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Should’ve taken the A1

a ‘we’re both stuck in stand still traffic and i’m bored as all hell, please entertain me’ au 

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She should have taken the bloody A1.

“There’s not much traffic this weekend, it’ll be fine if I just take the M6!” Jyn practically growled at the traffic around her. “When are you going to learn, Jyn, never trust the bloody M6!”

Of course, the M6 was currently failing her. Only a few miles out of Birmingham, the northbound traffic had naturally come to a complete and utter standstill. Unfortunately, there weren’t any of the slow stops and starts of usual traffic congestion, which meant it was probably an event that was causing this particular jam. Sure enough, a quick Google search was able to tell her that there had apparently been an accident and that traffic was currently backed up for miles. 


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  • cormoran: "You're a very nice person."
  • cormoran: "Actually, Robin? I'm a wee bit pissed."
  • cormoran: "EXtra large!"
  • cormoran: "Lightweight!"
  • cormoran: "Put it on the Super tab!"
  • cormoran: "D'you know what I like about you, Robin? You're a very decent person."
  • cormoran: "...you have good skills... skillset."
  • cormoran: "I think you gotta know when to ask a question, and when not to ask a question. Give people time."
  • cormoran: "...no. I'm not hungry."
  • cormoran: "D'you got a light?"
  • cormoran: "Aurghhhh... they've RUINEDDD pubs!"
  • cormoran: "Pubs used to be bloody brilliant! I remember when this... were all pubs! Even the buses, Robin! They've got mobile pubs!"
  • cormoran: "...they were happy! You know what's ruined everything? Digitalization. Letters? Gone!"
  • cormoran: "What happened to love letters?"
  • cormoran: "Internet groceries!"
  • cormoran: "Wha-!?"
  • cormoran: "What's so hard about-- go to the supermarket, you lazy fuckers!"
  • cormoran: "And now you can't even have a fag in a pub, and there aren't any council houses or love letters anymore."
  • cormoran: "What are you laughing at?"
  • cormoran: "You think it's funny that people can't live near their place of work anymore?"
  • cormoran: "BEARDY!"
  • cormoran: "I'm a bit sad, Robin."
  • cormoran: "I don't need those."
  • cormoran: "...course I am!"
  • cormoran: "I'm a very lucky person, Robin. First, I have the kind of metabolism where I can eat whatever I want and stay pencil thin. And second, I-- I don't really get hangovers..."
  • cormoran: "Bastard leg's bloody killing me!"
  • cormoran: "Cruelty or mercy?"
  • cormoran: "Kid with a gun could've shot me after the explosion, but he looked at my leg and just... winked."
  • cormoran: "You go home."
  • cormoran: "I'm alright now."

Burlington, Vermont

I was excited to make my first stop back in the USA to stay in this small university town on Lake Champlain. It was a great change from the commotion of the big cities I’ve been exploring in Canada. In the evening I made my way to the waterfront and watched a nice hazy sunset over the distant Adirondacks, then proceeded to explore downtown Burlington including the lively Church Street marketplace. My cheap meal choice was 2 huge slices of pizza and a pint for under $10 at Mr. Mikes. I ended the night in The Archives with another drink and a few classic arcade games. The next morning included donuts at The Donut Dilemma and catching up on work. In the afternoon I explored Red Rocks Parks where I hiked a few miles close to the cliffs on the lakefront and down to the beach to enjoy the sun. Back toward downtown, I walked to the Waterfront Park to hear live music and watch another excellent sunset along with hundreds of other people. In Finnigan’s Pub I enjoyed a few beers and ended the night watching the UFC and boxing fights simultaneously. Overall, I really enjoyed the vibe in this town and appreciated how easy it was to walk as well as park/sleep on a quiet street near downtown. I’d love to come back and visit again during the beautiful Fall season. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any recommendations for underrated things to do in Berlin? Like stuff that's off the beaten path. Danke :~)

If you like live music, DEFINITELY go see a show at SO 36, it’s a great place. The squats here are also a great place to see a show, especially if you like more punk stuff, squats like køpi or even the notorious rigaer straße

If you really want good turkish or arabic foods, Sonnenallee is fabulous for that, and it’s usually inexpensive (my friends and I often take our poor asses there). So is kreuzberg–there’s a really good kurdish restaurant named Lasan by kotbusser tor (it’s sort of hidden under a staircase up to a bar named cafe kotti, which I also recommend). It costs a few euros more, but is totally worth it if you have the budget. Definitely get some of their tandur bread, it’s so delicious and if you’re lucky you can get it warm from the oven. 

