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Hey guys, so I’ve seen some posts around about daily routines so I thought I’d share my own. I consider myself to be great at being productive even early in the morning, and here’s how I achieve that. Hope this is helpful, and feel free to ask me questions if you have any!

Forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday Carrie, we miss you. 🌙✨🌟🌹❤️ 


aka how to create presentation slides that actually improve your presentation

By Eintsein

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1 oct 17 

happy october! a wet sunday: going through morning sermon notes, packing this week’s shop orders… hope you are having a lovely day x 


Kaaja Collection by Carlos Jiménez Design for By Enströms

This Furniture collection, called Kaaja, is a design developed by Carlos Jiménez Design. Ithaca a character of straight geometrical and minimalistic shapes to allow a high number of combinations and personalization, without losing its combination of Scandinavian style and Mediterranean influence. It is the new furniture line of the Swedish By Enströms company.


[4 of 100] mentor session went well today, replied to student emails and looked through all their fabulous work in progress - they’re all so talented! 

Feel so drained from work last night, I’ve been stretching all day! Also been working on a few cute desktop wallpapers for everyone - they’re very simplistic and cute hand-lettering! Working towards making more content for my blog - I feel like it’s time to step it up a notch!

19 sep 17

little peek at one of my study spaces at home :-) a very simple space! been catching up with more personal creative work, in good time too x


The Rocking Nest Chair by Anker Bak for Carl Hansen & Søn

The idea for this Rocking Nest called chair was the need of Anker Baks sister for a comfortable yet space saving chair to sit in with her new born child. This foldable rocking chair is crafted from wood, steel canvas and optional leather. The producing company of this modern piece of Scandinavian furniture is Carl Hansen & Søn.


The Sierra Chair by Croft House

The Sierra Chair is a Scandinavian and Japanese minimalistic interpretation of a classic lounge chair with a Californian summer twist to it. It is designed by the Los Angeles based Croft House company, who carefully selected the materials that give this beautiful piece of furniture its light wight and comfortable summer appearance. They also took great care in selecting the Los Angeles based craftsmen, who hand make all parts of the chair and put it together.