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Hi Hilary, apologies if you don't want to talk about this any more. But as a historian, what's your opinion on the "preserving history" argument of current events?

I think it’s misguided at best and openly racist at worst, has nothing to do with preserving history, is an exercise in denial and cowardice, and is certainly not what anyone who pretends to be concerned about it really cares about.

(Prepare yourself for a rant.)

The thing is, we have a certain subset of white people acting as if the history of the Confederacy will somehow magically be Forgotten if we take down the statues/monuments/associated physical legacy of their presence. You know who sure as hell has not forgotten the Nazis? Germany. Germany has not forgotten the Nazis one bit. Nor do they play around with it. You can and will be arrested if you fly the Nazi flag or give the Nazi salute in Germany, and they have destroyed nearly all the Nazi buildings or any place that could be used as a shrine or gathering place. The difference here is that Germany a) knows what the Nazis were, and b) hasn’t decided to disingenuously reduce them to a “heritage” or “Germanic pride” or fly the Nazi flag the same way the Confederate flag is proudly flown today. They have not tried to celebrate their racist, terrible past. They have taken steps to dissociate themselves from it as strongly as possible, and now lead Europe in taking in the most refugees from the Middle East, as well as having a chancellor (Angela Merkel) who is essentially the new leader of the free world. Germany hasn’t forgotten its history, it teaches that history and is always, always aware of it, and somehow manages to do that without valorizing or insisting on the continued existence of Nazi paraphernalia as “important history.”

The point of all this is: white people in America have been HAPPY to forget their history for years and years, selectively misremember it, tolerate and even idolize the Confederacy and its beliefs and symbols, and now they’re suddenly worried it will vanish? Give me a break. Black people in America have had to live with the knowledge of this history every day. They do not get the luxury of disengaging from it. Every black child has to learn about and confront the existence of racism and the legacy of this history. White kids don’t have to. They can skate. And white people get really upset when conversations about race or history of race come up. Why are you bringing that up, that was a long time ago, etc, etc. America has never systematically confronted and denounced its racist history the way Germany has. It continues to be celebrated. We have that fucking TV show (Confederate) in production, where it will basically provide an imaginative space for what a large portion of the population wishes HAD happened (that the South won the Civil War and slavery in its historical form remained legal). THERE IS NO CHANCE AT ALL, ANYWHERE, OF THIS HISTORY BEING FORGOTTEN ABOUT, AND THE PEOPLE MOANING THAT IT MIGHT BE ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE DONE THE FORGETTING.

(Also: Many of the actual post-Confederates, including Robert E. Lee himself, disavowed their participation and viewed it as treason. Lee refused to be buried in his Confederate uniform or have his colleagues wear it to his funeral. His direct descendants agree the statue should come down. When did the revival of Confederate symbols start? Jim Crow. When did the Confederate flag start flying over the South Carolina statehouse again? 1961. As in, it was constructed specifically in reaction to the civil rights movement, as deeply racist Southern whites continued to resist the idea of black people having any agency or recognition. That was when Confederate monuments became a thing: NOT FROM THE ACTUAL CONFEDERACY.) 

Let’s imagine for a moment that there was a large group of people who had put up a bunch of statues of, say, Osama bin Laden, and made a huge fuss about the possibility of them coming down. They view the attack of 9/11 as the triumph of a small band of patriots over an oppressive tyrannical oligarchy. They fly a flag with the planes crashing into the twin towers, and insist it’s not about the actual deaths of the people involved, it symbolises “culture” or “heritage” or whatever else. Let’s also say these people insisted that their right to defend a statue of OBL, a guy who clearly hated America and made that clear at every turn, was fully compatible with their identity as patriotic Americans, and in fact still to be preferred any time that identity is challenged. Let’s further say that a large segment of the population tacitly or explicitly agrees with them, demands the statue should stay up and attacks anyone who questions its existence in a public space, and claim that you are as bad as the other side if you want it taken down and insist that the flag cannot be dissociated from its history and the deaths involved. You get nowhere by pointing out that OBL, as noted, actually hated America and was fighting to destroy it. Even your supposedly liberal white friends become oddly deaf when the subject is raised, or give some version of the “well I don’t like it either, but this is America/we respect everyone/it’s history” argument. At worst, there are people marching underneath this flag, putting it as a bumper sticker on their pickup trucks, stockpiling tons of guns, and treating it as something to be inspired, celebrated, and replicated.