BEER IN THE PARK BEER IN THE PARK BEER IN THE PA–seriously, I’m not sure if you’re german, or a tourist, or some combo of the too, but you’re allowed to drink on the streets and in the park here, so seriously if you want to have a great afternoon, here are the guaranteed successful steps:

  1. have good weather
  2. go to the späti (the little shops on the side of the street that sell beer and cigs)
  3. acquire beer (or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice)
  4. bring beer and friends to a park of your choice
  5. sit down
  6. have a great afternoon

Recommended parks are görlitzer (sometimes drug dealers stand near some of the entrances so it has a bit of a rep, but just ignore them and they’ll leave you alone, and you’re fine once your inside the park. There’s some big stone steps that are cool to sit on, and also there’s a glow in the dark bowling alley, if you’re into that), Treptower park (it’s right on the river), tiergarten, Tempelhof and honestly any little green space near the spree river or one of the canals

I’m not a huge clubber, so I can’t really advise so much on that, but I like club sisyphos, club soda in prenzlauerberg, and postbahnhof. 

TEMPELHOF. It’s a decommissioned airport that was used in the berlin airlift, and the landing field is now used as a massive park and community greenspace. There aren’t many trees, but it’s a good place to walk and people watch. The tours through the buildings are currently canceled, though, as the some of the buildings are currently being used as a refugee shelter. 

the bars and kneipen (a german neighborhood pub, I like them) around görlitzer bahnhof and Kottbusser Tor are cool. Particularly recommended are bar 39, cafe kotti (hope you like your clothes getting drenched in cigarette smoke though), Respectbar, and Bohnengold. 

In Neukölln there’s a bar named soul cat that plays a lot of soul/motown type music, and they even have live shows sometimes. Weserstraße, the street it’s on, has a number of cool bars and kneipen

Again for food, there’s a deli near Warschauer straße (which has a ton of clubs and concert venues) named Fleischerei Domke, where you can get really good, unpretentious german food for cheap. I used to live there, and I went a lot. 

Club Mate + vodka, it’s your friend if you’re tired but need to keep sinning

Oh, and safety–some of the areas like kottbusser tor or görlitzer, do have some shady types hanging around, mostly pickpockets and people trying to sell you shit-grade drugs; however, they’re generally not aggressive, so as long as you keep an eye on your stuff, look alert, and don’t confront people, you’ll be ok. I’m in and out of those areas at all hours and I’m tiny, and I’ve been fine.

that;s what I can think of for now, but you’re free to write and ask more or pm me. Schöne reise in the berlin sin bin :D


New Alex interview with The Guardian Guide (October 1-7, 2016)!

Alexander Skarsgård: ‘I still wake up shivering in the foetal position’

He’s equally at home in The Legend Of Tarzan as he is a twisted cop in War On Everyone. So why is the sweary Swede having an existential crisis?

by Kevin EG Perry

Afew years ago, Alexander Skarsgård turned up at a Hammarby football match in Stockholm noticeably… what’s a polite way of putting this? Worse for wear? “I was shitfaced,” says Skarsgård. “I went up in front of the crowd and started doing this chant. Someone put it on YouTube. I’m very drunk, going: ‘You fucking cunts, listen to me!’ I thought: ‘This is real embarrassing.’”

During the bleak hangover that followed, the 40-year-old Swedish actor thought he might have torpedoed a career that had just seen him get the part of Tarzan in this summer’s blockbuster. In fact it made him an even more perfect fit for the role. “Warner Bros had said they needed someone primal and animalistic,” he says. “So my agent sent them the video, saying: ‘Isn’t this motherfucker primal enough for you?’”

