a promise to raise the dead

Los Años de Música: A Coco Fanfiction: Chapter 1

Fandom: Coco
Pairing: Héctor Rivera / Imelda Rivera
Rating Warning: Eventual Adult Content; R18

Coco Spoilers
Chapter 1: As It Should Be [Present]

Imelda has no way of knowing if Miguel can save Héctor or not. As she tends to him in what might be his last moments, she recalls how he won her heart in the first place.


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I promise. This started out as just doodling Shiro… and then the idea invaded my brain and held me hostage unless I made bleach blonde Kuron a reality. He is here. You can pry him from my cold, dead hands! 

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  • ‘  when i was a kid, whenever i’d feel small or lonely, i’d look up at the stars. wondered if there was life up there.  ‘
  • ‘  tens of thousands of lives were lost.  ‘
  • ‘  this was just the beginning.  ‘
  • ‘  to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own.  ‘
  • ‘  we got really good at it. winning.  ‘
  • ‘  hey, kid. don’t get cocky.  ‘
  • ‘  please, after you. age before beauty.  ‘
  • ‘  you know what i’m thinking.  ‘
  • ‘  worry about yourself, kiddo!  ‘
  • ‘  ___, listen to me!  ‘
  • ‘  suits and ties, flashy smiles. that’s all they are.  ‘
  • ‘  bad news: three guys died yesterday.  ‘
  • ‘  well, orders are orders. what else am i supposed to do?  ‘
  • ‘  took me a while to find you.  ‘
  • ‘  i can’t have anyone else in my head again. i’m done.  ‘
  • ‘  haven’t you heard? the world is coming to an end.  ‘
  • ‘  so where would you rather die? here, or ____?  ‘
  • ‘  oh, no, call me ___. only my mother calls me doctor.  ‘
  • ‘  he was 2,500 tons of awesome. or awful. you know, whatever you wanna call it.  ‘
  • ‘  shut up. i don’t love them, okay? i study them.  ‘
  • ‘  things have changed. we’re not an army anymore, we’re the resistance.  ‘
  • ‘  i didn’t know it was this bad.  ‘
  • ‘  sorry about your brother.  ‘
  • ‘  you haven’t told me what i’m doing here yet.  ‘
  • ‘  numbers do not lie. politics and poetry, promises, these are lies. numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of god.  ‘
  • ‘  politics and poetry, promises, these are lies.  ‘
  • ‘  and this… is the point where he goes completely crazy.  ‘
  • ‘  fortune favors the brave, dude.  ‘
  • ‘  they won’t give you the equipment, and even if they did, you’d kill yourself.  ‘
  • ‘  she’s one of a kind now.  ‘
  • ‘  i think you’re unpredictable.  ‘
  • ‘  you take risks that endanger yourself and your crew. i don’t think you’re the right man for this mission.  ‘
  • ‘  wow. thank you for your honesty.  ‘
  • ‘  one day, you’re gonna see that in combat you make decisions. and you have to live with the consequences.  ‘
  • ‘  you promised me.  ‘
  • ‘  vengeance is like an open wound.  ‘
  • ‘  to me, you’re dead weight. you slow me down, i’m gonna drop you like a sack of shit.  ‘
  • ‘  i’ve raised him on my own. he’s a smart kid, but i never knew whether to give him a hug or a kick in the ass.  ‘
  • ‘  it’s a dialogue, not a fight.  ‘
  • ‘  better watch it.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m not crazy. you felt it, right?  ‘
  • ‘  this is worth fighting for.  ‘
  • ‘  if you’re listening to this, well, i’m either alive and i’ve proven what i’ve just done works, in which case, ha ha, i won. or i’m dead and i’d like you to know that it’s all your fault. it really is, you know, you drove me to this. in which case, ha, i also won. sort of.  ‘
  • ‘  are you gonna say anything?  ‘
  • ‘  you look good.  ‘
  • ‘  like when you blink your eyes over and over and over again and all you really see are like, frames. it was emotion.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m okay. just let me control it.  ‘
  • ‘  you are a goddamn disgrace. you’re gonna get us all killed.  ‘
  • ‘  why don’t you just do us all a favor and disappear? it’s the only thing you’re good at.  ‘
  • ‘  so, what, you’re grounding us?  ‘
  • ‘  one: don’t you ever touch me again. two: don’t you ever touch me again.  ‘
  • ‘  now, you have no idea who the hell i am or where i’ve come from, and i’m not about to tell you my whole life story.  ‘
  • ‘  you know, you live in someone else’s head for so long… the hardest part to deal with is the silence.  ‘
  • ‘  well, that’s classified. so i couldn’t tell you. even if i wanted to. but it is pretty cool, so i might tell you. i’m gonna tell you.  ‘
  • ‘  jesus, we can’t just sit here and watch them die.  ‘
  • ‘  let me in, i’m a doctor!  ‘
  • ‘  we have a choice here. we either sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid.  ‘
  • ‘  as harsh as it sounds, there is no time to celebrate. we lost people. no time to grieve.  ‘
  • ‘  how sick are you? and why didn’t you tell me?  ‘
  • ‘  i haven’t exactly had a very good day, okay?  ‘
  • ‘  we’re gonna own this bad boy!  ‘
  • ‘  by jove, we are going to own this thing for sure!  ‘
  • ‘  today, at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.  ‘
  • ‘  today we are canceling the apocalypse!  ‘
  • ‘  as for you, well, you’re easy. you’re an egotistical jerk with daddy issues. a simple puzzle i solved on day one.  ‘
  • ‘  i just don’t want to regret all the things that i never said out loud.  ‘
  • ‘  well, my father always said, if you have the shot, you take it. so let’s do this.  ‘
  • ‘  all i have to do is fall. anyone can fall.  ‘
  • ‘  i can’t find his pulse. i don’t think he’s breathing.  ‘
  • ‘  no. don’t go. please.  ‘
  • ‘  you’re squeezing me too tight. i couldn’t breathe.  ‘
  • ‘  where is my goddamn shoe?  ‘
{PART 24} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Despite everything that has gone wrong for you; you feel like life might start to have a better outlook as Jungkook takes all measures to keep you safe. However, a storm is coming; one that grips and pulls at the strongest winter coat…before you find yourself making the biggest mistake of your life to date.

