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Witches are planning to cast a spell on Donald Trump 

  • The worldwide witch community is mobilizing to Trump’s agenda.
  • According to Extra Newsfeed and a Facebook event, “magical groups” have been circulating a document with instructions for putting a spell on Trump at the stroke of midnight “on every waning crescent moon” until he’s no longer president. The first mass spell will take place on Feb. 24.
  • To perform the DIY spell, participants need items such as an “unflattering” photo of Trump, a Tower tarot card, an ashtray or “dish of sand” and a “tiny stub of an orange candle.” Real witches probably make their own, but store-bought is fine, too.
  • It’s worth noting that the spell won’t bring harm to Trump — only prevent him from doing harm to others. Read more (2/23/17 12:13 PM)
Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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I just finished Six of Crows thanks to you and omfahsgaievsj I need something where Kaz touches Inej willingly. Whether it's when they rescue of something completely new I just neEd it. You got me so curious I read and I've been bLESseD I need to scremaisbahsiw

There was another anon asking for Kanej whose ask i deleted by accident bc I am a genius

Kaz Brekker is counting the waves as they hit the side of the ship.


His fingers play with Inej’s hair, a black so deep it makes his finger look paler, so smooth they slither through his callused fingers easily, almost effortlessly, the softness reminding him of black leather but speaks of freedom.


He never thought the sound of water would be soothing. Not to him, not after everything, not after-not after Jordie; but the sound of the waves makes a melody with Inej’s calm, deep breathing and he can’t keep himself from humming, finding his place in this orchestra only he can hear.


Inej’s chest rises and falls with an ease that he only saw on this ship; her sleep his deep, her hand tucked on his chest, and his heart beats faster every time she moves, the beats following her fingers, following her everywhere.


The moon plays on Inej’s skin, the rich brown being the perfect canvas for the light seeping through the windows and she looks too real and too unreal at the same time, always taking his breath away, making him feel things he didn’t believe he could still feel, making him believe in magic again.


Inej wakes up, but only for a second, her sleepy brown eyes looking up at him and she moves closer, not saying a word, not making a sound, and his breath stops in his throat, as if it is the first time, as if they never touched. She hums, the sound crawling on his skin, her warm skin against his is like a magic trick that makes him come alive again, and again, and again.

Musharna’s Vivid Dreams Spell Sachet (Pokemon Inspired)

“The mist emanating from their foreheads is packed with the dreams of people and Pokémon.” -Pokedex Entry

A simple spell sachet to bring very vivid dreams. 

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You Will Need:

☁ Yellow or Purple Sachet
☁ Amethyst
☁ Clear Quartz
☁ Dried Sage
☁ Piece of Dried Onion Skin


☁ Cleanse yourself and your crystals before performing spell

☁ In your sachet add your sage and dried onion skin then add in your crystals on top

“When I lay my head down tonight, my dreams will be as real as life.” Say this while holding the sachet in your hand(s) and give it a gentle but good squeeze after stating your desires

☁ Place under your pillow and go to sleep

☁ Cleanse monthly in the light of a full moon

Theorizing The Grandma Room from “Into the Wand”

After watching “Into the wand” things started to click in my brain. I have seen many theories about where Toffee fits romantically into all of this, I’m not to sure that is the case (sorry shippers ): ) I have my own theories about where he fits into it but before I get into all of that. I want to address some things I think have been overlooked by the fandom.

“The Grandma Room”
Note: Many speculate that this room is called the Grandma room because it is Star’s Grandmother’s room. However, I believe it is call this because everyone in her past lineage has just simply called it the Grandma Room. It’s not any one grandmothers room. Star likely avoided the room because of the mysterious and supernatural like essence it holds. Note that she fears for her life even shrieking of death when the placard moves below her.

“Not all Butterflies and not all Royals”
Note: If you look at each tapestry they all have their own hints into the life of the Butterfly lineage. Take note that each tapestry has a darker tone than the one before it and all the tapestries with the exception of Star’s (in the works) have the same dark border. Hers is breaking the mold.

