N : I legit had no ideas for this square. I honestly hate this fic right here. I pulled it entirely out of my ass. B says it’s good though, so whatever. Here it is. Blame her for not giving me enough criticism haha.


You can’t remember when it started, or really why. It had started so young. The tale of the curse. Your curse. The stories of how everyone who had physical contact with you dropped dead. How you were poison to all around you. Cursed to live a life of solitude. But it was right about one thing. People around you did die, just not because you touched them.

To say you were depressed was an understatement. You couldn’t remember what it felt like to have someone else’s skin touch yours. You were covered, shoulders to toe, just so people wouldn’t be afraid to bump into you on accident, though that was rare as well. Anywhere you went, you were given a wide berth. It still blew your mind how childhood teasing managed to follow you your whole life.

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  • <p> <b>Blake:</b> I hate driving in that part of town. The streets are all curvy and not straight.<p/><b>Yang:</b> You sound like you're describing me.<p/><b>Blake:</b> Oh, shut up. I just mean I never know when I'm going to come out.<p/><b>Yang:</b> Yeah, I remember THAT feeling.<p/><b>Blake:</b> Oh my god.<p/></p>

“Okay, buddy,” Sam says, steering Dean to the exit. He shares a glance with you. “Let’s get you home.”

The witch who cursed Dean has vanished, but you’re not sure what to expect. She said he was going to be different, the opposite of how he normally was, but that was the extent of it.

Dean tosses his arm around Sam’s shoulders. “Let’s go somewhere.”

Sam sends you another look. “Go where?”

“Mexican food,” Dean decides. “And margaritas for everyone!”

Okay, so yeah, he’s a little different. Margaritas and Mexican food? What about burgers and beer? You really need to find that witch and get her to reverse the spell.

Sam says, “We should probably just get home.”

You agree. Until you hear back from Garth or Jody with the whereabouts of the witch, or what to do about the curse, you just need to make sure Dean doesn’t get into trouble. Which means, get him home.

Dean steps onto the sidewalk and glances around like he’s searching for his car. “Come on, Samuel, live a little. TGIF!”

Sam scratches his chin and gives a reluctant chuckle. “We are living. Get in the car.”

Dean looks at the Impala. “What? In that?”

“It’s your car,” you remind him.

“No, no, no,” Dean says, shaking his head. “No way that’s mine. It’s…old. And probably really loud.” He looks around again, and then spots a minivan across the street. “Now, that is what we need. Let’s go in that.”

Sam opens the door for him. “We’re not taking someone else’s car. Get in.”

Dean balks. “I wasn’t suggesting we steal it. Just leave them a note. We’ll bring it back. Obviously.”

“If you get in, we’ll get margaritas,” you say, bribing him like he’s a little kid.

“And a movie?” Dean asks. “A romantic comedy?”

You choke, and try to hide laughter. Sam isn’t amused. “Get in the car,” he says.

Dean hops in and looks in the vanity mirror. “This hair…” he murmurs, ruffling his short strands. He glances at Sam when his brother gets in the driver’s seat. “Maybe I should grow it out like you.”

Sam’s jaw clenches. “Maybe you should just…not talk.” He flips on the radio.

Classic rock fills the car. Dean grimaces and turns it down. “What is this?” He changes the station a few times until Katy Perry’s strong voice comes through the speakers.

“Now, that’s better,” Dean says as Sam drives us away from the building. “She is all that.”

“Oh my God,” you whisper. Sam is holding in laughter, his shoulders shaking. “How about Taylor Swift, Dean? What do you think about her?”

“Girl needs a real boyfriend.”

“And Ed Sheeran?”

Dean swivels in his seat to look at you. “Kind of dreamy, right? I mean, his voice…”

Sam laughs out loud. “I was not expecting that.”

“What?” Dean asks.

Sam shakes his head. “Nothing. Are we really going for Mexican food?”

The three of you cruise down the main street of the town. Dean squeals like a little girl. “Yes! There. Look, they have a giant blow-up pineapple. Perfect.”

Sam looks doubtful, but he pulls in front of the restaurant. You all step out, and Dean tosses his arm around your shoulders.

“Let’s go shopping after this,” he suggests, plucking at your leather jacket. “Get you something brighter. Something that’ll bring out your eyes.”

