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200 Stalkers Appreciation Post

I can’t believe I conned over 200 of you into Stalking Following me. Sorry not sorry.

I just want to say that I’m really grateful to this fandom for being as accepting and open as it is.  You put up with my spotty activity like god damn champs.  All of you are great, keep being great.

I want to give shout outs to a few specific people (you should follow them), and then to a bunch of general people (you should follow them); but don’t think I don’t appriciate you if you aren’t tagged, because I do.  I am a very anxious shark who works too damn hard and the fact that any of you put up with me at all is amazing.

So presented in no particular order (except Grace):



Gotta start here, since this blog wouldn’t exist without Grace.  She’d been bugging me for months to make a RP blog for the FFXV community, and finally poked me so much that I did it.  I’ve known Grace for something like four years now.  We met on tumblr RP in the DC fandom.  She’s one of the chillest people you’ll ever meet and I’m really glad to call her my friend.  Also now she lives close® to me and I can bother her IRL too  😈


Miles. Darling.  I can’t believe you’re such a fucking nerd.  We bonded over dumb dick jokes and even dumber lawyer jokes.  Now I can’t remember what it was like to not have you dorking up my discord every day.  You’re a fab writer and an even more fab person, and I’ve told you all this before but I’m saying it again.  My Drautos would not be where he is today without you.

@pxlsatiio (and your other 500 blogs)

JESS. Where does one begin talking about Jess?  Sometimes I think Jess is the crux of this community.  She has so many blogs and all of them are such amazing quality that it’s kind of ridiculous.  I don’t know how she does it, it’s inhuman.  Jess’ personality just never fails to brighten people up, she’s exactly the kind of person you want in your life, trust me.  If you’re not following her, you need to start.


I don’t know when exactly we went from sending ridiculous memes to each other to making each other cry over ship angst, but I have exactly 0 regrets.  Who would have thought I could ship Titus x Cor so much? Not me.  But damn your Cor just gives me so many feels.  This right here is just a super amazing RPer and all around great friend.  If you aren’t following her you are missing out on some pretty intense Cor feels let me tell you.


There’s nothing I can really say here. Kona has been my best friend for way to fucking long.  Since high school, and I barely even remember high school now. There’s literally no compliment I could give that I haven’t given throughout the many years I’ve known him. Brah.  You should follow his Noct and feed him vegetables and beans.  He loves them.


IM STILL CACKLING. I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOU.  Okay okay listen.  I knew this little shit like 10 damn years ago when we both RP’d on Myspace.  Fucking Myspace. I haven’t seen him in like 8 years.  I can’t believe this shit.  We started roleplaying on these accounts and didn’t even realize who we were talking to, it was only like a week ago that the pieces were put together.  He plays a A+++ trans!Prom like god damn that’s some good shit right there mmmm.


Everything you do is quality and I can’t believe you.  I’ve told you before that my friend and I came up with some headcanons for Izunia long before I met you, and I’m still amazed at how similar our ideas for him were.  But you take him to a whole other level.  No matter what your Izunia is now my headcanon for the actual game. It’s done.  aND YOUR BAHAMUT.  Idk man I drool over your characters and their quality a lot.  Add to the fact that you are an insane artist and do such amazing edits. God damn.


Kevin. Kev. Listen. You are incredible.  Incredible Ardyn. Incredible Ravus. Incredible Beans.  You put so much thought into your characters and it really shows. Sorry for constantly throwing my characters at yours but also not sorry because it results in some of the best interactions imaginable.  I get very happy when I see you on my dash in general.

@frigustek / @princessnoxfleuret

My Chocobro and Chocosis.  Thanks for adopting me at Fanime, you guys are great and I miss our adventures a lot.  Clearly I need to take the Regalia for a spin and visit you guys.  We can pick Noct and Iggy up too. I can’t wait for the chance to visit with you all again, September for sure!


Amazing peeps who deserve all the love and put up with me:

@son-of-regis, @oraclechosen, @pelnaxkhara, @arachnexdragoon, @heartxandxhome, @lioncuboflucis, @galahdanblade, @littlexsisterxulric, @theplagueofstars, @no-consequence, @chosenbythecrystal, @leorugiet, @the-witch-matoya, @versesdelinquent, @noctiisms, @oracleofthegods, @floweringeclipse, @sxrtis, @kidsofthekelvinhero, @hyperionknight, @trashkingizunia

And the rest of you have all my love too!

man i can’t wait for the culmination of the “what are bakugou and todoroki’s hero names going to be” question because so much of this show is about personal identities wrt heroism and i’m sure the plan for how theirs are reflected in their names is going to be so good. like deku is fortunate in a lot of respects in that he’s had a clear idea from the start of what his mandate as a hero will be– even tho it changes over the series as well, especially with him realizing how he differs from all might. but i am invested in the triangular narrative between him, bakugou, and todoroki and i want the remedial classes subplot to resolve this because i’m very impatient.

it’s kind of incredible how much pixar has backpedaled over the last couple of years, from the standpoint of character design 

these were the kind of characters designs they had when they did their first movie with humans as their main cast 

despite being cg all of the characters are visually distinct from each other and they look like 2d figures translated into a 3d environment

now it’s just???

all their human characters kind of lack that visual distinction and they’re all just? cute? 


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri