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People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.

Describe your OC’s eyes without using color or shape terms. Are they bright, contemplative, wise, intense, empty, etc.?


Something Just Like This ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

Requested: Can I request a Jeff Atkins imagine about morning after with him. And like Jeff would be so cute whispering sweet nothings in his gfs ear while also saying some dirty jokes lolol omg I CANT

The human body contains an innumerable amount of nerve cells. The best we can do is estimate that there are some billion. It is incredible how there are billions of nerve cells working in our bodies and something as simple as the touch of one person can send all of those imperceptible cells into a fervor.

It’s 9:05 on a Sunday morning. The window is slightly cracked, letting the fresh autumn air circulate in. Her chest rises and falls rhythmically with shallow breaths as she pretends to still be sleeping. Small circles are being drawn on her back, clockwise, then counter clockwise. Then it switches to a word, or rather, a name. Jeff.

His fingers drag across her skin gently. First he writes it how you would normally write your name. Then in cursive, in all caps, capitalizing every other letter, looping letters, block letters.

“Are you marking me?” she mumbles tiredly. She can feel him laughing as he wraps his arms around her midsection, pulling her flush against his chest. He kisses the top of her head, nuzzling his face into her hair where traces of his cologne are trapped within the tresses. He’s everywhere. In her hair, on her skin, and where he doesn’t leave a physical presence he takes up residence in the place where her mind wanders.

“In more ways than one,” a smug tone drips off his tongue as he brings his one hand up to grasp her throat loosely, his thumb rubbing one of many dark purple splotches.

“Jeffff,” she whines, scrunching her neck up. Those are gonna be a bitch to cover up, but he loves them. He loves the way they whisper I was here. I will be here for as long as you want me. I love you. I love you.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night,” he whispers into her ear, letting his lips linger. A shiver works its way down her back involuntarily. It’s almost annoying- how easily he gets to her. Just the sound of his voice is enough to set her skin on fire.

“You’re awful,” she tries to sound stern, but there’s a teasing tone in her voice that gives her away. It’s hard to be annoyed when images of the previous night and all the nights before that flood her mind.

“Yeah?” he questions, an impish inflection shaping his voice, “tell me, which part was less than satisfactory?”

He cups the bottom of her jaw with his palm and pushes upward gently, stretching her neck without causing pain. The bed jostles as his weight shifts to lean over her, his lips ghosting over the thin skin of her neck. It starts with soft pecks that progress to biting and sucking until the unblemished skin becomes a dark shade of red and purple. “Was it this?” he asks against her skin.

His hands grip her bare thighs, wrapping them around his waist. His fingers drag down from the top of her thighs down to the bend of her knees and then back up. Instinctively, her arms lock around his neck, bringing his forehead to rest against hers. “Was it this?” he asks against her lips.

“Oh hush. You’re perfect and you know it,” her voice is breathy as she tries to swallow her own desire. He is perfect, in every sense of the word. He has the kindest heart she has ever known.

“Perfect enough to make you happy?” he says earnestly. He lifts his head to be able to see her face clearly and wholly. Her cheeks have developed a pink tint and her eyes are soft and dreamlike, like she’s looking at the gates of heaven.

“Perfect or imperfect, I am happy,” she grabs his face between her hands delicately, “I’m happy and I love you.”

“Say it again,” he begs as his eyes flutter shut.

“I love you, Jeff Atkins.”

And then he’s kissing her. His lips are familiar but the feeling of them on hers makes her heart race like it’s the first time all over again. His body presses down against hers and she can feel every bump of hard muscle under soft skin. The distance between them is virtually nonexistent. Her heart hangs suspended in the space where she ends and he begins.

“You know,” she says in-between kisses, “this is why the morning after always turns into round two.”

“Sorry babe, I’ll work on keeping my hands to myself,” he laughs, burying his face into her neck.

“That was not a complaint, you keep your hands right where they are,” she returns his laugh whilst running her fingers through his hair.

“Yes ma’am,” he kisses her jaw, “I love you. I adore you with all my heart.”

“That makes me pretty lucky.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it,” he assures, “but speaking of being ‘lucky’, how ‘bout that round two?”

“You’re relentless,” she giggles pleasantly, pulling him closer.

“Tell me you don’t want me and I’ll stop.”

“Well that would make me a liar,” this time she kisses him, initiating an evocative situation. He responds immediately, his hands tangling in the thin lacy fabric covering her bottom half.

To be adored by a person with such a pure heart is to be loved absolutely. Few ever meet a person like that, but when they do it is significant. It marks a before and after in their life, and how lucky they are to have been loved by a person who knows what it means to love without limit. How lucky they are to have something just like this.


