a quite insane one

When I first saw Knife I thought he was just a jerky butterknife

Now I know that he’s a jerky vaguely-sarcastic freak who’s probably more threatening than a butter knife and i love him

The Leia/Poe/Kylo relationship is still a very interesting thing about the new Star Wars franchise, though.

Leia (not unreasonably) wanted a son like her husband, Han Solo.

Poe meets all those requirements (cocky,  handsome, charming, charismatic, rebellious, and a great pilot with a witty sense of humour. He is also someone who will do whatever she asks of him.)  

Don’t kid yourselves: That’s why she loves and favours Poe. That’s why she’s crazy about him.

Oh, and, as Before the Awakening implies, Poe is desperately lonely and looking for a mother figure to replace the one who died when he was young. He’s deeply vulnerable himself. 

Ben, meanwhile, isn’t Han. He never was.  He’s more like that the batshit insane dad Leia can never, ever quite stopped secretly resenting.  

No one here is the bad guy.  But the whole situation is still sorta sad.  


“They’re Kristoff and The Hans
Yes, Kristoff and The Hans
One is a genius
He’s also quite insane.

The other is quite nice,
He also loves some ice,
They’re Kristoff,
They’re Kristoff and The Hans, Hans, Hans, Hans,
Hans, Hans, Hans, Hans

RED TREV REDEMPTION! Another cover mashup thing by GTAhaus!

Trevor don’t forget - nothing gets forgiven! Don’t quite know what I was thinking with this one… but insanity does make everything more fun! May have 2 more coming for Michael and Franklin. Stay tuned!

Created by Motorcycho of GTAhaus

Social Club ID: Motorcycho_NZ

Nikola Tesla, born on this day, 10JUN1856, (during a lightening storm), in Smiljan, Croatia.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

Ok I’m gonna rant; read if you want but there are some things I need to say

So there is a lot of stuff, pagan wise or related that I keep my mouth shut on for fear of getting hate mail or losing followers, but it has been festering to a point to where if I don’t say anything I’m gonna lose my mind (ok not really but still its bugging me)

So I’m going to insert a read more so If you don’t want to read it/don’t want to see a super long text post you don’t have to.

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