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[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 103)

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“Baby, here’s that wine glass-” Mark’s voice resonates in the area, getting closer. Olivia turns around, pulling me with her. He stops dead in his tracks in the doorway, his face blanching as he registers the scene unfolding before his eyes.

I instantly fear for my baby.

“You promised me.” Olivia says to him, her voice desperate. Mark raises a cautious hand, taking a step forward, staring at her.

“Olivia.” He admonishes. I don’t understand what she’s talking about. All I can think of is the knife hovering too close to my throat. The sound of my pulse is louder than her voice.

“You said you’d break up with her. I gave you time.” She says reproachfully.

“I know. I know, Liv.” He coos, his voice betraying his distress.

“You didn’t tell me she was pregnant. Why did you give her a baby?” She mutters. Instinctively, I reach up and cover my stomach with my shaking hands. Hoping ti shield my baby from any harm. My eyes fill themselves with tears.

“I’ll explain everything if you let her go.” He tries to reason her.

“A baby.” She sobs. “I want a baby.”

The distress and despair in her voice makes me think she’s ready to do anything to have him. I don’t want my baby to be hurt.

“You married her and you knocked her up even though you know she’s not the one for you!” She cries, startling me. I start to sob quietly, addressing a prayer to god. All I can think of is my poor baby. I don’t even hear a thing anymore.

Let my baby live.

“You went too far, Mark. And this stops now.” She declares, her arm around my shoulders tightening. I gasp.

“Olivia, don’t do this!”  Mark begs, tears in his eyes. He sucks in a deep, shaking breath. “Don’t hurt her. Don’t hurt the baby.” He pleads, his voice failing him.

“But she hurt me.” She counters.

“No. It’s me, it’s my fault. I hurt you.” He shakes his head.

“You hurt me.” She repeats quietly.

“Yes, and I’m sorry. You can punish me, but she’s innocent.” He says, taking another cautious step towards her.

“It’s because of her, Mark.” She retorts.
“She’s a parasite. She keeps messing with your head. She blinds you. It’ll do the both of us a favor.”

“If you hurt her, you hurt the baby too.” He says, a single tear rolling down his cheek. “You’d never hurt an innocent baby, would you?”

She stays silent for a moment, fidgeting with the knife.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me?” She asks him.

“I will. I’ll be a good boy.” He agrees instantly. “Let her go. Don’t hurt the baby.”

When she doesn’t obey, he speaks again.

“Do you remember our rules?” He asks her. I feel it then. What they had, what their relationship was. It makes me want to throw up.

“Oh. But this is not for you.” She responds. “It’s for her.”

A strangled sob escapes me.

“No, Livy. This is between you and me now.” He says.

We all hear footsteps, and Mark’s head whirls around. Jacob appears in the kitchen, freezing as soon as he sees us. She backs away, pulling me with her.

“It’s okay.” Mark says, looking back at her. “Livy, look at me.” He demands.

Her hand around the knife starts to shake.

“Our rules.” Mark repeats.

“No blades…” She whispers. “No syringes. No steel. No wood.”

“Good. Give it to me.” Mark murmurs, stretching his hand out. She starts crying again. So do I. Jacob watches, his eyes dark granite.

“It’s all I have left.” She says sadly.

“No, you have me.” Mark retorts.

“Yes.” She sniffles. “You’re a good boy.”

“Give this to me.” He demands. Slowly, she lowers her hand, placing the knife in his palm. I leap out of her hold, sobbing uncontrollably. I hide behind his back, clinging to his shirt.

“Get out of here, Abigail.” He orders,, pushing me away. I gape at him, my ryes pouring. “Now.”

I glance between him and Olivia, confused. He’s not going to stay, is he?

“He’s mine.” She growls, grabbing his wrist and pulling him to her. I grab his other hand.

“Leave, Abigail. Now.” He orders.

“Don’t stay with her.” I choke out, terrified.

“Go. Now.” He says, freeing himself from me. I watch, mortified. I shake my head. He can’t stay with her. She’s going to hurt him.

“Abigail will you do as you’re told for once and get the fuck out of here?!” He shouts, startling me. I cannot move.

“Jacob.” He says, nodding his head towards me. I turn my head and see him walking to me.