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                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

A Remembrance Spell

A Way to Remember and Cope with Someone’s Passing


  • 1 white candle (healing, strength, peace) 
  • 1 pink candle (spiritual healing, emotional healing, friendship, healing if it’s someone you loved dearly) *
  • Matches/lighter 
  • An item that belonged to them or that symbolizes your relationship to them 
  • A toothpick 
  • A cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa (basically any comforting beverage)
  • A card or a blank piece of paper
  • A pen or pencil

*= can substitute out for whatever reason


  1. Pick a day that was important to either of you such as their birthday or the day they died to do this ritual.
  2. Take your candles and carefully carve their name into them before lighting the candles.
  3. Gently grab your item that reminds you of them or belonged to them and hold it as you watch the candles for a few moments. Think of some of the happy memories you had together and focus on things that you loved about them.
  4. Whenever you are comfortable, continue to allow the candles to burn down and make yourself a relaxing beverage of choice.
  5. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to write a letter or a small note to them. It can be as long or as short as you want. Also, you can write whatever you want to them as long as it’s what you truly feel. 
  6. Write the letter while drinking your beverage and letting the candles burn out. 
  7. Read the letter out loud so that if their spirit is listening, they can hear it in your voice.
  8. Once finished, store your letter in a safe place where you are able to take it out and look at it from time to time. If you are able and feel comfortable doing so, take the letter to their gravestone or to their surviving loved ones.
  9. If you’re not comfortable keeping the letter somewhere, you can also burn it using the lit candles in a firesafe bowl or cauldron. Then you can deliver it straight to them wherever they are in the world around us. You can even save the ashes to make black salt if you’d like.

My Notes on what I did:

For this spell I used both colored candles and I drank Bigelow’s Chamomile & Lavender Herbal tea. As my personal object I used a yellow paper that we cut out together to decorate our hospital room with. I kept it after she left and I cleaned out the room, accidentally leaving this one star behind. I kept it as a way to remember her until I got out but now it serves as the only thing I have left from her presence in my life.

I came up with this ritual/spell as way for me to deal with the first anniversary of my friend’s (from my time at the hospital) suicide. While in treatment I never was allowed to properly greave with others that knew her and had to keep all thoughts to myself, now I feel ready to deal with the lingering feelings and am able to process the events without putting my mental health in jeopardy. I reached out to my grandma about the importance of this so that I have someone to fall back on if I find myself drifting into a negative thought process or feel that my safety is at risk.
Also I will not be giving my letter to her family members or leaving it on her headstone because I feel doing so would be inappropriate and put my mental health in crisis. So I opted to follow step 8 instead of step 7.

I hope that you found something that you could also use to help you heal from whatever occurred in your life and I wish you a safe and healthy healing process. Feel free to adjust this to your magickal and personal needs. Do not be afraid to reach out if you feel you are alone or have any questions. ❤️


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Catdads: Gabe finding Jack holding a cat person baby. Maybe after a rescue?

Oh my god.  Oh my god, anon, the cuteness is too strong.

Somebody blew the whistle.  By the time Overwatch gets into the facility, about half of the labs are vacated, ransacked, and/or trashed.  They’re searching the facility for any stragglers or experiments that need immediate attention when Jack gets side-tracked.

A tiny cat-person baby, so small it fits curled in Jack’s two hands.  He looks down at the tiny thing, its tail drooping over his thumb, and wonders how this is possible.

Gabriel comes up to his side.  “What the hell’s that?“

"It’s a baby.”  Jack holds it out to him.  Gabriel makes a noise of shock in his throat, and reaches out to delicately touch one of the tiny silken ears.  "Gabriel…“

She’s so tiny.  The size of a preemie, except that she seems more fully developed than that.  She stirs in his hands, nuzzles at one of his fingers, and falls back into a deeper asleep.  She’s precious and impossible and the implications of her are terrifying.

“Where did she come from?”  Gabriel twists his body, but it takes him a moment before he can manage to look away from the child in Jack’s hands. He looks around them, at the machinery surrounding them, the papers on the desk, the tubes and chemicals and deep freezer along the far wall.  The two incubators lying nearby, side by side, their heat lamps still on.  Whoever was running this place managed to escape before the strike team got into this lab, and Jack has a feeling they took something with them.  “What were they doing here?” Gabriel whispers.  "The SEP made us.  They retired the project.  Who else could do this?”

Jack glances over his shoulder while he flips through the papers on the desk.  Some of them look like the charts Jack’s dad used to review when he was looking to breed their cows.

