a real sloth!!!

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Hello! I just discovered your art and I just want to tell you... your art takes me breath away! It is so beautiful and sophisticated, and I love how realistic the faces are and how stylized everything is at the same time! God, your art feels magical!!! The Sdr2 characters mean so much to me (especially Komaeda) and you just give them such beautiful life! I'm so happy I found your art, and I hope you have a lovely day!

thank you so much wtf! this makes me so happy to hear, i’ve been insecure abt my style lately so this was a really nice surprise… ! here is a komaeda doodle as a thank you

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Hey weremas :D I need some serious help. Right now im trying to draw myself a sloth fursona but am having a lot of trouble. I'm having a lot of trouble getting the body structure right as sloths are shaped kind of weird. Also I'm having a hard time drawing hair on my character as well because im so used to having ears as my guideline. Since you're one of the few people on tumblr that has actually drew a sloth character I figured you had some tips you could give me. Double message = Sorry xD

Hi there!

First and foremost, make sure you’ve got lots of reference of real sloths gathered to understand what’s going on with them. They’re certainly very weird and not an animal I’d reccomend ‘free styling’ unless you’re like, a pro sloth artist? haha

It’s important to break things down into simpler shapes. For sloths, I find it helpful to simplify their arm definition to be almost non-existant and emphasis they they have a long neck, long arms and short, bunched-up legs (sort of like an orangutan or a gibbon). Simplify the claws, keep an eye on how the eyes and nose line up. They don’t have a traditional ‘snout’ and their nose and eyes line up.

As for treating hair? I personally dislike adding ‘human’ hair to animals characters, but if it has to be done, always look at how the animals’ actual fur-line works. You’re correct in struggling by using a human ear for reference, it just doesn’t work/look good on an animal face. Flash from Zootopia is a great reference too. Here are some notes: good luck!


In my EpileptiCon 2017 announcement post (link), I mentioned that I would provide some incentive to participate in the festivities. Well, here it is:

 This is an Epilepsy Care Package! It is designed to help you recover from seizure activity. Before I get to the contest rules, let’s talk about what’s inside.

A fuzzy sherpa throw blanket.  This is a 60" x 80" sherpa throw blanket made by Bedsure. It has a five-star rating on Amazon and one of the reviews suggested that a unicorn may have pooped it out, it is that nice. This blanket will cover your snuggle-up needs following a random neuron dance party.

A heating pad. A standard 12" x 24" electric heating pad. It is not luxurious like the blanket, but it is a workhorse, and it will provide you with the heat you need to soothe your aches and pains.

A stuffed animal. You may be thinking, “I am an adult. I pay bills and watch R-rated films and have no need of stuffed toys.” Well, maybe that’s true, but sometimes you need something to hang onto, and I think this toy sloth will do the job.  It has a firmly-stuffed body and head with floppy arms and legs. It does not have claws like a real sloth. That would not be cuddly. It will provide you, the person with epilepsy, with some small comfort in your hour of need.

Fuzzy socks. Personally I feel that comfort clothing is vital when recovering from seizures. I assume you have that covered already, but I doubt you have fuzzy socks. These are pretty rad. The leopard print will probably not help you recover from seizures in any tangible way, but who knows? Perhaps the absurdity will cheer you up.

A sleeping mask. @thetwitchylife suggested this to me. Sleeping off a seizure is usually the straightest avenue to recovery, but it’s not always dark and quiet when you need it to be. This mask has a four-star rating over 9700 reviews on Amazon and comes with earplugs, so I feel pretty good about it.

Leaf water packets. Do you like tea? I don’t. But @captainfantasticspastic insists that this Traditional Medicine brand “Nighty Night” caffeine-free tea is a great help to her when recovering from seizures. And I took her word for it.

Protein bars. Gluten-free and four in number. Two are peanut butter, and two are chocolate. I had to go into the hippie store for these. I had never been in the hippie store before; I normally buy highly-processed and probably-mostly-sawdust food from large retailers. So I was a little lost amongst all the organic soy products and whatnot in the hippie store. But a nice guy named Bryce helped me out and directed me to these protein bars, which will help restore your strength following a seizure. Bryce told me that his mom has epilepsy, and he was pretty stoked on the idea of an epilepsy care package, so I trust his professional judgement concerning gluten-free protein bars.

A pillbox fob. Pictured atop the sleeping mask box. I use one of these to carry around my emergency anticonvulsants with me wherever I go. This one is water-resistant with a rubber seal. You can unscrew it, drop your pill(s) in there with a little padding (I use a little tissue), and you go. Carrying some spare meds around with you in a small, discrete container will reduce the chances that you wind up somewhere without your pills when you need them. There is an x-factor here: just knowing that they are always on hand is reassuring in times of trouble.

A small notepad. I honestly did not intend to include a notepad in an epilepsy care package, but for some reason it came with the fob, so I’m passing it on to you. It has a picture of Totoro on it. I don’t know why that is, either. I guess you could write a note that says “DON’T CALL AN AMBULANCE YOU FUCKSTICK” and tape it to your forehead if circumstances that call for such an action should arise, but that’s up to you.

Toys. I am including two “mystery bags” that I found in the toy aisle at the pharmacy. You may not be a fan of Mario or Lego Batman, but opening up a surprise gift is one of life’s little joys. Save these for those bleak moments when you regain consciousness after a tonic-clonic or stumble home after a day of clusters.