“No. Mark, no. Please, no.” I say, trying to bat Jacob’s hands away. My efforts are vain. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

“No!” I scream,  squirming as much as I can. I lift my head as Jacob rushes out, catching a last glimpse of them. The last thing I see is his  worried look as he watches me, and her smug look as she presses her lips against his cheek.

“Mark!” I call as they disappear out of my vision. I sob, calling his name as Jacob carries me out of the apartment. He closes the door of the foyer and drops me to the floor.

“Mark!” I sob, banging against the door.

“He will be fine, Mrs Tuan.” Jacob says, grabbing my shoulder.

“Shut up!” I snap, whirling around and swatting his hand off me. “Do you have an idea of what you’ve just done?!” I yell. He flinches, surprised. I turn back to the door, slamming my fist against the door.

“Mark, open the door!” I yell desperately. “Please, open the door!” I beg. I can’t stand the idea of him being alone with this crazy woman.

“We should call the police.” Jacob says from behind me. I look at him, my whole body shaking.

“I don’t have my phone.” I tell him. He pats his chest and his thighs.

“Shit, I don’t have mine either.” He curses. I rarely hear him curse.

“Let’s go down.” He prompts, pushing the call button of the elevator. Although I don’t want to leave, I know I have to call the police. The elevator that is only at the second floor doesn’t seem to go up.

“Come on.” I groan, pushing the button repeatedly. Jacob opts for the stairs. He tries to open the emergency staircase door, unsuccessfully.

“The door is locked.” He mutters. No elevator, no stairs.

“Shit.” I gasp, bringing my hands to my mouth. “We’re stuck.”

We’re stuck and she’s inside with him, we can’t call the police, and I have to wait here for god knows how long until someone comes out. Collapse to the floor, tears streaming down my face.


“She’s going to hurt him. She’s going to hurt my husband.” I sob. It’s the start of a long, long waiting time.

I cry so much that I don’t notice the elevator going up again. I just hear the familiar ring, and Jacob and I turn in the direction of the sound. Inside the elevator, Dr Davis is looking down at us. I rise on my feet, looking up at him as if he was god in person. Jacob follows.

“Abigail?” Davis says, his face a knot of confusion.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, my voice hoarse from crying.

“Mark called me.”

He’s alive!

“How did you get here? The elevator was stuck.” I ask him.

“Someone but a rock to prevent the doors from closing.” He says. It was set up. Someone didn’t want us to leave. But she couldn’t do that herself since she was inside all alone. But I don’t want to think about this now.

“When did Mark call? Is he okay?” I ask Davis.

“Yes.” He says to me. Relief floods me. Partly.

“He told me to call him once I was here.” He explains, pulling his phone out. It rings in the void, and the door opens.

Mark appears, his outfit different from what I left him in. He’s in a black T-shirt and black sweatpants, his feet bare.

“Mark.” I whisper in relief. His eyes grow wide as he sees me, stopping me in my tracks as I prepared myself to run into his arms.

“You’re not supposed to be here.” He whispers angrily. I stare at him.

“Not supposed to be here?!” I cry.

“Shhhh!” He scolds. He pops his head back inside the apartment.

“Listen, you can’t stay. It’ll trigger her.” Hr says, looking at me.

“You’re coming with me.” I declare, grabbing his hand. I don’t know what the hell he’s doing with her, but I’m not letting him continue.

“I can’t.”

“Why?” I ask. He sighs, but doesn’t elaborate. Instead, he glances at Davis.

“What is the situation?” Davis asks him.

“She’s taking a bath. Come in.” He says. I step inside the apartment. He let her take a bath in my home? I’ll pull her out of it butt-naked and kick her out.

“Not you, Abby.” He says, holding me in place while he lets Davis in.

“I want to be here!”

He hushes me again.

“Abigail, I would recommend you to leave.” Davis says calmly.

“Wait in the parking lot.” Mark orders. If I wasn’t so scared for his life, I’d punch him in the throat.

“I’m not leaving.”

“This woman is unstable. Mark is her only mark-point, my presence itself will disturb her. You need to go.” Davis tries to reason me. This man is crazy too.

“You need to call the police.” I say slowly, hoping it’ll sink down to their brains.

“We will, at the right moment.” Davis says.

“Now is the right moment.” I grind out. “You can’t ask me to leave my husband alone with her. She’s dangerous.”

