a real ghost picture


Ethan: *complains about being pale in Hot Tub Confessions, Pt. 2*
Me: Uhm, excuse me? Pale how? …Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!! Since I’m still sick as hell, I don’t have any new selfies to post, but I have these pictures of me looking like a ghost… Real talk though, I genuinely love having such light skin. Yeah, it’s a nuisance sometimes (like having to shave every day and not being able to be out in the sun for more than 10 minutes without FRYING) but I feel like I got incredibly lucky with my complexion. It makes me stand out in such a unique way, and if you know anything about me at all, you know I hate blending into the crowd. I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces!!

Ghost of Christmas Whatever

Post 15x10. Wash is maybe starting something with Carolina, and an old friend shows up to make him think it through. Inspired by this fic by my good friend @angryredcoat.

It was a dream.

Wash would never be able to explain how he knew, exactly, it was a dream. His room looked like his room; when he looked down at his hands, they looked like his hands. It was just that he knew, and when he looked up from his hands, there was York, sitting at the end of his bed like no time had passed.

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This Halloween try our Glow in the Dark Ghosts Jello Shots. This is a real picture! Not photoshopped! Click on the link in my bio to watch us make these on youtube.

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The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is known as the world’s most famous ghost photo. The two photographers saw the misty figure descending the staircase and managed to capture this amazing photograph. The full report appeared in Country Life Magazine.

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jaggedpixel  asked:

When you see a photo of a 'Ghost' do you ever wonder where they get their clothes from? Does their clothing come back as Ghost clothing?

This is such an awesome question. I always wondered that about ghost pictures. And I don’t find orbs or “lights” to be paranormal so it begs the question if there are any real ghost pictures at all. Also you would think if a ghost was gonna be seen in one particular outfit for the rest of their afterlife,  that they would choose to wear something decent

  • TOPHER: Hello, my friends! Daaaaaaaamn Mystery Inc, back at it again with another mystery that needs solving :)
  • TOPHER: We're going to split up (obviously c:) but if you guys see anything suspicious, let everyone know. This is why group texts were invented! :) So far all we know is that employees here have disappeared and come back with tales of being dragged to the Underworld by a ghost - so much that some of them are in the insane asylum now D: And we already have photographic evidence of a booby-trap room and sugar glass windows. More interviews would be great, but so would anything that could help us determine whether or not this is a real ghost or a very very elaborate hoax. You should also take pictures of anything you find to look back upon in a group later, or to send to perhaps Jenny or David while looking for more information - Jenny, I think, in particular would be great help in finding out exactly what we're dealing with here.
  • TOPHER: Kenzi and Cobie with me, the Js together, and Caleb and Danny. If anyone has any problems with these arrangements speak now or forever hold your peace. If not, let's go, gang! We got a mystery to solve :)