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Iris and Wally meet at Jitters not knowing they're related and strike up the cutest friendship.

Jitters was packed, which shouldn’t have been surprising to her since she used to work there, but it was. She figured that a coffee place would be nearly empty at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday - didn’t people in this city work anymore? She could’ve sworn that when she worked here, the day shifts were boring. That no one came in. Maybe news of the Flash sightings in this area had started to spread, and people came here to scope him out. Or, more realistically, she just remembered wrong. 

Iris stared at the open tabs of research on her computer and then glanced down at the handwritten notes that were scattered on her tiny two person table. She always worked better here; the loud crowds and sunny ambiance helped her think (a carryover from the countless hours she spent in this very coffee shop tapping out word after word for a thesis). But right at this moment, the long line of people getting coffee and milling around, waiting for an open seat, were distracting her. She didn’t want to avoid her work, it was just impossible to concentrate on the new tax reform policy she’d got stuck with when there was so much noise. And so many people. 

So she did what any self respecting person who was (admittedly) procrastinating would do: she settled back with her drink and watched.

A couple argued over whether or not they should both get the same drink; the dark haired girl was very insistent that it would be weird, but the short girl wanted her white chocolate mocha and if her girlfriend had a problem, then she could order something else. Iris smiled over the rim of her mug as the dark haired girl sighed, kissed the side of her girlfriend’s head, and then (if Iris heard correctly) ordered two of the same drink. A man in a hurry stood behind them, his phone in his hand. He accidentally ran into the short girl, and just when Iris thought he was going to blow up (she’d seen it many a time), he apologized. “My sister is pregnant,” he explained, “and she is going through a cronut phase. This is apparently the only store that sells ones she likes.” She watched him grab a box of cronuts and nearly run out of the store. 

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It’s been almost a year since I’ve made a ‘follow’ thing.
People here don’t only make my dash prettier but also make me laugh with their posts and help in any troubles. Maybe we don’t talk very often (or maybe you don’t even know me XD) but really: Thank you for existing. ♥
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