“I have a baby who needs a father, and if anything happens to him-” I’m cut off by Mark’s lips crashing onto mine. He kisses me madly, almost making me faint, his tongue pushing between my lips, licking and controlling mine, his hands crushing my face as he holds me in place.  He pulls away from me, leaving me breathless and wobbly. He gazes down at me with hard, serious, yet burning eyes.

“I love you so fucking much.” He whispers against my mouth. I cannot move nor speak. He steps away from me, and Jacob grabs my elbow.

“Mark.” I beg as Jacob drags me out of the apartment. Tears spring to my eyes once more. He gives me an apologetic look, closing the door in front of me.

“No.” I reach out, but the door closes before I can prevent it. I slam my hand against it, in anger, sadness, fear, horror, despair and distress.

“Abigail.” Jacob tries to pull me away. I sob. “Abigail, come on. He’ll be fine. He’s not alone.” He says reassuringly. I wipe my nose on the back of my head, turning to him.

I become my own shadow, all strength leaving my body. I sway, my legs threatening to give up on me.

“Easy.” Jacob says, catching me before I fall. He draps his hand around my waist, holding me up.

“Come. Let’s go wait downstairs.” He murmurs.

“I can’t leave.”

“We’ll, you need to sit down.” He argues, calling the elevator once more. “He’ll be fine.”

Knowing he’s with Davis is more reassuring. I guess. But it isn’t really. I’m exhausted and I cannot stop crying.

When the elevator comes, I step inside without resisting. I want to stay, but the wise side of me knows Marl will never open the door, and I’ll collapse if I don’t sit a little bit. We go down to the parking lot and wait in my new car. I take my shoes off and lay on the back seat, while Jacob stays in the driver’s seat. The leather is freezing against my skin.

“I’m cold.” I complain. Jacob looks at me through the mirror, snapping out of some reverie. He’s anxious too. He shifts in his seat, taking his jacket off.

“Here.” He says, handing it to me. I sit up and take it.

“Thank you, Jacob.” I murmur, my voice almost gone from crying and yelling. I drape it over my shoulder and rest against the door, looking out the window. I check the time on my watch. They’ve been there for ten minutes. I sigh.


I wake up floating in the air, disoriented. I open my eyes, realizing I’m being carried across the parking lot.

“Jacob.” I croak, my throat sore.

“Mr Tuan said we could go back inside.” He explains. Never in the three years he’s been working for Mark have I been that close to him.

“She left?” I ask hopefully.

“He and Dr Davis are taking her to a psychiatric hospital where the police is waiting for her.”


“They’re with her.”

“They left a minute ago.”

A mix of anxiousness and rage floods me.

“I can walk, Jacob.” I tell him. He stops dead in his tracks and drops me to the floor. I’m barefoot.

“Your shoes are in the car.” He says to me. I walk in the opposite direction, furious. I can’t believe he’s personally taking her to a hospital. That’s the last straw. What is he going to do for her next? Offer her a spa while I’m here eating my nails off in anxiety?

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I call after him.

“Mr Tuan told me not to.” He says, his steps rushing behind me. “Abigail, you need to rest.”

“I need my husband!” I turn my head and glare at him. Once I’m  at the car, I realize I don’t  have the keys. I turn to Jacob.

“The keys.” I demand, showing him my palm. He looks at me as if i was the most exasperating child on earth, and k honestly don’t have time for that.

“Jacob, I’m pregnant  and very hormonal. I could hurt you. Badly.” I threaten him. He sighs and fishes in his pocket, dropping the keys in my hand.

“Get in.” I tell him, pointing at the passenger’s  seat. He obeys while grumbling while I get my shoes at t he back. I slide in the driver’s seat and start the engine.

“Which hospital are they going to?” I ask him.

“I don’t know.”

I glare at him.

“He didn’t  tell me, I swear. He looked at you for a long time and told me to put you in your bed.” He explains. I sigh, lifting my eyes to the roof. There at least five psychiatric hospitals in LA and its surroundings.

I’m  stuck.

But I can’t stay home either. I need to go somewhere. I head out of the parking lot.

“Where are we going?” He asks me.

“I can’t stay home.” I tell him. I drive for a long moment, aimlessly, but when my hands start to shake around the wheel, I decide to stop at a coffee shop. It’s warm there and since it’s late it’s  quiet. Jacob and i sit in front of each other.