“The lull, or the calm before the storm took it’s place in the atmosphere, in both of their hearts and their minds. ‘Tread carefully’ he warned her, but she slipped from his grasp the moment he blinked”

Not rated M, but be warned there are some scenes of a suggestive sexual nature.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 23} {Part 24} {Part 25}

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Ok so we’re all grieving right now, I know. I think I’ve already gone through the first 3 stages of the grieving process. But listen:


what do we know:

- Jack is not a baby. He grows similar to the way Amara grew when she was “born”

- He is nephilim, meaning he’s part human. He has humanity in him, so he can’t be all bad like his dad. Besides, Lucifer is an angel. He was not born bad. So, maybe it will all be in the way Jack is raised. We don’t know.

- We know Jack had powers even when he was in the womb, so he probably already knows about his mom, castiel and his promise (fatherhood), etc.





Destiel is not dead yet


We raise a great army. An army bigger than ever before. We call in favors. We do deals with Kings and Earls that we hate. Whatever we have to promise them, we promise. And in the end, we assemble an army twice the size of the army our father took to Paris. And we declare war on England.

No. In the name of our dead father, in the name of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of our country, and in the name of Odin, we declare war on the whole world.

Kiss My Ass - Stiles Stilinski/Mitch Rapp AU [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Mitch Rapp/Reader, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar and some guy called Remington.

Word Count: 22, 488 and I’m not even sorry about it.

Notes: Well, here it is! The highly anticipated ‘Kiss My Ass’ fic to honour reaching 2000 followers alongside the competition, so I really hope you guys enjoy this because I worked on it for MONTHS. I need to thank some girls, because this would not have been done without them. Thank you to my wonderful babes @dumbass-stilinski and @rememberstilinski and @sincerelystiles and the @thelittlestkitsune and @stilinski–jpeg because without them this would not be complete, I owe them big time. Especially Steff, who proofread this entire fucking thing. Shout-out to her for not flying to England and stabbing my enough times to match the word count. So warnings, hmmm.. we have cheating, bleeding, injury, kidnapping, hostages, and major character death. on the side I know you’re all here for we’ve got oral (both receiving), many different positions, over-stimulation, squirting, first-times, masturbation, public sex, and teasing.

Originally posted by teenwxlves

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Fic Rec List

So I see a ton of fic recs and had always hoped that my fics would be good enough to rec, but I have noticed that any story written within the past 3 years, gets next to no attention whatsoever, unless there are a shit ton of reviews and favs. And even then, I see fic rec lists on Tumblr or Yahoo or Reddit, and rarely do I see my fics, or fics from people I know, on those lists. Even though we’ve reached the usual review/fav amount required.

It’s always the same ones. The ones we have all read before, from the writers we all know very well. And nothing ever changes. It’s like the fandom is too scared to branch into the newer works, so they just stick to the old ones because it’s what they know.

So here is a list of more recent/unknown stories, that deserve as much attention, for Tomarry/Harrymort, Johnlock, and Hannigram.


Riddle and The Ancient Contract by HERMIT532- What if it wasn’t anything the current Potters had done that saved little Harriett Potter as an infant? What if the child prodigy Thomas Riddle had tweaked the horcrux spell before creating them? And what happens when they discover that nothing is exactly what it seems? FemHarry, DumbledoreBashing EXPLICIT SEX/ MENTION OF RAPE. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Heirs to the Dark by Dark Disaster- How did Voldemort and Harry Potter end up in a romantic relationship? A potions accident might hold the answers.

A Beast’s Virtue by Arliene- Schooled at Durmstrang, forced into political upheaval, pursued by dark and light wizards alike, Harry Potter becomes a leader and icon for his entire generation, thus turning the Dark Lord’s attention to him. HP/LV. Politician Harry

Boredom and Secrets by XxXxDarkVampirexXxX- A very bored Harry Potter starts writing to the Dark Lord over the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts. An equally bored Voldemort decides to write back. And thus, a summer of secrets is born, and the enemy named boredom is fended off.

Marvolo’s Ring by ImperialPepper- Vernon Dursley changes the course of wizarding history, when he gives his wife Petunia a ring for her birthday.

Embracing His True Self by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan- Tom Riddle/Harry Potter Slash. What if Harry didn’t want to fight Voldemort? What if he was fed up with the light side judging him constantly and wants to be his true self? The Slytherin side that he had squashed in a bid to fit in and be accepted? Realizing he never would…what of the prophecy? Could they overcome it? Will Voldemort even give him a chance?

Your Name on My Heart by whitedandelions- Bearing the Dark Lord’s soul mark on his chest certainly isn’t easy when his family is firmly on the Light Side. HPLV SLASH. Set in the Past.

The Wand Chooses by Dreamereye- Voldemort, obsessed with defeating Dumbledore, conscripts Gregorovitch into making the most powerful wand. Little does he know that the famous wandmaker is retired. Or that the man’s son, the brains behind the operation, is really Harry Potter in hiding. Will either be able to fight rising feelings for the enemy? A/N: Slash.