Jack studies Gabriel’s profile, intent on his study and limned in the lamps’ orange light.  He has a hero’s face: strong and elegant, full lips and hook nose, eyes dark and sharp and glinting with their own fire. And, peeking out of the short dark curls on his head, the graceful swoops of his cat’s ears.  So much like the ones on Jack’s head.

The SEP subjects all had tissues and samples of all types taken during the course of the project.  There are sperm samples in the cold storage.

“Gabriel…”  A cold shiver goes through Jack that makes his ears pin back and bristles the fur of his tail. He speaks quietly enough to make sure voice won’t carry past the two of them.  “I think they’re breeding us.”

Gabriel sets the papers down with a terrible care and meets Jack’s eyes, his ears twitching backwards with an apprehension that doesn’t show anywhere else in his body.  “Who?”

Jack clutches the baby girl, the kitten, protectively against his chest and returns Gabriel’s stare mutely.  After all, who else could do this?

An Acceptance of Love Spell

A Way to Accept Love From Those in Your Life


  • 1 white candle (healing, unity, purity)
  • 1 red candle (love, relationships)
  • Matches/lighter 
  • Rose quartz in any form 
  • A piece of chocolate or your favorite Valentines’ candy
  • A decorated or blank piece of paper 
  • A pen or pencil

All ingredients can be substituted out as you see fit


  1. Light your candles and create a warm and loving atmosphere around you.
  2. Gently take your rose quartz in your hands and charge it with the warmth from your hands, thinking of the reason why you are doing this spell.
  3. Set your rose quartz aside next to your candles so that you are able to glance over at it throughout the rest of the spell.
  4. Grab your chocolate or candy and as you eat it, begin thinking of people who love and support you. It can be your mom, uncle, friends, a spouse, etc. 
  5. Begin writing those names down along with some of their contact information. Try to leave off people that love you but cause you pain or upset you. You’ll feel better knowing that the people on your list on ones you can go to whenever you’re in need or just want someone to talk to and not receive a negative/unwanted response.
  6. Consider reaching out to at least one of the listed people while you wait for the candles burn down or within the first few days after doing this spell. 
  7. Keep your charged rose quartz nearby whenever you feel alone and continue contacting your loved ones/supports.

My Notes on what I did:
I used a piece of tumbled rose quartz that I had from rock collection as I kid. I choose this piece because my collection of rocks was started with my grandma who is one of my listed loved ones. I like to look back on that time as one of the happier times I’ve had as a kid and I believe that the positive energy from that experience remains embedded in the stone.

I also decided to eat some chocolate covered Oreos from my favorite local chocolatier, Sarris Candies. I have always loved receiving their chocolate as presents even as a kid. I love the positive energy that seems to emanate from their store whenever I get to visit and I always feel a trace of that joy and love whenever I purchase and/or see their chocolate elsewhe re.

I also played a 1 hour jazz noir playlist that I found on youtube so that I had background noise. I personally can’t sit in silence for too long because it makes me more anxious then I already am. If you’re comfortable sitting in silence, go ahead and do so and know that I applaud your ability.

As part of my personal goals, I know that I need to open myself and my heart more to my loved ones and accept the love and support that they already give. I know that this will take time and effort on my part so that I am able to leave behind my previous self-destructive behaviors. I hope this spell will allow my wounded self heal and be more open with my family for my sake and theirs. Included below is the list of my loved ones with their contact information blocked out for safety reasons. I painted the paper my favorite shade of blue and then decorated it with hearts and stuff since Valentine’s Day is coming up and the purpose of the spell has to do with love. This step is completely option but I wanted to put mine by bed so I have a reminder whenever I feel sad.

I hope that you found something that you could also use to help you heal from whatever occurred in your life and I wish you all the love in the world. Feel free to adjust this to your magickal and personal needs. Do not be afraid to reach out if you feel you are alone or have any questions. ❤️


birthday ficlet, for @reserve

@reserve is my dearest buddy, my singularly amazing partner in crime, my most talented collaborator extraordinare, and today is her birthday!!!!!!!! i love her very much, so i wrote her this dumb benarmie/young kylux ficlet that I hope you also will all enjoy. featuring: classic confused sullen teen ben solo, gratuitous hux descriptions, rae sloane cameo (!!!!!), and the city of coruscant. 

it’s pretty long so i’ve put it under a clickthru!


up on top (benarmie, 2k, rated teen i guess idk)

Ben sees him first when he is fourteen, while taking two weeks of the Yanvin summer with his mother on Coruscant. It is the third morning: Leia treats him to a breakfast in their rooms (he ruins it by being purposefully sullen and grunting at her questions, squashing delicate star-shaped cuts of fruit into pulp with the tines of his fork and refusing to look her in the eyes), and then sighs and sets off to her meetings, leaving Ben to his own devices.

