a promise to the death

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I always found Papyrus' death dialogue in a neutral run weird. Its like he's either being silly as a coping mechanism, or he isnt aware that he's dying.

There is also the fact that Papyrus goes out of his way all the time to make Frisk not feel bad.

He’ll call Frisk selfless when they “Insult” him, saying their doing it to make him feel better about fighting.

He’ll call Frisk humble, when “I have zero redeeming qualities” is selected, saying that they remind them of themselves. 

And when called a looser he turns it back on Frisk and proceeds to comfort them with the promise of friendship. 

If anything Papyrus’ lighthearted acceptance of death is another way he is trying to not have the human feel bad, like “HAha woops! didn’t see that coming!” 

Papyrus is too good for us. 

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For the ship thing? Gavin/Jeremy - 21

Things you said when we were on top of the world.
I’m a slut for King Jerevin!AU sorry.

“Holy shit.”

Jeremy whispers the words, nearly drowned out by the songbirds chirping out their morning greeting. Gavin looks over to his knight to see his eyes wide, mouth open and attempting to make a smile, but just ends up to be something that can only be described as amazed.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Gavin asks, voice quiet so he doesn’t disturb the peaceful morning. He already knows the answer is yes, from Jeremy’s reaction.

Jeremy is braced carefully against a strong oak tree, careful not to slip down the steep edge that promised a painful death. But he wasn’t paying attention to that, he was watching the valley; the large expanse of fields and fields, in the center was Gavin’s kingdom, a place that looked so small now, from way up here. “You get to see this every time you come here?” Jeremy asks, and Gavin smiles.

“Every two seasons.” Gavin answers, but he didn’t care for the view. Instead he watched Jeremy, how he was gripping the oak tree tightly, how he purposely dug his boots made for the trek in the mud to ground himself, and how he was so Damned by the Gods close to the edge. If Jeremy were to lose his grip ot footing and fall to his death, Gavin wouldn’t be able to tell if he would be quick enough to register it, or quick enough to even care. “C'mon, the best view’s at the top, and we still got quite a hike before we get there.”

“Thank you for choosing me to accompanying you on your journey to the sanctuary, my King.” Jeremy says, a smile proudly worn across his cheeks as he joins Gavin back on the path.

“Of course, Jeremy, wouldn’t of wanted it to be anybody else.”

Where the Hurt Is


Rating: Mature

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 12,349


For this Kink Me! Merlin prompt: They were childhood/teenage sweethearts but Arthur’s family moved away (because Uther detested Merlin but Arthur doesn’t know this) and they promise to write. After Uther’s death Arthur finds all the letters from Merlin he never received. All the time he thought Merlin had forgotten him. Arthur seeks him out.

Comments: I really loved that this fic showed Merlin and Arthur from childhood to adulthood and all that encompassed between them. There was a good mix of fluff and angst that made the ups and downs of the fic enjoyable to read, and the reunion at the end was great as well.

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Omg, he won’t die I swear! I mean, something may or may not happen…but no death I promise :P 


Harry Potter Series

(Sirius and Regulus, as requested by @purqatory​)

“Besides, the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

Little is known about Sirius’s relationship with his younger brother, Regulus, as he never spoke about it. It was revealed, however, that Sirius had wished that Regulus had not been foolish enough to go with what their parents told him to do, and was rather upset with losing his little brother to the Death Eaters at such a young and promising age. It can be theorised that he would have been comforted if he had known that his brother had died defying Voldemort.

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I think the reason Levi looked so desperate at the end of the chapter was because he realized he had lost his chance of following his original serum plan and that if that meant he could no longer save Erwin, then the fact he too broke his original promise would be even worse... He probably thinks he cannot save Erwin anymore and that as he didn't kill the beast titan then that means Erwin's death would've been for nothing

*Cont. Levi probably thinks that he let him down in life, by not saving him and then he let them down in death, by not keeping his promise… :(

Yep definitely.

What really stood out to me was the fact that Levi had no intention of killing Zeke throughout their whole fight. His plan from the beginning was to feed him to Erwin.

Then the cargo titan took Zeke away. Levi tried to follow with that unbelievably desperate, hopeless look on his face. The man he is literally in love with is most likely on the verge of death, and his last hope just got taken away. His thoughts in this moment was probably along the lines of, ‘Erwin is going to die, you can’t do this’.

Then Zeke said this:

“You are all about to be annihilated. It was a close-call, but it’s our win.”

Notice that we get a panel of Levi’s face right after. These words are what made Levi snap out of it. These words are what reminded him of his promise to Erwin.

Because to Levi, Erwin is everything, and Erwin might be dead. Erwin’s death is the worst thing that could happen.

But when he heard these words from Zeke’s mouth, he remembered that to Erwin, humanity is everything. Annihilation is the worst thing that could happen. 

