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Quick overview of how old the yoi characters are.

And don’t forget:

The Grand Prix Final in YOI will be aired on 12/14 (ep11) and 12/21 (ep12).

The real life GPF with real skaters will start tomorrow (12/08) !!!


Yuzuru Hanyu turned 22 today (12/07), happy birthday <3

Shoma Uno will turn 19 and thus join the JJ-Leo group next week (12/17) <3

In YOI-universe, Yuuri will turn 24 on 11/29 (probably between ep9 and ep10) <3

Also, the people who are Qualified™ to diagnose shit haven’t even actually specialized in any of those disorders anyway. They’ve learned about them in passing on their way to a degree and devoted no more time than a quick overview for an exam. People who self diagnose literally spend HOURS of voluntary time devoted to researching these disorders and reading actual personal accounts from people who have them.

DROPS: An Honest Review

(If you don’t have time to read everything, I’ve highlighted the important stuff in bold, just read bolded words for a quick overview of my review.)

So I’m here to talk to you about Drops, a semi-recent language learning app available for free on iOS mobile devices. And no, I’m not being paid or anything, I’ve just been messing around with it for a couple weeks now and I thought it would be useful to share my own personal experience and opinion of the app.

So, Drops is really specifically a vocabulary builder, so don’t show up expecting grammar. You will get verbs, though so far they’ve all been conjugated in first person. It sorts the vocabulary by topics, however the app itself is cumulative, so say for example I go to study essentials, it will primarily focus on the vocab of that lesson, however I may still get the occasional vocab word from any other lesson I’ve studied, and of course, only the specific words I’ve been introduced to from each lesson.

You start out with everything but the first category unlocked, when you first open it it asks if you’re a beginner or intermediate, I have no clue what happens if you click intermediate, honestly. When you’re on the categories screen (above), the clock is always stopped. And when you click a lesson and study for like three minutes but then want to go to another lesson for the last two minutes the clock will always stop on the category screen and you can think about what else you want to study without a deadline creeping up on you.

Drops also requires no typing (but that doesn’t mean no spelling, you get it other ways), and, as I’m currently using Japanese, I think it does a fairly decent job at introducing you to non-latin writing systems; however, it should absolutely be supplemented with other resources for learning the script. It phases you in slowly and uses a lot of romanizations, but after a word has come across your screen a couple of times it’ll start asking you to spell it in the proper alphabet. At first it’ll split the word up into like two big parts and eventually you’ll be down to putting it down by syllables or even letters. The groupings it chooses are sometimes random and a bit confusing to put together, even if you know the word, which I dislike. Also know, romanizations can be turned off at any time in the settings menu. Which I haven’t done yet so I don’t know what it’s gonna look like when I do but know that it’s an option.

The pronunciation audio I think is really good. For Japanese I’m pretty sure it’s a native speaker and not like a robot or some random British guy who knows IPA. The audio repetition is constant, so if you fill in the solution you will hear the word spoken each and every time, no exceptions. There is also no heart loosing features of any kind so wrong answers will not get penalized in any way. But when you get one wrong they will repeat the correct answer for you right after.

I also think it has compelling imagery. Everything is in the form of icons (not pictures), so it’s really clear EXACTLY what it’s supposed to be. Several of them, particularly for verbs, even have small animations. Like the one for “I eat” is a guy sitting at the table and his arm moves back and forth between the plate and his mouth, so, like eating. So very simple overall. And if you ever forget what a particular icon is supposed to be, you can always tap and drag/hold and the English will pop up. Here’s one of my favorite icons.

So overall I think it’s a cute little app. It will advertise constantly trying to get you to buy a subscription, I honestly don’t think it would be worth it unless they literally had the deal of the century and you’re rich. Also timing wise 5 minutes goes by incredibly fast but for me rarely feels like it wasn’t enough. I really like the ability to choose categories and not be locked into it until I finish lest the owl get angry (*cough cough* duolingo), so there’s a lot of freedom of movement in that, and the more categories you unlock the more versatility you get. You’re also not required to so all 5 minutes in one go. So if you only want to go for three, you totally can. My biggest complaint is that their like “5 minutes each day” is set for like a day to mean 10 hours, not 24, so sticking with any kind of streak is basically impossible. So, yeah, don’t like that. The absolute best feature they have though, is that when you finish your 5 minutes you get like a waiting screen with a timer until you can play again and a list of every word you encountered in your last 5 minute session. This page forgoes romanizations, and if you tap on an icon you can hear the word pronounced and see the English. Super useful so you can review after the lesson without wasting precious seconds writing vocab down while the timer is going. The notification is a bit guilt-trippy, just a warning.