“Should I get you something to drink?” Jacob asks me.

“I’d like some hot chocolate.”

He leaves the table to order my drink. I thought going  out would be a way to calm myself down, but I’m  restless. Having Mark in front of my eyes and knowing he’s okay would be the only way to calm myself down.

Jacob comes back with my drink while I’m chewing on my nails. He drops m hot chocolate in front of me, and I see he’s got a coffee for himself. I blink and realize I’m  teary again.

I reach for the cup, my hands shaking. Jacob puts his hands on top of mine around my cup. I look up at him.

“Mark was fine when I saw him. You don’t have to worry.” He says comfortingly. He lets my hand go, and my hands are shaking so much I knock my cup over, spilling half of it onto the table. I’m not okay.

“Shit.” I breathe.

“I’ll go get some tissues.” Jacob says, rising from his seat.  I’m  going crazy. I need air. Nothing will calm me down. I need Mark, but I don’t know where he is.

I ditch Jacob and storm out of the coffee. The air is fresher outside, exactly what I need. I decide to walk home to let time pass more quickly.

When I come back to our building, I look up at the top floor and see light through the glass walls. I soon realize I don’t have the new codes to get in or get up to our apartment. I pat Jacob’s jacket’s pocket’s but remember he didn’t have his phone. I feel something else inside his pocket. I pull it out and see it’s a small sheet of papers with the codes on it. Thank god.

I use them and go up to the penthouse floor, my heart starting to race again. I don’t know if Mark is back home or if he just left in a hurry when he took Olivia to the hospital. I hope I’m going to come home to him. I’m so tired I look pale and skinnier.

The doors open on Mark’s back, his phone ta his ear. He’s in the same outfit as before, but he has a Jacket on. Relief does invade me, but nothing comes out. I step out of the elevator, almost dead inside from all the emotions I’ve felt.

“You were supposed to look after her!"He yells down the phone. I understand he’s speaking to Jacob. I didn’t think before I left him. I feel bad. He turns to me, his angry stare changing in a nanosecond as he seems. His eyes turn from vividly angry to soft.

"She’s here.” He says down the phone, his eyes never leaving me.“

"Bring the car back and go home.” He orders before hanging up and dropping his phone on a decorative table. I stare at him.

He walks up to me, his eyes as hard as granite. He stops at a safety distance, gazing down at me. He looks as tired as me. He reaches out and cups my cheek in his hand, his palm warm against my skin. I’m still so cold.

I close my eyes and nuzzle his hand, clinging to the warmth. His hand moves to the back of my head as he closes the distance between us, pulling me into his warm embrace. I burst into tears. Again.

“I was so scared, Abigail.” He sighs into my hair. I wrap my arms around him, holding him close.

“Why did you stay? Why did you do this to me?”

“She wasn’t going to hurt me.” He responds.

“You weren’t supposed to care. You should have stayed with me.” I retort, crying against his chest. “I had a billion heart attacks thinking of what you were doing, what she might do to you.”

“I’m okay.”

“Well, I’m not.” I snap. I hate him so much sometimes. Why did he care? Why did he care about her getting the help she nerds while I was imagining all sorts of things?

“Who the fuck do you think you are? Some kind of superhero? You’re not Superman, you’re my husband.” I mutter. He cradles my head against him, placing his chin on top of my head.

“I gave her what she wanted so she would leave you and the baby alone.” He says quietly. “I did this to protect both of you.”

“You just had to call the police.” I sob.

“She needed help.”

“I needed to know you were safe. You’re more important than her to me.”

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs. Oh, of course he is. He’s not. He didn’t care about how I felt. I try to push him away, but he tightens his hold on me.

“Let me hold you.” He pleads. “I need to have you in my arms.”

I whimper, balling my fists around the material of his jacket. I love him so much it hurts.

“Where were you?” He asks me.

“I don’t know. I walked.” I reply, my voice shaking. “I was restless.”

“What did you do with her?” I ask him. “Did she hit you?”

“It wasn’t anything I couldn’t take.” He responds, making my heart stop. I try to pull away again, so I can show him just how horrified I am, but he doesn’t let me.

“Don’t.” He scolds.

“You let her hit you?” I ask again, in shock.

“It was totally different. I did this to gain time. So she wouldn’t do anything dangerous.” He says.

