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Hello! Thank you for answering my question about the kimono shape, you were very clear. You said that the purpose of the clothing is to look cylindrical, I know such clothes represent beauty standards from the past. Can you please tell give more information about such standards? Or is that a theme beyond maikos and geikos?

I actually researched this, but couldn’t find many reliable sources, so I’m going to talk about the ones that I know about for sure. I’m going to talk about modern beauty standards as well, for comparison. Sorry if I come off as a bit unorganized!

First of all, pale and clear skin has been valued throughout most of Japan’s history, and in other (East-)Asian countries like Korea and Vietnam it is also seen as the ideal. In the west, a certain type of tan is seen as ideal, so this is quite different from Japan.

In Japan, small lips and small noses have also been regarded as beautiful. When Mineko Iwasaki met the okaasan of her future okiya for the first time, she immediately remarked what beautiful small lips she has. Maiko and Geiko paint their lips in smaller than they actually are and it was a fashion for some time during the 1920s to only paint your lower lip, even if you were a Geiko already, to make the lips appear even smaller.

Small noses are still seen as ideal, while the desired lip-shape has changed a bit. A lot of J-Pop idols, actors and popular models have fuller lips than what used to be considered ideal in old Japan, but their lips are still smaller than what is currently “in” in the west and small lips are still seen as pretty.

When we think about Japanese beauty ideals, a lot of us will immediately think of big eyes. Big eyes are considered very beautiful, especially for women, because they look cute and feminine. (This isn’t too far from western beauty standards though; big or bigger eyes are also considered ideal here.) This hasn’t always been this way; bigger eyes were always considered pretty (and have widely been across the world), but weren’t so much the focus in old Japan; monolids and hooded eyes were also often considered beautiful. Geiko Mayuha (Tama Okiya) of Gion Kobu is often complimented on her eyes, which some people on forums call “fox eyes”. Maiko Toshiemi (Komaya Okiya) of Miyagawacho also has similar eyes and she is very popular and a popular model for photoshoots.

Eyebrows traditionally were slighty rounded and were often penciled in, if the respective woman had the means to. In a short-documentary, now retired Maiko Fukunae (Shigemori Okiya of Miyagawacho) said that a Maiko’s eyebrows are not supposed to look sharp, but rounded, “like a crescent moon”. This resembles the fashion of the time and goes for Geiko as well.

In old Japan, long necks were also considered very beautiful, as I’ve explained in my previous post, and were regarded as somewhat sensual.

Now on to something more private: breasts. In my previous post, I’ve explained that you were supposed to look “flat” and still ideally are while wearing a kimono. In today’s Japan, breasts are highly sexualized and deep cleavage is only very rarely shown.

However, you can show off a lot of leg, if you want to. Long and skinny legs are considered beautiful and feminine in Japan today and showing a lot of leg is considered completely normal.

In old Japan, you were sandals, in which the shape of your feet was always visible. Small and dainty feet were considered ideal for women, which is also the reaso why part of the feet always hangs off if okobo; it’s supposed to make your feet look smaller.

Generally, women were supposed to be small, slender and petite and look soft and somewhat cute (up until a certain age). This isn’t too far from western standards; women here are also supposed to be skinny and smaller than men, especially of they are in a romantic relationship.

When we think of Japanese beauty standards today, most of us immediately think of “kawaii fashion” and the wish of having big eyes and looking very cute and childish. Of course, not nearly every woman in Japan dresses in that way, but it does influence everday-fashion and beauty ideals.

In comparison to what is “in” right now in the West and what is in Japan and also Korea, we can see quite a difference. Filling in your eyebrows to achieve a very dark, big, high and arched brow, having very big lips and wearing matte lipsticks in bold colors, wearing big false lashes to enhance the eyes, hihlighting, contouring and wearing high coverage foundation and concealer is what is the trend right now, especially in the States; this makes you look very grown-up, “carved” and serious.

Makeup in Japan and especially Korea is much more muted; people usually try to achieve a “no-makeup”-makeup-look and try to even out their complexion and bring some attenton to the eyes, but it overall remains more natural-looking.