BEST USES: Overall I think this app works really well as a fun little vocabulary builder. The fact that it mixes in vocab from other lessons (including lessons after the category you’re on and not just before) is extremely helpful and not something I’ve seen in any other app. Also the vocab list feature is mad supreme so love that, also haven’t seen anyone else do it. As it offers little in the sense of grammar or culture, it obvs cannot (and should not) be used as any kind of stand alone language learning method.

I also particularly think that this app would be super useful to people having trouble studying either because they’re super busy, or because they have depression, anxiety, or any other illness that makes simple things for neurotypicals or otherwise able people suddenly way more difficult to accomplish. It’s so low-key, and it only asks for 5 minutes that you don’t even have to give it all in one go, that it’s a nice way to keep language fresh in your brain and still get some extra vocab in when you just can’t bring yourself to do any kind of proper sit down studying.

Drops is currently available in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Portuguese or Italian. But as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are actually pretty recent additions, they will hopefully continue expanding into more languages.

A quick guide to treating shock

This is a simple quick overview. A much detailed will be done later.

Causes & Effects

Shock may be caused by severe or minor trauma to the body, and is usually the result of :

  • Significant loss of blood.
  • Heart failure.
  • Dehydration.
  • Severe and/or painful blows to the body.
  • Severe burns.
  • Severe wound infections.
  • Severe allergic reactions to drugs, foods, insect stings, and snakebites.

What shock does is stun and weaken the body. Shock is critical, as once the normal blood flow in the body becomes upset this can result in the casualty’s death. The early identification and proper treatment of shock may save a life!


  • Sweaty but cool skin (clammy skin).
  • Paleness of skin.
  • Restlessness / nervousness.
  • Thirst.
  • Loss of blood (bleeding).
  • Confusion (or loss of awareness).
  • Breathing rate that is faster than normal.
  • Blotchy or bluish skin (especially around the mouth and lips).
  • Nausea and/or vomiting.


When treating a casualty always assume that shock is present or will occur shortly. By waiting until the actual symptoms of shock become noticeably present may jeopardize the casualty’s life.

*Preventing and treating shock in the field follow about the same procedures!

a. Position the Casualty. DO NOT move the casualty or his/her limbs if suspected fractures have not been splinted.

(1) Move the casualty to cover, if cover is available and the situation permits.

(2) Lay the casualty on his/her back.

A casualty in shock after suffering a heart attack, chest wound, or breathing difficulty, may breathe easier in a sitting position. If this is the case, allow him/her to sit upright, keeping a careful monitoring over them in case their condition worsens.

(3) Elevate the casualty’s feet higher than the level of his/her heart. Use a stable object (field pack, rolled up clothing etc) so that the feet don’t slip off.

Check casualty for leg fracture(s) and splint if necessary before elevating the feet. DO NOT elevate the legs if there is an unsplinted broken leg, head injury, or abdominal injury!

For a casualty with an abdominal wound, place the knees in an upright (flexed) position.

(4) Loosen the clothing at the neck, waist, or wherever it may be binding. DO NOT LOOSEN OR REMOVE protective clothing in a chemical environment.

(5) Prevent chilling or overheating. The key is to maintain the body temperature. In cold weather, place a blanket or other like item over the casualty to keep them warm and prevent chilling. However, if a tourniquet has been applied, leave it exposed if it is possible. In hot weather, place the casualty in the shade and avoid excessive covering.

(6) Calm the casualty. Throughout the entire procedure of treating and caring for a casualty, the rescuer should reassure the casualty and keep them calm. This can be done by being authoritative and by showing self-confidence. Assure the casualty that you are there to help.

(7) Seek medical aid.

b. Food and/or Drink. During the treatment/prevention of shock, DO NOT give the casualty any food or drink.

If you must leave the casualty or if they are unconscious, turn the head to the side to prevent him choking should vomiting occur.

c. Evaluate Casualty. If necessary, continue with the evaluation.

soulmates au

february 13 | “soulmate”
(Another quick overview!)

In a world where you share scars with your soulmate and are able to communicate by writing on your skin, Jack and Gabriel are soulmates who haven’t met yet. Gabriel is a tattoo artist in the habit of doodling all over himself to test out designs. One day, while picking up his goddaughter Fareeha, Gabriel runs into Jack, the unfairly attractive preschool teacher whose skin is positively covered in Gabriel’s ink.