Your mouth drops open, but before you can answer, he’s distracted by the pineapple lights in the entryway.

“Fun,” he says, and then gets distracted again with a sombrero, which he promptly puts on Sam’s head. “Muy, muy macho.”

The hostess leads you to your table. Dean sits down and grabs a menu. “I don’t know,” he says. “I’m not really that hungry…”

“Not hungry?” Sams asks. “Since when?”

Dean ignores him. “I wish that had something a little healthier. I mean, these carbs…”

He continues to scan the menu. Sam checks his phone, but shakes his head. You don’t really mind. It’s funny to watch Dean like this, and if he remembers anything when he gets his real personality back, you’ll have something to tease him about forever.

“Let’s play a game,” you suggest after you’ve ordered.

Dean already has his margarita, and he’s sipping it with enthusiasm. Might as well entertain yourselves while you’re waiting to hear from someone.

Dean smiles at you, clearly pleased with the idea. “What kind of game?”

“A question and answer game. I ask a question and you answer what comes to your mind first,” you say.

Dean nods and drinks more of his margarita. “Good. Go.”

“What’s your favorite color?”


Sam snorts. “Favorite song?”

Dean angles his head. “OMG. Anything by Shawn Mendes.”

“Jeans or shorts?” you ask.

Dean glances at his outfit. “Shorts. And flip flops. This outfit is…Yuck.”

“Favorite food,” Sam says.

“Easy. Salad.” Dean leans in conspiratorially and whispers, “But chocolate in secret.”

“Not pie?” you ask.

“Vomit. No. Who eats pie?”

“Clearly not you,” Sam says.

Dean stands, and then laughs when he wobbles a little. “The margarita’s already working. I’m such a light-weight. I need to go to the bathroom.”

He vanishes down a hallway.

Sam points. “If he’s not out in two minutes, I’m going after him. Who knows what he’s doing in there?”

“Probably trying to find flip flops,” you say with a grin. “You have to admit, it’s kind of funny.”

“You won’t think it’s funny later when he tries to get you to buy a dress to match your eyes.”

His phone rings and he answers. He talks for a minute, then his shoulders sag in relief. He ends the call and says, “We have a location for the witch.”

“Good. Can we wait until after dinner, though? I really want to see what his favorite movie is.”

Dean appears behind you. “Titanic!”

||❥ out of the woods (m)

j u n ! s c e n a r i o

v a m p i r e ! a u

words: 5k

genre: ye old smut, some fluff, the usual lol

synopsis: jun has been restricted from the pure taste of blood for too long, and decides that on halloween night should he actually do something about it. also in memory of the vamp!jun series i never finished,, r.i.p

It was during the time of Halloween that a certain perilous vampire would turn his fangs of white ice upon the town streets, fingers curling unbridledly in his pockets and eyes so smoulderingly black they could be a blanket for the stars. He would untuck himself from whereabouts never revealed and slick back his soft ashy hair, parted lips allowing his tongue to taste the fresh dew that was lathered everywhere.

He could let his fangs unsheathe and gingerly poke into his mouth, he could languidly step behind a clump of children and let his irises cloud a frosty white. They thought he was just taking interest in the eventful night, like he was dressing up to resemble some ancient book character, when really this vampire wasn’t made from silvery contacts or plastic teeth, he was more than real and his desire for blood had struck like a bolt of lightning.

The only reason the vampire could walk around on a night like Halloween and not want to sink his jagged pearls into someone’s flesh was due to the fact he’d already gotten his fix. He’d consumed enough liquid copper to last up to a week, a week where he could be among human life and not want to lacerate into their delicate tissue. Yet a certain incident left the boy in a state of complete opposition. His desire for blood was skyrocketing, and it was a challenging task to keep his solid pace and not lash out at the little folk around him.

Usually Halloween was one of the only days in a year that he let himself walk fully exposed up and down the streets, nobody would suspect him, nobody would try to stab a stake of wood through his chest. He got a lot of crooned compliments whenever he hovered in one corner of town for too long, leaning against a thick oak trunk while fluttering his glittery stare toward the moon.

Your fangs look so real! Are they really plastic?

Jesus, those contacts look like they’re your actual eyes.

That’s a pretty simple yet convincing costume you got there.