Another one of the half-million people who watched it was John Michael McDonagh, writer-director of The Guard and Calvary, who was on the lookout for a hard-drinking detective for his pitch-black buddy comedy War On Everyone. “He saw the video and went: ‘That’s the guy,’” says Skarsgård. “It got me the job. The moral of the story is: Make a fool of yourself and people will love you. Remember that, kids.”

When we meet around midday in the lobby of the Hotel Normandy during the Deauville American film festival, it seems he’s taken his own lesson to heart. The previous night he was so smashed that he invaded the DJ booth at War On Everyone’s afterparty and proved that while you can take the man out of Sweden… “I played strictly Abba,” he says. “When in doubt, Lay All Your Love On Me. We closed that place down.”

As he concertinas himself into the back of a people carrier for the two-hour drive to Charles de Gaulle airport, sheltering his eyes behind dark shades, it’s somehow reassuring to know that savage hangovers afflict even movie stars who’ve been blessed with the sort of face that led Ben Stiller to cast him in Zoolander so he could ask him: “Did you ever think there’s more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking?”

Skarsgård has been figuring out an answer to that ever since. He starred as a brooding, topless vampire in HBO’s True Blood, which ran for seven years until 2014, and made him a pin-up and earned him a legion of fans who’d approach wanting nothing more than to get bitten. (He never did. You bite one fan…) Simultaneously, the show’s success gave him the opportunity to play odd parts in indie films that didn’t trade on his looks. In coming-of-age-in-the-70s film The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, he was the mustachioed creep who slept with his girlfriend’s daughter; in Melancholia’s dreamlike apocalypse he was an earnest, cuckolded newlywed; and in next year’s Duncan Jones-directed Mute he’ll play a silent Amish character. “It’s not about wanting to show I’m versatile,” he explains. “It’s just feeling that excitement of not knowing who a character is but figuring it out and finding him.”

Yet he was back with his pecs out this summer for The Legend Of Tarzan, a blockbuster that, like many in 2016, struggled at the box office. He says he was drawn in by the character’s search for a place in the world and impressed by Harry Potter director David Yates’s ability to make a £140m film feel “intimate”. But it was in some ways a change of scale. “I work mostly in independent movies so the scope of Tarzan was definitely different,” Skarsgård says. “I didn’t feel pressured [by the box office demands] though. It wasn’t like: ‘Oh fuck, this is a big movie.’ It was an incredible experience, but it was also nine months of just gym, work and bed. I didn’t have a sip of alcohol. It was robotic.”

Which explains the appeal of War On Everyone, a film in which he both downs and takes shots in every direction. Skarsgård plays Terry, a perma-drunk, Glen Campbell-obsessed, unapologetically corrupt detective partnered with the lightning-witted Bob, played by The Martian’s Michael Peña. It’s the old bad cop/worse cop routine, but laced with fierce cleverness. Where Shane Black’s The Nice Guys were bumbling dunces, McDonagh’s pair trade wisecracks peppered with esoteric references to everyone from Simone de Beauvoir to realist painter Andrew Wyeth.

Their cocaine-fuelled romp takes them through an Albuquerque inexplicably peopled with Quaker bank robbers and burqa-wearing tennis players as the duo go in search of a missing million dollars and that most evil villain of all: a member of the English upper class. It’s wildly irreverent, the tone set by an opening scene in which the pair try to knock down a mime (to see if he’ll make a sound). Likewise, McDonagh’s script lives up to its name by making puckish jokes on any subject you care to think of. Skarsgård, hunching his lean frame into a stoop, relishes it.

“It’s so un-PC, it’s so me,” says Skarsgård. “You could tell John didn’t give a fuck about anything, which I found refreshing in a script. I’d read a couple of comedies but nothing that was fun or intelligent enough. When I got this script and it was dark and twisted and weird and completely out there, I was excited.” And besides, he adds, “[John is] a beautiful soul, which helps when you insult everyone.”