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Soka why is Sam a douchebag again? Why is he doing this? What is he hiding? I bet he is just really gay.

This is the only ask I am answering on this topic and I am combining several asks in my inbox. I did not know what was going on and has to do a quick overview of things. Ok, the way I understand it is this: Sam posted a pic in MPC group that he is in Georgia. Turns out MM’s brother;s wedding is in the same state this weekend. There are no other photos of them together. So, this brings me to the freakout that is in my inbox of the farce, hiding, smokescreen, etc.

1. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again: Sam’s sexuality is his business.

2. What is Sam doing in Georgia? Is he attending the wedding with MM? Or is he training for a marathon, etc?

I don’t know where he really is and what he is doing. If he posted a photo in real time that clearly indicates which state he is in, so I take it that he is there. Whether or not he is going to the wedding, your guess is as good as mine.

3. I don’t think Sam is a douchebag. But, his actions will certainly label him as one so he will do well for himself to come clean and own his truth and relationship, whoever his SO is.

4. Why is he with MM?

I have no answer to that, and we don’t even know if that is the whole truth. But if he is indeed with her, I rest my case. I don’t know her or him but her actions on SM has prefigured her as less of a desirable and mature SO.

5. Why does he and Cait continue to act like a couple and mislead us?

That is the question of the century. To think that we misinterpreted their actions indicate that so many of us are delusional. And if I know something, actions speaks louder than words, especially with these two. So, if they indeed have other SOs, it might be that theirs is a non-normative relationship by virtue of their profession and level of comfort with each other. So, that is what we have seen in the past 3 years. Abnormal it is, but I guess we were never going with normal with these two. 

While I have always said that Sam and Cait don’t owe us any explanation for their actions, I think for the sake of respectability and trust, they should own up to their truths, whatever that maybe and however unpopular that makes them.


A quick overview of all of my current projects:

*Posy Cardigans 1 & 2. 1 is complete and I just started on the sleeves of 2!

*White Cabled Scarf, will be a Christmas gift. I love the stitches so much. I can’t wait to make a fisherman cabled sweater.

*Gray socks, were a possible Christmas gift, most likely not. Instead using them as a way to test out stitches. Its pair will not be the same.

*Sandy Tweed Cowl, just an excuse to play with texture and use up some yarn. Liking the outcome so far!

That’s all!

Psychologist Pixi’s Guide to What’s Going On With Yongguk: Panic Disorder

Hello everyone! A sort of known fact about me is that I studied psychology in university, specializing in Abnormal Psych (a.k.a. mental illness). A lesser known fact about me is that I suffered from panic disorder for approximately 3-4 months during high school. With the recent news about Yongguk, I’m going to give a quick overview of Panic Disorder to calm everyone’s nerves a bit ^^

Disclaimer: I don’t have a PhD. I only have a BA, but my mom is a PhD Psychologist and I did message her to fact check what I am saying, as well as going through my old textbooks and notes!

So, for the first and simplest part of this: Panic Disorder is defined by the presence of Panic Attacks that have been present for at least one month (or more) and which are not better explained by medication, drugs, or another disorder. 

A Panic Attack may contain any of the following symptoms: heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, etc. It’s not a pleasant sensation, as I and anyone who has had one can attest to. It feels like your having a heart attack, and they usually come with seemingly no cause, just kind of “out of the blue”. Panic attacks typically last somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes, and its very rare to see them go longer than an hour.

Panic Disorder has about a 5% prevalence among the population. For a psychological disorder, this should be considered moderately high. The average age of onset is between 23 and 34. 

At the moment,I see a lot of people saying TS ‘caused’ Yongguk’s Panic Disorder, and blaming them for hiss mental state. It’s important to note that we do not know the details of the situation, and that it is likely a culmination of factors including both family, social, and work factors that would bring the onset of this condition. I understand you all care greatly for him, I do too, but anger without sufficient detail is not a good way to respond to this situation, and it may be unhealthy or hurtful to Yongguk to read such things. It is better to not try to figure out the ‘why’ of his illness, as it’s really stressful for a mentally ill person to have everyone question what brought there mental illness on.

So now we get to treatment. Panic Disorders are often treated through antianxiety medicines, therapy, or a combination of the two. Likely the third option will have the best overall and longterm outcomes, but any of the three is an adequate treatment and the efficacy of any treatment is determined by the willingness of the participant.

