a randomly awesome person

I’ve seen a lot of positivity posts for new artists on tumblr. And, that’s important, but I don’t see a lot for new writers.

So, here’s to the new writers and authors.

Here’s to that kid writing fanfiction in their room, hoping to God nobody finds their work because it’s for their eyes only. You go. Write what makes you happy. You’ll be glad you did, even if you’re cringing at it a decade from now, you’ll be happy you did it.

Here’s to the girl writing online about her favorite boy band or artist. You go, girl. Work those writing skills. You’re learning with every imaginary interaction.

Here’s to the person in their 50s deciding they want to start on some realistic fiction. Go and do it. It’s never too late to start. I’ll bet you’ve got some awesome ideas.

Here’s to the person that randomly got inspiration one day and is just now trying their hand at poetry. You’re improving with every poem. Whether you just want to write a haiku, or you’re aiming to write an epic poem to rival the odyssey, you can do it. Your imagination is big enough, I promise.

Here’s to the college student writing that short story feverishly when they should be writing a paper. Work your creative muscles. You’ve got them, no matter how much you try to convince yourself you don’t.

Take those burning ideas in your head and write them out. You will make some mistakes. We all make a lot of mistakes. We never stop making mistakes.

Remember: you are creative enough, your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect, grammar is a bitch, so don’t beat yourself up if you mess it up sometimes, and make sure to have as much fun as you can.