a rant about the scream films

Dan and Phil Imagine

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Imagine Dan and Phil filming a gaming video and you can clearly be heard in the living room screaming at the tv.

Dan: Maybe should go this way instead…

Phil: Yeah… I think this leads to a dead en…

You: AHHHHHHHH (insert ranting about your favorite tv show)

Dan and Phil: *gif*

Phil: Sounds like Y/N just caught up on her favorite show…

Dan: And it sounds like me and you are gonna stay holed up in here until she cools down… Don’t want to repeat the incident of May 2016…

Phil: Season finale… Involved having to patch up the wall in the hallway…

Dan: Not Y/N’s proudest moment…

i finally got to watch black swan yesterday and i’m still so emotionally shaken by it

Trump supporters launch #TrumpCup as a protest against Starbucks
Trump supporters have started asking for their Starbucks drinks under Trump's name as a movement against the coffee giant.
By Alex Leininger, CNN

Conservatives love to pretend like its liberals who are thin skinned, whiny little snowflakes. But really? Look at this shit. 

Some asshole gets filmed screaming at a barista and calling her “trash” and “garbage” in between rants about Trump and how he won and whatever. And because what? He got filmed being a dick, conservatives are now taking it out on baristas by “making them say trumps name”?

Bitches. We’ve been calling out “Mrs Beiber” for years now. This shit aint gonna phase us. The only embarrassment we’re gonna feel is secondhand. 

janeyfoster  asked:

I need to scream. I find it sad that I am longing for an TASM 3 or a SM 4 over H*mecoming. The original films and even Webb's actually had consequences and Peter worked his ass off to get where he was with NO HELP from T0ny. If they seriously are giving him a bunch of Uncle Ben's lines in SM:H I will flip my wig. What a disservice to the original story. And you know it will be about T0ny first not say PETER or NED or MICHELLE. Ugh ok rant over.

i scream about this too, buddy. taking away peter’s storyline and making him reliant on tony isn’t just bad writing, its downright rude. peter was a poor kid who built himself up into a hero after a tragedy, and now they’re acting like he can’t function without sugar daddy teeny stank

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Last night I had a dream that you changed your blog style into one of those fake social justice accounts and you went on this huge long rant about how the film "Avatar" was offensive to Andorian culture because it used "blueface" and I woke up screaming.

I LOVE THOSE STAR TREK SJ BLOGS but i’d probably be a borg-, klingon-, continuum-, or ferengi-discourse-blog. although maybe not the continuum bc i’d just constantly call myself out

also i’m so happy to have been in someone’s dream

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can you describe your crush boy for us all

He is short and blond and he has really nice eyes and also today I noticed the peach fuzz on his neck and I melted and also he smells incredibly good all the time somehow for some reason and also he is the kindest person I have ever met and I really mean that, I’ve literally never met someone who’s so optimistic and bright and he loves classical music a lot and he’s a nerd for films and also he’s probably gay for Star Wars and every time I see him my face starts to smile which is annoying but nice and he has super nice hands that are usually cold and I want to hold them a lot so I can warm him up and he wears dorky t-shirts (which look incredibly attractive on him for some reason) and also he likes cardigans and scarves and I gave him a scarf for Christmas last year and he’s started wearing it again because it’s getting colder and he wears fancy leather shoes because he doesn’t like converse because he says his feet are weird and he loves french and languages in general and he’s currently learning French and Spanish and Dutch and he wants to learn Russian next and he’s kind of bad at hugs but he’s getting better and I still love his hugs more than anyone else’s and he loves physics and chemistry sooooo much it’s kind of ridiculous and he likes to rant about science and he makes way too many puns and dad jokes like the other day we were editing for film and he just started singing “let’s get down to business” but instead of Huns he said puns and then he stared cracking up because he thinks he’s hilarious and one time when we were driving he turned down a wrong way street and we were screaming and now he’s always nervous driving with me because he doesn’t want to hurt me but I still feel hella safe with him and he’s a really good leader and also just good at interacting with people in general which is pretty impressive to me tbh and also he agreed that if he ever wants to try out nail polish he’ll come to me first so I can paint his nails and OKAY this is getting super long I just love him so much I’m done



- #preordertabinof
-he got a haircut today
-him and phil had really bad internet the past couple of days
-9 days until the book
-is exited about the book
-water on mars
-the blood moon
-‘Netflix and Phil’
-his tweet yesterday
-premium messages
-the tour practice
-‘real danger’ on tour
-they’ll make a video for the peeps who are coming to the tour
-world tour will be announced as soon as possible ;)
-“the dan and phil audience deserves something”
-“it’s us doing something for you, but then it’s us wanting to do something for you.”
-Dan is not quite ready for the book release
-the zalfie wax figure thing
-the next few days are their final days for rehearsals
-there will be youtube videos about the book or more including the book
-rant about the book
-the dan and phil show is about 75 to 90 minutes long
-every venue will have their own experience
-the halloween show
-spooky week
-he’s nervous for the tour..not scared tho because it’s 'just’ us
-scream queens
-> him and phil had a passionate rant about it :D
->“it had my lover in it’ nick jonas”
-american horror story
-rand about ahs and scream queens
-he watched 'Scorch Trials’ last night
-Dylan O'Brien
-kanye west………..
-Dil’s first birthday
-rant about Dil being one ;D
-great british bake off
-radio show next monday
-phil got his haircut as well
-the guy who washed Dan’s hair today watches his youtube videos :D
->he could be watching the younow right now ;D
-the Sam Smith song for James Bond
->Dan likes Sam Smith very much
->Sam Smith likes them as well
-he’ll eat something now

That was it pals xx

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