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It’s Always Been Weird (Avengers x reader)

Requests that just went perfectly together:

1. T'challa or Pietro one shot with a prompt that says, “You really need to stop leaving bodies in my kitchen, it’s getting weird”

2. dawn-phantomhive said: 

A Clint and/or Bucky fic with the prompt “Why are you asking for chloroform at 2 am?”

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my actual thought process watching the spooky trailer

spooky box huh. alright let’s watch it to see what they’ve come up with. so they’re doing random horror tropes to set the mood I see

i agree babies are pretty scary

wheelchairs? yep that’s a random spooky thing to set the horror mood. kind of a cheap trick though. what else are they gonna come up with

alright this is giving me the feeling that it’s probably an abortion clinic. so they can get away with the wheelchairs since it’s an actual hospital setting. gazette wtf am i looking at. what is this supposed to mean

is this a pregnant person? huh s o i guess i was right then–

wait uruha?????????????? what the h ec k 


We think that in life, the most beautiful moment is youth. There are a lot of people who miss their youth and since we think we’re spending our youth right now […] The saying ‘the most beautiful moment in life’ seemed like the definition of youth. You can’t really be sure what youth is, but we thought it was the moments that you miss the most and think about most beautifully.

HYYH + minimalism


We’re not just royalty. We are more than an alliance. We love each other.
                                                                                                And we always will.