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People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.


special for russian “Ask Akatsuki”

question: “Hidan, show your shape in parallel universe”

“Rude pastor of parish church, but sympathizing residents of the village, with nigtfall turns into cruel and bloody murderer which doesn’t spare anybody on his way for the sake of own religion.”

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Hi Mage Squad! So last Christmas, my S.O. gifted me this glorious piece of forgotten Dragonlance history. I give you Dragonlance #14, December 1989, High Sorcery Part 2 of 4. It includes such highlights as flashbacks of Raistlin juggling, that time Dalamer apparently dyed his hair blond, and a… questionably shaped Tower of High Sorcery. 

(And if anyone’s interested in seeing more from this issue, let me know!)

So then, these guys...

What do you folks reckon the rest of the Hard-Boiled Heavies will have to offer?

The guy on the far left appears to be holding a shuriken, so it’s a safe bet that he’s a ninja.

The guy above the ninja appears to be wearing a top hat, and the little spiked tips below the hat could easily be the tips of a moustache. A magician or ringmaster motif with this one perhaps?

I’m pretty certain the guy in the middle is the dude from Mirage Saloon. Those fin-esque tips near where his head should be have an identical shape. Question is though, is that a gun he’s holding, or is it just a really big finger? Or maybe it’s a finger-gun, who knows.

The guy on the top right is giving me a medieval vibe with that flail/mace/morning star/??? he’s holding, so I’m guessing he’s got a knight theme going on.

So including Heavy Gunner, that’s five Hard-Boiled Heavies. Possibly six if that round silhouette at the left of Heavy Gunner is another one, but I’m guessing that’s just part of either the Mirage Saloon guy or the medieval guy.

Keep in mind that with Heavy Gunner and the Mirage Saloon guy having themes that relate to the zones they’re from (a policeman for a city zone and possibly a sheriff for a western zone), the rest of them and their potential motifs might clue us in to what the other brand new zones could be like. So there’s a chance we could be seeing a castle zone and an oriental zone, for example.

3rd Prince - Earrings Analysis
  • So far, I’ve noticed 5 different types of earrings.
  • He owns golden and silver ones.
  • They come in different shapes and sizes:
    • flat round ones,
    • flat quadrangular-ish ones,
    • in the shape of a crescent moon
    • cresent moon shaped ones with pendants
  • He is wearing them most of the time but NOT always, e.g. not when he’s taking a bath (ep1) and not during the ceremony (ep1 + ep2).
  • When he’s in his official, bright orange prince gown, he always wears golden earrings.
  • With his dark orange / brown gown, he’s wearing both golden and silver  earrings.
  • Earrings suit him well. He’s looking good.

So far, I’ve seen him wearing the following earrings:

gold, crescent moon shaped

gold, flat quadrangular-ish

gold, flat round

silver, crescent moon shaped

silver, crescent moon shaped with pendants

I like the crescent moon shaped ones with pendants the best. And you?

East Asian Shapeshifter Dragons

the-hungry-hungry-fannibal asked:

Part 1) I want to write a fantasy story about people who can turn into dragons. In my fantasy world the dragon people came from the East (fantasy lands inspired by China and Japan etc.) where they’re nobles into the west (fantasy Europe) hundreds of years ago. The Western people hunt them down because they think their dangerous. So the ones in the west go into hiding. When they are human the Eastern dragons have Asian features but with small clusters of scales around their eyes and are slightly taller etc. there are human people living in the East as well. Could this race be unintentionally offensive towards the Asian community?

Part 2) The appearance of the dragon people who traveled into the West evolved over time to help them adapt to their new surroundings. Their skin became paler as they live in caves and thick forests. Their eyes change to improve night vision and their human appearances are more dragon like than their Eastern counterparts so they can transform faster when they’re in danger. Their dragon bodies change too like the difference between European and East Asian dragons. Does this unintentionally make the Western dragons fall into ‘Beastly POC’ trope because of their heritage?

Part 3) By lightening their skin for biological reasons am I accidentally white washing my characters? Even though they’ll be different from the other dragons they’ll still be proud of their heritage 

1) I don’t think the inclusion of this race would be offensive toward East Asians on its face, but it all really depends on execution. You’ve mentioned there are East Asian humans, which is good, but at the same time, their treatment in the story, along with the dragon shapeshifters, is going to be a factor as to whether or not it’s offensive.

2) I think this trope could be averted with the inclusion of dragon people from the East, although I think you’re also running into a bit of a problem because technically the Western dragon people would be diaspora, and from my perspective as a diaspora Asian, you need to be careful not to perpetuate the dynamic of the Western transplant dragons being less “authentic” than the Eastern ones, or even disparaged because of their differences from the Eastern dragons because of adapting to their new environment.

