a real street in my town

I wish I didn’t want to see you again and it sucks because you’re nothing special and I know that. But I guess for some reason I want to believe that I didn’t waste my time with you and that maybe the door isn’t completely closed. And I still want you to see me in town one day from across the street and fall in love again. But I know that’s not real and I hate myself for wishing it could be.
You Belong With Me

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A/N: AND SHE RETURNS!!! Hello, it only took me eight years but here I am, with something new, especially for @thatsadbreakfastclub and our mutual love of Reggie. Its not perfect but it’s s o m e t h i n g (hopefully it’s not eight more years until the next one)

Summary: Walking alone in Riverdale can be dangerous, especially at night when well-meaning football players are lurking. (Andrews!Reader)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: N o n e, ‘cept some mild fear at the beginning 

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I really wish people would understand that taking pictures of Columbine and getting inside of Columbine to take pictures is really Really disrespectful.

The school is not a museum. People still go there for classes. Teachers who were at the shooting still work there. Its just disrespectful. It would be different if it was abandoned. Or it was actually a museum. But its not. And actually going on to the property when no one is there or after school hours is trespassing when it comes to Columbine. So you are literally breaking the law.

Guys believe me I know it’s interesting. I read all the same facts you do. But you should be respectful. Go to the memorial its literally at Clement park. WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO COLUMBINE. Don’t go in the school to take pictures. This is apart of my towns history. And we hate the fact that it is. Being in Littleton on 4/20 is like being in a ghost town. My grandpa worked with Dave Sanders. My moms friend was a sophomore when it happened and lost her best friend. One of my high school teachers went there and it was one of the worst days of her life. This shit is real. This actually happened in my town. I grew up DOWN THE STREET. This is real life and people deserve to feel normal. This apart of peoples lives everyday. We do not need people going in to the school who don’t belong there.

All I ask is people just respect that. It is not that hard. It really Fucking isn’t.

Archie Andrews - I believe you

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 1308

Request: by @deepestdreamlandinternet 

May I request an Archie Andrews imagine we’re you both dislike each other for some reason but kiss or something like with Veronica and him the closet????

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, I had so much fun writing it. I really hope you enjoy it. This imagine corresponds more to the first part of your request but I do think I might make another one inspired by him and Veronica in the closet.

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First day of school and already I managed to bump into him. Him and I were… complicated. He was the classic jock type, well build, especially after this summer, star football player and music prodigy. And even though every girl drooled over him I did not feel that way for the least bit. Back in the day maybe, just maybe I might have considered looking at him that way. What really made me mad was that a few years ago I called him a friend. Since my parents were close with his, I spend practically my whole childhood around him, he was the closest thing I had to a brother and as we grew I guess my feelings started shifting. But then as we were about to enter the high school world he got offered a seat at the popular table. He tried to fit me in his new lifestyle but I guess it just wasn’t my scene so we started seeing each other less and less. But there was this one night, everything was going south in my life at that point and I really needed him to be there just this once for me, to have a shoulder to cry on… I guess I was out of luck since I waited and waited in front of Pop’s dinner for him to show, until I got tired of waiting and returned home to the comfort of my bed. It was that night that my hatred for Archie Andrews officially embedded itself in my heart.

So today, almost 3 years after Archie had ditched me at that diner I was doing great. I skipped town for the past two years and went to live with my dad in Cali but I decided I was finally ready to come back and face my past in Riverdale. What I hadn’t expected was to be facing it so soon. Just as I was walking down the hall towards my new assigned locker I heard a group of loud boys coming round the corner, I hadn’t even bothered looking up to see who it was until one of them bumped into me while they were talking about an upcoming game. I was just about to let out a snarky comment but he spoke first “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” When I heard the voice my face instantly drained of colour. Fortunately, I was still looking down trying to pick up my scattered books so he couldn’t actually see my face. I quickly glanced at him grabbing my last book right from his hands and walked as fast as you could to get away from him. I wasn’t really sure if he had recognised me. To be fair he wasn’t the only one who had experienced and sudden ‘glow up’. During my time away I managed to work a little on myself and my feminine assets had finally appeared. Plus I had gotten glasses that just made me look smart in the hottest way possible.