1. Bunny - Star’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandmother?

No explanation or name of this character is given. She’s just some random pretty looking girl with bunny cheek marks, and a small simple wand. Take note that she has no castle or home in her background. She is simply cheerily frolicking near natures pond with a small wand in hand. Perhaps implying that this is before the Mewmen took over Mewni, and that it was a simpler time with simpler magic. Maybe even magic from only with in? “Dip Down”
Thoughts: Bunny looks the most out of place in this room because her look is very modern. It is most likely just a gag by the creator that she holds a lot of resemblance to Usagi in Sailor Moon. Like an Easter egg.
2. Ester - Star’s Great, Great, Great ,Grandmother?

Thoughts: Again no explanation is given on this random looking Greek lady. From what I can tell she has no wand at all. The wand may have no real use or power in this time, however she still seems very pleased with herself. She may have been a settler of Mewni who is seeking out a better life. This may have been a time when monsters still calmly ruled over Mewni (maybe even an immortal king who no one dared oppose?)

3. Celena the Shy - Star’s Great, Great, Grandmother.

-Celena the Shy-
What hides behind the golden fan,
the hand does sweetly hold.
A trove of cosmic secrets
that never will be told.

Thoughts: When Star first see’s this tapestry she instantly refers to Celena as “Great, Great, Grandma Shy”. Looking at this tapestry, you can see she does not reside in a castle. This implies that Star’s family is not royal at this point. There is a royal man walking up to her door to offer goods in exchange for her secrets but that is all.
It is likely at this time that the wand becomes infused similar in power to the wand Star has today. Glosserick states that every new spell discovered is put into the book. All those spells would add up and create a wand, with more power over time.
And assuming something like this happen, such power, it became harder and harder to keep it a secret, and thus, the settlers of Meuni would want have that knowledge and power. Celena gently or sweetly holds a trove of secrets she will never tell beyond her lineage.

4. Solaria the monster Carver - Star’s Great Grandmother.

-Solaria the monster Carver-
A castle stormed is a hero born,
with might as strong as steel.
Kneels the void before her
and the crushing force she wields.

Thoughts: Star has little to no response to this person, but I have some idea how she fits into history. Solaria uses the secret power of her ancestors wand to take over Mewni from the monsters. This would be the first time Mewni is taken for the Mewmen.

When explaining Mewnipendence to her friends, Star states:
“A long time ago arrived the first settlers of Mewni. A modest people with noble pursuits. Life liberty, and corn. But the wicked monsters rose up and attacked the innocent Mewmens to resteel Mewni for themselves.”

In exchange for this service, the Hero of Meuni may have made an arrangement for her offspring in the royal line of succession. This would be the moment Mewmen’s took over and the Butterfly royal line began.

So how did I get all that from the poem?
A castle stormed is a hero born (Taking over the castle and becoming a hero in her people’s eyes.) with might as strong as steel (with a strong power) Kneels the void before her (The kingdom bows to her) and the crushing force she wields. (and the power of her wand) Securing a spot in the royal family would ensure the wands protection and survival in this new kingdom she stole.

5. Eclipsa the QUEEN of darkness - Star’s Grandmother

-Eclipsa the Queen of darkness-
Eclipsa Queen of Mewni
to a Mewmen King was wed,
but took a monster for her love
and away from Mewni fled.

Thoughts: Having no choice in the matter, Eclipsa married into the royal family and produced heir(s) to leave her wand to be inherited. Tensions between Monsters and Mewmen would still be very sensitive in this time. If the monsters were kept on staff or as lower citizens, the Queen may have found it to be her duty to ease tho tensions for the good of all. But if the Queen falls for one of the monsters and leaves the king and their young daughter, it would explode into another feud, possibly banishment of all monsters. Fueling the seeded hatred on both sides.
The repercussions of this would create monsters that are nothing but stupid and confused but still capable of being kind (The rare exception would be Ludo’s selfish reign and the monsters he forces to be mean.) and of course the Mewmen who blindly hunt down and fight the monsters for reasons they can not even remember.