And the vampire would just grin toothily and wind his way through the conversation with nothing but the wholehearted truth. Of course not a single soul would ever believe the words rolling off his tongue, not when his lips quirked into that deceitful smirk after their faces momentarily grew stiff. It was Halloween, people liked to dress up as things that didn’t exist, and according to them, he was as much as a real vampire as that one girl down the street was a fluffy purple unicorn.

Yet there happened to be one individual in town that this darkened boy was well aquatinted with, and they knew perfectly well what he was, and what he so often craved.

“I’m sorry, I turned off all my lights cause I don’t have any candy-”

A pause, the process, and then the reaction.

“Jun? What are you doing here- and holy shit why are you walking around with your fangs out and eyes all glowey?”

You couldn’t be more appalled as to why this hunk of shadows was letting every man, woman, and child be coveted to his appearance, and more importantly why his leader was letting him frolic around as such. But Jun, not to your complete surprise, just stifled a yawn that pressed up from his throat and let himself into your house, the distant squeals of mirthful children now becoming mute as the door kicked shut. You could have cloaked him in your sighs and questions that always traveled like a spool of thread, yet you decided to let him wander.

Jun rarely approached you unless he wanted something.

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Zelda’s Log #5.5: A (Not So) Noble Pursuit

A/N: This was one of the earliest ideas I had for this series. ‘The Perfect Drink’ Quest is really funny - I have a friend from College who is a lot like Pokki - and I enjoyed running around with an ice block on tow XD

Happy reading! (and drink responsibly!)


‘You want me to go with you to a bar and have a drink?’, Zelda couldn’t believe his words. ‘We’re underage’.

‘Not anymore!’, he enthusiastically answered. ‘What date is it today?’

‘It’s the second day of the eight moon’, she answered, still not having any idea of what he was planning.

‘When is my birthday, then?’, he playfully asked her. ‘You do remember, don’t you?’

‘Oh’, it dawned on her, slightly embarrassed for forgetting the date, ‘It’s tomorrow!’.

Link nodded with a veiled smile.

‘That’s why I’m going to the canteen after midnight to claim my rite of passage!’, he threw his arms in the air, victoriously, ‘And I’ll become a real man!’

‘Link, you are more than enough man’, she sighed, and kissed his  cheek, ‘You don’t need drinks, or a beard to be a man’s man. You are sweet, gentle, and have a cute baby face; I like that’.

‘You think I’m cute?’, he blushed, eyes sparkling.

‘Yes, just don’t push it’.

They awaited for midnight to arrive wandering through the busy streets of Gerudo Town, crowded despite the late hour. As they turned in a corner, Link quickly stood in front of Zelda and unsheathed his scimitar, facing a figure dressed in a black cloak, face covered.

‘Why are you following us?’, he stepped closer to the suspicious individual, who raised their hands, and started chuckling.

‘How gallant of you, fake vai’, the person unveiled their face.

'Riju?!’, the Hylians asked in unison. She wore an orange veil to hide her identity, just like Link, and different, simpler jewelry than usual.

'I saw you two leaving your quarters quite sneakily’, she smirked, 'and I thought it would be fun to tag along’.

'Buliara will skin me alive if she catches us!’, Link gasped, terrified by the potential outcome.

‘She won't’, Riju calmed him down, patting his back, ‘I told her you would escort me to have some wholesome, fun evening’.

‘You’re devious’, Zelda stated, very serious. ‘And you’re coming with us. But only because I feel deeply your need of experiencing things for yourself’.

‘Does that mean I can have a drink?’, she asked with a bright smile.

‘Absolutely not, young lady’, Zelda objected.

‘Bummer’, she pouted. ‘You are worse than Buliara’.

Once in the bar, Link greeted the barwoman, who immediately recognized him.

‘You came for your first drink, I suppose’, Furosa started putting ice on a bucket immediately. ‘Have a seat with your girlfriends’.

‘Just Palm fruit juice for us, madam’, Zelda ordered with a nervous smile, ‘We’re still underage’.

Party pooper’, Riju’s lips muttered underneath the veil that covered her face. Zelda did not hear her, luckily.

‘Birthday Vai!’ - Furosa clapped to catch everyone’s attention - ‘Behold your first drink!’

The infamous Noble Pursuit consisted of nothing more than a whole Hydromelon emptied out to use as a glass, then filled with rum made with sugar cane from Tabantha, Hydromelon juice, frappé ice, cool Safflina, and a dash of concentrated Voltfruit juice.