Σίγμα Τρία by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Humanity has evolved and the Secondary Genders change the world! Harry Potter was not expecting these sudden changes that came with being an Omega. The Wizarding World was not expecting it either, but certainly took the revelation much better than the Muggle World did. This opened up new avenues for them to approach.

A/N: Omega-verse. Sigma-Harry/Alpha-Voldy. Goblet of Fire/AU. SLASH.

third time’s a charm by lejf- Soulmate AU: soulmates’ thoughts are written on their match’s hands. HP/TR (HP/LV) A story that follows Harry through canon events as he searches for his mysterious writer who always seems to be in pain.

Irresistible by fadingstarlight (Genveon)- Beta Tom Riddle has achieved his goal of becoming a teacher for DADA in Hogwarts. He is also the alpha Lord Voldemort, who’s struggling to gain support from the purebloods in wizarding society. Enter omega Harry Potter who may be the answer to his problems or the start of another. More tags will be added as this story progresses

Consuming Shadows by Child_OTKW- ‘His attention skipped passed the students and moved to the politicians’ pavilion. His gaze locked with crimson, and he nearly faltered under the sheer hunger in those eyes.

It unnerved him how fixated the man was on his dirtied, bloody, exhausted figure.

But what troubled him more was the slight smirk he could make out on the man’s lips. It was almost pleased.’

On the night of the attack, Lily managed to escape with her infant son, but at the cost of her husband’s life. Distraught and distrusting of her friends, she fled to France with Harry, to raise him away from the corruption in Britain and the rising influence of the Dark Lord. She trains him to the best of her abilities, shaping him into a dangerous, intelligent and powerful wizard.

But when Britain re-establishes the Triwizard Tournament, and Harry is forced to return to his once-home, he finds himself questioning whether he really wants to kill the Dark Lord. Voldemort finds an unexpected challenge in the child, and as his intrigue and amusement grows, so too does the desire to possess the spark in those defiant green eyes.

Kitty Series by phoenixmaiden13 (LadyPhoenix)- Harry has an accident and gets turned into a cat! If that wasn’t bad, he finds himself in the hands of his enemy. Follow Harry as he tries to find a way to freedom, or will he want to?

4 part Series, Parts 1-3 are finished.

The Consort Tournament by Watermelonsmellinfellon- The Dark Lord wanted a consort and had decided to host a competition that involved nearly everyone in Britain. If they thought they were good enough, they could enter to compete in a certain amount of tasks set by the Lord of the lands himself. Only the victor would have the skills necessary to become Voldemort’s consort.

Harry unfortunately nabs the Dark Lord’s attention. Voldemort does as he pleases.

A/N: SLASH/Harrymort/AU.

Burning Desire by Little.Miss.Xanda- It burned, leaving nothing but desire. It took everything he was and even so he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. A/N: Poem.

Death is But the Next Great Adventure by TheObsidianQuill- What if that night in Godric’s Hollow went differently? What if Harry did die? What if Death stepped in and made a deal with the Savior of the Wizarding World? How different would Harry’s life be after that deal?

(Or, Harry makes a deal with Death and in exchange gains something Voldemort has fought his entire life for. Immortality. And a strange friendship with Death)


Lessons on Being a Seer by ZeGhostCow- Being a female in Medieval times would have sucked. Being called and treated like one even though you are male in this time, must suck even more. Do you know what sucks more? Living in the future whilst this is happening.

Welcome to Harry’s world.

Embracing Life’s Riddles Without Asking Questions by Nemesis13- When Harry and Voldemort died at each other’s hands, Harry awoke in an alley as a ten year old girl. Perplexed at this turn of events but not overly surprised, she is taken to Wool’s Orphanage. Now known as Iris Black, she is roomed with Tom Riddle, who she decides to befriend because honestly, why not see how things unfold from the other side? It might be fun.

Riddled by Killing Curse Eyes- On a class trip to London Harriet Lily Potter found a little black book lying on the ground, and suddenly, destiny shifted. Fem!Harry Diary!Tom Eventual TMR/HP Currently in year 5.

I Will Always Come Back to You by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Tom had a friend when he was little. His friend taught him that he was special because of what he could do and that people who hated him, were beneath him. When an accident occurs, Tom’s friend promises that he’ll never truly be gone. Hadrian always comes back to Tom, in the forms of Haraldr, Harish, and finally, Harry. Magic grants wishes. A/N:Reincarnation. SLASH. TMR/Harry/LV.

The Lady of Slytherin-Dark Beginnings by Nemesis13- Lillith Potter, The-Girl-Who-Lived, appears before Severus Snape bleeding and broken at the age of six. Determined to protect his dead friend’s daughter from sharing her mother’s fate he raises her to be brutally pragmatic, viciously opportunistic, and violently protective of those she loves with the help of the Black Sisters. Dad!Snape, Mentor!Bellatrix, DarkFem!Harry, Third Year+ with slight Harmione for several chapters.

Bearstody (Bear Custody) by Clarisse (transnymphtaire)- A 3/shot of Harry working at Build A Bear and meeting Tom Riddle. Tom buys a bear which becomes his and Harry’s ‘son’, and they negotiate custody of their ‘child’.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel… Where is Your Hair? By phoenixmaiden13 (LadyPhoenix)- Tom a wandering thief looking for adventure finds Harry locked up in a tower. What better adventure could you come across?

Don’t Fuck With Florists(They’ll Fuck You Up) by MayMarlow- Unsatisfied with his post-war life, Harry decides to get to the root of all of his problems when that root was still working at Borgin and Burkes shop in the late 40s. He’s the Master of Death, damn it, he can do what he wants for once in his life.