In the empty suite, he flips through the holonews channels, picks at the mess of fruit drying on his breakfast plate, suns himself on the balcony, jerks off half-guiltily in the sonic, takes a dozy and indulgent nap in the crisp sheets of his bed that leaves his mind pleasantly fuzzy on the edges and seems to momentarily quiet the humming grey flurry of ash in the back of his skull.

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Why Me?! Pt. 1 - Damon Salvatore x Reader

Originally posted by sinistersalvatore

Pairing: Damon x Reader

Prompt: You and Damon are dating but we all know things will eventually get complicated when Elena wakes up, watch as the usual drama and more ensues.

Warning: None! Just fluff. (Slight AU)



It’s been 10 years since Elena was put under the sleeping curse and a lot of things had changed. Enzo is human, he and Bonnie now have 2 kids and a beautiful 3 bedroom house. Stefan and Caroline got married finally. It was a June wedding. They live in the Salvatore boarding house along with you and Damon who are currently dating. Josie and Lizzie stay on the weekends however they tend to go out during the day because teenagers hate hanging out with their parents apparently.

No one has said anything bad about you and Damon dating but you all knew what everyone was thinking. ‘What’s going to happen when Elena come back?’ You thought the same thing because Elena was one of your closet friends and you felt like a terrible person for even looking at him the way you have for the past few years. It wasn’t a few years you knew but it was better to admit that than tell everyone you fell in love with Damon before he and Elena even got together. Right now you are currently taking more hinted digs from everyone’s favourite control freak, Caroline Forbes-Salvatore.

“What’s supposed to mean Caroline?” You sighed loudly as you sipped you coffee. Josie and Lizzie’s eyes were flickering between the both of you, while Bonnie and Enzo kept their eyes down and mouths shut.

“All I’m saying is what are you planning on doing when the love of his life comes back? And how do you plan to tell your friend you stole her boyfriend.” Caroline stated as if it was some sort of logical puzzle that anyone understood.

“Mom! You can’t say things like that!” Josie screeched as she blushed, clearly embarrassed by her mothers words.

“Yeah I mean you were in love with Stefan when Elena was with him if anything you’re a boyfriend stealer too.” Lizzie snorted as she sipped her coffee.

“Are you drinking coffee right now?!” Bonnie reached for the cup only to be stopped by the fact Lizzie had vanished.

“Lizzie sit down and loose the cloaking spell.” Caroline sighed softly before turning back to you.

“Look all I’m saying is maybe you shouldn’t have fell for your friend’s man when she’ll be back one day and you’ll be kicked aside.” She huffed before sipping her coffee.

“Actually Care, Y/N was in love with my brother before Elena even battered an eye for him. Elena knew it too.” Stefan’s soothing voice added as he entered the kitchen where everyone was sat at the dining table.

“What?!” Bonnie gasped loudly before everyone’s eyes were on you. You chose to ignore everyone as you got up to get more coffee.

“Is that true?” Josie questioned softly as if she was speaking for her frozen mother.

“Yes although it wasn’t Stefan secret to tell.” You snarled as you shot Stefan a death glare that made him lower his head quickly.

“What the hell that’s fucked up. Is that what Auntie Elena is like!? Bitch!” Lizzie yelled angrily as she re-appeared in the middle of the room.

“Elizabeth Saltzman!” Caroline screamed her voice doing that high pitched crack thing it does when she’s angry or stressed.

“What!? It is! What kinda friend has one boyfriend who is loving and gorgeous then gets bored so she goes after one of her best friends crushes! That’s so screwed up! Aunt Bonnie you should’ve just became a vampire it would have saved us a hassle of having her ruin people’s lives again.” Lizzie snapped looking around at everyone who seemed momentarily shocked by Lizzie’s actions.

“Lizzie that’s enough. She’s a good person and she’s our best friend.” You stated making everyone look up at you in shock. You might have loved Damon but you never hated Elena for falling for him too. You just hated how she just ignored your feelings and used her doppelganger looks to get a head start in the game you knew that you were both playing, even now. Lizzie shook her head at you before storming of with her sister in tow.