He even sees some similarities between his dirty detective and the king of the swingers. “As with Tarzan, there’s dichotomy in the character between being a civilised man and a beast. That’s something we can all relate to. We live in a civilised society, but 12 hours ago we were beasts dancing to Abba.”

Skarsgård has spent his life caught between different worlds: blockbusters and indies, Sweden and the States. During his bohemian upbringing he wanted to be like his friends’ dads who wore suits and drove Saabs. When Skarsgård was 20, his own father Stellan found international fame in Lars von Trier’s Breaking The Waves, and they would go on to appear together for Von Trier in Melancholia. However, when Alexander was growing up his father was simply an eccentric thespian with a penchant for walking around nude. “He was a weird Bergman actor. A 12-year-old kid doesn’t give a fuck about that,” says Skarsgård. “He’d be walking around naked or wearing weird Moroccan robes. As a teenager you’re just like: ‘Come on, dad!’”

The young Skarsgård’s first taste of fame was his own. His appearance at the age of 12 in TV film The Dog That Smiled made him a child star, but he soon found he hated the attention and quit acting. “I was desperate to be normal and blend in,” he says. He saw his chance at a life on the straight-and-narrow by enrolling in the Swedish military at 19, “unheard of” in his family. “That was my way to rebel,” he says.

Afterwards, still in search of himself, he decided to head to university in the UK. But he swerved London to find a more authentic British experience, and enrolled at Leeds Met. “It doesn’t get more British than a northern, working-class town,” he says. “There was a club called the Majestic where they had student nights and it was a pound a pint. We lived in Headingley, near the pubs on the Otley Run. Uni was a bullshit excuse for being there. I was studying British culture. I loved it.”

Deciding at 20 that he may have been a little hasty quitting acting, it was while visiting Stellan in LA that he won his small part in Zoolander – at his first Hollywood audition – but it was a false dawn. It would be another seven years before he got a major role, and he spent the time in between shuttling between theatres and coffee shops. When he was cast in David Simon and Ed Burns’s Iraq miniseries Generation Kill, he spent a month convinced he was about to be sacked. “It was only after four or five weeks I realised they weren’t going to recast,” he says. “Before that all I could think about was how much it would cost them to reshoot the big fight scenes after they fired me.”

Imposter syndrome is a common feeling – although a little hard to believe from a handsome, 6ft 4in movie star. “That shit doesn’t change,” he assures me. “I felt like that on Tarzan. I was on set thinking: ‘When is the director going to come over and say: Dude, you can go home. We’ve got Tarzan here now.’ That was 10 years after Generation Kill.”

Alexander Skarsgård, then: just like the rest of us. Fond of a pub crawl, obnoxious at sporting events, constantly waiting for that tap on the shoulder telling him the jig is up. So life is still pretty much the same when you’re really, really, really ridiculously good-looking?

“I mean, fuck, I still wake up shivering in the foetal position,” he says. “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I get. Getting drunk on someone else’s dime listening to Abba is brilliant, but my life is still shit. I’m still agonising. What the fuck am I doing with my life? Where do I belong? Who gives a fuck? Let me assure you, it doesn’t get any better.”

War On Everyone is in cinemas from Friday

Sources:  Article:  TheGuardian.com (x), Photos:  Originals:  Filip Van Roe / eyevine (x, x)

robert: I didn’t go looking for ya!
also robert: oh I bought coffee let’s be mates, oh I’m stuck in a layby have you got aaron’s number? oh, I’ve come here to where you are to tell you to stop being near me it’s suspicious, oh I’ve come to this pub where you live to corner you into talking to me, oh here have some money, oh there’s this barn you should come to, oh I booked a hotel, actually two hotels, wanna hang out at home farm for a week?

Hi guys here is A Fair to Remember Part 2..I hope you like it..thanks for taking the time to read. Part one here

A Fair to Remember Part 2

“Hiya, Finn”

Those sweet words hung in the air as she sat down next to me.