Tom Riddle isn’t particularly happy about working at a small, dingy shop for magical artifacts, no matter how interesting those artifacts are. He’s even less happy when an insufferable stranger sets up the most obnoxious flower shop right across the street.

What follows would be a romantic comedy, if it weren’t for politics.

(Romance isn’t the centerpiece.) HP:

Long Live the Queen by Offsides-(Pretty famous story but recently posted in September of 2015.)

With Harry Potter’s hearing for Underage Use of Magic looming, and Sirius Black hunted for a crime he didn’t commit and was never tried for, Harry reaches out to Her Majesty the Queen for help, with unexpected results. No ships. AU starting Ch 6-9 OotP, No HBP, No DH, No Horcruxes.

Session Transcripts by lazycrazyhorn-(Also pretty famous, but I think more people should read it.)

What happens when a brain damaged Harry and a transgender Hermione both get sorted into Slytherin? Snape’s not sure, but he thinks it’s likely to be an interesting term. This story follows various first years through the trials of their first year.

Doing Things Differently by Blufuzzybubbles- Harry has lost one too many a person to Voldemort and he wasn’t going to lose another. With the help of a mysterious benefactor, he is entering his fifth year with the hopes that “more than one innocent life can be spared”. No more irritatingly naïve Harry. No pairings for Harry, but everyone else is fair game. And bashing of course, because what’s a story without it?

An Unfound Door by joe6991- War is coming to Hogwarts, and Harry Potter, fifth-year Ravenclaw, is beset on all sides by enemies unknown, unseen, and unfound…


HP/Sherlock Crossover:

Lineage Ligno: A Family of His Own by Godiva9- It started out as a simple summer assignment; it ended up changing his life forever. After using a lineage potion for a project, fifteen year old Harry Potter finds out he is not a Potter after all, and that his father is a self-proclaimed Sociopath who committed suicide nearly three years ago. Harry wants answers so he goes to the one man who knew his Dad best, Dr. John Watson

Plain Johnlock:

the thunder underneath his ribs by darcylindbergh- Six or seven, maybe eight months later, there’s a thunderstorm in London.

Sometimes things have to fall apart before they fall together.

Useless Experimentation and Distraction by Nightshift_Works- Sherlock had been acting odd recently and conducting useless experiments. He’d refused to take cases and lays around the flat listlessly. John began to wonder just what was wrong when he came home to the oddest of circumstances: Sherlock was curled up beside his bed, clutching a pillow to his chest, sleeping. Just what was happening to Sherlock Holmes? And just what was happening to him?

The Second Room Upstairs by Laur- 5 times Sherlock needed an excuse to invade John’s room and 1 time he was invited.

So Brave, So Quiet by SomeCoolName- John Watson has always been perfectly in charge of his life, thank you very much. But an intriguing murder, seven suspects, an alcoholic sister and Sherlock’s new interest in him - will it be enough to make him realise what ‘being in charge’ really means.


The Stygian Court by campitor- The Lecter family spurned a witch long ago and so she gave them two skins to wear: one human, one beastly.

A supernatural Hannibal AU where Hannibal is a shape-shifter from a cursed family and Will begins to wonder if that antlered man is truly a figment of his fevered imagination.

How Potent is Thy Sting by extremelyperturbed- I requested it at the kinkmeme but nobody did it so I wrote a story where Hannibal behaves very much like a parasitic wasp, an insect that lays its eggs inside a host and the larva basically forces its host to eat like crazy to feed it and protect it. The chosen host is Will. Hannibal does not look like an insect, however nor will actual insects be a part of the story. A/N: Rape/Non-Con, but with a happy ending.

Instead of Bleeding, They Sing by Square_Pancake- William Graham is the new star of the Baltimore Opera Company. After fending off a serial killer interested in his empathic abilities, Will draws the attention of FBI consultant Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal appreciates the artistry of his music; eventually he wonders if the singer will appreciate the artistry of his kills.

Strangers ‘Til Now by mokuyobi- Post Mizumono, season 3 AU – Instead of being pushing him off the train, Chiyoh takes Will to Paris. There, in Hannibal’s old haunting ground, they attend a Masquerade where Will sees someone who reminds him very much of the man himself.

Consider the Hands That Write This Letter by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Hannibal had written a letter to Will and Alana decided not to have it sent. In a misguided notion of mercy, she decides that Will doesn’t need to know that Hannibal is trying to contact him and lies to Hannibal, telling him that Will has threatened to leave should Hannibal persist. She decides to just have the letters shredded.

Hannibal realizes the opportunity for what it is and chooses to continue writing to Will, pouring his heart into those words and using his Memory Palace Will to pretend that everything is right with the world. He can confess his adoration and Will would never know. Hannibal would never have to face rejection and Will wouldn’t know his feelings.

But there is a small issue. One of the orderlies doesn’t like Alana’s decision and secrets away the letters, sending them to Will Graham anyway.

Hannibal bares his soul, Will falls in love and sheds his fears, and Alana is unaware of it all.

Oh, the drama that shall unfold.

Rafraîchir by ElloPoppet- Hannibal and Will attempt to navigate life, and their relationship, after surviving the fall. Hannibal continues to groom Will into his ideal Murder Husband, only now, Will is an aware and willing participant. How will everything change once Will has embraced not only his attraction to Hannibal, but also his own violent desires?

In which Will unleashes his monster and accepts his destiny by Hannibal’s side, the boys run away to build a life together, and Jack Crawford becomes their hunter.

Let the Night Be Dark by beforethedawn and Destinyawakened- Will and Hannibal are rescued by Chiyoh, only to find out she’s been hired by Hannibal’s uncle to retrieve them. Robertas’ intentions aren’t at all well intended, as they soon come to find out. Will they overcome to find their happy ending?