Thank God this day is over. I thought waking towards my locker, earphones in my ears after the end of my last lesson. The day wasn’t really that bad, I’ve already managed to get a couple of friends around here but seeing Archie this morning threw me off and I was just eager to go home. “I knew it” I heard over your music. I looked around and there he was, leaning against the lockers staring me down. “What do you want Archie?” I asked annoyed. “I knew it was you. I could recognise you anywhere.” he stated proud of himself. “Well, congratulations, that’s amazing that you managed to recognise the girl who used to be your best friend. Allow me to get you a trophy to add to your already big collection of hurting Y/N 101.”I spat out sarcastically. “Hey, why are you mad at me? You were the one who left town without even saying goodbye. What was I supposed to think?” he asked suddenly hurt. “Oh that’s rich coming from you…” I muttered angrily walking away as I felt the tears rolling down. Get yourself together. He doesn’t deserve your tears.

Few days later

I was walking home from the gym listening to my favourite playlist. Things had gotten back to normal, relatively speaking. I was doing good at Riverdale’s high, I had made real friendships and Archie hadn’t talked to me since that first day. I finally turned to my street and saw my house, and someone sitting on my porch. At first I didn’t recognise the man, but as I came closer I realised it was a desperate looking Archie. “I thought I made it pretty clear that I didn’t want anything to do with you Archie.” I sated firmly. “Y/N, I really don’t know what happened between us… I just… I wish I knew so I could fix it” He responded weakly. “There’s nothing to be fixed.” I was trying my hardest not to break. “You really hurt me when you left, d’you know that?” he said regaining confidence. “Good.” I simply said. “I can’t believe you! You come back after 3 years of no letters, no emails, no nothing and when I confront you about it all you have to say is ‘good’?!” he stared getting mad. “If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get into my home now.” I tried going around him to get inside but in vain. “Oh no, you are not going anywhere until you explain what the hell is wrong with you?” this let your bottled up rage free. “Excuse me?! What is wrong with me?!” I shot back pointing a finger to my chest to emphasise my point. He stared at me confused. “Oh you really don’t know do you?” I asked a little shocked. “Know what?” “Gosh Archie, are you really so full of yourself that you hadn’t even noticed that I desperately needed you?! You were my best friend! I was counting on you! You were supposed to be there the one damn time I needed you. Damn it Archie I freaking loved you I looked up to you! You made me feels things no one ever has and I was always there when you called! But the one time, the one time I was in a bad place and needed you, you left me standing there, in the rain for 5 hours waiting for my alleged best friend to show up. So yes I think I earned the right to be pissed don’t you?!” I was out of breath after that confession. We just stood there staring at each other for what felt like an eternity and then suddenly he grabbed my face in his hands and his lips came crashing onto mine. No one had ever kissed me like that, so passionately yet so sweetly. I was backed against the door forcefully, I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. 

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I couldn’t tell you the thousands things that raced through my mind during those few seconds but all I know is they all ended with him and me kissing on my porch. “I’m so incredibly sorry for what I’ve put you through Y/N… I had no idea… I got really drunk that night and when I finally came to my senses the first thing I did was looking for you, I went to your house but your mum had told you had left town for good. I love you, so much it hurts and when I thought I’d lost you I… well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.” I just stared deeply in his eyes, unable to utter a single word, I kept searching for something to tell me was lying, that he didn’t deserve that second chance you were so compelled to give him but yet the only thing you managed to get out was “ I believe you”  before joining your lips again.

Monastero Santa Teresa in Puglia, Italian holiday.

I love Italy, and I have at least one annual trip there. Most recent one was to the south, a 3 day trip to Puglia. I have never ventured past Naples and Capri, so everything was completely new. The region is growing in popularity, celebrities buy summer residences, there are haute couture ateliers, it is spotless clean, and not yet touristy.

We headed to Nardo, in Lecce province. Only 1.5h flight from Paris to Bari, and then a short drive along olive trees plantations (rent a car as other transportation modes can be a bit tricky, whereas driving a cute Fiat 500 will set you up in a good mood), and here we were in Nardo. 

You will not find here big chain hotels but rather a state of art, ancient palatial residences turned into boutique hotel. We stayed in one of such places: a very unique Monastero Santa Teresa. The domain has quite a history, it was an aristocratic palace, turned into a monastery and most recently into the hotel.