Let me be perfectly clear about something: this giveaway is not about getting notes or increasing my follower count. Reblogging/liking this post or following me are entirely unnecessary, and won’t do anything to help you win this staggering bounty of tools for seizure recovery. But If you have friends on Tumblr who have epilepsy, do give them a shout for me.

I have one objective here, and that is to increase the epilepsy community’s participation in EpileptiCon 2017. That being said, I am treating my giveaway like a raffle. Here’s what to do:

1. Have epilepsy. This contest is exclusively for people who have epilepsy.

The able-bodied are not qualified. However, we’re on the honor system here, because I will not for one second ask for proof of a diagnosis because that would be creepy and intrusive no matter the circumstances.

Understand this: I sold hours of my life to an employer who seems hellbent on owning every spoon I have to give to be able to buy this stuff, because I desperately want to give people who have epilepsy something just for them to be excited about. I want us to be able to have fun together for just ONE week. So if you do not have epilepsy, sit this one out.

2. Make posts here on Tumblr that pertain to epilepsy.

Tell stories, draw comics, lash out in a furious burst of rage, write a poem, shitpost every ridiculous epilepsy-related idea that pops into your head. If you need ideas for what to do, I will be providing suggestions daily.

3. Tag your posts with #epilepticon.

I will also watch #epilepticon2017, and the other epilepsy-related tags. You can also tag my url. If you don’t want to have it on your blog, for one reason or another, submit your post to myself or @thetwitchylife, who cofounded EpileptiCon with me. The bottom line is that I need to see it one way or another!

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Tag your post with a number between 1 and 1000.

You can make as many posts as you like with a different number on each one.

I have already decided on a winning number. Whoever guesses closest to the number will win. In the event of a tie, the win will go to whoever guessed first. Every epilepsy post you make will increase your chances of winning.

EpileptiCon 2017 begins on November 1st, and runs for a week.  At the conclusion of EpileptiCon on Wednesday, November 8th, I will identify the winner. Bear in mind that winning the EpileptiCon 2017 Giveaway does mean that you will have to provide me, an Internet stranger, with a mailing address. If you’re not comfortable with that, I hope you will participate anyway, just for fun.

I hope to see at least a modest amount of participation, because as you might have noticed, all this stuff is purple, as that is the official color of epilepsy awareness. But guess what? I fucking HATE purple. I am not keeping this stuff for myself. So take it off my hands, won’t you?

All boxed up and ready to go!

Tagging the other epilepsy blogs to spread the word:

@thetwitchylife @captainfantasticspastic @epilepsysupport @the-seizure-blog


10/13: swim 2500/327,450/72,520
10/17: swim 2750/330,200/69,800
10/18: swim 3000/333,200/66,800

10/19: My mom had surgery (super long day at the hospital)

10/21: Watched my niece/nephew while my sister went up to the hospital to visit my Mom.  My sister gave me some money to take the kids to lunch.  We happened upon a kids animal setup at Chick fil’A where they had picked to go for lunch and they got to pet a SLOTH!!!  A real live SLOTH!  It was so cute and friendly.  Wished I was kid so I could have got to pet it to!

Then after I went up to spend time with my Mom and was also ready in case they released her that afternoon.  But they wanted to keep her one more day and she was ok with that.

10/22: My mom was released from the hospital and has a much slower/longer road to recovery after this surgery.  They put in screws/rods in her cervical vertebrae and now they need to fuse together (over the next several months).  The good news is that she is already gaining strength and feeling back in both or her hands which is excellent progress.

Then my sister had to work so I stayed at my parents to be able to help with my Mom as needed and to keep the kids busy.  I supervised them working on their art for an upcoming kids holiday art show via my art guild.

Putting them to bed was more challenging than I thought - as all the dramatics came out.  And it was not the younger one but the older one.  Needless to say they fell asleep about 2 minutes before my sister got home.

10/23: swim 2000/335,200/64,800

10:25 spend a portion of my day further tightening up my monthly spending.  Finances are very tight here so I dropped two different monthly fees for online art classes I take and enjoy.  After bigning Stranger Things 2 this weekend I am going to drop Netflix for now.  I am not renewing my membership in the Blue Tides swim team as that fee plus the added USMS fee is not even close to being in the budget of money I have right now. And I am trying to decide if I am going to stay at my gym or switch to the Y.  The Y would be about $10 less per month but they have a small start up fee that somewhat cancels that out.  At the very least I will likely switch my current gym membership to aquatics only since I really only use it for the pool - and save some money.  I know I can not drop out of a gym with a pool completely as its the one thing I do consistently without accountability.  And I can not afford to not work out. 

Speaking of which blood sugar continues to be all over the place.  Just this morning I was feeling very groggy and off - so I tested it and had a 183.  And this is after I have been very good with food - prepping meals in advance - sticking to them even when every fiber of my being wants to eat something else and less healthy for me. 

So I went and swam this afternoon and will check my sugar again in a bit to make sure it has gone down after the workout. 

I have a Dr appointment in a few weeks - we will see what happens.  Desperately need to get some weight off. 

Also need solve my income problem - which would release a heck of a lot of stress which does not help my health one bit!

10/26: 2500/337,700/62,300 

As for all of you - I have been totally absent from tumblr for the past few weeks.  It is not that I am not interested or no longer care about you.  I just have had so much I am dealing with - I could not even remotely keep up.  So for that I am sorry.  I can not promise I will do better for a while but I plan to pop in now and then.


For those of you who have seen my Pandasyung post, here are my choices for the rest of Shinhwa (though Andy’s is more like a Patronus I think).