a pretty long post about how liking someone can be hard for me

How I see you, based on your zodiac sign
  • Aries: Innocent murderous babies with a desire to change the world but the attention span of a —- oh what a pretty pencil you have! Idealism incarnate, but also a strong violent streak. 
  • Taurus: They kinda wanna be fun and interesting but they also wanna believe they’re the most mature people in the room. Trying too hard to grow up too fast.
  • Gemini: Even after years and years of being friends, you’ll never feel like you can truly connect with these people. They exude secrets and hidden sadness. 
  • Cancer: So goddamn touchy-feely. No really, please stop hugging me. Ugh… someone please save me. And then they turn around and they’re the driest, most non-emotional people ever. 
  • Leo: That person writing huge-ass blog posts about how things “really are”. If you try to prove them wrong they’ll use very long, poetic words, to tell you how stupid you are.
  • Virgo: The mental case of the zodiac - they’re not physically violent but it’s scary how passive-aggressive and full of hatred they can be. Everything you do and say revolves around them. And don’t expect to be asked about your day after you’ve listened to their hand-cream complaints for two fucking hours.
  • Libra: These people have regular ambitions (super career, lots of money) and they work towards those ends. Expect a Libra to criticize a book but to never consider writing one. 
  • Scorpio: Someone you can have an actual conversation with. Pretty emotional but also strong enough to contain it. You’ll never be sure they like you though.
  • Sagittarius: The OTHER mental case of the zodiac. Not only does this guy think he’s superior to everyone, but he’s also super likely to be a bully. Mind games and drama but only for the sake of his own entertainment.
  • Capricorn: So damn stubborn. This guy makes a bad decision but he won’t admit he was wrong and start over even if it threatens to ruin his life. Impressionable too: might choose things because they saw them in a TV show. 
  • Aquarius: Head in the clouds, soft tone, soft smile, relaxed walk. Intelligent and friendly but lacking in passion.
  • Pisces: Still waters run deep. Quiet among strangers, not inclined to discuss complex topics or tell long stories. Until they get to know you, that is…