Not As I Planned by TigerPrawn- Will and Hannibal are not a couple. Will’s first heat after falling from the bluff. All bases covered – Blood, check. Smashing objects, check. Will going into heat during a hunt, check.

The Door to The Abyss by War_Queen- “Will Graham, a bored demon, finds an eight year old boy with a promising future, and makes a deal with him. Years later, he becomes the ruler of hell, and remembers his contract.”


Pairing Undecided:

The Forgotten Potter by njeha- Wrong BWL. FEM Potter. James and Lily Potter has given birth to twins. On that Halloween night, they mistake the real prophecy child, leading to years of abandonment; which ends up being the biggest mistake the light side have ever made. There will be crossovers with many different worlds. Dark FEM Potter. Powerful & Genius FEM Potter. MOD Potter. Warning: Very Extreme M rated.(NSFW in any capacity!)

To Be Continued…

(If you know of a fic from the above 4 OTPs that is good but gets next to no recognition, reblog with the name of it so I can check it out.)

Imagine being in a secret relationship with Jensen Ackles and him flirting with you when he comes to your work.

“You know if I see you one more time here, I’m gonna start thinking you’re doing it on purpose.” you said with a soft smile as you checked on the machinery next to him.

“Although I would really do anything for that gorgeous smile of yours-” he said a little breathlessly and in a more rough voice than you were used in hearing on TV too “No, this really happened accidentally. Seems like I’ve been working for too many hours without eating and I had not realized it at all.” he mumbled as you hummed.

“Seems like?” you raised an eyebrow, placing your hands on your hips “You know as much as I like seeing you here, Mr Ackles, you need to take more care of yourself. Don’t need to worry your loved ones.”

“So that’s why you’re worried too?” he asked with a small smirk and you scoffed a laugh.

“Careful Mr Ackles, your Dean is showing.” you turned your back to him as you started fixing his med and shots “Besides, I think it’s more than just overworking. You’re really exhausted, you’ll need to take a break for a few days and rest. Let your body do the healing and take some vitamins you really need. What a shame you won’t go back to flirting for a profession huh?”

“Who said I can’t flirt here too?” he asked but then just laughed, wincing slightly when he felt his head ache “Besides-” he licked his dry lips “I think I won’t really have a problem staying here for longer. With such a cute nurse I honestly wouldn’t mind staying here forever either.” he broke into a boyish grin and you shook your head with a laugh.

“Who said I am going to be the one to take care of you?” you asked, looking over your shoulder.

“What? No, I won’t take another answer. I have my personal nurse, I am not going to let any other woman touch me.” he shook his head stubbornly and you laughed.

“Very sweet but-” you handed him a glass of water “Sometimes, I wish I had not become your personal nurse from all the times you’ve been here, Mr Ackles. And yes I am really saying this because I’m getting worried, and no it’s no joke now.” you said, crossing your arms over your chest and looking him dead serious in the eyes.

“Come on, sweetheart.” he gave you a half and sad smile “Just another excuse to see you.” he shrugged “Besides, I am not doing this really on purpose I told you. The first two… three alright maybe four times were a little intentional to come and see you but- but this wasn’t and I… I promise, I’ll take more care of myself. On one condition though!” he raised a fingers and you rolled your eyes, laughing to yourself.

“What’s that, Mr Ackles?”

“You call me Jensen.” he said simply “Just like that, Jensen. Why do I call you (Y/n) so easily?”

“Because you’re a patient and I am a nurse, I am working here. That’s why.” you said matter-of-factly at his obvious effort of flirting with you.

“Come on, no harm done. Besides, if that’s your problem- you could always tell me the time your shift end and I’ll be there to hear you call me Jensen, as many times as you want!” he gave you an adorable smile and you shook your head.

“Sorry but unless you realized it, the moment my shift ends you are still going to be here-” you pointed at the bed “-A patient, and unable to get up and leave because you are a stubborn ass that won’t take good care of himself.”

“You are not going to get away with this so easily.” he said and you chuckled.

“Moments like this I really understand why they chose you to be Dean, Mr Ackles.” you emphasized and he just shook his head.

“Not my fault, Miss (Y/l/n). I just so happened to come face to face with an angel in a nurses clothes, and you know I mean a lot more than the Supernatural ones.” he said gently.

“You never give up, do you?” you asked and he gave you an innocent smile.

“You know me-” his smile turned from playful and flirty to soft, genuine and sweet “Can’t help falling in love with you every single day I see you, (Y/n).” he whispered and you closed your eyes, letting a deep sigh through your nose.

“I hate you, do you know that?” you asked in a really low voice and his lips pulled into a tender smile.

“No you don’t.” he mumbled, extending a hand to take hold of your and bring it to his lips, peppering it with butterfly kisses. You got lost in the way his green eyes stared at you so intensely and you let him bring your hand to his cheek. You cupped it as his hand still didn’t leave yours. You let out a shaky breath when he closed his eyes and nuzzled his face in your palm, kissing it tenderly. You could feel your heart hammer in your chest, just like every time you were close to this man, and you got lost in the sight in front of you. This tall, big man that was so strong at moments could curl up and hold your hand like he was the most fragile little child in need of love because he was scared. Because something had happened to scare him, and today you knew what it was all too well. He needed the love because of such an experience real bad. And oh did you love him so much already.

You almost got lost in the moment, the peaceful silence that surrounded you helping in that. So much that when you heard footstep you jumped in your place, pulling your hand away from him “Jensen!” you hissed, shaking your head in frustration mostly because you let him get you so carried away. You walked towards the door, giving a friendly smile to one of your co-worker as she passed by and closed it soon afterwards.

