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[Fates Rewritten - A Retelling of FE:F]

(All right, this is just a fan rewrite that came from some general discontent with how Fates was handled. I’ll have gone through a couple drafts of this before I’ll be satisfied enough with how it turned out to post it. If you guys like this, show your support and I’ll post chapter summaries for each route sometime in the future! Thanks for reading!)

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They still out to get me...

JAY Z has ended his almost two-year radio silence, reuniting The Throne with Kanye West and jumping on Drake’s new single ‘Pop Style.’ Hov brings 2001 prophecies to fruition and gives us only two bars: “They still out to get me, they don’t get it… I can not be gotten, that’s a given!” Hopefully this begins a Summer of Hov - the game needs him!

Song available to stream now on TiDAL.

anonymous asked:

I am absolutely in love with your blog!!!! It's just amazing how you come up with these theories. It honestly gives me something to think about during the day, especially in Spanish. Anyway, I was wondering if you ever wrote anything on why Lexa got the tattoo, the main one? I know it partially could be because of Clarke but i don't know really?

Thank you so much!! :D THIS is my prophecy theory. I believe this tattoo was tattooed on Lexa once she became Commander. This was on her body WAYYYYY before the Sky People came to Earth. 

What if one of the prophecies is that “The sky will once again rain fire down upon the earth”. This would be in reference to ALIE’s bombs, but then the prophecy came to fruition when the Ark came ‘raining down’ from space. I swear to god if there is something in the prophecy referencing Clarke in a slide way, consider me shell shocked. Maybe there is something in the prophecy that is misinterpreted…what was missing to defeat ALIE was Clarke. It was Lexa’s and Clarke’s real connection of love that was missing. 

What is needed to live and be a human is: Earth, Air, Blood, Water. (Lexa is the earth and blood – Commander of the Blood and is from Earth; Clarke is the air and water – water comes from the Sky and Clarke is from the sky that contains oxygen) Meh. this is such a stretch and kinda ‘fluffy’ tbh (not really The 100 style), but I keep on thinking about how the prophecy (if there is one) could connect everything. How things could be misinterpreted for generations that finally come to light…Clarke is special. There is something about Clarke that will help Lexa defeat ALIE.