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Man the way you colour is something else. It reminds me of 70's/80's anime/manga covers, the ones that get rendered out properly, or maybe JRPG concept art from the same era. Akira and Dr Slump-era Toriyama also comes to mind. There's just something about the way you choose to render it out... What's your thought process when you colour?

Old school JRPGs like Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire are definitely one of my major influences and of course anime and manga. The Street Fighter art from Daigo Ikeno or the Final Fantasy art from Amano are such a pleasure to look at and study. I’m always looking out for amazing art :) 

A big part of my color process is my line work. I spend a lot of time on it so that it becomes the strong point. If my drawing is strong then the colors can be more secondary where even if I just put down a flat color, the drawing becomes complete. As for color choices, I just choose the ones that make sense and look good to the drawing. Maybe it’s because of my influences, but the colors just look right to me.

Sorry for the late reply. I’m always on hiatus here and there, but I’m thankful for your support and glad you enjoy my art :)

The mad bartender.

God I spent countless hours as a teen playing on a heavily modded and roleplay enforced ultima online server. I played Cedric Sartone, simple farmer turned tavern owner who eventually turned it into THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN. It was poppin every night, I was buddies with every adventurer, soldier, mage, druid, and ranger that played the game. After they went out and grinded their skills and did their quests, I was waiting for them with a warm fire and plenty of ale. I’d buy their ingredients and make awesome food and booze (max level cooking!) and was privy to all the gossip.

Little did they know I had a side hobby, I was brewing massive amounts of the most gamebreakingly toxic poison possible. For over a year I roleplayed with these people as a simple barman, pretended to be their friend and confidant, and then during a harvest festival where every player on our server was in attendance and I was payed to provide the food and drink… I poisoned every last morsel of food, every drop of drink and after the reagent delivered his speech and all of these fools raised their goblets for the toast and took that deadly sip, I stepped onto the stage and revealed what had happened. They where all going to die, and die they did.

Now this was a permanent death server (hardcore rpers mind you) and some had been playing those characters for 8 years and there they all were, collapsed and dying. Soon they were all unconscious, as you could only die if you went unconscious three times in one day or if a certain psychotic bartender came and cut off your head… which I did to every player in our group of 38. They were all there, and unfortunately so was I.

Revenge against what, you ask?

So the server had a pretty strict policy regarding pvp and pk, essentially the GMs had to determine if there was in character justification for any instance of disputed player killing, obviously my situation prompted a call for an investigation. I understood those rules from the start though, and I kept a written log in the game where I detailed my character’s building hatred of every single other player character in the world. He would keep track of every little thing from petty slights, to unpaid tabs, but more importantly I adopted the little mannerisms that people roleplayed to develop their characters into the madness of mine.

So Elias was always whistling, well I recorded how infuriating Cedric found it in his journal, and soon he had multiple journals packed full of a thousand reasons an unstable maniac could use to justifiably (re: server rules) murder anyone. The reagent who was also the server admin had some ornate cloak with a custom texture, so I wrote like three pages about how pompous it was, and extrapolated what kind of insufferable prick he must have been for wearing it.

I would just write one or two things down every day for over a year, so I had many books full for the GMs to locate in the tavern basement and read through. The result was that they found my massacre to be in good form and in-character, so the server was not rolled back and instead they decided to reset and implement a new landmass they had been working on. Some people were really pissed off, mostly a handful of the veteran players who had been top dog for several years in their little gladiator arena.

I only did any of it because my first character was murdered by some overzealous asshole who just used his character to project his inferiority complex. He killed me on my second day on the server because I wandered into the funeral of his friend (it was taking place in the middle of town and there was a crowd, of course I was curious) and because I was not invited and he was a known prick it was found justifiable for his character to kill mine because of the emotional turmoil blah blah. So yeah I said f*ck that, and rolled a new character who was ostensibly eager to please and non-threatening. I won.


Zuko, that magnificant Bastard

He doesn’t manage to complete his own “mission” the way he wants.  He doesn’t capture the Avatar.

But once he gets into a new group of friends, what’s the first thing he does?


He helps Aang learn fire bending.  He helps Katara seek closure for her mothers death. He helps Sokka rescue his dad from prison.

Okay think about that.  Zuko has a shit relationship with his own dad, but he isn’t jealous of sokka and hakoda, he doesn’t take that episode to mourn what he doesn’t have (at least not out loud).  He just helps sokka out.  Just

He is a bigger person than I am.  mother fucking Zuko.

Heads up guys: One of the quests for the World of Shadows paralogue tells you to clear paralogue map 5-2 with a RED tome user.


To clear the quest you have to use a GREEN tome user, NOT RED. Nintendo done goofed on this one and I don’t know if they’ll fix it, but yeah. You’re supposed to use GREEN, so bring one of those!


“The origins of the Citadel are almost as mysterious as those of the Hightower itself. Most credit its founding to the second son of Uthor of the High Tower, Prince Peremore the Twisted. A sickly boy, born with a withered arm and twisted back, Peremore was bedridden for much of his short life but had an insatiable curiosity about the world beyond his window, so he turned to wise men, teachers, priests, healers, and singers, along with a certain number of wizards, alchemists, and sorcerers. It is said the prince had no greater pleasure in life than listening to these scholars argue with one another. When Peremore died, his brother King Urrigon bequeathed a large tract of land beside the Honeywine to “Peremore’s pets,” that they might establish themselves and continue teaching, learning, and questing after truth. And so they did.”

The World of Ice and Fire (p. 216)

3.6 Patch Note leak
  • Due to all the issues, Fishing has been removed as a class from the game entirely
    • Due to this, mining and botany will be able to gather from fishing nodes
    • Cooking recipes have been adjusted accordingly to use ores and plants instead of fish
  • Camp Bronze Lake teleports have been disabled. The area has now been retconned to have been struck by the calamity. 
    • Relevant quests and NPCs are now located in Mor Dhona
  • People with 50 Wondrous Tails book turnins will be able to ascertain Khloe’s true intentions
    • A new trial will be added for those who complete her new quest in 3.62
  • You’ve been asking for it for ages, and now they’ve finally added it. Lalafells have a muscle slider!
  • Bard’s new level 60 quest will simply be playing Dragonforce’s ‘Through the Fire & Flames’ on Master difficulty with no mistakes.
  • Echo was making things too easy, so now each stack of echo will just make a second track of the BGM start playing one second after the last in the background, repeating infinitely.
  • Alphinaud and Alisaie have been getting harder to tell apart, so we’re introducing a third sibling. Name TBA.
  • Thancred has 50% more luscious locks.
  • Y’shtola now has 30% more white in her outfit.
  • Tataru will be the first introduction of Lalafells adjusted by the Muscle Slider
  • Dun Scaith’s Shadowcourt Handmaiden will now drop all Gold Saucer items.
  • SURVIVAL MODE: Eating and drinking will now be necessary to survive if you make a character under this mode.
    • Sleep will be added in 3.69
    • Player Stables will be introduced later to let you park your character in while offline, for others to feed.
  • Chocobo ventures! While stabled, you can send you and your friend’s chocobos out on adventures for experience and loot! (min Companion level: 2)