a real sloth!!!

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Hello! I just discovered your art and I just want to tell you... your art takes me breath away! It is so beautiful and sophisticated, and I love how realistic the faces are and how stylized everything is at the same time! God, your art feels magical!!! The Sdr2 characters mean so much to me (especially Komaeda) and you just give them such beautiful life! I'm so happy I found your art, and I hope you have a lovely day!

thank you so much wtf! this makes me so happy to hear, i’ve been insecure abt my style lately so this was a really nice surprise… ! here is a komaeda doodle as a thank you

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Hey weremas :D I need some serious help. Right now im trying to draw myself a sloth fursona but am having a lot of trouble. I'm having a lot of trouble getting the body structure right as sloths are shaped kind of weird. Also I'm having a hard time drawing hair on my character as well because im so used to having ears as my guideline. Since you're one of the few people on tumblr that has actually drew a sloth character I figured you had some tips you could give me. Double message = Sorry xD

Hi there!

First and foremost, make sure you’ve got lots of reference of real sloths gathered to understand what’s going on with them. They’re certainly very weird and not an animal I’d reccomend ‘free styling’ unless you’re like, a pro sloth artist? haha

It’s important to break things down into simpler shapes. For sloths, I find it helpful to simplify their arm definition to be almost non-existant and emphasis they they have a long neck, long arms and short, bunched-up legs (sort of like an orangutan or a gibbon). Simplify the claws, keep an eye on how the eyes and nose line up. They don’t have a traditional ‘snout’ and their nose and eyes line up.

As for treating hair? I personally dislike adding ‘human’ hair to animals characters, but if it has to be done, always look at how the animals’ actual fur-line works. You’re correct in struggling by using a human ear for reference, it just doesn’t work/look good on an animal face. Flash from Zootopia is a great reference too. Here are some notes: good luck!


For those of you who have seen my Pandasyung post, here are my choices for the rest of Shinhwa (though Andy’s is more like a Patronus I think).

20 Questions ♥

I was tagged by @zurysalvatore :D Thannnks! Nice to learn more about you reading this post

Rules: Answer the twenty questions and tag some people. 

Name: Cristina

Nickname: Tina, Bobby for some special people

Birthday: July 10th

Zodiac Sign: Cancer :3

Height: 1m75 (yep, I’m taller than almost all my friends :’)) sooo 5′7′’ I think?

Orientation: Hetero

Nationality: Swiss girl baby!

Favorite Fruit: Watermelooon *_* I could eat that all day

Season: I love every season even if I really enjoy winter (I’ve been skiing my whole life so..) buuut I also like summer because it’s my birthday :’) 

Favorite Flower: poppy, orchid and rose :3

Favorite Book: Hunger Games

Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa 

Average sleep hours: I’m a real sloth, could sleep all day…

Cat or Dog: I am definitely a doggy person :’) 

Favorite fictional character: sooo many.. Natsu dragneel, Naruto uzumaki, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Adrien agreste, Marinette Dupain-cheng, Katniss Everdeen, and This is becoming annoying trying to find other names because I’ve got too many X)

Blog created: somewhere around 2016 

Hobbies: drawing, skiing, sleeping, reading, doing some sport, walking in the mountains, travelling, adventures 

Top 3 Favorite Otome Games:

I actually only play with Mcl and Eldarya :) 

Fictional place you want to visit: PANDORA *_* please take me there

Top 3 countries you want to visit:

  1. Japan
  2. Thailand
  3. USA

would actually like to do a world tour if I could :’)

Top 3 favorite songs:

Right now the songs I listen to the most are:

  1. Harry Styles - Kiwi
  2. Luis Fonsi - Despacito 
  3. The Notorious BIG ft Ja Rule - Old Things

Heeeere we are :)

So I tag @nagemsu @elmundodeyukimora @sweetsquirrel sorry if you’ve already been tagged :)



Tokyo Ghoul Week √2 - Day 7: Sloth

Desire for Rest, lack of desire to actually do some work.   

Best friend! Wonwoo

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  • can I just say that chokers look reaalllly great on wonwoo? 
  • SO
  • you know that friend that doesn’t really like to go outside that often? aka me
  • Yea that’s what I see Wonwoo as 
  • like 
  • it would be so chill
  • just spread out on the couch and lazily watching movies
  • eating popcorn 
  • and the at some point you’d just like have a mini food fight with the popcorn but in the end you’d just clean it up
  • cause he’s the cleanest member
  •  and he likes it clean
  • not messy
  • eyyyyyy get it?
  • But then like
  • somehow
  • you’d two end up watching the  “Miracle in Cell No.7"
  • and he’d cry
  • and you’d cry
  • cause like
  • whyyyyyyyyy??
  • it’s so saaaddddd
  • and like 
  • it would just end up as a crying party
  • and you’ll be eating ice cream and tissues are everywhere
  • and then the other members walk in 
  • and they would think someone had died
  • but the they saw what was on the TV 
  • and probably would join ya
  • it’s a good movie okay?
  • Reading together
  • like you’d go to the closest bookstore
  • and just pick a few interesting books 
  • rent them
  • and go to the closest cafe or coffee shop
  • and just sit there for hours reading the books
  • occasionally chatting 
  • and then back to the books
  • it would be really comfortable
  • really chill
  • books and chill 
  • but not like netflix and chill
  • cause
  • you guys are bros 
  • just books and chilling while drinking hot cacao or coffee 
  • whatever you prefer 
  • I honestly prefer cacao, cause I don’t like coffee….
  • and then you’d just discuss the plot of the books
  • and the characters
  •  and pros 
  • and cons
  • and 
  • yea you get it
  • him recommending you books
  • and you recommending him books
  • just a lot of books okay?
  • You probably have to protect him from the local dogs
  • cause he’s afraid of ‘em 
  • not that I blame them 
  • not a big fan of them either
  • Like his deep ass voice just like singing softly and you just like humming
  • when you’re bored
  • and like
  • he’d be like “Bro”
  • and you’d be like “Bro yes”
  • and then you’d be writing a song together
  • and calling yourselves the “awkward beans”
  • and recording the song for just the heck of it
  • and then a month later you find it and
  • crINGE 
  • Like just imagine it
  • imagine his face
  • just DO IT
  • and then magine Mingyu just popping out of NO WHERE
  • and then Wonwoo just like glaring at him 
  • and Mingyu being like 
  • “Bro what I do?”
  • and Woo’d be like
  • =_=+
  • and Mingyu’d be the clueless puppy as always
  • and you’d just be laughing your ass off in the background
  • and then as revenge he’d be giving your crush REALLY OBVIOUS CLUES that you like them
  • but somehow your crush would be oblivious to the hints??
  • and then you’d feel disappointed yet relived at the same time??
  • and then Woo’d be there with a bucket of ice cream ready for you to eat while you rant to him how can one be so oblivious???
  • and also a hand full of movies for you two to watch 
  • most likely one or two of them are horror 
  • just because
  • Halloween is almost here and he’d like to get in the mood
  • and besides
  • he prefers horror to comedy soooo
  • So in other words you’d have a sloth as a best friend !
  • I honestly want that to be real like 
  • sloths are really cute in my opinion 
  • okay that’s enough 
  • bye

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I can though. He just needs to discover the Divinity that is broccoli. And this thing that is broccoli, baby carrots, and cauliflower. And!! Pad Thai!! It doesn't have to be with meat or chicken or anything... The struggle might be real, but the sloth's name is either Steve, Stevie, or Bill. (Male or female)

Veggie pizza….