a real deer

Can we just remember that the first time that Albus Dumbledore was ever described, it was said that he was wearing high heeled boots. This man is well into his hundreds and can still rock a pair of heels while I, a teenaged girl, can’t take one step in them before collapsing like a newlywed deer.

The 5th and the 6th knew what’s up

*Chuunin exam - Search for the new Hokage*

Kakashi : hmm so I heard that boy have an iq of 200 and always follows Naruto around….

Tsunade, literally just inauguated : Right? I saw it.

*Sasuke Retrieval Mission*

Tsunade : congrats on becoming chuunin!

Tsunade : I recommend you to work with naruto on this VERY tough mission that has nothing to do with you.

Shikamaru :

*Asuma’s death*

Kakashi : welp guess I’ll help your team in this.

Shikamaru : what about your burned-ass hand?

Kakashi : lol Naruto’s fine don’t worry.

*Battle with Akatsuki*

Kakashi : Ok hes smart.

Kakashi : damn both him and Naruto are stronger than me

Kakashi : they good.

*Jiraiya’s death*

Tsunade : Fuck all of this

Tsunade : Shikamaru! I want you to go talk to Naruto about his moping and solve this coded note that also has nothing to do with you and other people could totally do!

*Hiden era*

Shikamaru : i had to grow up and I hate it. Why am I so old.

Kakashi : lol Naruto still acts like a child so loosen up.

Shikamaru :

Shikamaru : I still hate this why am I doing all this. What is life.

Kakashi : coz Naruto is your hokage.

*Boruto era*

Shikamaru : ok the hell you doing here 6th you are retired ???

Kakashi : lol tone down the attitude I heard Naruto needed help.

Shikamaru :

Naruto : =D

[V LIVE] 동방신기 V앱 첫 방송! (TVXQ! 1st V LIVE)
Try watching videos on V LIVE!

Can we, like, talk about this?!!!!!

Changmin and his incredulousness about these livestreams and wondering if he can do mokbang in the future

Yunho personally buying and delivering coffee to CM while he’s off in some remote location filming personally but in consequence it made Changmin wait an extra hour at the location when total filming time for the day was no more than half an hour

When they talked about what they are thankful to each other(??)I think

All the handholding that double hand clasp

CM laughing so hard he had to rub his chin XD

And CM’s hand constantly rubbing on YH’s legs

And Chwang wearing that bracelet that YH gave him!!!

Is this a CP talk that we’ve been waiting a decade for???

2k17 best year for Cassiopeia