Rae her name was Rae, after what seemed like an eternity agonizing over her, she was sitting next to me and she’s smiling at me, she was here actu—

Cough cough

Oh everyone’s looking at me

Rae had raised her eyebrow at me in a questioning manner

I looked to the gang who seemed confused..oh they wanted to know how we know each other

“how do you know Finn, Rae?”

Chloe asked confused at the previous exchange

Rae quickly answered

“well, we met the other night at the fun fair” she said smiling

I wonder if she’s going to tell them it was at the kissing booth, maybe I should tell them it was at the kissing booth


Chloe still seemed confused

“I was there with Finn and I didn’t see you”

What the fuck Chloe don’t say it like that, we are not together.

I spoke up “It was before you got there, we had just got off the Ferris Wheel, before you walked over” I smiled at Rae

“Ya, I mean I saw you Chloe, when you were walking towards Finn”

If she knew her then why didn’t she stay, I looked at Rae confused and I could sense she could tell

“But I had just got back and wasn’t settled in, so I wanted to wait before I told you”

She looked at me giving me a that’s what happened smile

Where was she, where did she just get back from?

“where were you Rae?”

Oh Izzy…your the best

“I had just got back home, I go to an all-girls boarding school up in Leeds” she shrugged

“so are you just visiting for the summer then?” Izzy asked

I looked at her desperately; she looked at me with a pained look, then back to Izzy

“Well, um..yeah, my mums getting remarried so I’m staying the summer, because they are going on a cruise and need me to feed their birds”

I let out at a hard breath, one I didn’t even realize I was holding

I needed to talk to her about what had happened that night at the fun fair, I need to know if she felt how I felt

As the gang started to probe her with questions about what is was like to attend an all-girls boarding school, I was left feeling a cross between wanting to kiss her and coming to the realization that I only had 2 months with her and was starting anything worth it.

I really just needed to get her on her own to see how she felt before anything else

I wonder if..

“alright time to call it night, we’ll meet back again tomorrow, where I expect some more details Raemundo” Chop wiggling his eyebrows

“why do you have to be such a horrible boy!” Izzy said as she slapped Chop

We got outside the pub and everyone stood there awkwardly for a moment before saying good bye

I was going to hug Rae goodbye but Chloe and Archie go to her before me

“Hey Rae, Finn lives near you” Chloe smiled

Rae looked at me and smiled, perfect now I can talk to her

I said “well then it looks like you have an armed escort home” I laughed and looped my arm through hers

As we set off walking it was silent for a few moments

I knew I needed to see how she felt, but that could wait a minute

I pecked her on the lips

“what was that for” but she had a smile on her lips

“I had to do it, I’ve been dying too since you came into the pub, and I can’t stop thinking about the fair” I offered desperately

She laughed and said “I feel the same way”

I let out a sigh of relief

“but Finn, I’m only here for the summer, I don’t wan..”

I cut her off, she felt how I felt and that’s all that mattered right now we can deal with the other stuff when the time comes

“I know, I know but we’ll take it slow yeah?” I smiled reassuringly

“are you sure?”

“positive” I said with a smile and holding her a little tighter

She looked at me “Okay”

When we go to her house we hugged goodbye and I kissed her on the cheek, after all we said we’d go slow

I told her I would come by tomorrow around noon so we could go meet the gang

When I got to my room I couldn’t even remember the walk home, all I could think about was Rae and the promise of tomorrow would bring

I went the next day to pick her up and I couldn’t be more excited, I had opted to take the scooter for personal reasons

When I got her house I went and knocked on the door and Chloe answered

What the fuck is Chloe doing here?

“hey, Finn”

Archie too what the fuck is goin’ on, where’s Rae

Rae came downstairs babbling about something or other then she looked up and stopped mid- sentence and her face lit up and she smiled at me

“hiya, Finn”

I could have melted right then and there, I wonder if I have the same effect on her

“Alright Rae, Finn, me and Archie will see you down at the pub in a bit yeah?”