Of course Maiko and Geiko are affected by traditional Japanese beauty ideals; they actually represent the beauty ideal of the Edo Period. Missmyloko called Maiko Ichiyuu (Katsumi Okiya) of Pontocho the “dictionary-definition” of a Maiko in a post yesterday, and that is definitely true. Maiko, especially junior ones, ideally look small and petite, cute, innocent and somewhat childlike. They are bascially supposed to look like human dolls. Maiko with different features aren’t overlooked though; Geiko Kofuku (Shigemori Okiya) of Miyagwacho for example, has very striking features and she has been famous since her Maiko-stage.

Geiko ideally look refined, classy, elegant and strong, like the mature women that they are. Toshimana (Komaya Okiya) and Kikuno (Hanafusa Okiya) of Miyagawacho are great examples for this; they look feminine and graceful, yet still womanly and strong.

I hope I didn’t stray off-topic too much, but I find this topic very interesting and liked reading about it very much, so thank you for sending in your questions! I’ve devinitely learned some new things as well!

People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.


                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

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Catdads: Gabe finding Jack holding a cat person baby. Maybe after a rescue?

Oh my god.  Oh my god, anon, the cuteness is too strong.

Somebody blew the whistle.  By the time Overwatch gets into the facility, about half of the labs are vacated, ransacked, and/or trashed.  They’re searching the facility for any stragglers or experiments that need immediate attention when Jack gets side-tracked.

A tiny cat-person baby, so small it fits curled in Jack’s two hands.  He looks down at the tiny thing, its tail drooping over his thumb, and wonders how this is possible.

Gabriel comes up to his side.  “What the hell’s that?“

"It’s a baby.”  Jack holds it out to him.  Gabriel makes a noise of shock in his throat, and reaches out to delicately touch one of the tiny silken ears.  "Gabriel…“

She’s so tiny.  The size of a preemie, except that she seems more fully developed than that.  She stirs in his hands, nuzzles at one of his fingers, and falls back into a deeper asleep.  She’s precious and impossible and the implications of her are terrifying.

“Where did she come from?”  Gabriel twists his body, but it takes him a moment before he can manage to look away from the child in Jack’s hands. He looks around them, at the machinery surrounding them, the papers on the desk, the tubes and chemicals and deep freezer along the far wall.  The two incubators lying nearby, side by side, their heat lamps still on.  Whoever was running this place managed to escape before the strike team got into this lab, and Jack has a feeling they took something with them.  “What were they doing here?” Gabriel whispers.  "The SEP made us.  They retired the project.  Who else could do this?”

Jack glances over his shoulder while he flips through the papers on the desk.  Some of them look like the charts Jack’s dad used to review when he was looking to breed their cows.

Jack studies Gabriel’s profile, intent on his study and limned in the lamps’ orange light.  He has a hero’s face: strong and elegant, full lips and hook nose, eyes dark and sharp and glinting with their own fire. And, peeking out of the short dark curls on his head, the graceful swoops of his cat’s ears.  So much like the ones on Jack’s head.

The SEP subjects all had tissues and samples of all types taken during the course of the project.  There are sperm samples in the cold storage.

“Gabriel…”  A cold shiver goes through Jack that makes his ears pin back and bristles the fur of his tail. He speaks quietly enough to make sure voice won’t carry past the two of them.  “I think they’re breeding us.”

Gabriel sets the papers down with a terrible care and meets Jack’s eyes, his ears twitching backwards with an apprehension that doesn’t show anywhere else in his body.  “Who?”

Jack clutches the baby girl, the kitten, protectively against his chest and returns Gabriel’s stare mutely.  After all, who else could do this?