I can’t believe she beat him again. He let her. She hurt him again, and I couldn’t protect him. He didn’t let me protect him. He accepted to get beaten again.

“I’m okay, really.” He says. I push against his chest.

“God, Abigail.” He mutters. “Just let me hold you for a while. You can get mad at me all you want later.”

I shake against him, feeling defeated. I can’t believe it happened again, while he was with me.

“I didn’t want you to ever go through this again.” I sob.

“I’m fine, Abigail.” He says quietly, caressing my hair comfortingly. “I’m fine now that you’re safe.”

“It wasn’t about my self esteem or anything else. I didn’t think I deserved it.” He explains to me. I know he’s not as insecure as he was before, but still. It still fucking hurts. But then I realize it has to do with something else, something I didn’t catch at first, but now I do.

“You promised her?” I ask him, worried. “She said you promised her something. Is that what she meant?”

His lack of response gives him away.

“Did you contact her behind my back?” I ask him.

“I wanted to be sure she’d leave us alone for the rest of our honeymoon. I didn’t think it would mean she’d be waiting for us when we come back.” He says in a way of explanation, as an excuse.

“I told you not do it.”

I’m angry, but I sound fragile.

“I know.” He says.

“You lied to me.” I mutter, heaving against his chest. “Again.”

“Abby.” He scolds. I push with all the strength I have left.

“No!” I shout, stumbling out of his hold. I glare at him, wiping my nose on the back of my hand. He fucking went behind my back, again, with her, to do something as stupid as promising her to be her slave gain.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” I grind out. This man makes me so angry. He stares at me, his eyes dim.

“Do you really want to have this conversation right now?” He asks. No, I don’t. I’m on the verge of completely loosing it. Tonight was awful, and there’s only so much things I can take.  I storm past him, heading up to our bedroom.

“Abby.” Mark calls after me, but I ignore him.

In our bedroom, I find Prune, stretching on our bed. My heart swells dangerously, tears welling up again. She looks up at be and meows.

“Hi.” I murmur, sitting on the edge of the bed. She lays on her side, and I take the opportunity to scratch her belly.

“Hi, baby. I’m so glad you’re okay.” I murmur. She tries to catch my wriggling fingers between her paws. I pick her up in my hands and kiss her everywhere. She wriggled out of my embrace and shakes my kisses off. I push her on her back and wriggle my fingers around her mouth. She nibbles on my fingertips. I’m so glad she’s safe. She’s like a projection of peanut. I want to protect her against the evil world.

I sigh and get up, stripping all of my clothes as I walk to the bathroom. I need to wash all of this off, for good. And then I’m going to bed.

I come out of the shower, appeased, calmer, but still tired. My hair is in a loose bun, my bathrobe loosely fastened as well. I find Mark laying on our bed, his feet bare, prune curled up in a ball on his chest as he caresses her gently. He looks up at me, his eyes dark. I tighten my robe.

“Do you know how Olivia got in?” I ask quietly.

“She knew the previous pass codes, so I changed them. I don’t know how she still got ahold of them.” He explains to me.

“She knew them?” I utter. I feel so violated in my intimacy. I can’t believe  she knee them all along. Who knows how many times she’s been here while we were away, or even while we were here? This apartment is so bug she could have lived with us for months without us noticing anything.

“Only Jimmy knew I changed them, him and the security company that works for me.” He says. I grab Jacob’s jacket on a chair and fish the sheet of paper out.

“I found this in Jacob’s jacket.” I say, handing it to him. When he stops stroking her, Prune lifts her head and meows. He glances at it.

“I gave them to him when we came up.” He explains, putting it down on the nighstand.

“Why do you have his jacket?” He asks me.

“I was cold.”

“How long had she been here for?” I enquire.

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell me.”

“She has an accomplice.”

He frowns. I sit down on he bed and caress Prune until she purrs.

“Someone put a rock between the doors of the elevator on the second floor and locked the staircase doors so we wouldn’t go out.” I explain. “Davis found out and that’s how we were able to leave. But she couldn’t do that alone.”

He scratches his chin, and that’s when. Notice his beard has started to grow.

“I’ll tell that to the police tomorrow.” He muses. I nod, rising and walking into the closet. I unfasten he lash of my robe, looking for a nightie.

I feel Mark before i see him. He places his hands on my hips and presses his lips against the skin of my neck.