Staying among antique furniture, in a real princess bed in Puglia for a weekend is a refreshing experience. 

Beautiful wall frescos inside Monastero Santa Teresa.

Antique furniture everywhere

Sneak peak into the monastery chapel.

A view from my bed in the morning. One thing I enjoyed about Monastero Santa Teresa was the space, with only a dozen of rooms you are not feeling like in a hotel, you live the palatial atmosphere of a luxury boutique venue. And for breakfast you will take a pretty walk through tiny streets of Nardo to nearby Relais Il Mignano. 

Yes, I did climb the rooftop of Monastero Santa Teresa

Nearby towns, each one a bit different, smelling cypress trees, with pretty beaches, local restaurants, and amazing sunsets. Somehow in 3 days we drove 700km, listening to countless playlist and enjoying every moment of it.


Relais Monastero Santa Teresa, 

Corso Garibaldi n°31 Nardo' 

(Le) 73048 Italy
telephone: 0039 0833 572506

This Ain’t No Joke, Sweetheart - Chapter 2

SPN FanReality

~Let me tell you about my weekend…~

Beka ( @impala-dreamer​ ), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Steph ( @torn-and-frayed​ ), Bill (my hubs) 

3,330 Words

Warnings: Nothing really. Language?, very mild show-type violence. Mentions of blood (crime scene).

A/N: Hope you’re enjoying the insanity. The weekend’s not nearly over yet. Hell, we didn’t even finish Friday yet…

Go To Chapter: One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~ Five ~ Six ~ Seven ~ Eight

Chapter Two: Friday Night…

The Impala. The fucking Impala was parked in my carport. My carport. The wide strip of cracked gray cement that separated my pale blue house from the one to its left. The place where my husband parked our used Honda Minivan every night. Dean Winchester’s beloved 1967 Chevy Impala was parked in my carport. I nearly squealed as I followed the boys down my front steps towards it. The rain glistened on the hood, illuminated by the streetlights, and my heart skipped wildly in my chest.

I ran my fingers gently over the hood. It was real, solid, shiny. “Baby,” I whispered in quiet reverence. This was the Holy Grail, the heart of the show, their home away from home, the most important object in the history of the universe. The Impala.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Dean stood next to me, his eyes sweeping over the car’s frame just as lovingly as mine did.

“She is.”

“Hop in,” he said, pulling open the back door for me. A moment of pure joy and panic swept over me, but I did just as he said. I hopped right in.

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||❥ out of the woods (m)

j u n ! s c e n a r i o

v a m p i r e ! a u

words: 5k

genre: ye old smut, some fluff, the usual lol

synopsis: jun has been restricted from the pure taste of blood for too long, and decides that on halloween night should he actually do something about it. also in memory of the vamp!jun series i never finished,, r.i.p

It was during the time of Halloween that a certain perilous vampire would turn his fangs of white ice upon the town streets, fingers curling unbridledly in his pockets and eyes so smoulderingly black they could be a blanket for the stars. He would untuck himself from whereabouts never revealed and slick back his soft ashy hair, parted lips allowing his tongue to taste the fresh dew that was lathered everywhere.

He could let his fangs unsheathe and gingerly poke into his mouth, he could languidly step behind a clump of children and let his irises cloud a frosty white. They thought he was just taking interest in the eventful night, like he was dressing up to resemble some ancient book character, when really this vampire wasn’t made from silvery contacts or plastic teeth, he was more than real and his desire for blood had struck like a bolt of lightning.

The only reason the vampire could walk around on a night like Halloween and not want to sink his jagged pearls into someone’s flesh was due to the fact he’d already gotten his fix. He’d consumed enough liquid copper to last up to a week, a week where he could be among human life and not want to lacerate into their delicate tissue. Yet a certain incident left the boy in a state of complete opposition. His desire for blood was skyrocketing, and it was a challenging task to keep his solid pace and not lash out at the little folk around him.

Usually Halloween was one of the only days in a year that he let himself walk fully exposed up and down the streets, nobody would suspect him, nobody would try to stab a stake of wood through his chest. He got a lot of crooned compliments whenever he hovered in one corner of town for too long, leaning against a thick oak trunk while fluttering his glittery stare toward the moon.