She hugged Rae good bye, then Archie hugged her and KISSED her on the cheeck what the actual FUCK was that about

I guess I had a right disgusted look on my face

“y’alright mate” looking curiously at me

“Yeah, Arch I’m fine” slapping him on the shoulder in a less than friendly way

As soon as the door shut Rae went to hug me but I stepped back

“what were they doin’ here”

Rae made a confused face for a moment, then it turned back into a knowing smile

“Are you jealous Finnley?” she poked at me

“well…” I was nervously fumbling with my helmet

She laughed “they just came to fill me in what’s been going on”

“why was Archie here then, eh?

Her smile faded “Well, that’s not my place to say”

“but what I can tell you is that I told them all about the fair and what happened” she was smiling

I smiled and said “really”

“yeah, I figured I’d better before anything happened with us, so they didn’t ask questions later” she smiled

I smiled and pulled her in for a hug then kissed her on her lips, I knew were supposed to take it slow but I needed her to feel how I felt

She smiled into the kiss, yep this going to be the best summer ever

We made our way down to the pub where the gang was all waiting and judging by the looks on Chop and Izzy’s faces they were clued into to what happened

We sat down and I rested my hand close to her outer thigh

“So, I guess you should be thankin’ me eh Finny boy” chop said wiggling his eyes brows

I gave him a questioning look

“if it wasn’t for me being a few minutes late you might never have gotten to kiss Raemundo here” he said in a cheeky voice

I felt a hand intertwine with mine I looked down at Rae’s hand then back at her she was looking at me rolling her eyes and I just chuckled

I just said “right, thanks Chop”

Then looked back at Rae she was smiling

As the time went on, Me and Rae were inseparable, we spent as much time together as possible

Turns out we actually had a lot in common, we liked the same music, we shared the same opinions on most things, and there was hardly anything we disagreed over

This summer was looking to be the best summer I had ever had, there would be no topping it.

It was a pretty busy too, we all attended Rae’s mums wedding, where she said she looked like a prolapsed colon in her bridesmaid dressed, I just kissed her and said more like a profiterole she just laughed

Then Chop convinced her to have a sexy party and that went okay, besides the fact that when Chop made us play spin the bottle and Rae and some twat were supposed to kiss I picked up the bottle, chucked it, then grabbed Rae and lead her to the cupboard for a hot make out sesh.

By the time Knebworth rolled around I was beginning to realize that I was in love with Rae, she was perfect, smart, beautiful, kind, funny and she was mine.

Knebworth was, well, there isn’t a word that could do it justice, it was just perfect

We jumped up and down screaming the lyrics of the songs, then when they played Wonderwall, I wrapped my arms around Rae from behind resting my chin on her shoulder singing into her ear.

But as summer was drawing to an end I could feel a gnawing in the pit of my stomach, knowing that in just one week and 4 days Rae would be going back to school.

We spent as much time together as possible, both of us feeling the pain but neither willing to express it.

There was only a week left now before she had to leave and her mum came home, so we didn’t get to see each other we only talked on the phone a few times

Her mum wanted “mother-daughter” time with her

I needed to see her, she was going to be leaving soon and I needed to tell her I love her, even if she didn’t feel the same, she needed to know, and I would be willing to do long distance if she was.

It was the day before she had to leave, after not seeing her for what felt like an eternity, it was bitter sweet to see her sitting with the gang as I walked into the chippy, but they looked like how I felt.

We sat there in silence for a moment no one wanting to say anything, we all knew what tomorrow was and we were dreading it. Rae had become a fixture in our gang; she held a special bond with all of us in different ways.

A hand slammed down on the table

“alright enough of this, it’s the last night of the fun fair, let’s go have some fun, eh!?”

We all just looked at Chop and smiled

As were walked into the fairgrounds the memory of that night flooded into my mind, I was so pissed I had to fill in for Chop, but at the time I didn’t know I would meet the girl next to me, the one I love.