You ignored everyone and went up to Damon’s bedroom with a cup of coffee for him. Your mind still running on possible scenarios that could happen when Elena wakes up. You knew you would be brushed aside but you also knew she was human and eventually she would die or leave Damon to start a bland human life. You could wait for 50-60 years if it meant you would be with Damon again but it didn’t mean it hurt any less.

You sat on the edge of the bed nursing the coffee you had brought him when he began to stir in his sleep. Eventually his gorgeous ice blue eyes opened and immediately found yours, his look went from a post sleep frown to a wide grin once he saw you.

“G’Mornin gorgeous.” He murmured sleepily rubbing a hand over his face.

“Morning, I brought you coffee.” You giggled, handing him the coffee before moving onto the bed next to him. You had yet to have sex with Damon because you had only been on a few dates which was surprising because Damon usually just jumps into bed with someone straight away, even Elena.

“So what are we doing today?” He asked as you cuddled into his chest silently.

“Well I’m going shopping with the girls. So ‘we’ aren’t doing anything.” You chuckled as he groaned, throwing his head back.

“Okay well can we do something tonight then after your shopping trip?” Damon whispered playfully into your ear, his hands sliding down your body as his words faded out.

“Hmm I suppose what do you have in mind?” You smiled before he began tickling you sides mercilessly, making you squirm in his grip as he smiled down at you softly. Eventually you declared him the winner and he moved off you so you could resume your cuddling.

“How about a movie in bed?” His suggestion shocked you but you found yourself agreeing before you went to your room to get ready.


“Damon’s being really weird.” You blurted out as you arrived at the small boutique near the grill.

“How?” Bonnie questioned her perfectly shaped eyebrow raising slightly.

“Well he wants to watch a movie tonight and I don’t mean the cinema I mean in his bed while cuddling.” You snorted softly as Caroline’s eyes almost bugged out of her head.

“Well that’s a little un-Damon but obviously it’ll lead to sex which is VERY Damon.” Bonnie supplied which made you squirm in your seat uncomfortably.

“I’d of thought that if we’d even had sex yet.” You muttered quietly but everyone including Josie and Lizzie’s eyes snap to you like you’d gone insane.

“You guys haven’t had sex yet!?” Caroline screeched making a few eyes turn to you.

“Car would you like to say that any louder I don’t think the boys heard you from the Salvatore house. Wait no they probably heard but I don’t think Hell heard you yet!” You whisper yelled at her, your arms flailing slightly as you spoke.

“Actually I heard it perfectly.” You all spun around with wide eyes when you heard the voice you never thought you’d hear again.

“Oh.” Bonnie supplied.

“My.” You added.

“GOD!” Carline screamed as she moved Josie and Lizzie behind her.

“You must be Josie and Lizzie.” He grinned from ear to ear, his eyes gleaming with nothing but mischief.

“Nice to meet you I’m Uncle Kai.”

Face studies part 2, this time featuring Kisame

Like with Zabuza I have serious trouble with drawing Kisame. The worst part is that Kisame is the character with the least consistent facial features in Naruto. I’m serious. If you’re asking questions like “what shape are his eyes” or “which gill is the biggest” you can get two very different answers in between two sequential panels. Also are his eyelids black? I don’t know! Even after this exercise I’m still not 100% happy with how my Kisames look. I have this ferocious sharkman in my head that I can’t quite get right and I at least partially blame Lpilz for it. Unlike Zabuza I prefer using Kisame’s Part 2 manga self as a reference. It’s the… least inconsistent.

Observations (what IS consistent):

  • He has a jaw like a brick and a chin like a brick. You can narrow his chin but the jaw needs to be bold
  • His eyebrows are thin and generally in a straight line.
  • His gills are diagonally away from his eyes. Not behind them, not directly below them, diagonal. 
  • His nose is wide set and triangular with a very slight curve to the slope of it. It’s one of his sharklike features that I really like.
  • Unlike Zabuza his hair is simple: it’s just your average fauxhawk.


  • As long as you get Kisame’s eyes and gills right, you can pretty much do whatever you want for the rest of his face and it’ll still “read’ as Kisame.
  • I don’t like drawing fauxhawks.

Next up is my favorite character that no one else likes, Raiga.