‘It’s ridiculously big’, Zelda commented, incredulous at the size of the drink.

‘The noble pursuit is not to get immediately drunk with this!’, the bartender laughed loudly.

Link’s eyes were wide as saucers, still he immediately grabbed the ‘glass’ and started drinking, to Zelda’s bewilderment and Riju’s amazement - she started cheering at the Hylian’s feat.

‘Zelda! Use your Sheikah Slate to take a pic!’, Riju shook Zelda’s arm, ‘That is just epic!’

She swiftly snapped images of Link beating the giant drink.

The empty Hydromelon hit the bar, and the drinker raised his arms in victory. The ladies cheered his feat merrily, specially Pokki.

Link became really chatty, and told mostly stories of his journeys to Zelda and Riju - who got really enthusiastic about the prospect of joining them on one of their trips anytime soon.

But later he looked drowsy, and his speech was erratic and slow.

‘Are you alright, Link?’, Zelda asked, worried about him getting intoxicated.

‘Zelda, he’s just… drunk’, Riju noted, sipping the last of her Palm fruit juice.

‘I feel awesomeee!!!’, Link yelled in a slurred tone, obviously inebriated. ‘I could take down a Moldugaaa…. rite nowww!!!’

The crowd cheered, and Link dashed at an amazing speed to the nearest exit, to Zelda and Riju’s shock, who uselessly gave him chase after paying rushedly their beverages.

‘Let’s chase him with Patricia!’, Riju exclaimed, running as fast as possible with Zelda.

Both girls rode the seal, speeding through the sands, unable to find the runaway hero. Zelda used the scope to scan the horizon, and saw a small seafoam green figure floating in the night sky on a paraglider.

‘He is heading southeast, Riju!’, Zelda pointed at the horizon.

'Arbiter’s Grounds!’, she shouted, ‘Patricia, hurry dear!’

As they rushed towards Link’s location, they saw the bright blue flash of an explosion, then were almost blinded by a bolt of lightning, very familiar to the Princess.

‘Urbosa’s Fury!’, Zelda gasped, ‘He is fighting already!’

As they approached the place, they saw smoke, some chests, Molduga parts, and Link lying on the sand, panting.

‘I …gave that… sand turd… a whipping’, he rose his fist in the air, ‘but now I … don’t feel… so hawt’, he curled in pain. ‘Zelda, help meee…’

‘Goddesses, it’s because you are wasted’, Zelda patted his back, ‘Let’s go back’.

Zelda sent Link to the Daqo Chisay shrine with his slate, to avoid him the ordeal of walking drunk through the desert at night.

The girls found him there, sitting on the floor, almost falling asleep.

Zelda dragged him supporting his dead weight on her back, and the trio miraculously sneaked back to Riju’s quarters.

Link was tucked in his bed, clothes still on.

‘Zelda’, his voice was almost ghoulish, ‘You have saved me twice in one hundred and eighteen years. You’re my heroine.’- his eyelids were almost shutting - ‘I’ll love you forever’.

Zelda chuckled a little, Riju laughed with a snort.

‘I love you too’, Zelda stroked his hair, ‘Sweet dreams’.

A loud snore was his answer.

‘I think I shall reconsider drinking alcohol forever after seeing…’ - Riju circled with her index the bundle Link had turned into - ‘this’.

‘Good idea, Riju’.

The following morning, Link woke up as if nothing happened: no hangover, no headache; just hungry as usual.

And absolutely no recall of anything that happened after having the drink.

Zelda and Riju, both sleepy, slightly cranky and with dark undereye circles, took the time to refresh his memory.

‘I’m never drinking again…’, he affirmed. ‘…until next year! That was awesome!’

‘I should have sent you to the Shrine of Resurrection last night’, Zelda rubbed her temples in resignation. 

This Ain’t No Joke, Sweetheart - Chapter 2

SPN FanReality

~Let me tell you about my weekend…~

Beka ( @impala-dreamer​ ), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Steph ( @torn-and-frayed​ ), Bill (my hubs) 

3,330 Words

Warnings: Nothing really. Language?, very mild show-type violence. Mentions of blood (crime scene).

