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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire (PART II) NSFW

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire (Part II) NSFW

The shiver runs down your spine and to your core, reigniting the fire that had yet to fully settle. There was never a lull with Frank Castle, never a moment’s respite from his, and your, insatiable appetite. You’re two orgasms into the early morning, a considerable lead compared to his zero thus far. You set your mind to changing the score.

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Kastle + best friends who are The Old Married Couple but fail to notice they're falling in love until is too late

Ok. As it turns out, I’m in a very AU type of mood. 

Yo, this got long. So long I had to divide it in two chapters. This is the first. 

I hope you enjoy this, Anon. I really did love writing it. Took me longer than I thought, because the original idea was to make it a quick thing. So much for that plan. 

Anyway, here it is.

Ordinary People, chapter 1

Two months after he moved into the apartment across the hall from her, she got a running buddy.

They were, up until then, mere acquaintances who kept their talk to the hallway. She knew he was in the army, he knew she worked as a secretary.

One night, though, she was walking back home after a long day at the office with her boss, working on his promotion and, consequently, her raise, when he, the guy from across the hall, might have saved her life.

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My Note: This was written by a lovely little writer who’d like to share their work. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make submissions anonymous so… yeah… Here’s this! Thank you to the writer!

Hey! Same person from last time. I thought I’d do another Altair request lol. Can I still stay anonymous? Thanks, and enjoy!

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in Masyaf, and you were currently frying eggs for two sleepy boys half asleep at the kitchen table. While the eggs were cooking, you see Altair diligently reading a script of paper, and your four year old son, Darim, with his head and arm on the table looking at his father with half lidded eyes. You smiled at your family and turned back to your almost made breakfast. You let your hand fall to your slightly protruding belly. There will be another sleepy addition soon to come. You were stirred from your thoughts when you heard a curious voice ask, “Baba?”
Altair put down his readings and answered, “Nam, alqlyl wahid? (Yes, little one?)”
“How did you get the scar on your lip?“

You smiled at your childs curiosity; you did not know how your husband acquired his scar either. You begin to walk over to them with breakfast in each of your hands. You look toward Altair, rubbing the scar on his lips. You set down his breakfast and his golden eyes flicker to your waiting gaze, and his face erupts in a wicked smile.

"When I first kissed your mother, her sharp tongue cut me. Be careful of women, little one.” Altair answered. You smacked his arm with a dish towel, as you passed him to give your son his breakfast.
Darim looked at you with wide golden eyes, “Really Mama?”
You chuckled, “No, habibti. Baba just likes to spin wild tales.” You turn and playfully glare at Altair, who picked up his reading material again. You began to head back to the kitchen to retrieve your tea. With assassin speed and stealth, Altair pinches your behind as you walk past him.
“Only because your Mama enjoys my tales.” Altair smirked. You blushed and hit his shoulder once again.
“Buff ow dif jew getf it?” Darim asks again. Altair gets no chance to respond before you say,
“Darim, are we speaking with our mouths full of breakfast again?” There was a silence as you made your way back to your family.
“Nooooooo!” Your son replies, looking to you.
“I thought not.” You smiled, gliding your hand through his hair. It was the only thing he inherited from you, it seemed. Darim scarfed down the rest of his meal, and headed to the kitchen with his dish. “Will I ever get to know?” He asked, emerging from the kitchen.
Altair smiles and walks over to his son. "One day, but we should get you to school right now.“ Darim pouts, but he follows his fathers wishes.

The three of you walk to the school grounds. On the way Darim chats with his close friend Dastan, a child of one of the assassins from your brotherhood. At the school gates you stoop down and give your son a kiss.
"Be good for your teachers, okay?” You instruct.
“I will!” Your son beams. Darim also gives his farewells to Altair. You watch your son as he takes a few steps away from you and turn to a girl with fair skin and bright eyes.
“Good morning Aminah!” Darim beams. Aminah bashfully returns his good morning. “You look pretty today!” Darim compliments. The girl turns red and thanks him.
Your mouth fell open. You look to Altair who had his chest puffed, and was proudly smiling. “Darim!” Altair calls. Your son turn to his father. “Remember what I told you about women.” He winks. Darim turns a light shade of pink and waves goodbye. The both of you begin to walk to the castle.

“You have corrupted our son.” You say playfully.
“He’s inherited his fathers charm.” Altair corrected smirking, drawing up his hood. You rolled your eyes and made a silent prayer that the next one is more like you.

“How DID you get your scar though?” You ask, smiling at your husband.
“You mean you don’t remember?” Altair replies, looking at you with concern. You give him a questioning look back. “When you first came to the Masyaf brotherhood, I tried to get your attention by juggling daggers. It did not work, and I injured myself in the process.” Altair sighs. Your eyes become as wide as plates, your mouth agape.
“R-really?! Oh my goodness! I don’t even recall!-” You apologize until you see the corner of your husbands mouth twitch. “Because it never happened!” You hiss, reaching out to smack his arm. Altair grabs your wrist.
“All this violence towards your loving husband cannot be good for the baby.” He smirks, bringing your knuckles to his scarred lips.
“On the contrary, I find it quite stress relieving.” You smirk back, a faint blush licking at your cheeks. Altair only chuckles, the Assassins castle coming into view. “Did you get it on a mission?” You guess.
Altair nods, “that is why I want to hold off on telling Darim.” You “ohhhh”-ed and dropped the subject, thinking that it would be a brutal story. What you didn’t know was that, although it was on a “mission” when Altair was a novice, he crashed through a very big pottery vase when running from the other novices. But that story, he would take to the grave.

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Prompt: "Darling, it's not a walk of shame if you return home on a pogo stick" ~Martha

“Business or pleasure?” he answered the phone as cheerfully as he could, considering it was – he cracked one eye open to check the time – 4:58am?!

Beckett’s voice, though, was enough to bring a smile to his face no matter what the time. “Murder never sleeps, Castle. We’ve got a body.”

“I’ll say you do,” he mumbled, trying for flirtatious, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t awake enough yet.

She laughed, though, and gave him the address. He got ready in record time, a fine art he had mastered over the past three years of murders at all hours. Stopping by the kitchen, he prepared a pair of to-go cups with the hottest, strongest coffee he could make within the bounds of it actually tasting good. Beckett would need the extra kick this morning.

He nodded to the doorman as he exited the building, only to stop short at the sight of his mother bounding down the street toward him… on a pogo stick.

“Mother…?” he gaped openly.

“Oh, Richard, close your mouth, darling. After all, it’s not a walk of shame if you return home on a pogo stick,” Martha said airily, breezing past him and carrying the pogo stick into the elevator with her.

He shook his head, hailing a cab and giving the address for the crime scene.

When he arrived at the crime scene, it was to find Beckett and Ryan having a whispered conversation while Lanie went about her business looking decidedly snippy.

“Hey! What’s going on?” he asked, handing Beckett her coffee. She smirked turning back to the task at hand, leaving Ryan to fill her partner in.

“Lanie’s mad because she and Javi are on a break, and he showed up this morning in yesterday’s clothes with his just-got-laid smile on his face,” Ryan babbled eagerly.

Castle let out a low whistle just as Esposito came back from talking to one of the victims.

“I heard you had a good night last night, ‘Sito. Did we interrupt your walk of shame?” Castle asked as Ryan grinned beside him.

“I dunno if you can call it a walk of shame when you head home on a pogo stick, man,” Esposito replied with a smirk.

The smile dropped off Castle’s face in an instant as bile rose in his throat.