You’d feel like you were taking crazy pills. You would feel incredibly unsafe every time you stepped outside – what if you met one of these crazies and they targeted you? You would wonder how nobody else on earth could apparently see that no, these people are terrorists, and we are celebrating the murder of innocent people and it may be history, but why is it being treated as a fetishistic and terrifying subculture instead of a tragic and shameful event that we should never want to repeat? And yet, that is exactly what is happening with America’s collective denial and ongoing reluctance to talk about the Confederacy or put it in those terms. There’s always another excuse, and frankly, when Americans have been fed on a steady diet of “America Is Teh Awesomest” for years and years and have no way of critiquing or understanding their actual history without getting offended and going for the “all terrorists hate freedom!” route, the cumulative historical denial is both sad and staggering. Nothing, in this framework, is ever America’s fault, specifically white America’s. But if the people moaning about history being forgotten actually cared about history, they would have to confront the fact that that is simply, empirically not the case.

The fact is, America was built on white supremacy, slavery, and genocide, the victims of that history have no way of forgetting it, and view it pretty incredulously when white people start wringing their hands over it. That is just a historically verifiable reality, and yet white people go for the “long time ago” or “black on black crime” or “I’m not personally racist” defenses, rather than actually listening to the people who have never had the luxury of overlooking that history. This is why we get the absurd both-siderism. On the one hand, we have violent white supremacists proudly identifying as Nazis, a political movement that used to be uncontroversially identified as the most evil of the 20th century, if not ever, and which has roots that go back centuries in vilifying and exterminating anyone who is not a cis Christian straight white male. On the other, we have Black Lives Matter and other protest groups, who are defending their communities and people from the consequences of that ongoing mentality, sometimes violently. Then we have white people on Facebook posting things like, “Both sides are equally guilty! Bad all around! Everyone’s to blame!”

Sorry. No.

There is an overwhelming tendency to favor the status quo over actual justice, and to sanctimoniously condemn any violence used by a marginalized group – we somehow think that people only ever achieve recognizance of their humanity by holding hands and being “non-violent,” and that any time they forcibly resist the overwhelming and somehow-always-justified violence of the dominant group, they lose any expectation of our sympathy. We want to be violent against people of color without consequences, and we might allow them to struggle for liberation if we feel like it, but they have to do it Nicely. We might tepidly condemn the killings of unarmed black people, or post memes about “coming together,” or “not all cops,” or so forth. But when unarmed Native Americans at Standing Rock in 2016 are met with tanks, water cannons, full military deployments, tear gas, guns, and dogs, as were (and are) African Americans at lunch counters or city streets in the 1960s, then no, we do not get to claim that anything has changed. Because the instant those people resist being killed, or call out the comfortable white status quo, or challenge the state’s forever-sanctioned and always-admirable (according to its defenders) violence, they’re just as bad as neo-Nazis.

Sure. Right.

I get it’s a difficult topic. I get it’s hard for white Americans to actually look at what it means to be both white and American in a world where they have always benefited from these identities, and where White Liberalism and White Feminism ™ is just as racist while steadfastly insisting it’s not. Especially when you add American exceptionalism to the mix, where America is never responsible for anything and is the greatest country in the world, there is nothing remotely close to Germany’s decades-long reparations for the Nazis. American culture holds that saying sorry is for wimps. We need to be Proud of Our Heritage.

Nobody’s advocating for the Confederate monuments to be destroyed. They can be kept in a museum, or in storage, or wherever else. But insisting on their continued presence in public life is saying, “I want my right to believe the same things they did to be validated, and I want people personally affected by this belief to Know Their Place and It’s Just History Get Over It, and I don’t want to be challenged on whether this was wrong; I just want everyone to think about it how I do.” It is an insistence on power and an insistence on the safe and comfortable narrative of history that is completely removed from reality. When people say they don’t want Confederate history forgotten, they mean they don’t want white mainstream history to be challenged; they don’t want the people most hurt by this history to get uppity ideas about speaking out or breaking the cycle or making them face consequences. They want to go back to denial, and they resent the people trying to educate them otherwise. It’s the exact opposite of all this sudden Concern for History (which, as noted, isn’t going anywhere).