A/N: Hope you’re enjoying the insanity. The weekend’s not nearly over yet. Hell, we didn’t even finish Friday yet…

Go To Chapter: One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~ Five ~ Six ~ Seven ~ Eight

Chapter Two: Friday Night…

The Impala. The fucking Impala was parked in my carport. My carport. The wide strip of cracked gray cement that separated my pale blue house from the one to its left. The place where my husband parked our used Honda Minivan every night. Dean Winchester’s beloved 1967 Chevy Impala was parked in my carport. I nearly squealed as I followed the boys down my front steps towards it. The rain glistened on the hood, illuminated by the streetlights, and my heart skipped wildly in my chest.

I ran my fingers gently over the hood. It was real, solid, shiny. “Baby,” I whispered in quiet reverence. This was the Holy Grail, the heart of the show, their home away from home, the most important object in the history of the universe. The Impala.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Dean stood next to me, his eyes sweeping over the car’s frame just as lovingly as mine did.

“She is.”

“Hop in,” he said, pulling open the back door for me. A moment of pure joy and panic swept over me, but I did just as he said. I hopped right in.

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Happy Halloween, Witches

by sleepyhollow_101

It might surprise you to know that witches actually hate Halloween.

Witches are generally very quiet, introverted creatures. So the screaming children pounding on our doors and demanding candy… well, that just really isn’t our style.

The little witch costumes are always kind of cute, though. It’s nice to be a role model for just one night.

Vampires, on the other hand, love Halloween. Kids aren’t usually out after dark, except for on this one night, and so the Vampires crawl out of their hovels (or their crummy, downtown flats) to ooh and aah over the little children and their costumes.

I can tell you’re tense already, just thinking about that. Well, don’t worry – our kind have a pact for Halloween. We don’t touch children. Because of the… nature of some of our population, we can’t guarantee that children will always be safe. But on this one night? We make sure the kids can come out and have a good time without fear of losing a limb or worse.

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Taking Shelter from the Rain: Rico and Pixis

Even in the rain, people’s lives in this town went unchanged, bustling.

The voices of the peddlers, the wheels of the horse drawn carriages, and mumbling of the unemployed overwhelmed the sound of the rain.  Rico, with documents in hand, clad in rain gear, walked quickly through the busy street, found a suitable eave to escape the rain, and stopped.

“What an annoying rain…..’

“Working hard, I see.”


Rico happened to run into the head of the Garrison, Commander Dot Pixis under the eave.

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You Have Family - Bucky Barnes x Relative!Reader

Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney. So sorry is late or it isn’t too goodI have had a really hard time with people and bulling me. It hasn’t been a good few days. 

I got the name Rebecca from a fan wiki page which states he did indeed have a sister called Rebecca.           Masterlist 

Originally posted by seabasschino

The stories you had heard from your grandmother when you were a child sounded like fairytales, glorified stories of hero’s and evil but the board in front of you told you differently. James Buchannan Barnes was one of the best soldiers of his time and now was one of the heroes of yours. After your grandmother had passed away you decided you would really learn who your great-uncle was, your mother never really spoke of him, she never met him and after it was revealed he had become an avenger she never bothered to reach out. You had been to the museum multiple times recently and sure, you had noticed the blonde guy in a baseball cap hanging around but you paid no attention to him, you had no right to question someone being there as much as you. 

It was your birthday when you finally worked up the courage to make your way past the reception of the avengers tower and up the elevator to the main floor. 

“Hello?”, you called out you were a little shocked at the lack  of people around. You thought it would be teeming with people. 

“Can I help you?” There he stood. James Barnes. He was much more different You stood looking at him for a moment, not really knowing what to say when the same blonde man from the museum came up behind him looking at you confused, 

“You’re the girl from the museum, aren’t you? I saw you hanging around. A lot.” you mumbled over your words a moment. You had been standing with Captain bloody America for weeks and never noticed,

“Umm, yeah that’s me,” you looked down at your hands fumbling around. 

“You know, you look familiar, from some where other than the museum.” Steve walked over to you and reached out his hand, “Steve Rogers, and you are?" 

”(y/n) (l/n),“

"I know you from somewhere” Bucky spoke up again, “I am sure I have seen you.”

“I’m just a no one, I…”

“You look like a girl I knew, back in the day… Buck, why does she look like Rebecca?” Bucky stood and looked at you, his face dropping and you could see in his eyes his mind racing. 