5. Queen Moon the Undaunted -  Star’s Mother

-Moon the Undaunted-
The immortal monster
will long be haunted
by the darkest spell
of moon the undaunted

Thoughts: There is a good chance that Queen Moon is the queen that fought against the Monster rebellion. In Mewnipendence, Star dresses up the same as her mother and even the Queen in the book she references, looks similar to Queen Moon.
Having taken the throne over at a young age when her mother fed, Queen Moon may have lead the fight against the monsters to reestablish her kingdom. It’s very possible that before the second divide that monsters like Toffee were close or even friends with the royal family if the previous queen was establishing unity between the races. We know he is immortal, and that he fought Queen Moon and that she used her darkest spell to defeat him. I’m not sure where Toffee fits in beyond that. There’s not enough about Toffee to go on. He could be the old Monster King, he could something else entirely but we do know that Toffee has an agenda and that he’s not gone for good.
I have another idea on how Toffee might return but that’s for another time.

So that was me picking the Grandma Room apart. This is just my thoughts on what I think may have been implied by the grandma room and some of the other information given in the previous episodes. Sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m an artists not a writer. lol

A (Fantasy) Cliche/World Building Rant

Because I love fantasy, but I’m not loving cliched/bland/unrealistic worlds. Under the cut you will find:

  1. I Love Your Bracelet. Where Did You Get It?
  2. This Generic Medieval Anglo-Saxon World is Bland
  3. No Change
  4. The Seven Kingdoms
  5. I Know Everyone Has Had Cheese Pizza, but This One Has Green Peppers
  6. Fables, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Superstitions Are Never Wrong
  7. Evil Uncles
  8. Warriors Don’t Die Quiet Deaths
  9. The Common Tongue

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I want a tiny house stuffed to capacity with a library of books and a pot of fresh coffee brewing always. I want open stained glass windows and overcast afternoons where the air feels cleaner and the sky spins powdered sugar fog into fluffy cotton candy clouds, shaped like bursting blossomed gardenias. A sky garden that smells like wet pavement and chimney smoke. I want fairy lights strung up on weeping willow trees and I want to sit up late at night with people I love and to sleep in a web of feather-filled floor pillows, tangled limbs, and messy hair. I want always to have music playing—Iggy Pop and Elvis, and to cook big breakfasts in a busy candlelit kitchen. Pancakes with sticky syrup, crushed cashews, coconut sugar. I want to wear wings for no reason at all and run barefoot like I used to when I was a kid. I want perfume that smells like marshmallow cereal milk and to take baths with rose quartz and daisy petals and gold glitter water. To kiss the moon every time the sun sets in crushed oranges and strawberry melted popsicle watercolor. To notice stars and name them and to collect pieces of the places around me and to share the real-life magic I believe in so fully with all of the wildness in my heart.

Witches' Circles
A Discoverie of Witchcraft, by Reginald Scot (1538-1599)–

"Which Ceremonies being performed, the place so sanctified is equivalent to any real Circle whatsoever. And in the composition of any Circle for Magical feats, the fittest time is the brightest Moon-light, or when storms of lightning, winde, or thunder, are raging through the air; because at such times the infernal Spirits are nearer unto the earth, and can more easily hear the Invocations of the Exorcist. As for the places of Magical Circles, they are to be chosen melan- cholly, dolefull, dark and lonely; either in Woods or Deserts, or in a place where three wayes meet, or amongst ruines of Castles, Abbies, Monasteries, etc. or upon the Sea-shore when the Moon shines clear, or else in some large Parlour hung with black, and the floor covered with the same, with doors and windowes closely shut, and Waxen Candles lighted. But if the Conjuration be for the Ghost of one deceased, the fittest places to that purpose are places of the slain, Woods where any have killed themselves. Church-yards, Burying- Vaults, etc. As also for all sorts of Spirits, the places of their abode ought to be chosen, when they are called; as Pits, Caves, and hollow places, for Subterranean Spirits : The tops of Turrets, for Aerial Spirits: Ships and Rocks of the Sea, for Spirits of the Water: Woods and Mountains for Faries, Nymphs, and Satyres ; following the like order with all the rest."