The gang scattered, while me and Rae walked slowly taking our time savoring every second

I wanted to tell her I loved her so badly but I didn’t know what it would do

We walked silently, gripping hands so tight our knuckles turned white


I looked at her smiling


“that night , I was having a really bad night, I hadn’t want to come home, but mum kept pleading with me, I mean she’s 43 years old and she got remarried” she laughed

I just laughed with her

“then, I kissed you and you came and found me and my feeling of not wanting to come home changed into not wanting to leave home” she said looking down

I put my hand to her face and turned her to look at me

“Rae, that was the best night of my life, I didn’t even want to be there, and then I kissed you and thought I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and I knew I had to find you” I kissed her lightly on the lips

When we looked up to see where we were, we were standing in front of the Ferris wheel, we smiled and let out a small laugh

We got on to the ride I had one arm around her shoulder while rest her head against mine an we sat in silence for a few moments

I knew I had to tell her how I felt, it was now or never

“Rae, I need to tell you something”

She sat up and we were both gazing into each other’s eyes.

She just smiled for me to continue

“I wanted to tell you this for a while and it’s okay if you don’t say anything back, I know we were supposed to take it slow and everything but..”

My hands started shaking and she squeezed them and gave me a reassuring smile

“I just..well..I love you”

It felt like a weight had been lifted off of me

As I looked at her she smiled and looked down for a moment before bringing her gaze back to me

“Finn, I..”

“look you don’t have to say anything, I just didn’t want you to leave without knowing how I felt.”

“Finn, I needed to ask you something, but now I don’t think I need to” she smiled

I was confused was she going to ask me if I loved her

“what were you gonna ask”? I looked at her curiously

“well, the days I had spent with my mum I had told her about the gang and you and that I was falling in love with you and that I didn’t want to leave, so she told me that I could stay and finish school here if I wanted..”

Did she say she was falling in love with me, that she wanted to stay..that she was staying

“so, I was going to ask you if I had a reason to stay because I knew I loved you, but I wasn’t sure how you felt, because we were supposed to take it slow, but just now… you gave me my reason to stay” she was smiling at me

I did the only thing I could do in that moment, I grabbed her and kissed her, pouring every bit of my love for her into it

This was definitely a fair to remember

“Alright guys, your little love confession is holding people up, the rides over”

Can I Ask You A Question? a oneshot for @jilytober

James couldn’t remember the last Order meeting that had not begun with an obituary.

The news of the Longbottoms’ death, however, had hit them with an unprecedented level of grief.

In a poetic fit of selfish bias, James felt enraged on behalf of Lily Evans, who seemed to be taking it harder than most. This was almost immediately replaced with a deep sense of guilt, and James looked away from the woman silently crying in the chair beside him and back at Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore had said a few eloquent and kind sentences on the subject.

Not that there were any words that could diminish the pain of losing two dear friends or the knowledge that their son had been barely a week old when mercilessly cut down.

As Dumbledore turned the topic of discussion to planning and politics, giving the illusion that any semblance of victory was attainable.

James glanced at Lily again.

She caught his eye and gave him a small smile.

Though their relationship constituted little more than a mildly warm back and forth (with the uncomfortable lingering memory of a summer’s day by the lake some six years previous), her presence was enough to set him on edge, make him aware of himself to an unnerving degree.

Lily’s smile simultaneously warmed and broke his heart, and James wanted very much to hold her hand.

Which would be highly inappropriate.

Why did sitting beside Lily Evans make James Potter feel fifteen again?

“And now,” said Dumbledore, “I think it’s time we all drank, don’t you?”

Several people nodded in agreement, a couple excused themselves.

James hadn’t expected quite as much solemn night of drinking when he’d joined the Order. In actuality, there was more drinking than killing of Death Eaters; a highly disappointing ratio.

As the evening faded to night, the group around Daedalus’ dining table lessened one by one.

When Daedalus announced he was off to bed, the few people left finished their drinks and began to get to their feet.

As James began to stand, Lily said, “Who kills a baby?”

It was the first thing she’d said all night.

James hovered above his chair, sharing a look with Sirius who gave his friend a wink before disappearing out of the dining room.