“That was close.” you whispered to yourself “What the hell Jens?!” you gave him a look as he laughed at your panicked expression.

“Come on, she didn’t see a thing.” he gave you an adorable smile.

“But she could have! Because you couldn’t hold yourself back.” you huffed, walking towards him.

“And who is to blame for that? Certainly not me.” he shrugged “Why do you keep that Mr Ackles act up all the time? There was nobody around!”

“But there could be, just like you saw.” you crossed your arms over your chest “And I keep the Mr Ackles act up because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be in my clothes at the moment, am I wrong?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

He just chuckled, his eyes roaming your entire frame “Guilty. Yes I would definitely put this bed to good use for once.” he grinned at you like a young boy and you laughed.

“Really huh? Does your fiance know about these ideas you have then, Jensen?” you asked and he shrugged.

“Maybe, or else she wouldn’t tease the living heaven out of me walking in here like this.” he pointed at you.

“Hm seems like that to me.” you said with a smirk.

“Now come here and give your husband-to-be a big kiss because I’ve waited too long.” he extended his arms towards you and you laughed.

“Jens, don’t get any ideas. You’re beat and you need your rest. As much as my body can never say no to you, I’m a professional when it comes to my job.” you pointed out seriously and he laughed.

“Of course I remember that, just like that small closet you have on the third floor does.” he winked and you covered your face that started to heat up at the memories. Four years in and it still felt like the first day of your relationship.

“Come on, even if it’s only a kiss. You won’t be so heartless to say no to that, right? I hate that I have to see you under these circumstances but still- we could make the most out of this chance too, right? I’m not that bad anyway. And I’m a fast healer.”

“Only if you promise me you’ll be more careful next time.” you said a little more serious and he nodded his head.

“Deal. But even if I won’t, I’ll have my gorgeous nurse to take care of me anytime.” he wrapped his arms around your waist as he made room for you on the bed, although you only just laid half on top of him.

“Now give your patient some love, miss future Ackles.” he said against your lips and you giggled before cupping his face and pressing your lips hard on his.

And of course, as expected, his hands didn’t stay only on your waist.

~Huge thanks to RLS for proofreading this for me!

Take My Hand

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Past Abuse (only mentioned no graphic detail)

A/N: So I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut or fluff but given the past abuse, I opted to make it fluff. It is kind of long. Hope you enjoy it!

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types of new zealand children

  • you were born on the west coast. black sand and thrashing waters, the kind of dangerous parents warn their children about. you could swim before you could walk, and you can feel the ocean in your bones, a soft ache that will never go away
  • you were born in canterbury. winter is nothing more than a warm embrace to you. your body convulses and shifts endlessly like the land below you, and your whole existence feels on edge. rise and fall
  • you were born in the wetlands. you know rebirth better than any, and yet you still feel trapped. you wake early every morning, and you know just how silent the farm can be. your life is an endless cycle of this knowing and yet you can never do anything but watch
  • you were born in te hiku-o-te-ika. the old gods still live inside of the earth, and you are surrounded by them. tane mahuta stands tall and so do you. breathe in, you exist at the top of aotearoa
  • you were born in the alpine mountains of otago. land of the red earth, isolated village, you are difficult to get to and difficult to understand. you are calmest when the wind is thin and the snow cold. poor child, you will never be able to comprehend your vastness
  • you were born in the cities. there is a disconnect in your identity, and no matter how many times you shift around, you will never feel at home until the hum of traffic has settled under your skin
  • you were born in the king country. war torn kid with too much blood on your knees, in your mouth, on your arms. there’s a rage inside of you that will never go away, but nor will the strength that comes from the bones of the kings in the soil below you
  • you were born in marlborough. the dry season has lasted several years, and you just want to know when everything will feel okay again. soon, i promise you
  • you were born on the volcanic plateau. you will never know where you belong, but that’s okay. nowhere will be able to contain you but the open vastness of the desert road. you are all too much, from lake taupo to mount ruapehu, you are unknowable
  • you were born in the bay of plenty. you have never known hunger, but you know suffering. you are the softest of children, raised on summer warmth and placid rivers that you know better than the back of your hand
  • you were born in heretaunga. you survived a place that wanted you dead. through the floods, the earthquakes, and the droughts, you still stand. you are so much stronger than you know

Those Were Her Words…

Ok so I have been getting THE FEELS lately from gif sets like these, and they remind me of this ~ridiculously cracky~ personal headcanon I have. 

One of my FAVORITE quotes in the ASoIaF series is in AGoT when Ned tells Sansa “When you’re old enough, I will make you a match with a high lord who’s worthy of you, someone brave and gentle and strong.” 

And if you’re like me you probably spend way to much time over analyzing and wondering why those 3 words? Why brave and gentle and strong? Where did he get that?!

What if it was something Ned had heard before… From someone else… A long time ago?

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The Conspiracy | Fred Weasley

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Warning(s): None

Requested by anonymous:  Hi! I would like to ask if you could do a Fred Weasley x reader imagine, where the reader is in slytherin and is best friends with the twins. She’s staying at the burrow for summer and all the weasley kids (Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, Ron and Ginny) are trying to get the reader and Fred together. You can do anything with the ending :) I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense or the grammar is bad. I’m not a native english speaker.

A/N: Don’t worry about it honey, your request was fine. I loved writing this and I hope you enjoyed it too.

You couldn’t be sure how it was exactly that you came to be best friends with the infamous Weasley twins, the school’s most notorious troublemakers. You were in Slytherin whilst they were proud members of Gryffindor and if it weren’t for fate and a particularly difficult transfiguration exam when they tried to cheat off your essay, you probably wouldn’t have met in the first place. 

