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Baby, New York City: Chapter Four (Biadore) - Boleyn

AN: Hi lovelies! Sorry for the super long wait. Life got crazy! My classes at university picked back up and I donated bone marrow (which was an amazing experience, got to bethematch.org for more information about it!). I’m not totally happy with this chapter, but to make up for the huge delay, it is a good bit longer than my others have been! Thank you so much for waiting and I hope you enjoy!! Oh! And the sketchbook library in this story is a real place in in Williamsburg! xx Boleyn

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Honestly the most rewarding thing that can ever happen to a writer happened to me today.

This girl came up behind me while I was on tumblr and said, “Okay we’re friends now, I love that freaking website”. And I was like okay and pulled up a chair for her to sit with me. 

We eventually got to talking about Supernatural, (because we were pretty comfortable with each other after the first sentence I said to her was, “If gay porn pops up don’t freak out”) and eventually we’re talking about fic.

I was like, “Actually, I have a fairly popular fic. Have you ever heard of the bagelpocalypse?”

She nods her head, looking slightly suspicious.

“Did you read destibagel?” I say. Her eyes light up with recognition. “Yeah, I wrote that.”

She goes, “Dude, no way!” And actually gave me a hug. After informing me that “I never give hugs so I should feel special”.

I literally met somebody in real life who had read my fanfiction. A random girl from my high school. 

I felt so accomplished.