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My favourite @miraculace headcanons for Asexual Awareness Week!


Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed

icon change eyyyyy

still love ice skating dweebs but i’m giving an oc some love (spesh bc i’m in the process of commissioning some art of him and writing more random drabbles about his life) :’D

i love when people make fake social media profiles for fictional characters and make their usernames like “thechosenone7” “ihatehandmedowns” “thebrightestwitchofmyage”

like it’s so funny to me because it doesn’t take their personalities into consideration, nor actual practicality when it comes to making a username

this is just my take but to me, harry’s the kind of person who’d just be miffed that “harry_p” is taken and just click the first suggested option so he’d end up with “harry_p543656”

ron would be that one kid who makes their username something to do with what they’re good at so he’d have put “chesswiz_123” at the age of like nine and just have to live with that forever

hermione would be no nonsense and straightforward and just have “hermionejgranger” and that would be that

SHIELD is out of useable Pokémon!  
SHIELD blacked out! ‎(ノ ಥuಥ )ノ   ()

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I sent an ask a while ago when the anon was making cookie puns and I said something like "they're (the anon) one smart cookie" idk if I said anything else but I don't think it sent and now I don't remember what I said ;-; ALSO HAI IM DEPRESSED I HAVENT BEEN GETTING ANY STORY UPDATES NOTIFS FROM AFF (from anyone even tho it's summer for half of the world) *cries*

Oh nooooo i don’t think it sent my dear ;-; dang I would love your wittiness filling up my inbox ;D



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Tbh idk why but i like these fics where rans n hols like each other and they both think that the other's not into them bc they are hetero right? And then they Discover that the other's bi and they're like bro u didn't know? Bc they assumed he knew

Yessssss. It’s like you read my mind, honestly.

So like I love Ransom and Holster’s dynamic so much (lol in case you didn’t know), and this is so them? Because they know everything about each other right? And Holster’s never been subtle about his appreciation of the male form - although he usually talks about girls with Ransom, because Ransom’s straight, and they can both apprecaite the hot brunette in front of them in the queue at Annie’s - but he just assumed Ransom knew. Not to mention the bi jokes Holster makes on a daily basis, come on.

Ransom’s not been obvious about it, exactly? His bisexuality’s never been something at the forefront of his mind, more like an afterthought of ‘Oh, that’s dude’s got a great ass’. It’s just another part of him, and really no one knows him better than Holster, so of course Holster knows. He’d always assumed that was why Holster made those jokes (Holster seriously can’t resist a pun. Ransom despairs.).

And then something - idk Tater @ Hausgiving - and Ransom’s bisexuality careens from the sidelines to the forefront of his brain at Tater’s height and face and shoulders and hands and smile and height, and seriously he can’t be blamed for wanting to climb Tater like a tree, or for saying that, a little drunkenly, to his best bro and Holster’s like ‘What.’

‘But…but you don’t like dudes?’

‘Um, yes I do?’

And they both kind of blink at each other, hazy and slow.

Then, ‘Dude-’

And, ‘Do you mean we could have been making out the past three years!’

Ransom grins, reeling Holster into him with a hand in the collar of his shirt. Holster goes, easy. They catch up on lost time.


terrible bj hunnicutt puns