☾☆☽ :::Dream Work::: ☾☆☽

Here is have my current bedside set up for some serious dream work. The Crystal and Herb combo I have going on here aids in Astral traveling, lucid dreaming, divination, clairvoyance, connecting to higher realms, and receiving messages from guides and spirits. It is a heavy duty layout so I suggest you use this recipe with caution.(It has already given me some pretty vivid emotionally charged dreams that I remember every second of.) FYI: I only list the pertinent functions of the stones and herbs that directly benefit the Dream Work I wish to accomplish, not an entire comprehensive list of all their attributes. 



Blue ObsidianBest protective stone to use during astral travel. Prevents any parasites from attaching to your Aura.

Herkimar DiamondPowerful Astral Travel aid. Raises you to the highest spiritual vibration while remaining in a physical body. Mega amplifier for other stones.

CavanasiteAids in remembering information gathered from spiritual journeys. Allows for clear communication from the spirit world.

MoldaviteBalances Spiritual energy and grounding Physical energy. Allows the user to comprehend messages from the spirit world, not just hear them. Allows the ability to control dreams and lucid dream. Used to ease the pain of “home sickness” for souls who’s origins are not of Earth. Super conductor for energy. (Use with caution)

Black MoonstoneDramatically improves concentration, protective grounding energy, stimulates pineal gland function, encourages new cycles of healthy energy growth. Develops our intuition and spiritual awareness. 

Blue KyanitePoints you in the right direction when lost or unsure of what path to take. Used to access forgotten childhood memories and dream memories. Never needs to be “cleared” of negative energies (Does not include energy imprints) and clears stones used around/with them. Amplifies the programming of other crystals paired with them.

Labradorite - Stone of magic. Spirit Fire. Amplifies all magic and energy. Stone of spiritual journeys. Rejuvenates and protects the Aura. 

Sedona Rock - Stone from one of the highest vibrational places on Earth. Vortex/Portal stone. Energy amplifier. 


Rosemary – Protects from nightmares and unwanted ‘spiritual’ visitors. Aids in retaining what happened in dreams and past lives.

Mugwort – Moon energy. Blessings from Artemis. Dream recall, increases vividness of dreams. (Use with caution, causes those kind of dreams that are so real and intense that you wake up feeling like you need a full night of sleep again.)

Chamomile – Protection, ability to understand meanings of dreams, gives courage to transform frightening dreams and control our dreams.

Lavender – Attracts spirits, soothes the ride of astral travel, aids in deep sleep and helps relax enough to achieve dream work and magic. 

Harm none, help when you can. 

imagine ur otp: date edition
  • going on a date to the zoo and one of the manatees becoming intensely fascinated with person a and following their movements around the tank
  • going to a dinner party with person a’s dads rich, boring friends and ditching to go towel shopping at target
  • getting dressed up to go for a dinner date but the cat spits up in person a’s shoes so they just shake their head and ask to stay inside
  • person a planning an amazing night for them together and person b ditching last minute via text message with the only explanation being “drake just dropped his new album”
  • person a accidentally telling person b’s younger sibling that he loves them when they’re babysitting together and the sibling blurting it out to everyone (including person b’s parents) later that night 
  • otp being “just friends” and person a making a mixtape for person b and halfway through listening to it person b smugly telling them that every song on this is a love song and winking at them
  • otp getting drunk af together and person b drunkenly and excitedly talking about how much they love their cat
  • person b ironically buying person a a sailor moon funtime playset with REAL sailor magic moon stick for valentines day and person b taking it with them on every date and showing it off to random people just to piss off person a
  • person b getting really sick before a date with person a but liking them so much they don’t want to cancel and promptly vomiting on their front porch when they try to ring their doorbell
  • otp going back to person b’s place to bang and person b sending person a to the closet to get condoms/lube only to have person a discover their old anime sketchbook from the 6th grade and making fun of them for the rest of the night and completely and totally ruining the mood
  • otp meeting on tinder and person b going to person as place to hook up and trying to quietly leave but tripping over all the random things on person as floor and person a waking up to laugh at them and ask if they want to stick around for breakfast
  • otp spending their first date going to walgreens and person a picking up a ton of makeup and practicing youtube makeup tutorials on person b
The Servitude Bubble
Tech isn’t really making a “sharing” economy. So what is it making?
By umair haque

Umair unpacks the ‘sharing economy’ and finds the technology underlying it is not liberating, but enslaving:

What’s the opposite of servitude? Not just freedom — but the thing from which freedom is born.