And as a final note, Panic Disorder has a very nice recovery rate. With early diagnosis and treatment, it can be dealt with rapidly and in comparison to other disorders it has a very low relapse rate. I, for instance, was treated with a therapy only method, and recovered within a month of beginning treatment, although I did continue for another month in hopes of avoiding it for the future.

In conclusion, what’s most important for us as a fan base right now is to remain calm and understanding. Avoid searching or demanding reasons, or otherwise causing Yongguk any unnecessary stress. He can and will get better with treatment and time. Mental illness is not a simple thing to manage, but it is manageable.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel fee to message me. I would also appreciate if you reblogged this.

Get Things Done Wallpaper

Hi guys! I’m back on my Tumblr after a long hiatus.. Anyway, I’m doing some spring cleaning of my physical room and my virtual room (aka desktop), created a custom wallpaper in the GETTING THINGS DONE style but I tweaked them a little. 

This wallpaper features:

  1. Inspiring quote from Stephen King
  2. Most Important Tasks under Inspiring Quote to stay focused
  3. Folders sorted according to context. 

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Liberation and Yukine’s Future

So, it seems AdachiToka’s got a lot of pain planned. We all know Yukine won’t be dying (again) due to his Protag Powers™. So, here are some thoughts about what the future holds for his liberation process.

First, a quick overview of what liberation is. When a spirit is named, all of their memories are given to the god. (Yato is shown having memories of Sakura as a young girl as well as the moment of her death). When getting memories, the god also learns the spirit’s true name, which is the Gods’ Greatest Secret (GGS). As far as a shinki knows, memories of their past are gone forever. Perhaps because of that, or because of the ~magic~ that happens when a spirit is named, shinki don’t question their pasts. Yukine, who was angry because he didn’t have memories, never even thought about where they went or how he died. Nora had to bring the issue to Sakura’s attention. It’s said if a shinki learns of the GGS, they’ll become obsessed with their past and how they died until it destroys them.

We know five people who have been touched by liberation: Tsuguha, Sakura, Nana, Mizuchi/Nora (according to Father), and Yukine.

Tsuguha’s was a long process, so let’s start with her. She was struck by chiki, and over a period of time she began remembering her past. She also became lethargic and started sleeping most of the time, though she had her good moments. The memories leading up to her death become clearer as time progressed, until:

She heard her name. That was when she became an ayakashi.

Sakura didn’t have the progression like Tsuguha and wasn’t touched by chiki. She only learned her name after hearing about the GGS and asking Yato to tell her. Instantly, she recovered all her memories and became an ayakashi.

Nana was struck by chiki in the battle between Father and Bishamon. She began to remember her past and see the moment of her death, but Bishamon called out to her before she could hear her name, and she survived.

Nora, according to father, knows her final moments. How could this happen? Could he have told her the GGS outright or is it a result of a spell? Here’s a thought: she didn’t have a name when she died. When Yato receives her memories, all we’re shown is darkness and thumping noises

Since the name is what triggers karma, it’s possible that learning of her death didn’t affect her. There are other possibilities as well, but for now let’s skip on to Yukine.

Yukine got a crack in his name during the hospital debacle. A little one, but a crack. At the moment, nothing happened. It took The Box to trigger a flashback. When he finally got out (60 days of @boxkine later) he was pretty traumatized, but didn’t have any symptoms like Tsuguha. He wasn’t even aware he was calling out to his father. If Yukine can recover from the psychological trauma, he might be fine. But we all know that’s not gonna happen. So, how will he survive? As implied by Yato, he could be released and (assumingly) renamed by someone else. However, I have another thought. What if he experiences liberation like Nana?

In my explanation, the name is the true trigger for karma. If Yukine is able to remember his past without learning his true name, he could theoretically survive. But would that be enough? Nana was able to move on from her death in only a couple frames. She’s a stronger character than Yukine. At that point, she had already accepted death.

It’s possible that with support from Yato and Hiyori, Yukine could withstand liberation without learning the GGS. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

A final note: A comparison between the state of Tsuguha’s name when it broke and Yukine’s name as we saw it last. Also Nana’s name, which appears to be intact after her battle with Father.

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Theres a lot of drama in the youtube fandom ( especially regarding Jontron and Pewds) lately so ur blog is kind of a safe space for me. Thank you for running it.