~russian nationals thoughts~

Day 1
Eremina - She really exceeded my expectations; I was expecting a total mess. I’m glad she’s competing high difficulty (DTY, Nabieva, triple dismount on beam/floor) while retaining the style she’s known for. Another few weeks to polish her routines, and she’s good for the European AA final. A-

Tutkhalyan - FINALLY the ro+layout is gone. This should lower her chances of falling while simultaneously raising her E score. Hopefully the bars downgrades help her consistency too. Her DTY was good enough, and floor… well, it hasn’t gotten any worse. I’m sure she’ll make the Euros team, both because of her second vault and her AA potential. B+

Kapitonova - Looked sluggish overall (growth spurt), but still scored quite well. I love that she brought back the double Y on beam, and the split leap+front tuck is badass, even if it’s probably not worth doing. B+

Akhaimova - This girl just blows my mind everytime she competes. Floor is still her best event, but she’s made strides on the other three events, and is a true AAer now.  Since Ilyankova appears slightly injured, I hope they take a chance and send Lilia to Jesolo. A+ for improvement and hitting 4/4.

Melnikova - Everyone is focusing on her mistakes, but I thought she looked great overall. The beam dismount was a fluke (she may have the best double pike in the world), her jaeger is always an issue early season, and floor was just an endurance issue. She showed upgrades on beam (a Grigoras) and FX (double arabian). With Giulia out and Iordache in questionable shape, I think she’s a frontrunner for the European AA title. B-

Mustafina - I miss you. A+, keep incubating the child

The Bars Girls - Spiridonova looked rough, but I’m sure they’ll let her win EF and justify sending her to Euros. Ilyankova (mostly) hit her routine, but didn’t compete the other events; assuming she’s injured, I hope they let her rest. Skrypnik actually had the highest score (14.733), but remains useless everywhere else.

Others - Viktoria Trykina impressed me! She finally has her DTY under control, and put up respectable BB/FX scores. Vika won’t be making any major teams, but it’s nice to see a little depth. Eleonora Afanasyeva (no relation) put up the highest vault score (14.4), which is really surprising. I’ve only seen her on FX, so I have no idea what kind of vaults she does. Hopefully we’ll get footage of her in AA or EF!

nygmobblepot war concept

so it starts super vicious ofc, because emotions are raw and wild on both sides, each of them bursting with hurt and fury and fear, and their attacks reflect that

it’s real and cruel, but also… prosaic - Ed trying to blow up buildings with Ozzie inside, Ozzie sending Zsasz and other hitmen to take Eddie out, Ed sneaking poison into Ozzie’s wine, Ozzie having bombs planted inside Eddie’s HQ 

typical, dirty criminal stuff

but when that doesn’t work, they start getting more… creative (and let’s be real here, it’ll be Eddie’s fault, since he’s the one already starting with the quirky criminal shenanigans) - Eddie will start sending clues/riddles about upcoming attacks to try and confuse Oz into failing to escape them, Ozzie will have his men experiment with unusual weapons (axes, daggers hidden in shoes, poison darts, whatever) to try and make them more unpredictable, Ed will kidnap Ozzie’s men and/or allies and put them into elaborate death traps, Ozzie will leave the bodies of Ed’s men to be found with umbrellas sprouting from various parts of them

and eventually the creativity escalates so the war becomes not just about hurting/killing each other but about outdoing each other’s theatrics - Eddie starts to go nuts testing how far he can take the question mark motif (question mark shaped listening/homing devices, daggers with question mark shaped handles, didn’t a Riddler in the comics have question mark shaped throwing star things?…maybe trophies could be relevant at this point as well :p), meanwhile Ozzie amps up the Penguin and umbrella theme (designing penguin themed outfits for his men, developing the trick umbrellas his character is famous for)

but ofc this point is accompanied by a significant emotional shift, because by now Ed and Oz are no longer lashing out in pain and fear, now they are HAVING FUN

now it is less of a war and more of A GAME, where each move is not really about hurting the other but about impressing/surprising them, each new attack earning respect and affection (Mr & Mrs Smith style!) as opposed to anger

until eventually the causing harm part of the proceedings has grown so perfunctory as to be ridiculous - a successful infiltration of one of Ozzie’s weapons stashes might result in nothing but Ozzie’s men left tied up and naked with insulting green graffiti sprayed across the walls, or Ozzie might figure out the clues to one of Eddie’s heists and instead of sending a team in to ambush Ed he will have all the money replaced with vouchers for free drinks at the Iceberg Lounge (which totally exists)

because you see by now neither of them actually wants to kill/defeat the other - on the contrary they are actively trying to keep each other alive and successful so they can keep their game/relationship/flirtation going!