You were a crowd pleaser as much as you hated to admit it, all you ever did was satisfy your parents and their wishes no matter how different they were from your own. You always had to have the highest marks, be the overachiever, pretend to enjoy the company of people you hate.

All of those awful purebloods who shared the same ideas as your parents disgusted you yet they always seemed to be around you in one way or another. Fred and George were different. They were funny, sweet and accepting. They never insulted others with malice nor asked you to be someone you weren’t. 

But of course nothing good lasts forever and soon enough your family found out about your closeness to the Weasleys. To say they weren’t happy would be an understatement. The disgusted look on their faces as they yelled at you for not being worthy of your name was something you would never forget.

Their words were engraved in your heart ever since. How you weren’t nearly as good as your brothers, how you were a disappointment in every sense and all of that just because you didn’t wish to follow the dark path your family had taken a long time ago. 

They were right. You could never be like your brothers and you could no longer pretend you were someone else. So you left, what other choice did you have?

You left and you didn’t look back. 

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Fuckbuddies, CH 2

Anyone ready for chapter 2? Writer’s Block will be out tomorrow, and then I’ll be focusing solely on this new story. Hopefully that means weekly updates! I can’t wait for you all to see where this one is going. ;) Oh, and happy Halloween! Talk to me! Pbg

The Hob is bustling when Katniss arrives. She’s thirty minutes late, but she kept her promise to show up. She scans the area, eyes quickly roaming over the shiny, black-topped bar with it’s mirrored background that makes this small bar look twice its size. There’s a second room with a few pool tables and a jukebox off the back, and Katniss makes her way there when she doesn’t spot her coworkers.

Sure enough, a handful of them are there. Her eyes find Peeta immediately with his light blonde hair and easy smile. He’s standing next to Becky, who’s holding a wobbling pool stick in the wrong position and bending over the table. It’s so obvious to Katniss that she’s faking it - no one is that bad.

She watches with thinly veiled interest as Peeta gives Becky pointers on how to hold the stick, leaning down beside her with his own in hand. He’s not touching her, and Katniss knows he’s friendly and helpful with everyone, but after Becky’s trip to her office earlier in the day, Katniss isn’t fond of Becky’s usual display. It seems more… personal.

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Just a cute sick!reader x Steve, a little Drabble I just wanted to write down:)

“Steve, babe, I can’t make it tonight.” You coughed over the phone, voice raspy as you breathed through your mouth. You’d been sick for the past two weeks, and it didn’t seem to be getting better any time soon. A cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, fever, you name it. If it was a possible symptom, you had it, and was lying half-dead in bed because of it. 

He groaned, paused, and then seemed to cheer up a bit, “Okay, then, I have an idea.” 

“Oh no,” You warned, raising a hand in the air even though you knew he couldn’t see you, “No, no, no. I look absolutely disgusting right now, you can’t come over.” 

“(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), you could never look disgusting,” He promised, and you pictured him rolling his eyes, “And guess what?” 

“What?” You rasped. 

“I’m coming over.” 

About 10 minutes later you heard your front door creak open, and you knew it was him. Since both of your parents were basically never home, Steve and you hung out a lot. That was one of the perks of having absolutely no authority figures, you could see your boyfriend as much as you wanted to. That night was no exception, and when Steve waltzed into your room a few seconds later, you were happy to see him. 

Even though you looked like living death- hair thrown into a messy bun, and the hood of Steve’s sweatshirt pulled over half your face- he still looked at you with the same spark in his eyes, “Hey, gorgeous.” 

“Oh shut up,” You waved a pale hand at him, “Welcome to quarantine, Harrington.” 

“Happy to be here,” He grinned, nudging you over and taking a spot next to you on the bed, “Also, I brought reinforcements.” 

At that, your interest peaked, “Reinforcements?” 

Wordlessly, he slung his backpack from his shoulders and set it down on the comforter, “I got all your favorites.” Your brows rose, and he began to pull out the bag’s contents and lay them out on the bed. 

“Okay so here we got Footloose, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Clueless- keep in mind, babe, this is the only time I’m voluntarily watching this movie- and The Breakfast Club.” He started spouting out your favorite DVD’s, most of which you’d left at his house, and then looked at you to choose one. 

“You know you’re the best right?” You said between coughs, “And I love you a lot?” 

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” He chuckled, gently wrapping his arms around your shoulders and waist, “I love you too, sick girl.” 

“Mhm,” You smirked- even at your sickest, you’d take the opportunity to tease him, “But I choose Clueless, we’re definitely watching Clueless.”

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So, I think sans gets waaaay more credit than he deserves in the fandom, and that people who see him as a sort of hero figure drastically misunderstand him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as sore about it as anybody. But I think it’s a little weird to come down on him too hard for it, because, for the most part, he’s not trying to be a hero. 

Like, put aside his desperation and his depression and the way he waits until the last minute of the worst run to confront you with violence. I hear the ‘he never does anything in any other run’ issue and raise a different take: he absolutely does something, in every single run, good or bad. Those just don’t involve stopping you with force.

sans doesn’t drop his comedy routine for much, so, I’m gonna be honest with you, when I hear him talking about how if he hadn’t made that promise, you’d be ‘dead where you stand?’ I take it as a sign that sans had a favorite way of stopping potential anomalies. And that was killing them immediately, whenever he caught a whim of any weird time shit.

So, he makes that deal, and he doesn’t fight you. Doesn’t kill you. Just watches you waltz through. And if you don’t kill PAPYRUS, he’ll joke with you, mess with you, have fun little jokes and escapades with you. ’Good friends, bad jokes.’ And then he comes at you in the judgment, every time, looking over what you did. Calling you out with this isn’t the first time you’ve done a neutral and counting your kills, laying it thick, telling you to do better, only dropping the veil when you kill PAPYRUS out of what I assume to be pure brotherly rage.