Your fangs look so real! Are they really plastic?

Jesus, those contacts look like they’re your actual eyes.

That’s a pretty simple yet convincing costume you got there.

And the vampire would just grin toothily and wind his way through the conversation with nothing but the wholehearted truth. Of course not a single soul would ever believe the words rolling off his tongue, not when his lips quirked into that deceitful smirk after their faces momentarily grew stiff. It was Halloween, people liked to dress up as things that didn’t exist, and according to them, he was as much as a real vampire as that one girl down the street was a fluffy purple unicorn.

Yet there happened to be one individual in town that this darkened boy was well aquatinted with, and they knew perfectly well what he was, and what he so often craved.

“I’m sorry, I turned off all my lights cause I don’t have any candy-”

A pause, the process, and then the reaction.

“Jun? What are you doing here- and holy shit why are you walking around with your fangs out and eyes all glowey?”

You couldn’t be more appalled as to why this hunk of shadows was letting every man, woman, and child be coveted to his appearance, and more importantly why his leader was letting him frolic around as such. But Jun, not to your complete surprise, just stifled a yawn that pressed up from his throat and let himself into your house, the distant squeals of mirthful children now becoming mute as the door kicked shut. You could have cloaked him in your sighs and questions that always traveled like a spool of thread, yet you decided to let him wander.

Jun rarely approached you unless he wanted something.

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The illusionist

“I don’t like to be awake in a place where reality acts as hollow as wandering souls around the town; flickering that one street light at the end of the road for the cry they’re fed from.” He said.

I stared motionless ahead as his figure walked away, seeping into the dark.

“How do you think I felt to be in a place as living as Eden; having the wind breezed an angel’s singing when you know I haven’t been awake–knowing it was all not real?” I asked to no one.

My lungs cried for me as I whispered to the thin air. “They were your singing and you were the master mind of illusion.”

The Manor of Alcor (Sneak Peek)

So, uh…remember that prompt a while back about a murder mystery and a group of people trapped in a mansion and a human claiming to be Alcor and the real Alcor not being the one killing everyone?…

…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself! A lot of creative liberties were taken but I just loved the idea too much to pass. It’s definitely a WIP—I’m hoping to write more when I get time—but here’s a small excerpt of what’s written so far (if it’s alright; not sure if someone else already posted a fic/hc relating to this). All credit to the anon(s) who submitted the prompt.

He checked the time on his phone once more as he continued to walk down the secluded path. 7:00AM. He was still thirty minutes ahead of schedule. Perfect!

Still, after readjusting the straps on his backpack and his hold on his suitcase, Orrie increased his pace. Though this road just on the outskirts of town was assuredly safe, and streetlights brightly lined the pathway, it was still early in the morning and anything could happen to a boy out in the woods alone. So when he saw the bus stop just at the top of the hill he let out a thankful sigh. As he neared, it turned out he wasn’t the first to make the trek here.

Three others sat on the short bench flooded with artificial light. Two, who had to be a couple judging by the way the young woman was resting her head on her husband’s shoulder and how the two of them were dozing, sat nearest the sign. The other man with the incredibly long silver hair and summer trench coat sat closer to the other end, reading a novel. He glanced up when Orrie approached and scooted over some to give the boy a space to sit. Orrie, smiling shyly, took the offer graciously. As he put down his backpack and suitcase, the man closed his book. “Are you here by yourself?”

“Um, yes sir,” Orrie answered, letting his legs rest. The man, which Orrie could now see had some long, pointy ears, frowned only slightly.

“You didn’t want to come with anyone else?”

Orrie blushed. “Well, I’m kinda treating myself to this excursion. An early birthday present.”

“Ah.” The man’s expression instantly brightened. “So it’s also your first time going to the manor?”

“Yes sir. It took me ages to convince my parents to let me sign up for the event. I think they only agreed because they thought I wouldn’t be one of the two to get randomly picked to go. But I’m so glad I was. It’s a really popular attraction, I hear.”