So he remembered what is important to Erwin. To prevent annihilation, they need to kill the beast titan. Erwin put aside his own wishes to see the basement, in order to make that happen. He went to his own death for the sake of humanity.

Levi’s wish is to see Erwin survive. But he is putting aside that wish - the same way Erwin did - in order to fulfill his promise. Because by fulfilling his promise, he is carrying out Erwin’s will of saving humanity.

Levi is being utterly selfless right now. He is putting Erwin’s wishes above his own. He wants to feed Zeke to Erwin, but that’s not what Erwin asked of him. Levi loves him so fucking much that he would do anything Erwin asked him to. Even if it clashes with his own wishes.

When a person thinks of someone else before themselves?

That is what true love is.

“True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.”
   -Sadhu Vaswani

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Do you think Levi's going gay for Erwin (reference snk 81) or he's just badly affected because Erwin is his bff?

I think the reason why Levi is so upset in 81 is simply for the fact that he consciously made the choice for everyone to go through with the suicide charge, told Erwin he would kill the beast titan, and then failed to do so in the end. 

Levi finally made a choice, and in the end its outcome was dire because not only could Erwin die, but everyone else in the charge has most likely perished (as far as Levi is aware) and it rendered no results save for Zeke’s escape. 

He failed to bring meaning to their sacrifice like he promised he would, and we all know how much Levi despises meaningless death. 

Obviously he’s upset that he failed to keep his word to Erwin, but personally, I don’t think it has anything to do with romantic feelings. I cannot see Levi and Erwin as anything more than close friends, but that is my personal opinion. 

Phillipines' new "dictator" will give a hero's burial to Ferdinand Marcos

Rodrigo Duterte is the new president of the Phillipines: he ran on a promise to be a “dictator” and endorsed execution by vigilante death-squad as a way of combating crime; now he’s announced that he will give a hero’s burial to the embalmed corpse of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who committed mass-scale human rights abuses and embezzled $10B from the national treasury.

Marcos died in exile in Hawaii, and his body was subsequently embalmed and put on display in his family’s home in the Philippines. Marcos’s son is now a prominent politician in the Philippines.

Duterte will also pardon Gloria Arroyo, another corrupt former president of the Philippines, currently facing charges of graft and vote fraud.

Duterte has said that he will not prohibit protests at the internment of Marcos’s body.



“I don’t know this, death, Y/N, but I promise you I will protect you.” -Amara

Identifying Dragons: Shandalar

Shandalar is known as the rogue plane, a world without a fixed position in the Multiverse. It is a world abnormally rich in mana - its inhabitants can use spells whenever it suits them. Its high peaks offer an abundance of red mana, and wherever there is an abundance of it, one can expect dragons.

Mountain by Nils Hamm

There are very few depictions and stories about the dragons of Shandalar, but that doesn’t make them any less deadly.

What to Expect

Scourge of Valkas by Lucas Graciano

Shandalarian dragons have the same physical features as the common dragon of legend. Expect large, horned, reptilian creatures with wings and fire breath.

Fallen Tyrant

Kalyntri was an ancient and powerful dragon who lived in an archipelago in the Kapsho seas. This dragon claimed dominion over the seas, flying and hunting as he pleased. His rule was challenged by the merfolk hydromancer Talrand, who promised the drakes of the sea Kalyntri’s death in exchange for their service. Kalyntri, eaten up by his own pride, was killed in the end, ending his tyranny over the Kapsho Seas.

There isn’t any depiction of Kalyntri, but we do know that he is a fairly large dragon covered with red scales.


“The fear born of self-concern is the gate that you must pass through, Zaala, and the dragon is the gatekeeper. The dragon holds the keys to knowing yourself, to transforming you into a knight. In this way, dragons are bound to us. They are our sacred allies. That is why they have our utmost respect. Without them, we could never attain true knighthood." 

—Lord Alcinore to Zaala, from The Path of Bravery by Adam Lee

Path of Bravery by Chris Rahn

Breath weapon: fire

Shandalarian dragons are fearsome creatures. Most live near the mountains, especially around Valkas, one of the plane’s high peaks. Some might be found elsewhere, such as around the Kapsho Seas. There is nothing recorded about dragons straying away from these places - at least, not yet.

They are a danger to villages as they can raze them to the ground especially when undefended. Unhindered, a single dragon can burn down several villages in relatively quick succession. They are creatures of devastation, seeking only to hunt, kill, and destroy.

I have also heard of creatures called astral dragons that are unique to Shandalar. However, I have heard very little about them to describe them properly.

Knights have a different attitude towards dragons. While they see dragons as threats to life that should be eliminated when needed, they also see defeating them as a rite of passage. Dragons are challenges to be passed, testing the physical prowess of the knight as well as their bravery and selflessness.