only ofc at a certain point a final confrontation will become inevitable - perhaps they happen upon each other while each is setting a trap, unaware they have come to know each other so well that they have picked the same place in which to orchestrate their plan, or perhaps they just happen upon each other in passing as they are moving from one scheme to the next

in any case they end up face to face

and it’s either attack and end things, or give it up and admit their antagonism has become a sham

ofc they are both too proud and stubborn to do the latter

so Eddie draws a sword from the question mark cane he totally owns, while Ozzie raises his latest prototype trick umbrella

they have a brief, halfhearted fencing fight, during which Ozzie knocks Ed’s sword away

then Ozzie starts to struggle with the mechanism on his umbrella

a few minutes pass

eventually Ed is all - ‘do you… need some help?’

to which Ozzie snaps - ‘I know how to work my own weaponry thank you!’

except he keeps wrestling with different buttons and stuff, so Ed walks over and starts giving advice and it’s like - ‘isn’t it that button?’ ‘that’s the one I’m pressing!’ ‘well, is it switched on?’ ‘of course it’s - what kind of fool do you think I am?’

after a bit of this the end of the umbrella fizzles and pops and a trail of smoke starts wafting from it

the two of them stare at it

then each other

then burst into hopeless laughter, doubling over and hugging each other with it

until they find they are still holding each other and smiling even when the hilarity has faded

and that’s how the war ends

and they both live villainously ever after :p 


Individual Success Part 2 (Fred Weasley x Reader)

i strongly advise you to go reread part 1 to refresh your memory

“Miss Y/N, it is time you take your medicine.” The nurse from the nursing home said to the lady with the greying hair.

“I have to take medicine?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And right after you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?” Y/N asked perplexed, she could not think of anyone who would want to visit her.

“Yes a visitor. Fred Weasley.”

“Who’s Fred Weasley?”

And the nurse did not reply, just looking down at Y/N with sad eyes.


“Miss Y/N, your visitor will see you now. Would you like to go meet him outside or shall I get him to come in?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to go out?”

“Well, you don’t like the cameras much.”

“Cameras? Why would there be cameras for me?” Y/N asked.

The nurse led her out to the front door of the home, where two journalists were indeed standing.

“Ex-minister! Y/N-“

“Now now, she is not in shape for questions gentlemen, quit wasting your time here.” The nurse said to them protectively.

“Hi.” A man approached Y/N, a tall man with kind eyes behind the wrinkles on his eyelids, and flaming red hair.

“Hello.” Y/N responded, shaking his hand.

She couldn’t quite grasp it, but there was something in this man’s eyes when he looked at her that made her feel oddly at home.

“Shall we go in?” The nurse came in between them and walked them slowly up the steps into the garden of the nursing home.

The two sat down at a small table. Fred merely looked at her, a small smile on his face.

“So. How are you today Y/N?”

“Oh I’m fine. And you? Um what was it again?”


“That sure is a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

“I love the color of your hair! And it hasn’t faded with age?”

“Us redheads don’t age.” Fred winked.

As much as he smiled, there was some unknown pain in his eyes, Y/N thought. She wondered why.

“So, what brings you here?” She asked the stranger.

“Just came to visit you.” He replied.

“Have we met before?”

“Oh, it’s complicated.”

“Interesting. So what do you do?”

“I used to run a joke shop.”

“A joke shop! How fun.”

They sat there for a little bit, gazing at the afternoon sun.

“It’s awfully boring here.” Fred huffed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you tell me a story?” Y/N suddenly asked Fred.

Fred looked at her.

“I can’t think of any.” He said.

“Anything, just tell me any favourite story of yours.”

“Well there is this one. It’s my favourite story of all times.”

“What’s the name? Maybe we have the book here at the library.”

“Oh no need. I know it by heart.” Fred said with a twinkle in his eye.

“There once was this girl. Who was in love with a boy. They both went to Hogwarts.”

“Is Hogwarts a school? I think I’ve heard of it.”

“Indeed.” Fred continued.

“They were very much in love.”

“I swear to God Fred if you push me-“

Fred picked Y/N up by the waist and leapt into the lake with her still in his arms. Y/N mounted to the surface of the water, sputtering and coughing.

“God, you little-“

But Fred interrupted her probably inappropriate words by planting his wet lips on hers.

“Get a freaking room!” George bellowed a few meters away, interrupting his water fight with Ginny.

“That sounds very cute.” Y/N hummed.

“Oh yes. That couple was very very cute.”

“Did they end up together Fred?”

“Oh, it’s very long and complicated. But we’ll get there my sweet Y/N.”

“So. They were very much in love. But they were both very very ambitious. The boy wanted to start a business. And the girl, wanted to become minister.”

“How good for her!” Y/N exclaimed. “But the boy’s business sounds a little bit risky no?”

Fred smiled.

“Wow, that’s very ambitious.” Y/N says. “And um, this shop you will open, it’ll be just like Zonko’s?”