“That it is,” agreed the man, “I chose to go on the waiting list. It was a year’s wait, but I’m not going to complain.” He lifted a brow at Orrie. “You know, I’d never thought someone as young as you would be very excited to visit the Manor of Alcor.”

“No way! I love Alcor.” He then laughed, embarrassed. “Okay, that came out so wrong. I mean that I find Alcor a really cool guy.” By now the other couple had woken up and turned their attention to the two. “My grandfather used to be part of a tiny Alcor branch when he was a teenager– you know, back when cults were a big deal. He’d tell me all the times he and his friends would summon Alcor and they’d just do fun stuff like play a real-life version of DD&MD and get the whole town involved, or have music battles in the middle of the street with the local musicians, or tutor kids after school through the use of sock puppets. I mean, they also did other cult stuff, but that was mainly just for formality; most of the time it was just hanging out with Alcor while also helping the community.” He blushed faintly. “I’m not scared of him like others are, though I know I should be.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” the man stated gently. Orrie glanced up at him, his blush still present. “You grew up knowing of the kinder side of Alcor, the side most of the world doesn’t get to see. While I myself have grown accustomed to the dark stories involving the Dreambender, I’m well aware he’s not the pure evil most regard him as.” Orrie nodded, his small smile growing. The man held out a hand. “Flynn Fairfern. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Orrie Walter,” answered Orrie, shaking his hand.

“I recently started following you like literally just minutes ago and I want to thank you for spreading awareness for sexual assault. I wanted to tell you a story that happened to me a couple years ago when I was around 14.

Everyday I would walk to school and I would always take the same route, it could be pooring rain or snowing I would still walk through the same streets, these streets were not unsafe or scary but they were small and not many people would be there at that time. One day I was on my way to school and I was minding my own beautiful damn business when a man said to me “good morning”, I didn’t make much of it because I had my headphones in so I thought he wasn’t referring to me. Next day he’s at the same spot at the same time and says “good morning” I don’t answer and he says it again with a more hostile tone after that I gave in and said good morning visibly annoyed. This happened for like a week or so, there would be days where I would see him and some other days where I wouldn’t.

Every time I would get to school visibly shaken up because of this, I managed to tell my close friends in case something happened, they both encouraged me to tell my mother and I did. I felt shame, like if I had brought this upon me. My mother reassured me that everything was going to be fine and was really proud of me for telling her because when she was my age something similar happened to her and she never told her mom/family because she felt like they would tell her she was overreacting.

It was Monday and I was somewhat late to school, I had a history test first thing in the morning so I couldn’t be late, I was walking incredibly fast and I saw him on the same spot again, I decided to ignore him and continue revising in my head, I walked even faster and I could feel him following me and getting closer, I could also see his reflection on the car windows parked right along the street. I got to the end of that street and I clearly remember thinking “just one more street and you’ll get there” right after I finished that thought he grabbed my arm and tourned me to face him. He said “hey! What is your name?!?!” I felt so scared, I thought should I tell him my real name? Should I say some other name?. “That is none of your business, now leave me alone.” I quickly put my headphones back in and kept walking.

I remember seeing him a couple months after in my towns main street, me and my friends flipped him off when he nodded towards us.

Please be safe and don’t be a to ask for help.”


Thank you for sharing your story, I believe it’s important that people understand that these things happen to *children* and while in your case, thankfully, you weren’t hurt it was still scary. If you had ended up telling a trusted male adult instead of your mother they probably would’ve said you were overreacting but an adult forcefully trying to engage a child is scary and we’re learnt to be scared of men because of things like this. I remember when I was around your age, maybe younger, men trying to talk to me from their cars, one even got out and started walking towards me. One time I was at the mall a man tried to talk to me and asked me what I was doing all by myself and I ran to find my friends. While these things seem innocuous, older men have absolutely no business trying to ‘befriend’ young girls they do not know (obviously family and family friends can be exempt) and more often than not, it’s scary for the girl. 

The Snow Globe

by reddit user NP-CO

“Janie honey,” My mother said as we left the funeral. “That lawyer gave me a key.”

“A key?” I said.

“It seems that Aunt Tabitha left you something. Locked in a safe deposit box.”

“Really? I asked turning to my mother. “But wasn’t she poor?”