She’d spoken to the room at large, but only James had heard.

“Do you wanna keep drinking?” he asked.

Lily raised her gaze to see James, arse half in the air, caught somewhere between sitting and standing.

“Yes,” she replied firmly. “I really would.”

She took him to a small pub near where she lived and paid for the drinks, James having no muggle money.

“So,” began Lily, passing James his cider across their secluded table. “How are you? We haven’t spoken for a while.”

“As good as anyone else these days,” he said casually.

“That bad, eh?”

James laughed.

Silence fell as the two of them took exceptionally large swigs of their drinks.

“I can’t believe they killed a baby,” said Lily, slamming down her glass.

“I can,” said James darkly.

Lily shot him a confused look, to which James hurriedly clarified, “I mean, I wouldn’t really expect anything more from them.”

“I suppose.”

As James drank once more, Lily stared at him.

“Yes?” he asked, lowering the glass.

“I want your opinion on something.”

“Fire away.”

“Frank and Alice were young when they got married. I mean, older than us, obviously, but still they were young. And then they had a kid. All in the middle of a war.”

“Well, and I’m just putting this out there, I’m not sure the kid was planned.”

Lily’s mouth twitched at the corners, the way that it always did when he said something she wanted to laugh at but knew she shouldn’t.

“Sorry,” he said quickly. “Go on. You wanted to say something.”

“What I wanted to ask was, do you think it’s worth it?”

“What do you mean worth it?”

“Getting married, starting a family,” she explained.

“In general?”

“In a war.”


James furrowed his brow, thinking hard as he stared into his glass, as though for inspiration.

“You don’t have to answer,” said Lily.

“No, I want to,” replied James, his eyes still on the liquid before him.

Lily nodded and waited.

“I suppose it is,” he began, “I mean, when you might die tomorrow, that’s when you wanna start getting stuff done.”

“Stuff done?”

“I just mean that if you really want something, like to marry the love of your life or to start a family, then you shouldn’t wait. Especially not in a war.”

“Interesting,” she said.

“You disagree?”

“No, I actually agree completely. I just wanted to know what you thought.”

James let out a breathy laugh before taking a large gulp of cider.

“So,” Lily pressed on, “Now that we’ve got that out of the way can I ask you something else?”

“Of course.”

“Are you ever gonna ask me out again?”

James froze for a moment, not sure how to respond.

“You don’t have to answer that either,” added Lily.

“No, I want to answer that as well,” said James. “I mean, I didn’t have any immediate plans because I didn’t want it to be awkward when you turned me down.”

“Makes sense. But what if I didn’t turn you down?”

“Then I’d have wasted a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, wouldn’t I?”

Lily’s mouth twitched once more.

“Hey, I’ve got a question for you,” voiced James.

“Go on then,” said Lily.

“Would you like to go on a date with me sometime?”

“Nah, you’re alright,” she replied, taking a drink.

He tapped her shin with his foot beneath the table, letting out a gasp.

“You led me on!” he cried in mock-offence.

Lily started to laugh and managed to spit a reasonable amount of cider onto the table.

“Well, now I don’t even want to go out with you,” teased James.


“Yes, Lily?”

“I would love to go out with you.”

James couldn’t help but grin.

“Now,” continued Lily, wiping the table with her sleeve. “Can we pretend that was really romantic and I didn’t spit everywhere?”

anonymous asked:

psst im another uk fan who lives near london, if anyone's going to mcm we could have a meetup there~

Ok people, absolutely not joking, if I were to organise something around the 27-29 of May in London for omgcp fans, who would not only be interested in coming, but also genuinely able to?

I don’t have money to book us a room or anything fancy, but we could maybe reserve a table at a pub or coffee shop and just meet and chill.

This is just an exploratory post to see where the interest levels are at, message me off anon or reply if it’s something you could attend.

Please if you message me, remember to do it off anon, since I’ll be making a list of people to get in touch with once I’m actually in planning stages.

(I’ll be following the #omgcp London)