At it’s best, techne, the Greek root of the word “technology”, which means “skill”, is a miraculous, magical, enchanted thing. Technology, the enlargement and extension of man’s skillfulness, is the closest humanity has come to discovering the sacred amongst the earthly profane: for it gives mankind the power to transfigure the very world. From a place of stasis, into a place of freedom. Through it, man can ascend beyond his natural birthright, and give himself rebirth — from a foul, stinking, starving, powerless beast, to a civilized, enlightened, powerful being. All that is contained in the magic of techne. Techne, skill, endows man with the proficiency, the dexterity, the advantage, the shining chance, to become what he truly is. Not merely a servant of himself, or a servant of another. Buthimself. Human. Homo sapiens. The mindful being.

So the real servitude in the Servitude Bubble is the definition of “technology”. Once, technology meant stuff that went to the moon…cured fatal diseases…extended the human lifespan…enhanced human agency. Now, “tech” means stuff that…hails taxis…organizes butlers…automatically calls dogwalkers.

“Things That Go Meep In The Night”


Too spooky for me. Ok, but really. This episode had a much better final act than the rest of it let on. I think some of the stuff I said in the Discord episode can apply here, but Fluttershy was played up to such a degree that it was kind of insufferable. I get that she was scared and overly cautious of everything, but to completely miss the spirit of the holiday was a buzzkill. I was kind of in Rainbow’s camp for much of this episode. That said, I was amused by the others not really trying to play along. They were just confused and underwhelmed, which I felt was a more believable response.

But then we get to the corn maze act, and wow did things get better. The execution was impressive, the shots and mood was on point. There were a few great references, and an overall sense of expertise. The overall ending was ok, a bit of a grinding halt from the rest of that greatness, but it made sense. If it the corn maze hadn’t been there, I would have liked little and less about this episode. But it was, and it really turned the slog of the first two acts into a buildup for a solid payoff.

Alright, a few closing notes: 1) Fuck Angel. Irredeemable little shit. 2) Fluttershy’s scary tea party was about social anxiety and being a disappointment to people that you care. While it failed on a spooky level, and was played as a weak attempt at being scary, that got real. 3) Rainbow with a helmet full of candy was adorable. 4) What was Pinkie’s costume? I feel like it was a reference, but I can’t place it.

Happy Halloween everyone.

MLP:FiM is © Hasbro

schmahlo  asked:

bellarke witches/wizards/general supernatural creatures in the modern age.

Shamelessly stealing inspiration from this post!

Clarke assumes most people have a friend they go to in crisis situations; she has Bellamy Blake.

Which is, okay, not entirely fair. Bellamy is mostly a friend, by this point. They met in college in a non-human history course and ended up getting into a loud argument about werewolves during literally the second class, which she finally won by yelling “Some of us are werewolves, dickface!” 

Well, if you can really be counted as winning an argument that ends with you getting kicked out of class. Still, he left her alone on werewolf issues after that, and on the next full moon, he showed up at her dorm with the best wolfsbane potion she’d ever smelled.

“I was being a dick,” he said. “I should have gotten kicked out with you.”

“Where’d you get this?” she asked.

“I’m a cleric. I made it.” He paused and added, “I also already knew you were a werewolf, so I was being even more of a dick, arguing with you.”

“How’d you know?”

“Again, cleric. I can sense that stuff.”

She nodded and looked down at the potion. “Well, uh, thanks.”

He shrugged one shoulder. “It’s an easy brew. Let me know if you want one next month.”

They’d still fought like cats and dogs in class, but he’d given her the potion every full moon, and by the end of the semester, it was the companionable kind of fighting.

Honestly, at this point, the only reason they don’t say they’re friends is because they’re both stubborn assholes, and it’s more fun to pretend they don’t like each other.

But there’s no one she’d rather go to in a crisis, especially a magical crisis, so when she gets turned into a frog, he’s her guy.

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