“Rebecca Barnes was my great grandmother, she would tell me the stories of my great uncle James Barnes the war hero, that’s why I was at the exhibit so much…”

“I have family?…” Bucky questioned sitting down on the stool nearby, his face was confused but he couldn’t pull his eyes away from your face. “I still have family.” Natasha walked in, hand on her gun and a confused, weary look on her face, 

“Who is she? And why is she here?” Steve placed his hand on her shoulder allowing her to relieve her grip on her gun,

“She’s fine, she is a visitor for Buck. Leave them.” Natasha looked at him carefully, 

“Will he be… okay?” she seemed skeptical about leaving him with a stranger, 

“They’re fine.” he guided her out and you looked back to your great uncle. 

“I’m your great niece. Your sister, Rebecca, was my grandmother she told me the stories of you but my mother never wanted to reach out… she was weary after um… past events.” Bucky nodded a little thoughtfully, 

“and you’re not, weary about past events." 

"No. I know the old you and that’s the only one I care about. The only one I feel I know.” you smiled at him as he stood and approached you watching how you didn’t flinch away unlike everyone else now a days. With a small smile from you he had engulfed you in his arms. You could tell he was crying a little, you hugged him back a watery smile gracing your face too, 

“Thank you. For wanting me in your life.” he mumbled and pulled away, holding you at arms length, “You’re the only family I have…”

“No, I’m not. You have nieces and nephews, other family!" 

"You’re all I need.” he smiled at you, “you look so much like her, when she was younger. What made you come? Why today?" 

"It’s my birthday, I thought rather now than never.” Bucky’s face lit up once again with pure happiness - something he had never felt in a very, very long time.

“Let me take you out. Ice-cream, a movie, shopping. Anything, please let me.”

“I couldn’t. You would be needed here…”

“No, my family need me. And I need to spoil you, I never got time with Rebecca and I regret that. She died thinking I was dead, thinking she had lost her brother and I never got to treat her. I can do this with you, not waste time. What do you say?” you studied the excitement and hope in his eyes watching as his smile grew impossibly bigger when you accepted his company. “Thank you.” he looked you over once again before he excused himself, returning again with a coat and a wallet, “All this money is useless to me now anyway, its surprising how much interest you can build up over 70 years,” he chuckled before reading your face, “don’t feel guilty about me spending money on you. You’re my last real family. You deserve everything and more." 

That day you managed to eat your way through at least 4 bowls of ice-cream, battled your way down streets with many a shopping bag (not your choice, purely being spoilt) and had a tour of 1940s New York, conducted by the best expert around town. Family was all you had and you were the only family he had. You were soon a frequent visitor of the tower and he a frequent visitor to your apartment. James Barnes may had been alone in the world but no longer. 



Entertainment Weekly: Back in England, the fratricidal Ivar Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) takes over the city of York, leading him into rainy conflict with the warrior bishop Heahmund, played by new series regular Jonathan Rhys Meyers. “We built the city of York on the backlot, with all its winding street and narrow lanes,” says Hirst. “The backlot occupies several acres, so it’s huge. The town of York just went on and on.”

For the writer, the journey to York was a journey into national and personal history. “York I know very well because I was brought up right near there,” he says. “It brought back my childhood of wandering down these very narrow lanes.”

Hirst says that the rain in this sequence was real but the emotions ran fiery, particularly in a scene that renders Ivar seemingly helpless. “He’s given a chariot to travel around in, and being Ivar, he travels around in it completely recklessly, and crashes it at a very inopportune moment. The moment he’s crashed it and leans up against the wheels, he realizes he’s surrounded by Saxon warriors.”

Being Ivar, the young conqueror doesn’t beg for mercy. “He laughs at them and he taunts them,” Hirst says. “He is Ivar the Boneless, and it doesn’t matter how many arrows they shoot, they cannot kill him.”

The writer has high praise for Andersen, who joined the show in the second half of season 4 and now takes over from his father as the reigning Viking terror in England. “He’s a very, very powerful presence,” says Hirst, who promises that the massive York battle will background a more personal duel between Ivar and his new primary opponent. “A certain amount of mutual respect will eventually develop between Ivar and Heahmund,” he explains. “The battle is completely dominated by the personalities of these two great and formidable warriors.”