“Yep. Better.” Fred adds.

“Well, that’s a lot of work for you guys to do then.”


« Eventually, their dreams lead them apart. » Fred continued the story. “So after the boy left school, the girls stayed and passed her exams. However, when she graduated she went straight back home and for a year they did not see or talk to each other. There was a war you see, so as much as they wanted and longed to see each other they could not. After said war, both of their careers were blowing up and they once again could not have seen or talked to each other. They were too busy to even write.”

“Then what?” Y/N asked, captivated by this story.

“Then, the girl became Minister. And the boy opened up his shop. It was actually very hard for the boy, now that I think of it. For months he couldn’t even look at a newspaper in fear of having to see her picture in it.”

“Did he ever get over it?”

“Well, you see he was so depressed that one day his brother came and set him up with an old school friend, Angelina. And they got along very well and decided to be together.”

“So the boy moved on from the girl?”

“No, not really. The girl got engaged; but I think both of them still would never be able to forget about each other. Anyways, so one day the girl walked into the boy’s shop, for ministry business.”

Y/N grasped the golden orange doorknob, pulling it; not showing any emotion.

Counting the Galleons, Fred’s gaze was on the counter in front of him. The little bell on the door gave a tinkle, as someone opened the door.

Y/N stepped in, her head turning to look around before stopping at the cash register.

Hearing the sound, Fred looked up, expecting just another customer.

Their eyes met, and the room filled with tension and emotion.

“After that brief encounter, for some reason fate kept bringing them together. They ran into each other in shops, at restaurants… for some reason they kept seeing each other.”

“And then?”

“Well, one day coincidentally they both visited their old school. Without consulting each other or anything, they just both went on the same day. And they obviously spoke to one another.”

Hello.” Y/N said politely, the tension in her throat killing her.


“How are you?”

“Good thanks.”

“I’ve seen your shop, it really is a phenomenal success.”

“And you too, not a day goes by without me seeing a picture of you somewhere.” Fred chuckled, awkwardly attempting to hide the pain of having to see Y/N’s face everywhere on papers.

“Well good. I’m happy to hear you are doing well.”

“Me too.”

They both just nodded to each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes. They felt their heart give a painful jolt at the feeling of getting lost in each other’s irises.

“Fuck it.” Fred breathed and cupped Y/N’s face to kiss her. Y/N returned it, and so forcefully they backed into the old broom cupboard they used to visit quite often in their student days.

“Oh I’m so happy they kissed!”

“Well actually a little more than that.” Fred smiled his old teasing smirk. “After that, it all went by so fast. The boy couldn’t live without the girl and after realising that fact, he broke up with Angelina.”

“And, the girl?” Y/N inquired.

Fred smiled, his stare piercing into Y/N’s soul.

“What do you think?”

“She left her husband for him?”


“This story sounds familiar.”


Fred looked at Y/N, as if he was waiting for something to happen. But all Y/N did was look down.

“Well, thank you sir. I think I’m going to go take my afternoon nap.”

“I-it was my pleasure.” Fred said, his voice breaking slightly.

Y/N nodded and smiled at him politely as she walked out. Fred sighed. He made his way out to the front door where his family was waiting.

“Well?” George asked.

“Not today Forge, not today.”

“One day, don’t worry.” George said, clapping his twin brother on the back.

“I know. One day, she will remember. Remember me.” Fred said, looking up at a window, the sun reflecting on his glassy eyes.



MaxAnne AU ⚬ “Selkies represent the fluidity of sexuality. They are inherently shapeshifters, moving from one form to another, and the people they love do the same.” (inspired by @candlewinds gorgeous fisherman AU!) 

Because you are perfection. Poetry in motion. You capture the light and reflect it back in a rainbow of colors. You made the world more radiant, and for some unknown reason, you decided to let me join you in this achingly gorgeous world of yours.
—  A dear friend when asked why they got so attached to me in particular

flame-monster-nerd-trash  asked:


I just realized that we keep saying “Ed’s becoming The Riddler” since 2014. 

  • Ed kills Tom Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed has a meltdown in 1.22 Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed has a split personality Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed kills Kristen Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed frames Gordon Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed traps Bruce and Lucius and forces them to play games Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed’s shots Oswald Fandom: He’s becoming The Riddler!
  • Ed gets green pants Fandom: *has a season 1 Ed type of meltdown* He’s BECOMING THE RIDDLER!

Let me tell you one thing, I will lose my shit when he gets a question mark shaped cane. He needs it, just like Penguin need monocle and Gordon needs a mustache.