WHOO BOY then i am SUPER GLAD u didnt see me rant n rave like a lunatic over the jt fiasco lmaoooo

I deleted the posts bc i didnt want ppl asking about it weeks later when im done complaining about it (quick overview; jon is a butt and needs to do better) but like, tbh, before that i havent really gotten involved w alot of shit. Excluding my two (2) posts about gg being kind of insensitive, i try to keep my mouth shut on this blog because i DONT want any drama coming my way. Im too tired, too angry, too depressed about shit happening around me; i want my blog to be a nice place where yall can send me cute headcanons and maybe tag me in cute cat videos lmao.

But we can change that, right?

Quick Overview of the Planets in Astrology

Personal Planets:

These planets relate to personal and subjective areas of an individual’s life. The positions of these planets account for the differences in the natal charts and personalities between people born only days apart. 

Sun: the planet of self, ego, and our conscious mind. Also represents the father.

  • Energy: Masculine (active)
  • House: 5th
  • Day: Sunday
  • Time in each sign: 1 month (approximately)
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 1 year
  • Rules Leo
  • Exalted in Aries
  • Detriment in Aquarius
  • Fall in Libra

Moon: the planet of our emotions, deep personal needs, our unconscious mind, habits, and instinctive reactions. Also represents the mother. 

  • Energy: Feminine (passive, reactive)
  • House: 4th
  • Day: Monday
  • Time in each sign: 2 ½ days
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 30 days
  • Rules Cancer
  • Exalted in Taurus
  • Detriment in Capricorn
  • Fall in Scorpio

Mercury: the planet of communication, day-to-day expression, intelligence, language, and speech 

  • Houses: 3rd and 6th 
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time in each sign: 7.33 days (approximately)
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 88 days
  • Rules Gemini and Virgo
  • Exalted in Virgo
  • Detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces
  • Fall in Pisces

Venus: the planet of beauty, art, romance and love, equality, harmony, and unity.

  • Energy: Feminine (passive, receptive)
  • House: 2nd and 7th
  • Day: Friday
  • Time in each sign: 18.75 days (approximately) 
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 225 days
  • Rules Taurus and Libra
  • Exalted in Pisces
  • Detriment in Scorpio and Aries
  • Fall in Virgo

Mars: the planet of passion, desire, motivation and drive, and energy.

  • Energy: Masculine (active)
  • House: 1st (and traditionally also the 8th house)
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Time in each sign: 57.25 days
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: around 2 years (687 days)
  • Rules Aries (traditionally also Scorpio)
  • Exalted in Capricorn
  • Detriment in Libra
  • Fall in Cancer

Social or Transpersonal Planets:

Planets whose significance in the natal chart is not as personal and subjective as the personal planets. The social planets represent the individual’s connection to a collective (the public, society, and culture)

Jupiter: the planet of luck, mental and spiritual growth. shows how we express generosity and tolerance, how we trust and improve our lives, and areas where we overindulge.

  • Energy: Masculine (active)
  • House: 9th
  • Day: Thursday
  • Time in each sign: 1 year (technically 361 days)
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 12 years (approximately)
  • Rules Sagittarius
  • Exalted in Cancer
  • Detriment in Gemini
  • Fall in Capricorn

Saturn: the planet of restriction, limitation, fears, and structure. shows our challenges in life and what obstacles we face, also, how we can overcome and endure those obstacles.

  • Energy: Masculine (active)
  • House: 10th
  • Day: Saturday
  • Time in each sign: 2 ½ years (approximately)
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 29.5 years
  • Rules Capricorn
  • Exalted in Libra
  • Detriment in Cancer
  • Fall in Aries

Impersonal, Collective or Transcendental Planets:

Planets whose effects are felt by whole generations. These planets relate to attitude and theme of each generation.

Uranus: the planet of innovation, discovery, change, and revolution. It rules radical ideas, humanitarian and progressive ideals, freedom, and originality.

  • House: 11th
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time in each sign: 7 years
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 84 years
  • Rules Aquarius
  • Exalted in Scorpio
  • Detriment in Leo
  • Fall in Taurus

Neptune: the planet of sensitivity, illusion, whimsy, compassion, idealism, and psychic and spiritual forces. The planet also relates to addiction, drugs, alcohol, and medication.

  • House: 12th
  • Day: Friday
  • Time in each sign: 14 years (technically 13.75)
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 165 years
  • Rules Pisces
  • Possibly exalted in Cancer or Leo
  • Detriment in Virgo
  • Fall in Capricorn or Aquarius

Pluto: the planet of destruction, renewal, rebirth, death, the uncovering of hidden truths and secrets, and transformation. Pluto is the “great renewer” which destroys in order to rebuild.