“Mark.” I gasp, unwanted tingles making my skin sensitive.

“I need you.” He whispers into my ear, pushing his groin against my backside his erection nudges my lower back. His teeth graze my earlobe, and I’m too weak to resist him.

‘Let me feel you. I need to be close to you.“ He pleads, the need in his voice palpable. One of his hands slips his hand under the material of my robe as it slides off my shoulders. He cups my sex, his fingers gently stroking my clit while he nibbles at my ear. I sigh, throwing my head back against his shoulder. Desire thrums inside me.

I close my eyes and feel the sparks of electricity  going from my sex to my toes. I reach down and grab his hand gasping as the sensations get stronger. He applies more pressure.

"Mark.” I beg. I need him. Physical closeness is the only thing I can handle, and I actually crave it. I’m mad at him, scared, upset and all those things, but I’d kill to be engulfed in his warmth, love and lust.

He peels my robe off my body, letting it fall to the floor. And pins me against the nearest wall, the surface cold against my nipples. I whimper.

The tip of his erection hovers over my entrance, and I arch my body, longing. He pants against my ear, his breathing harsh, betraying his burning lust. He pushes inside of me with one swift, strong trust.

I gasp, everything tightening inside me.

“Abby.” Mark groans ,his fingers sinking in the flesh of my hips, his breathing even more loud. He slips out of me before ramming forward, filling me up again. I moan out loud, the sensations raw and intense.

He takes my hands and pins them above my head, intertwining our fingers. He thrusts in and out of me with a brutality that betrays his despair.

“Goddammit.” He mutters, his hands squeezing mine.

“Fuck…” I moan, my back arching furthermore. He picks up pace, each thrust making my body jerk against the wall. His thrusts grow sloppy very quickly,  going up in intensity. He says my name over and over again. He’s  all over me, inside me, on my back, his lips around my ear, it’s consuming  me.

“I can’t. I-” He whispers into my ear, his voice tight. I let out an incoherent wail.

“I’m gonna come. I gonna come.” He warns, his hips shaking. I reach back and put my hand on the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs breathlessly.

“It’s okay.” I whisper reassuringly.  Obviously he needs this more than I do.

“Abby…fuck..” It’s almost a sob.

“It’s okay.” I moan again. He comes violently, his release spurting deep inside me. He holds me tight against me, clinging to me desperately vulnerable.

Where Is She?

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Author’s Note: This is a Herman Kozik imagine based on Wicked Ones by Dorothy as requested by the ever lovely @lokis-mayhem as well as imagine #1 for MM9 and part 4 of the 11 part series based on ROCKISDEAD. This imagine is rated M for Adult Themes. Hope you all enjoy!

Where Is She?


This night ain’t for the faint of heart
For the faint of heart, for the faint of heart
This night ain’t for the faint of heart
‘Cause the faint of heart gonna fall apart
This night ain’t for the holy man with the holy plan
For the promised land
This night we got the evil hand
And the evil hand gonna raise the dead

Ain’t no sleep when the wicked play
All we do is get laid
Ain’t no love when the wicked run
All we do is get lay off
Lay off
Lay off
We the wicked ones
Wicked ones


“How long have you been here now Dr. Austin?” Agent Stahl asks me and I can tell by the ways he narrows her eyes that she’s sizing me up. I don’t care. I made my mind up rather quick about June Stahl, and what I think of her I won’t say out loud as I was raised better than that.

“Almost ten months,” I answer honestly taking a sip from my soda.

“I have it on good authority that you have established a relationship with Herman Kozik,” she says, a smile forming on her lips that has me fighting the urge to slam my fist into her face, repeatedly.

“Does the ATF make a habit of keeping tabs on people’s relationships Agent Stahl?” I wonder head tipping to the side.

“It does when the relationship established is with a known member of an outlaw biker club,” she says and I laugh, shaking my head.

“You people really have nothing better to do with your time do you?”

“How does a girl from an affluent family become wrapped up in the Sons of Anarchy?” she asks and I can’t help the laugh that slips through my fingers.