MaxAnne AU ⚬ “Selkies represent the fluidity of sexuality. They are inherently shapeshifters, moving from one form to another, and the people they love do the same.” (inspired by @candlewinds gorgeous fisherman AU!) 

birthday ficlet, for @reserve

@reserve is my dearest buddy, my singularly amazing partner in crime, my most talented collaborator extraordinare, and today is her birthday!!!!!!!! i love her very much, so i wrote her this dumb benarmie/young kylux ficlet that I hope you also will all enjoy. featuring: classic confused sullen teen ben solo, gratuitous hux descriptions, rae sloane cameo (!!!!!), and the city of coruscant. 

it’s pretty long so i’ve put it under a clickthru!


up on top (benarmie, 2k, rated teen i guess idk)

Ben sees him first when he is fourteen, while taking two weeks of the Yanvin summer with his mother on Coruscant. It is the third morning: Leia treats him to a breakfast in their rooms (he ruins it by being purposefully sullen and grunting at her questions, squashing delicate star-shaped cuts of fruit into pulp with the tines of his fork and refusing to look her in the eyes), and then sighs and sets off to her meetings, leaving Ben to his own devices.

In the empty suite, he flips through the holonews channels, picks at the mess of fruit drying on his breakfast plate, suns himself on the balcony, jerks off half-guiltily in the sonic, takes a dozy and indulgent nap in the crisp sheets of his bed that leaves his mind pleasantly fuzzy on the edges and seems to momentarily quiet the humming grey flurry of ash in the back of his skull.

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So, if Mystique transformed herself into a man, could she get another woman pregnant? If yes, would the child have her DNA, or the DNA of the man that she emulates? Please take this seriously, I really want to know. 


special for russian “Ask Akatsuki”

question: “Hidan, show your shape in parallel universe”

“Rude pastor of parish church, but sympathizing residents of the village, with nigtfall turns into cruel and bloody murderer which doesn’t spare anybody on his way for the sake of own religion.”

sorry for my bad english

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I just realized that we keep saying “Ed’s becoming The Riddler” since 2014. 

  • Ed kills Tom Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed has a meltdown in 1.22 Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed has a split personality Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed kills Kristen Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed frames Gordon Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed traps Bruce and Lucius and forces them to play games Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed’s shots Oswald Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed gets green pants Fandom: *has a season 1 Ed type of meltdown* He’s BECOMING THE RIDDLER!

Let me tell you one thing, I will lose my shit when he gets a question mark shaped cane. He needs it, just like Penguin need monocle and Gordon needs a mustache.

Face studies part 2, this time featuring Kisame

Like with Zabuza I have serious trouble with drawing Kisame. The worst part is that Kisame is the character with the least consistent facial features in Naruto. I’m serious. If you’re asking questions like “what shape are his eyes” or “which gill is the biggest” you can get two very different answers in between two sequential panels. Also are his eyelids black? I don’t know! Even after this exercise I’m still not 100% happy with how my Kisames look. I have this ferocious sharkman in my head that I can’t quite get right and I at least partially blame Lpilz for it. Unlike Zabuza I prefer using Kisame’s Part 2 manga self as a reference. It’s the… least inconsistent.

Observations (what IS consistent):

  • He has a jaw like a brick and a chin like a brick. You can narrow his chin but the jaw needs to be bold
  • His eyebrows are thin and generally in a straight line.
  • His gills are diagonally away from his eyes. Not behind them, not directly below them, diagonal. 
  • His nose is wide set and triangular with a very slight curve to the slope of it. It’s one of his sharklike features that I really like.
  • Unlike Zabuza his hair is simple: it’s just your average fauxhawk.


  • As long as you get Kisame’s eyes and gills right, you can pretty much do whatever you want for the rest of his face and it’ll still “read’ as Kisame.
  • I don’t like drawing fauxhawks.

Next up is my favorite character that no one else likes, Raiga.


Hi Mage Squad! So last Christmas, my S.O. gifted me this glorious piece of forgotten Dragonlance history. I give you Dragonlance #14, December 1989, High Sorcery Part 2 of 4. It includes such highlights as flashbacks of Raistlin juggling, that time Dalamer apparently dyed his hair blond, and a… questionably shaped Tower of High Sorcery. 

(And if anyone’s interested in seeing more from this issue, let me know!)