3) Bear in mind that East Asians don’t necessarily have the same skin tone. There are pale-skinned East Asians (like myself) and dark-skinned East Asians. In any case, a lightening of skin tone doesn’t illustrate an immediate loss of culture.

–mod Jess

Rebels of Los Angeles, Admin Corie here to talk about something vital to the show. Every reality show has them, it’s where some people get a little bold: CONFESSIONALS! Being that we are a reality show roleplay based around a radio show we won’t be any different. Confessionals are mandatory because they help us shape questions for the reunion. Each season will last three weeks and confessionals are mandatory on three days out of the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other than those three days you aren’t mandatory to do. Confessionals are a way for us to get to know your character and what’s going on in their life or their opinion about something that occurred while you were in attendance. Each day is considered an episode and though you can’t see someone else’s confessional right away, midnight every confessional from previous day will be available for everyone to see. That way people can react to something that might’ve been said about them in their next confessional if they want. Confessionals cards for everyone will be posted soon.

Another thing, for the radio hosts shows don’t have to be done everyday but the person must be in attendance at work. They could be doing things such as preparing for their next show or anything work related. Radio shows are mandatory at least once a week to showcase what you’ve been working on. Everyone, including people who don’t work at the station, need too display some type of work. Whether it’s meeting with a client or heading to the studio. Remember you are celebrities and we want to see what makes you at the top of your league.

Tasks are very important to get done so we can get a feel of your character and it’s also way to ensure that you’re still here with us. Like I stated before, an official following list will be posted.

How much everyone makes on the show will be revealed after the first season. We want this to be a great experience for everyone and see what the development everyone has in store for their characters. If you have any questions or comments then our inbox is open so don’t hesitate to slide in and talk to us. 

"ask youtubers "

Sooooo at the moment there’s a lot happening with my life. Getting kicked out if an apartment, might have to go live with my aunt. So I wanna distract myself a bit with drawing, and a lot of people asked being ask youtubers back so that’s what Imma gonna do.
Cause I didn’t do too much of it cause I was generally overwhelmed with all the asks but now I think I can deal with it.

So please distract me with the asks, destroy my ask box. and I mean DESTROY. You can ask as many questions as you like, make them funny and unique please, I don’t want a million shipping questions. I’m still gonna do them but that was one of my main problems with before, there were too many shaping questions. So please be creative with the asks.

I do any youtubers, unless I really don’t know them but yeah have fun with this Imma start doing theses again or at least try to.

(Youtubers a do for sure, anyone from the banana bus crew so Vanoss, delirious, ohm, etc. Septiplier, pewdiecry, phan, leafy, Pyro, marzia, anyone really )

Thank you to all my followers and supporters you’ve done so much for me and I hope you all have a wonderful day ^^

“Among the many questions taking shape in [the parents’ minds], I can imagine the one looming largest: Could their child ever be like other children?”

And here we have the crux of the problem. The focus is on whether the kids are ever going to conform rather than whether they’ll ever be happy. The only emotions this article pays attention to are the feelings of the parents.

Nothing about how their child is probably feeling like a disappointment to their parents, never mind the incredible anxiety they must be going through to try and be the child their parents wanted.

Your child will not ever be like other children.

And your child’s disability is not about you.

“The researchers found that some individuals that had been diagnosed as children no longer had symptoms - such as difficulty interacting and communicating with others, rigid adherence to rituals and routines, and repetitive movement of their bodies and objects - when they were older”.

But the conclusion we should draw from that isn’t that these people aren’t autistic anymore. They’re developing and learning things as people. Either that or they’ve been abused to the point where they’re afraid of showing their autistic traits or are ashamed of who they are. That doesn’t mean anyone was cured.

Oh look, ABA promotion. Why am I not surprised?

Sometimes we autistics learn how to fake eye contact or keep our hands still even though we feel like our fingers are burning. We can create elaborate social scripts to make it seem like we understand people like everyone else does.

“Their eye contact, gestures, the way they talk about their friends were indistinguishable from the behavior of typical adults”

I don’t know where this idea that autistic people don’t have friends or have no desire to have friends came from. But I hate it.

Autism isn’t a tragedy that parents suffer through. Autism is a reality for autistic people. And making them appear “cured” isn’t going to make them happy or successful.

I refuse to believe that the Warden allowed Dagna to travel to the Circle Tower alone. No, clearly they took her with them to make sure she got there safely (even though to be fair she could probably kill any attackers with her cuteness. Or blow them up. One or the other. Maybe both). And so she spent the whole time talking enchantment with Sandal (explosions for the whole camp!), and talking to Wynne (and possibly Surana/Amell) about the circle, and harassing Morrigan with her theories on magic and questions on her shape-shifting abilities. At first Morrigan just gets annoyed, but then she realises Dagna both knows what she’s talking about and is unbiased by Chantry doctrine - she’s actually interesting to debate with. So Morrigan begrudgingly “allows” it (tell no one).