“Mmm, here’s a tip Agent Stahl, when you drag someone out of work to talk, you should do some research on the person you’re wanting to talk to. You can’t get to me by bringing my family into this. If you knew the first thing about me outside of the fact that my family has money, what university I attended, or where I went to medical school, you’d know that I don’t particularly like my family, nor they me. But to answer your ridiculous question, which we all know you already know the answer to, yes, I am in a relationship with Herman Kozik, last time I checked, two adults in a loving and consenting relationship isn’t against the law. Now, if we’re done here, I have an emergency room to get back to running.”

“Does it bother you that you’re a hypocrite? You’re a doctor, Lexie, a doctor dating a violent man,” she says and with my hand frozen on the door knob of the interrogation room I turn to look at her.

“My boyfriend doesn’t lie about who he is, and neither do I. Who my boyfriend is and what he may or may not do has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on me being a doctor. I’m a good doctor, no, I’m a fucking fantastic doctor, and if you had anything on him you wouldn’t be trying to get me to say something you could use,” my voice has gone cold as my eyes narrow. “If I was a lesser woman, Agent Stahl, I’d ask you how it feels to know that you are solely responsible for the murder of a mother, how it feels to know that you are also responsible for a child being taken from his family, but as I was raised to be better than that I’m simply going to smile and say have a nice day. Oh, and if you ever pull me out of work again without good cause, my really expensive and really good lawyer will have a field day with your ass. Have a nice day now.”


“Lex,” a voice cracks over the phone at my hip, “patient in intake is asking for you.” I groan, looking at the clock. Having to make up for the hours Stahl kept me is kicking me in the ass, and on a yawn I slip behind the intake curtain, stopping short to smile when I see Kozik sitting on the exam table.

“Dr. Austin,” Kozik’s voice is soft as he stares at me, and after a beat of silence I’m in his arms, hugging tight. “Did she give you a hard time?”

“Who? Stahl? She’s all bark Koz,” I say linking my arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. “I handled it.”

“Does she have anything?” he asks and shaking my head no I smile.

“If she does it isn’t enough to come after the club. It was all smoke and mirrors. She tried dragging my family into it, and when that didn’t work, she thought the next best route would be to point out what a violent man you are and how hypocritical it is that I’m a doctor and dating someone like you,” I roll my eyes but I can’t help but note the way his face falls.

“Maybe she’s right…” he says and I take a step back.

“What? Koz you can’t be serious,” my heart gives a shudder step in my chest under his gaze.

“Lex…things are getting crazy…” he says and shaking my head at him I cross my arms over my chest.

“Fuck that Kozik. Things have been crazy from the moment we met each other,” I say, and before he says anything else I keep going, “I understand that things are bad right now and a lot is falling on your plate with Jax and the guys going to find Abel, but I’m here. I’m here and no ATF agent, empty threats, or pandemonium is going to make me walk away. Deal with it.”

“Yes ma’am,” he smiles pulling me in, “pick you up after work?”

“You better,” I murmur pressing my lips to his, “I’m off at ten.”


This night ain’t for the faint of heart
For the faint of heart, for the faint of heart
This night ain’t for the faint of heart
'Cause when the train wreck comes gonna leave them out

Ain’t no sleep when the wicked play
All we do is get laid
Ain’t no love when the wicked run
All we do is get lay off
Lay off
Lay off
We the wicked ones
Wicked ones


I’ve made for the doors of the hospital a million times, and a million times something has stopped me, until finally at a quarter to eleven I make it outside, eyes searching for Kozik, but he’s nowhere in sight.

My phone is in my hand when I hear the squealing wheels, looking up only when I’m washed in headlights. I don’t recognize the big black SUV idling in the ambulance bay, and squinting through the bright lights I try to make out who it is.

“You can’t park here,” I call out but my words slide down my throat when I see the gun leveled in my direction by a man I have never seen in my life.

“Get in the car,” the man says as I take a step backwards, and instinctively my mouth opens but before I can scream a pain rips through my skull and everything goes dark.


The world around me swims back into view and with a groan I try to reach for my head but find that I can’t move my arms.

“What?” my voice is slurred, and giving my head a small shake I know I have a concussion; my stomach rolls viciously and fighting the urge to vomit I try to calm my breathing. “Hello?”

“Alexis,” Damian’s voice fills my head, his face filling my vision, and the look on his face tells me I should be afraid, very afraid.

“Damian…oh no. No. No. No,” I stammer fighting against the restraints, and when he touches me I fight even harder. “Kozik is going to kill you.”