He ain’t a hero. And in any case, it’s not what he’s trying to be, most of the time. sans’ knowledge of the timeline is incomplete, but he appears to know that resets are possible. In fact, in many neutral judgments, sans will allude to how you must have heard this many times before, or how you should try not killing anyone ‘next time.’

See, sans’ first instinct on seeing the human go all murdery doesn’t seem to be to stop them now. Naaah, he seems more concerned with setting things up so that he can try to advise them, guide them. He takes it as a matter of course that this is but one iteration of the world, and that his end goal isn’t to stop the human in this iteration, but try to inspire mercy in the the next one.

He’s never trying to be the hero of the story. He’s trying to be Frisk’s Iroh. Knowing his tactics, in a messed up way it make sense that he waits until the last minute.

Waits for the human to change. Waits for the timeline to veer into a course where there isn’t a reset, where there’s still room for the human to reconsider next time. It’s the foundation of his strategy; looking at this shitty timeline and thinking ‘well, it’s gonna get reset anyway, might as well try to get them to like me and the other monsters so the next one might be better, even if I don’t remember it.’

It’s only at the end that sans steps in. Not because everyone is dead but because if the human keeps going, there will be no further iterations and plan A is now a wash.

In spite of looking at time linearly, he thinks on the same plane as the human does. Viewing the world in terms of timelines; in terms if ‘this time’ and ‘next time.’ In a manner of speaking, it’s a very cold way to view the world. But you could also argue that it’s one of the most effective ways, considering how many players just refuse to do the worst run and never meet sans in his serious mode.

And it’s like … Yes, sans is a shitty hero. But he’s not trying to be a hero at all most of the time. So let’s not get so wrapped up in the sans obsession that we start to believe that that was at all his goal. For that reason, I think it’s real interesting how we consider sans attempting to push us onto the right path or befriend us in bad routes ‘doing nothing.’ And I also don’t that that’s entirely fair.

anonymous asked:

Do you do like headcanons or bullet writing stuff? If so, can I request a "Being Thor's daughter and dating Peter would include" it even that as a fic! Because I think Thor's daughter would be cute and fun 😋


Being Thor’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include….

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#36: Kylo Ren x Reader

Part 1 of this imagine here. I’m gonna tag @greenfaery411-blog because I know they were excited for Part 2 😉  Tell me if you guys want a Part 3. 

Your steps through the falling snow were silent, but he sensed you coming, anyway. The Force told him you were there, the same way it had told you where to find him.

You had reunited with Han Solo on Takodana for the first time since the temple had been destroyed. He had thought you were dead, and when he realized you weren’t, he brought you back with him to the Resistance base. You had been brought along on the mission to destroy Starkiller base and watched him die the same day. One more death to avenge.

You finally found Kylo, alone and abandoned by his last opponent in the snow. Rey had left a cauterized gash on his face, the blood burnt black by the heat of the lightsaber that cut into his skin. Blood flowed from another wound at his side, and you knew that the adrenaline from his fight that helped him stand through the pain was gone. You froze for a moment, surprised to see he was without his helmet, the face of the man you had loved looking up at you. You had forgotten how much you missed it.

“What are you doing here?” he asked you.

“I’ve come for my vengeance,” you said, holding your lightsaber tightly at your side. “You should have killed me when you had the chance.”

“I told you I would spare you,” he said.

“I made no such promise.” Green light erupted from the hilt of your lightsaber the moment you stopped speaking.

You took a step toward him and he raised his hand. An invisible force feathered its touch at your throat, but he wasn’t strong enough to actually choke you.

“I thought there was nothing worse you could do, no other way for you to prove that Ben was gone,” you said, your vision misting over with the tears that began to crawl down your face. “I was wrong.”

“Han Solo was dead to me already,” Kylo said. “Now he’s just as dead to everyone else.”

“He was your father.”

“Not anymore.”

“Dammit, Ben!” you shouted at him. Your lightsaber shook in your hand, and it took everything you had not to use it just yet. “If you’re truly bent on killing everyone who held out hope for you, then there’s nothing to stop me from killing you!”

“Do it,” he said, a tone of daring in his voice. “Take your vengeance. Kill me.”

You raised your lightsaber above your head as you stood above him. He didn’t make a move to stop you. He only stared up at you with hard, cold eyes. If he wasn’t going to stop you from ending his miserable life, then you wouldn’t hesitate.

Except you did. A darkness in the Force lurched behind you, distracting you enough to make you turn your head.

You cried out in pain at the blaster shot that burned into your arm, and the one to leg caused your knees to buckle. You collapsed into the snow, your lightsaber falling beside you as a group of Stormtroopers advanced.

“She’s down,” you heard one of them say. “Do you want us to take her out?” You expected to hear him say yes, not, “No.”

You looked up at him, seeing he was standing without any trouble. That bastard had been playing almost dead with you. He was just stalling until his soldiers got there. What was he going to do with you now? KIll you himself? Leave you to die on the combusting planet?

“She’s a valuable part of the Resistance,” Kylo told his men, somehow knowing that you were their only trained Jedi and now an important part of their efforts to defeat the First Order. “They’ll do what they have to to have her returned to their ranks.”

So that was his plan. You were his hostage.

With a wave of his hand, your vision blackened and you lost consciousness.

Part 3

All for you

✖ Characters/relationships: Negan x Reader

✖ Genres: Teasing, swearing, mild fluff

✖ Summary: Negan wants you to be his wife, but you can’t do it as long as he has any other wives. [Based on imagine from @thefandomimagine]

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 1522

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