a ra shi

Mom: Why don’t you sleep?
Me: I don’t know…
My brain: SHI RA TO RI ZA WA dundun dun dudun SHI RA TO RI ZA WA dudun dun dudun

about sh/allu/ra

for the purposes of this post i will refer to Allu/ra, Shi/ro, Cor/an, and Kei/th as A, S, C, and K so that it won’t show up in searches, etc.

as i’m sure many of you have heard by now, one of the producers of vld referred to A as a teenager in a recent interview. there are many ways i’ve, internally, thought about justifying continuing to ship sh/allu/ra, but all of these arguments are reflective of the ones used to defend ships like sh/eith so for now, i am putting sh/allu/ra on hold for this blog. i’m going to go through my queue and remove related posts, but i’m going to leave existing sh/allu/ra posts be for the time being.

i’m going to put some more thoughts on the situation below the cut, but that’s the main statement of this post

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Well, the last time was Ohmiya, today I want to upload some Sakuraiba gifs.
First of all, I want to say that I look at Sakuraiba like a pair sometimes true, sometimes like a very good friends. I can’t explain some things I saw, but many others is like when you’ve got much confidence with someone. Then here it is.

1. I don’t know when the program was recording, but judging Aiba’s hair, maybe 2007-2010 (I didn’t guess well xd).
Okay, I don’t know what Sho said in that moment, but Aiba’s reaction was exaggerated. Sho should say something important or inappropriate. And Aiba didn’t matter hold Sho and tried to cover his mouth. (If someone knows what happened here, please tell me :3)

2.This is one of my favourite gifs. They was so fresh and natural in that perfomance. They didn’t hesitate to hold each other and laugh together. I can see how Sho pull Aiba closer after looking and smiling each other. Aiba really looks like his girlfriend, nee?

3. I just put it here because I love it, it’s not Sakuraiba at all but I love when Aiba makes his jokes and Sho scolds him so lovingly. (And sometimes he do it too xd)

4. Well… How should I explain it? There almost was other Sakuraiba kiss. What caught my attention was that Aiba was surprised to have Sho so close when he turned around, but Sho didn’t show signs of caring. It’s like that they see normal staying so close. How time do they spend staying close? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5. I really love this show of trust. We know how Sho loves eat. But steal to Aiba of his food… It’s enough Sho, eat Aiba, I’m sure you’d really like it 😌

6. It’s from Mago Mago Arashi, wow my feels ;-; In Japan, it’s normal that a couple wear the same t-shirt or something equal to show they are together. Well, Sakuraiba went a step futher. Their underpants were the same. And there were more times like t-shirts and jackets.

7. It was Aiba’s letter in 24hrs TV. I cried a lot… It broke my heart several times. Aiba was really ill and upset with himself. Sho wanted to support him and made him stop crying, so he embraced him. This just made him cry more and more but it was a sign of love and comfort.

8.This was in A•RA•SHI in Time Live Tour. Well, thanks to the colours we know who is who. I can see Masaki’s hand stroked tightly Sho’s. It was longer than normal but I want to emphasize Ohmiya behind. Yeah, they don’t stop no matter what.

I would love if Sakuraiba were real but I know that they are so good friends. Also, Aiba and Sho are so open, it can be misunderstood. In the meantime, I’ll continue reading Sakuraiba fics XD


90 glorious minutes of SHI-RA KANSU

h/t /r/LoveLive

Confession: I watched the Hawaii BLAST concert earlier this month in a DVD rip, and I surprised myself by bursting into tears. That last moment where they all get into the heli and fly over the crowd as the people below start singing the beautiful chorus of “A RA SHI” hit me really hard inside. And I didn’t even see it coming. It’s one of the most moving moments I’ve had while being in the fandom. I really realized in that moment how precious the group is to everyone, and me.

Japanese - Characters I’ve Learned So Far!


です = ~desu

の = no

キ = ki

コ = ko

ヒ = hi

ラ = ra

し = shi

い = i

ん = n

か = ka

め = me

だ = da

る = ru

Phrases: Traditional Japanese | Romaji | English

大丈夫か | daijoubu ka | Are you ok?/ok?

キラキラ | kirakira | *sparkle sparkle*

ごめんなさい | gomenasai | Sorry.

だめ | dame | Stop.

分かる | wakaru | I understand(informal).

おはよう | ohayou | Good Morning(informal).

止めて下さい | yamete kudasai | Please stop.

これ | kore | This.

それ | sore | That.

この | kono | This(more particular).

その | sono | That(more particular).

皆 / みんな | Min'na | Guys/Everyone.

でも | demo | But.

けど | kedo | Though/But(link/second clause)

コーヒー | kohi | Coffee.

These are the characters and phrases I can remember through recognition in a tradtionally written piece of text. Any other words/phrases I know are in romaji only - soon, though!
I’m so excited. That list is longer than I thought!

If anyone notices a mistake, please please let me now so I can change it and prevent future mix-ups!

ありがとう | Arigatou! | Thanks!

intofire  asked:

she runs full tilt into her mother's legs. a small child's best effort at putting them both on the ground. "ka-chan! SNACKS! dango, dagashi, do-ra-ya-shi!" it's request... just phrased as a demand. "pleaaaase?" there we go.

    how  sweet  a tooth !  she feigns a  stumble;  hand coming to  clasp  against her chest in  faux  shock. oh no, she’s  tipping.  mirai !  ”   pale hand comes to  rest  against a flour-dusted kitchen worktop,  her daughter’s face  gleams  with a bubbling excitement that  pushes  her expression to soften. one fell swoop, and a  messy-haired, pajama clad infant comes to  rest  against the softened curve of her  hip.  where once there would have been  muscle, is now squishy.  sometimes, as she idly does the  dishes, she misses it. misses the  adrenaline  that sparks in her  chest when she’s called to arms,  how her  muscles  ached after a  day  spent squatting in grass.

   then  mirai  toddles in,  chubby cheeked  and  smiling,  and she realises she has  everything  she needs.  red-painted lips come to blow   raspberries against her temple.  “  that all  depends,  ”  she whispers to her.    on if you can find your   shoes  by the time I  count  to  ten!  …  one– !

Yumeno Tobira

Suddenly hit with fic insp. No spoilers. Enjoy!

Alternate Title: Himiko tries to escape her gay thoughts but it doesn’t work

Chabashira Tenko.

Tenko Chabashira.

Ten•ko Cha•ba•shi•ra.

Cha•ba•shi•ra Ten•ko.

The name has a nice ring to it. It flows off the tongue. How she got a last name like “Chabashira” is a mystery she honestly doesn’t bother worrying about, but keeps in the back of their mind.

They’re great friends.

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The slap-bass part is immediately apparent from the original track, but I never realized how much the guitar got to groove, too. And it runs the gamut of styles, too, from the funky runs to classic power chords.