“Kozik will never find you,” he says gripping my chin tightly in his hands, and to my horror he presses his lips to mine, and I do all I can think to do. I bite him, hard. Gaining satisfaction when blood paints his lips, and it’s that satisfaction I hold onto when he beats me mercilessly. “When are you going to learn Alexis, if I can’t have you, that two-bit biker white trash surely doesn’t get to have you.”

“You’ll have to kill me Damian, because I’ll never be yours. Ever.”


There was no trace of Lexie, none, and while he sits in the clubhouse he tries to think. She texted him, telling him to pick her up an hour later than originally planned, and when he showed up she was nowhere in sight, and nobody knew where she was.


All he knows is that her work bag was found outside of the ambulance bay that’s it. All he has is a bag, and normally he wouldn’t worry only he went by her house and found Tuck whining. Lexie would never leave Tuck. Ever.

He scratches Tuck’s head and when Tuck lets out a soft cry, staring up at him with sad eyes he knows somethings wrong.

“Anything?” he asks when Tig steps back inside the clubhouse, his heart sinking when he shakes his head slowly. “Where is she Tig? Where the fuck is she?”


Ain’t no sleep when the wicked play
All we do is get laid
Ain’t no love when the wicked run
All we do is get lay off
Lay off
Lay off
We the wicked ones
Wicked ones


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Ok but the one thing that bothers me just a tiny bit from the last chapter of reverse, and I only just not realized this, is that Orochimaru now has a means of bringing people back from the dead and his first thought isn't his parent? (HECK THAT'S AN ENTIRE STORY ON IT'S OWN GIVE HIM BACK HIS LOVED ONES)

Of course, one could also raise the question of why he didn’t do the same in canon, but unlike Kishi there’s actually an emotional reason behind my choice. Also, the chapter was in Kisame’s POV, so it wasn’t brought up. It will be addressed, though, I promise. :)

and finally breathe - saintberry - Victoria (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

[Vicbourne law firm AU.]

He’s a week from handing in his resignation when William Hanover dies. The first client he ever brought to the firm – the first client to make him popular with the managing partners. A billion-dollar housing company, and a close, personal friend. It’s fitting enough – his first client is dead, and he’s ready to move on to somewhere else, too.

Two days later and there’s a tiny woman sitting in his office, her feet barely touching the ground. He throws a questioning look at Emma, who hands him a file with a few lines highlighted. When he reads the information, he raises an eyebrow.

“She’s the CEO of Hanover Housing now? How old is she?” He may be one of the firm’s most promising lawyers, but Emma is his right-hand – and always a step ahead of him.

“Eighteen. Five foot two, to answer your next question.”

He re-reads the highlighted information, and hands the file back to Emma. “Interesting.”


Aid airstrikes 'sickening', says UN humanitarian chief
The airstrikes which hit an aid convoy near Aleppo are "sickening", the UN humanitarian chief has said. Stephen O'Brien added that he was "disgusted and horrified" by the attack which left 12 dead. Mr O'Brien added that all parties had been notified of the convoy, which was carrying aid for around 78,000 people. Mr O'Brien said there is no excuse "for waging war on brave and selfless humanitarian workers" and warned that if they were targeted deliberately "it would amount to a war crime". Mr O'Brien continued that a Red Crescent warehouse had also been been hit, and a Red Crescent health clinic was reported to be seriously damaged. Elsewhere at least 20 civilians, including a one-year-old girl, were killed in fresh air strikes on rebel-held parts of Aleppo city and surrounding areas, according to the Observatory..

Aid workers in Syria killed in strike during ceasefire. Stephen O’Brien, UN humanitarian chief, described attacks as sickening disgusting and horrifying. These attacks left 12 dead and will leave 78,000 people without much needed aid. These strikes come after all conflicting sides were notified of aid convoy’s route.

Obama administration follows up, raising questions on who carried out the airstrikes and wether or not Russia will maintain their promises for a ceasefire.

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naruto @ kakashi with his finger tracing a line on his own throat 'you're deAD TO ME.'

❛ — … ? ❜   kakashi had only half-reacted to naruto’s behavior, his eyes still concentrating on the book in his hand. an idle wonder if he’d forgotten something like a promise of ramen or some such for the reasoning of the other’s threatening action.

      finally, raising his gaze to the boy,    ❛ — did i forget a ramen session?