Conservative movements jeer at liberals all the time for being “snowflakes” who need “safe spaces,” and mainstream liberalism, as noted, can have incredible problems. But then conservatives are the ones crying about how difficult it is to be a racist these days (cry me a river, buddy) and painting liberals as tyrants who want to crush these poor, misunderstood white men whose influence and legacy might somehow vanish from the world (spoiler alert: not happening). So if preserving history is actually what anyone is worried about, don’t talk to your black friends about it. Don’t tell your black friends how much you hate racism. Talk to your white friends about it. Tell your white friends how much you hate racism. Then perhaps you might understand just how much the bubble of privilege protects you, and face the possibility of actually disrupting your life and losing friends or family in the way that white Americans get to take for granted that they do not have to do.

So yeah. It’s not in any sense about really preserving history, and frankly, my opinion as a historian is that I need another god damn drink. And I don’t even drink.

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Might just be a personal thing, but when customers are asking for help or explaining something to me, and they get too close to me like not a foot between us, I back up a little so I don't have my personal bubble popped. But 90% of the time they step right back in my face. I have to do a step turn and show them to the item they need just so I don't get panicky. I know they do not mean to but what ever happened to personal space? That and I can really smell garlic/onions on their breath. 🤢

I’ve backed up across about 16 registers and this dude still didn’t get it. I finally took a step back held out my arm so he couldn’t step closer and I almost yelled “DUDE I’M NOT DEAF I CAN HEAR YOU!” and he finally asked his question. 

I refuse to be anxious because anyone can’t respect my personal space. I’m done being nice about it after the first time. 


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okay seven people living in confined quarters with rationed water -> not gonna smell so great. Bellamy's gonna hug Clarke and smell her "taking regular baths in the river" hair and be overwhelmed by the freshness, it's what my man deserves

well actually, space stations are controlled environments so the temperature is regulated in a way so that the body produces the least amount of sweat possible. and then the water you used evaporates and is sort of sucked up by the ventilation system (for lack of better term) and the condensate then goes to the water reclaimator to get turned into potable water and the cycle starts all over again.

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im a little bit confused as to what the strawberry post is referring to, it is talking about when ppl get called out for creating media that normalises pedophilia, rape, incest, ect. then the creator tell ppl "you can just scroll past, no one is making you look at this"? like i'm not trying to criticise you i'm just trying to figure out if i missed the point or smth :/

I didn’t write that post myself, so I couldn’t possibly comment on what the OP was referring to, but I can tell you why I reblogged it.

I interpreted it as being about a topic which I’ve discussed in some depth before: the fact that tumblr as a whole is not any sort of “safe space”, but rather an open social media platform that is not intended to cater specifically to any one type of person.  People use this website for a huge host of reasons, and not all of those reasons are even vaguely compatible with each other, nor do they need to be.  Most blogs will inevitably include content that is not suitable or appropriate for every single person on the website; that’s not a problem, it’s a feature.  Tumblr isn’t a homogeneous hivemind of blogs that are all meant for everyone, it’s millions of people each doing their own thing, and sometimes interacting with each other.  Not everything on tumblr is suitable for every single user of the website, and that’s a good thing.

The content you see on tumblr depends entirely on whom you choose to follow and what content-filtering options you use.  As I’ve mentioned before in a different context, it’s reasonable to expect blogs to at least take the most basic steps to allow others the chance to avoid content that they don’t want to see (like tagging things properly or flagging a blog as NSFW, when those things are warranted).  However, it’s totally unreasonable to insist that blogs for which you are not the intended audience must tailor their content to suit your individual needs.  If you’re not willing or able to learn how to customize your tumblr experience to make it palatable for your own consumption, you’re not yet ready to use a website like this.

Additionally - and I wouldn’t think this needs to be said at all, but unfortunately I’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary - if you are well aware that something disgusts or upsets you, and then you intentionally seek it out (despite having the ability to avoid it) and become disgusted or upset, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Renee and Andrew are on press duty together. Andrew just stands there and lets Renee answer all the questions in her usual positive way, but then a reporter asks why they risked not having Andrew in goal for both halves when they’re up against such a strong team and Andrew is clearly the stronger goalie with incredible stats and they’ve seen Renee as a backliner in several games before.