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Paul Request

I hope you had a great thanksgiving!! Can I have a Paul imagine where he hasn’t join the pack and him and the reader are like best friend. Then the reader would date a vampire and that triggers the wolf inside of Paul, around Christmas the vampire left her and Paul is not talking to her because the whole wolf pack thing. Then she came running to Paul’s house and he imprints on her, lastly the vampire came back after the reader and Paul got together. Sorry that’s like a lot :/

You honked the horn playful as you pulled into Paul’s driveway; almost right away he came running out tugging on a flannel shirt over his t-shirt. “Good afternoon,” you cheerfully grinned. “You just wake up?”

“How can you tell,” he said blankly with a chuckle.

“Because I know you well enough. Oh, and there still some drool on your cheek,” you laughed as he quickly flailed his arm at his cheek and rubbed the saliva away.

“Tell me again why you wanted me to come out with you today.”

“I want you to meet Adrian,” you reminded him. You saw him snarl to himself. “Oh, stop that,” you swatted him. “He’s a nice guy.”

“A nice guy would take you out on a nice day, not a dark, rainy one like today. And he’d pick you up for that matter too.”

“He’d have to go out of his way to pick me up so we’re meeting there. You haven’t even met him why are you acting like you hate him?”

“Because as far as I’m concerned no guy is ever gunna’ be good enough for my best friend,” he said turned away from you so you couldn’t see his disappointed face. You ignored the tone in his voice and kept looking straight, maybe if he wasn’t your best friend you’d date the guy.

You pulled into the parking lot and turned off your car. “Paul,” you turned to him, “do me a favor. Pretend to like Adrian. Give him a shot, ok? We’ve been dating for two months now and he’s been good to me. Promise me you’ll give him a shot?”

“I promise.” With that you two jumped out of the car and booked it out of the rain and into the restaurant.

“There he is,” you smiled and waved. “Adrian, hey,” you walked over and hugged him. Paul watched as Adrian shot a glare towards him as you hugged him. “Adrian, this is my best friend Paul. Paul, this is Adrian.” As soon as he saw him something went off in Paul. He didn’t like the guy, his blood started to boil, he could feel himself starting to sweat.

“I’ve heard a lot about you Paul,” Adrian said offering his hand.

Paul fought the urge to recoil from the coldness of Adrian’s hand. “Same here.”

“I got us a table for three, they said it should be ready any minute now,” Adrian smiled towards you.

You poked Adrian’s side, “Are you actually going to eat this time or just sit and watch me again,” you joked.

“I actually had a late breakfast so I’m not that hungry.”

“You and your eating habits…so weird,” you told him. “Paul can eat 24/7 and still be hungry,” you laughed and turned towards Paul. “Paul, are you ok? You look sick.”

“I…ugh,” he stammered, “I think I need a minute,” he rushed past you and ran into the bathroom.

“Is your friend ok?”

“I don’t know,” you admitted. “He was fine in the car. I’m going to go check on him,” you left Adrian and poked your head into the men’s bathroom. Since you didn’t see any guys in there you went inside and found the shut stall door. “Paul,” you softly said, “let me in.”

“No,” he growled, “I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“Like what? Sick? Paul, I took care of you when you had the flu, I’m sure I can handle it.”

Reluctantly, he came out of the stall, a puddle starting to show on his undershirt. “You look awful, Pauly. I’m taking you home.”

“I’m fine,” he tried to dismiss you.

“Don’t argue with me, we’re going home. Let’s go. Go out to the car,” you handed him the keys, “I’ll be there in a second.”

You two left the men’s room and you walked towards Adrian. “Is your friend alright?”

“No, I’m afraid not. I have to take him home, I think he’s caught the flu or something. I’m sorry,” you apologized.

“No, no, don’t worry about it,” he reassuringly smiled. “Go take care of your friend. We can go out later this week, yeah?”

“That sounds perfect.”

All ride home Paul was twisting and yelling out in pain. “I’m taking you to the res. Doctor, Paul, there’s something wrong.” As soon as you pulled into the small parking lot you were out and to his side. “Come on,” you lifted him out of the car and half dragged him into the office.

“What happened,” the Doctor asked. After you explained everything to him he nodded at you. “Go home, Y/N, we’ll call his family and take care of Paul here. Nothing to worry about.”