  • House: 8th
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Time in each sign: varies between 15 and 26 years
  • Completes its cycle of all 12 signs in: 248 years
  • Rules Scorpio
  • Possibly exalted in Aries, Pisces, or Leo
  • Detriment in Taurus
  • Fall in Libra, Virgo, or Aquarius

OK SO - for the very kind and sweet anonymous asker!

This is a little quick overview on how I mostly draw my turians, I use references a lot though these are all from memory, but when in doubt do some google-fu to find some great turian face refs! 

Turians are angular and full of overlapping shapes, yes, but their faces follow a pretty similar symmetry to a human face in terms of nose to eye and lip ratio or whatever. Other than that, I try to do my best to capture that long, hawk-like neck that hold up that jutting out head of theirs, very similar to a bird. Feline faces can also help as support if you’re used to drawing those, I’ve found!

When I draw the front shot I very often cut and flip one half of the face and then try to refine the sketch further to make it look less stuff and perfectly symmetrical, it just saves me a ton of time. Very good for facepaint reference!

What I was planning to get done today:

- Notes on Krein-Smulian theorem + link with Kaplansky density theorem + quick overview of Hilbert spaces

- Finish upcoming post on Fraisse limits and update list of examples

- Draft a post linking nets, ultrafilters, and diagonalization arguments

- Write an nlab article

- Update thesis draft and e-mail advisor

What I got done:

- Notes on Krein-Smulian theorem

- I still don’t know what forking looks like in a Fraisse limit

- Drafted the nets post but failed to think of interesting applications besides taking ultraproducts of fibers of covering maps according to a universal net in the base space

- wrote an nlab article on the keisler-shelah theorem

- made myself a bunch of org-refiles in my to-do list about what to do to my thesis, but no substantial edits made

good night

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Hey :) what do you know about port arthur? I haven't researched it yet let alone have heard of it. Maybe because I'm European, so I don't hear about such things as often, maybe because I'm a newbie to columbine. I thought starting to get a quick overview here would be a good idea. If you mind telling me, just say it in your answer and I'll respect that too ofc

When I say basics, I mean BASICS. The perpetrator was Martin Bryant, 28 at the time. He opened fire on April 28 to 29 in Tasmania Australia and killed 35 people and injured 23. Ages ranged from 72 to 15. 

Bryant was a spree killer, killing people in multiple locations, such as the Port Arthur Historic Site, the Broad Arrow Cafe, a gift shop, a Car park,  a toll booth, and service station, and the Seascape roadway.

He was sentenced to 35 life sentences without a possibility of parole. 

Bryant is currently imprisoned in the Wilfred Lopes Centre because of mental disability and overall mental instability. His psychiatrist suggested a possibility of schizophrenia.

Growing up, he displayed signs of autism such as hurting and killing animals and antisocial behavior. Later he was diagnosed with Aspergers. As a baby he did not like to be cuddled with or touched, a big sign of autism. He didn’t have many friends growing up either. He was bullied in school from a young age for looking ‘weird.’ Later on unfortunately he began to bully kids younger than him too. For his 14th birthday, he was given a gun as a present from his father. he used it to kill small animals, such as birds. As a teen, he held the point of a spear gun to his only friend Greg’s head. His parents knew of this incident but didn’t do anything about it.

His family had history of violent nature too. Apparently Bryant’s great great grand-parents were shipped to Australia as prisoners. His father had depression, which ended with suicide. So a ‘criminal gene’ may have been a factor.

New (Old?) Mod!

Hello everyone!

I doubt anyone will remember me, but I used to be a Mod here till health issues took me away from the blog (sadly) however, I am back!

Name’s Destan! You can call me Des :)

I’m Gender-Fluid and use They/Them or He/Him pronouns, don’t care which you wanna use for me, whatever you decide is fine just use one of ‘em please :)

Quick overview of me (will get a profile of myself up on the About The Mods Page ASAP):
I’m non-white (Big mix of things but the main is Black/White mix, that has affected my life the most) a panromatic demisexual, and chronically ill, BOTH physically and mentally. I have a chronic pain condition, endometriosis, and chronic migraines which I will gladly talk about if anyone has questions :) 

So with that quick hello, I say, Hello!

I’m very happy to be back ^^~

- Mod Des


a quick overview of every outfit worn by isak valtersen in season 3 of skam