Andrew knows that he is the stronger goalie. That is fact. But he also knows that Renee is not the weakest goalie around. So, when Renee goes to respond politely and agree that Andrew’s stats are better than hers, Andrew starts talking first and spouts off a bunch of statistics. He lists off every goalie that got scored on by the same team more times in one half than Renee did this season. When the reporter asks follow-up questions, Andrew goes back to staring off into space while Renee takes over again.

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Do I Have Other Blogs?: Tons. There’s @get-heckd which is where I reblog everything I laugh at that’s not trek. Then there’s @cospecca where I post about my cosplay work, trek and otherwise! 

Do I Get Asks?: Ye sometimes very frequently but I always answer them ^^

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What Am I Wearing?: Black skirt and a blue t-shirt (on it are different types of food with smiley faces on it)

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: Why is this question always here. Do you guys live on the north pole? Are your blankets super thin? I have more reason to have more than one blanket (Sweden) but ours come in different thickness and weight so you can vary throghout the year with ONLY ONE blanket. The fuck

Dream Job: Cat breeder. Singer. Teacher. Concept artist. I still don’t know what I wanna do really (thanks depression)

Dream Trip: I’d love to see Istanbul, Dublin and the nature of Iceland

Favorite Food: In general, things with beans/chickpeas and a ton of vegetables and I’m really happy

Nationality: Swedish (nothing interesting, it goes as far back as I know)

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pluto: what do you love most about yourself?

mars: who is your ideal best friend?

earth: what’s your ideal house/home?

saturn: what’s your aesthetic?

jupiter: if you could choose your own name what would it be?

neptune: what’s an album that you can listen through entirely w/o skipping song?

venus: go to piece of clothing/outfit?

mercury: what’s something you couldn’t live without?

uranus: what’s your zodiac sign?

the moon: favorite quote?

the sun: what motivates you?

kepler-22b: if you could go anywhere, where would it be/why?

phobos: what was your favorite song as a child?

ceres: out of everyone/thing in this world, who would you elect president?

titan: if you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?

callisko: what’s your ideal job?

enceladus: who is your favorite person? what are they like?

hyperion: do you have a favorite store/shop?

comet: what’s your biggest secret?

astroid: what’ your biggest fear? i there a reason why you’re scared of it?

shooting star: who is your ideal s/o?

Hey fun fact the people 28 and over on this website actually do KNOW that the average age skews much lower so like, reminding us is pretty pointless?

More to the point, as much as you guys are way better at identifying and calling out misogyny than I was at your age, a lot of people are really terrible at picking up on one particular kind of misogyny, and that is the creepy upper age limit for space and existence you’re setting for women in your communities.

This may not be easy to instantly identify because it’s not really ageism across the board, for example, this idea that fandom has an upper age limit is not something that effects a lot of men in fandom. Women, on the other hand, are apparently expected to re-direct their fan obsession, fixation, or hobby to things like crafting, child-rearing, and housekeeping just as soon as they become a mom or reach that “typical mom” age. Adult fangirls are “immature” and “need to grow up,” while adult fanboys are literally just a fact of life, as if we both haven’t always been there.

Whenever you question a woman’s right to this space because of her age or parental status, you are reinforcing a stereotype that has effects that reach beyond that one situation. The expectation, for example, that 40 year old men be catered to when writing comics, but that characters of interest to 40 year old women are obsolete or unprofitable.

When actresses over 30 are written out of their franchises or written exclusively in villain/mother/crone roles, this not only furthers the impression that women over 30 have no interest in these franchises, but actually causes women over 30 to disengage with these franchises as a self fulfilling prophecy. A sudden loss of representation can be a real buzzkill, as many of you already know too well.

Women over 30 are often sexual and a lot of us get fan crushes or thirst at the exact same rate as younger people do, but you’re not going to hear about it because every one of us has been shamed at one point or another for expressing desire for age-appropriate fictional characters that was totally acceptable when we were five years younger. Add to that dissonance the fact that A LOT of you are fixated on and thirsting after characters that are actually closer to OUR age if not our age exactly.

Hell, we transfer directly from EVERYONE wanting to hear about our desires and attractions to people being equally disgusted. This is pretty dissonant on a website stuffed full of explicitly sexual material, and it’s especially difficult and heartbreaking for the 30+ year olds who JUST CAME OUT and get an extra level of taboo on top of what is most likely a heaping dose of internalized homophobia.