And that was the last time you saw Paul. After that day he refused to take your calls, refused to call you back, and every time you went to his house he wasn’t there. You had lost your best friend and had no idea why.

Months had passed and the snow was falling. It was December 19th and Adrian was leaving tomorrow to spend the holiday’s with his family. You grabbed your coat and drove to the cafe you were meeting him at. “Hi,” you brightly smiled at your boyfriend.

“Hey,” he said lacking luster. “I got you a coffee,” he handed the cup to you.

“Thanks. What the matter? You seem…off.”

“Y/N, sit down, we need to talk.”


“I have to breakup with you.” Before you could ask why he continued, “I’m moving back towards my family. I didn’t expect to stay around here this long, but I did, and now I need to go. And I can’t continue our relationship once I go. Hell, I shouldn’t have started dating you in the first place.”

“So dating me was a mistake now?”

“Yeah, I guess it was.”

“Then have a nice life in wherever the hell you’re going,” you slammed your drink on the table and left.

You drove back to your house and slammed the door. After all these months of him acting like everything was perfect he changes his mind. He regrets your relationship now?! You grabbed your phone and dialed the number you knew by heart. “You’ve reached Paul. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you,” the voicemail you’d heard so often these past few months flooded your ears.

“Paul, it’s me…again. I…I know you don’t want to talk to me, I’ve gotten that message but…but I really need my best friend to talk to right now,” you felt tears weld in your eyes. But you were felt more sad about not reaching Paul than about having just broken up with your boyfriend. “Please, when you hear this, give me a call.”

Hours had passed and you still weren’t feeling tired. This whole time you sat stirring in anger; anger that Adrian had broken up with you, anger that he said you were a mistake, but mostly anger that Paul had heard the pain in your voice on all your calls and he still had chosen to ignore you.

It stirred and stirred until finally you felt it rupture. You shot up, grabbed your keys, and started speeding towards Paul’s house on the reservation.

His car was in the driveway and the lights were on. You stomped up the porch and let yourself in his home, slamming the door shut. Before you could enter the living room Paul stepped into view. “Y/N?” His face shifted from a confused stare to a blank look, like he wasn’t thinking anything.

“You’ve got some real nerve, you know that?” You pushed him out of your way and started pacing around the room. “Four months, you’ve been ignoring me. Four months, Paul! I must have left you a dozen messages, I must have come over a handful of times trying to catch you, but all those aren’t as bad as what happened tonight.” You picked up the phone on the couch and saw that he had listened to the voicemail you’d left him last night.

“I called you tonight needing to talk to my best friend and you ignored me! You listened to the message, or maybe you just straight deleted it, but I needed you and you were too self centered to-,” all he was doing was blankly staring at you. “Why are you just looking at me? Didn’t think I’d have the balls to come over here and tell you how much of a di-,” you were cut off by Paul’s lips crashing on yours.

“What,” you asked in a daze after he let go.

“I’ve loved you for years now I just never said anything and when I met Adrian…well something happened to me and…”

“So you stopped talking to me because I was dating Adrian?”

“No…Y/N, there’s a lot that I think you deserve to know.” And that’s when he told you everything.

*1 month later*

You and Paul were driving from town back towards the res. The pack was having another bonfire tonight and Paul had taken you out on a date and now you two were heading back. “Hey, can we stop by my house real quick? I forgot my coat and I’m not a personal heater like you guys are?” Paul grinned and laughed at your meekness.

“Who’s car is that,” Paul said turning on your street.

“That’s…Adrian’s.” You heard Paul starting huffing angrily right away. “Calm down, Pauly. I’m sure it just looks like his car, it’s probably not even his.” He reluctantly pulled over and you two made your way to the front door. Just a few steps away, Adrian stepped out from the shadows. “Adrian?”

“Y/N, hey.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see how you were doing. What’s that smell,” he said with a disgusted face.

“That’d be me,” Paul said bitterly.

“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you? I’d heard rumors about you guys. Can I have a second with Y/N?”

“No,” you both said at the same time. “What do you want, Adrian?”

“I wanted to apologize. I was a real jerk and it was because I was panicking. I was afraid to tell you my secret and afraid to see how you’d react. I’m sorry and I want to make things right.”