Never stay for long among Shandalar’s mountains. It is especially dangerous to go alone, but that doesn’t mean that being with others would help. The plane’s free-flowing mana might be able to help you defend yourself from its dragons, though. Fearsome as they are, they can still be confronted and defeated.

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i agree with that previous ask, it's just, i can't imagine the kiss ever properly happening :( it makes me sad to think about but I doubt they ever would. it's such a popular show and I just can't imagine :( please can you help me think differently with some serious points to reasons why they will end up together :(

Remember ‘softly, softly’. The Johnlock part of Tumblr is only a small part in the masses that is the Sherlock Fandom. People tend to forget that. It’s obvious to us. We see and are able to read the subtext - and the blatant text that is The Abominable Bride - but we have to remember that there are those who can’t. 

Like in ‘The Princess Bride’, they need to be reeled in by the promise of adventure, of mad cases, of brushes of death. But remember, this isn’t a detective show, this is a show about a detective who turn more human and lets his guard down with each passing episode. A detective who jumped, who cried and who gave up two years of his life because John was in danger. A detective who literally reached into a fire to save John. A detective who has declared his love for John in front of dozens of people. A detective who relapsed when John married someone else. A detective who gave up everything - again - when he thought the life John wanted was threatened. A detective who overdosed while reading back to the first case he and John shared. 

Does all this not sound like a love story, wrapped around in adventure to reel ‘the casuals’ in? Softly softly. It is a slow-build romance, but oh, it is there.  

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May I ask how will S boys react when their s/o passing away from a sudden illness, or even just passing away without having many problems with their health?

Shu : he would lock himself in his room and not come out for days . Of course all the brothers have tried to cheer him up or try to make him come out and eat something at least . Reiji says that he is been childish but deep down he knows he needs time to recover . Shu would stop eating, he would start listing to sad songs , and would consistently have nightmares about you .

Reiji : He would try to move on , but well Always keep you in his mind and heart . He wouldn’t come out of his study for weeks now . He didn’t know why the medicine he made for you didn’t work . So he blames himself for your death . He promised to himself that he won’t rest until he finds out what was wrong . Until then he barely ate , ever ever came out , and became more of a lone wolf then usual . There are even nights when he has nightmares and he needs to calm himself down because he didn’t want to cry for the 50th hundredth time .

Ayato : He would be a mess . His room is a mess , his hair , his life . Losing you was the worst . He lost you and he couldn’t even say he loved you . How much you mean to him because of his stupid pride . And he regrets never telling you . His mirror is shattered , walls are broken , the feathers of the pillows are all over the room . He would have nightmares and would cry once in a while . But he knows he has to be strong and once a week he would come to your grave and always bring fresh new looking flowers. Your favorite flowers.

Kanato : He needed to be hold back by his brothers when Reiji broke the news to him . He yelled and Cryer and even begged that he was lying and that all was just a messed up joke . But once he found out it was true he made sure your beauty was always there , so he made you into one of his dolls . But unlike the rest he changed your clothes daily and does your hair . Like if you were a real doll . He give you his full attention unlike the rest . He even talks to you , and he hates to admit it but when he does …he has that small hope that when he talks to you , that you would respond with that sweet laugh and cheerful voice of yours . So he can have hope, once more .

Laito : His heart shattered . He was emotionless when Ayato told him . He had ask to see your body one more time . Once they leave him alone he hold your now cold and pale hand . He hold it close to him as he rubbed his cheek with the back your hand . He was going to miss your gently touch and how you always liked to treat him like a kid when he was sleeping . Just the mare thought made him cry . “Ne~Bitch-Chan…I love you ” he said . He said it …a life time to late.His brothers knew he won’t be the same . And they were right . Been with other women didn’t felt right anymore . He wasn’t his usual perverted self anymore . He was never the same .

Subaru : almost all of the walls from the mansion were broken from the white hair male . He locked himself in his room yelling , crying and throwing stuff about in his room . Once he calm down he asked to see your body for the last time . When he did he hugged your lifeless , cold and pale body close to his warm living one . He cried silently as he hide his face at the crook of your neck . Later that day he personally buried you as he planted your favorite roses next to your grave .

(This broke my heart just writing it )

Fic: One Last Vow

As the wedding ceremony transitions into the reception, Kurt sorts out how to put words to the happiness he feels. PG-13. Read on AO3 here

Warnings for allusions to past homophobia and bullying.

Getting married is a rush. It all happened so fast – both deciding that yes, today should be the day, and the actual ceremony, and then Kurt officially has a husband, with all the “only death will part us now” promises made. There are cheers, and champagne, and more well-wishers than Kurt could have possibly imagined back when he felt like he was the only gay kid in all of Ohio. Even people he doesn’t know because he crashed Santana and Brittany’s wedding come up to him and wish him all the happiness in the world.

He catches Blaine’s eye from across the barn and they both grin ridiculously. All the happiness in the world. For a while it seemed like it was gone, but he feels it now.

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