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I suppose at some point I should ask what the Evil Within is about, other than a hot policeman with an ax. Wikipedia just confused me.

get ready baby I’m gonna give you all the full version of the story because I am bored and I need people to hop on the trash train with me.

I can’t believe I typed all this. It really shows how much I love you. Or mostly what happens when tumblr puts me in straight baby jail for reblogging too much joseph oda and doesn’t allow me to post for 20+ hours. 

The Evil Within — A serious story recap by Vale plz R&R


The amazing hero of our story Detective Sebastian Castellanos gets sent to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the usual “oh no the radio is mostly static *bzzz bzzz* someone help *bbzzz bzzz*  of course we are not getting all killed *bzzzzz* *high pitched noise* *radio silence*” kind of problems that you always find in survival horrors games.

And of course since he is such a hot dad™ (I am not mocking he is actually a dad also hot in that kind of average game protagonist way) he needs not one but TWO amazing sidekicks to ship him with do all the job for him help him in his adventure. 

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Hi there baes! So, I recently reached… well, nothing actuallyノ( ゜-゜ノ) but i wanted to make another ff bc i have many new followers who are mutuals so yeah, i wanted to make this like a… “welcome”(? and bc it’s valentines day so i though u all deserve some compliments(▰˘◡˘▰) ilu guys, keep being awesome and thanks for following me and making my dash beautiful♥ then…


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Fic: "Amidst the Rubble (We Can Build a Better Us)" by Emiliana Darling (Steve/Bucky 5+1 Fic)

Title: Amidst the Rubble (We Can Build a Better Us)
Alternate Title: “Five Times During Bucky’s Recovery and One Time Everything Was Pretty Okay”
Author: Emiliana Darling
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Length: 21,000 words.
Contains: Recovery, Mental Illness, PTSD, Brief Graphic Violence, Hurt/Comfort. 
Summary: Steve wants to be a good friend, to be selfless and strong and endlessly patient. To be confident that he’s making the right choices, doing the right things. To be the person that Bucky needs him to be. Mostly he just feels helpless instead. None of it is easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Notes: And here we have the fic that’s been single-handedly eating my brain for the past few weeks! Although this fic takes place after Reconstruction Site, it can easily be read in isolation. All you have to know is that Bucky spent a few months leading Steve and Sam on a wild goose chase through Eastern Europe before finally showing up and agreeing to travel with them. Everything else is icing on the cake.