And I know it’s coming so I’m just going to head it off at the pass, this OBVIOUSLY does not mean that you need to engage in any overtly sexual topic with an older person if that discomfits you, and it doesn’t even mean you need to INTERACT with us, because well, you don’t HAVE to interact with anyone on this website if you don’t want to.

But realize what you’re doing when your reaction to the desire of a 30 year old woman to a 30 year old fictional character is revulsion or a suggestion that she is over-sharing. Notice your shock when you realize that older women inhabit the fandom and recognize that that shock has nothing to do with those women.

Pay attention to the double standard that allows you to embrace rude bigoted 50 year old male comic creators/collectors and equally feel like there’s something wrong or stunted about a woman into the same things. Think about it because that stuff will sneak up on you, and you are probably pretty sure that you’re not going to turn 28 and magically drop all your interests, because no one should expect you to.

jack where you’re videos go?

hi jack this is a text post but i will just ask something !

when you upload your videos to youtube what do you do to the recorded ones after that do you save them somewhere or what? cuse you have like thousands of videos lol do you delete it or save it? cuse i think saving all these videos takes a lot of space! i know its a wierd and dumb question bur it just came to my head and thinking about it lol 

i hope you reply to this and thanks!

Have a great day!

The total solar eclipse is coming! Here’s your chance to ask an eclipse scientist your questions!

Have questions about the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21? Join our Tumblr Answer Time session on Thursday, August 17 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EDT/12:00 - 1:00 p.m. PDT. here on NASA’s Tumblr, where space physics researcher Alexa Halford will answer them. Make sure to ask your questions now by visiting: https://nasa.tumblr.com/ask!

See all the #AnswerTime questions here: https://nasa.tumblr.com/tagged/answertime

Alexa Halford is a space physics researcher at our Goddard Space Flight Center and Dartmouth College. She started researching waves in Earth’s magnetosphere as an undergraduate at Augsburg College with Mark Engebretson using ground based magnetometers in the Arctic and Antarctic. She moved away from waves to focus on geomagnetic storms and substorms during her masters at the University of Colorado Boulder with Dan Baker but returned once more to waves with her PhD at University of Newcastle NSW Australia. Her PhD thesis was on Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron (EMIC) waves during the CRRES mission and their relationship to the plasmasphere and radiation belts.

She is member of the scientific team for a NASA-funded scientific balloon experiment project called BARREL (Balloon Array for RBSP Relativistic Electron Losses) where she looks at the population of particles lost due to these interactions. She is now currently a contractor at NASA Goddard continuing work the BARREL and NASA Van Allen Probes satellite missions.

To get more information about the eclipse, visit: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/

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Ask me any little space questions! c:

💝How many pacis/binkies do you own?
🎀When did you know you were a little?
💄Do you like makeovers?
👗Do you play dress up?
💸Do you have an allowance?
👠How many cute shoes do you own?
🎁What do you want for your birthday?
🎶What music do you listen to in little space?
🔮What do you see in your near future?
🐰What’s your favorite animal?
🐻Who are your top 3 favorite stuffies?
🍼What’s your favorite thing to put in your sippy?
🍭Favorite Candy?
🍀Do you carry anything around for good luck?
🏆What does your CG say you’re the best at?
🙈What helps you feel little on days when you can’t go into little space?
👑What are some personal pet names you’ve been given?
🎃What’s your favorite holiday?
🎪Would you like to go to the circus?
🐚Do you wanna be a mermaid/merman/merperson?
☀What’s your favorite kind of weather?
😺Do you enjoy Pet play?
📚Do you like bedtime stories?
📼What’s 3 of your favorite movies to watch in little space?
🐳Would you like to go to the aquarium?
🐒Would you rather go to the zoo?
🍕What’s your favorite little space food?


“i think the best punisher stories are the ones that are personal and i think you [can expand on that].”

“yeah, i think, i think deb said it, too. he’s a guy who … he lives in this world of darkness – reeling from what happened to him. and i don’t – i think he does not want people to affect him. he doesn’t want to bring emotion into it. but they do. and i think what steve and this team of writers have been able to accomplish is, is it is very personal to him. and he’s, he’s, he’s dragged very much into a, a, a personal war. uh, uh and he cares. and like deb said, i mean karen is a, is a character that he very much cares for. whether he wants to or not. and i think he’s the kind of guy who views that as a weakness. but, you know, the heart is a tricky thing. and when your heart’s affected, your heart’s affected.” – jon, sdcc17