a quintessential affair

A Quintessential Affair || Loki & Angel || Wednesday Night

Loki was a bit taken by his encounter with Drusilla, but he snickered to himself as he strode through the shadows. He was amused by the vampire’s constant deranged swaying and obscure speaking, and he could almost see a bit of himself within her. She craved destruction, wishing nothing more than to rip the hearts out of those who had them. It was infatuating, but that was neither here nor there. She had gone, and he had his own mission to complete. 

Treading through darkness, Loki gripped his scepter sternly as he walked with heavy foot. He could hear the people sleeping, their care-free eyes drifting through unsuspecting dreams of summery things. Yet right beneath their wings, an evil was lurking and yearning for their blood, desiring nothing but to crush their halcyon dreams. This thought provoked a laugh, Loki’s dark growl echoing through the streets. 

But as he continued, something appeared on the wall beside him. Flickering in the starlight, a dark shadow lingered, and a thin smile spread across Loki’s lips.