“Well thank you, Adrian, but I’ve moved on,” you reached out and grabbed Paul’s hand. “And I’m happy.”

“I understand,” he sadly lowered his head and walked back to his car.

“You’re happy,” Paul grinned like a kids at Christmas as he looked at you.

“Yeah, I am. For now at least,” you quipped at the end and poked his side, running up and into your house.

“Hey,” he chuckled and tried to sound offended. Then he took off after you, determined to make you pay.


Story of  Adventuryx designer Adnan Taletovich 

                                            Story 2

It was 1979. So, my mom took me to Trieste to look for my Levis jeans. It was the golden age for shopping in this Italian border city. Especially jeans and coffee business was booming. As we arrived early morning inTrieste port we went directly to the "Ponterosso market” which was in that time the place to make a good bargain. But than, I realized that there is no good quality of jeans  and we couldn’t find Levis in Ponterosso market which was more specialized in cheap clothes, I had a tough time to explain to my mom that actually want original Levis 501. So, in the end we went to the near side streets where finally I found real jeans shop and my Levis 501. “Not having so much” in those times I could get only one pair. Oh Boy, I was the happiest kid in town.

That day, as I was admiring the Jeans store in Trieste I promised myself once I grow up I will make my own jeans brand and voilà today I’m so proud of my Adventuryx jeans design and when I see models wearing my jeans i realized that my dream came true….. 


Nyx/Ophelia/Lorraine/whatever-you-want-to-call-her-cats-do-not-give-a-shit turned out to be chipped and I had to return her to her owners yesterday. They were very rude to me, despite me getting their cat off of the streets for a couple of weeks when she had been missing for five months.

I already miss her. She taught me that living alone in this shithole town is a real drag, and I tried to instill in her my mantra of, “Fear no man, suffer no dickhead, and tolerate no coward.”

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Essays in Existentialism: Christmas

If you’re not to busy, Id love to see thanksgiving turn into a series. Jake definitely confronting Clarke before she leaves after thanksgiving because he knows she wasnt entirely truthful about hers & lexas relationship but he definitely approves of Lexa & he & Abby invite her back for Christmas & kinda force her into agreeing in that way parents do, without even consulting Clarke. & then getting to see their relationship grow through the different holidays. Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras, etc

Previously on Thanksgiving

The salt kicked up in the traffic, through the slush of the dingy snow that remained on the highway while the fields and town itself was covered in the purest kind of precipitation that added to the picturesque feeling of the season. Yards were adorned with reindeer and santa’s and wishings for good tidings, while the town was wrapped up like a present, ribbons on street signs and wreaths on every door available. 

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OMG i am learning how to use photoshop and it’s so difficult…!! my first photoshop thing ever… i promise 2 get better

i have a song that rly reminds me of reyna and her past (+ sharing dad stuff with nico) and i listened to it on repeat through working on this. here:

he came knocking down the street lights
tearing up the new grass on the lawn
he was frightening off the livestock
I could feel him coming down
I let the Citranella dissolve in my hand
I began to feel real bad
when the ghost of your father comes to town
what the hell else can you do
I flung open all the windows
put the water on for tea
and let him pass right through

“I met her at the Fruitvale Bart station. She had her hair braided and I asked her, ‘Why you got all that fake hair on your head?’ She told me it was real and she unbraided her hair and said, ‘I don’t let people touch my hair but I’ll let you touch it’. I put my hand in there and I didn’t feel no tracks, no sow in weaves, nothin. So I asked for her number and she said, ‘No, you give me your number’. But she didn’t call. 2 weeks later I ran into her again at the Bart station and said, ‘You didn’t call me! Can I have your number so I can call you?’ and she said ‘No. I lost your number but if you give me yours I’ll call you.’ 2 days later she called. We talked on the phone for like 6 months and she finally let me take her out. We became boyfriend and girlfriend but we lost contact for 4 years, I was still in the streets at the time. Then after 4 years I ran into her at the Fruitvale Bart station again. I asked her to be my girlfriend again, and she said, ‘No, but I’ll be your friend for life.’ Now every time I look at my wedding ring I know she kept her word, she’s really my friend for life.”