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JD, i think Di's soul is crying of sadness because this farce that Harry caused recently. She has appreciated the love given by people all over the world. Harry on the contrary takes it as a matter of course. You are fighting day for day for his reputation but he doesn't seem to care, no thanks and no respect at all. We all know they visit your Blog, so they could give sometimes a back up. Have a lovely Easter:)

Thank you so much anon, I know,  I get a little testy with him, I really do think he might appreciate this, we should never stop believing that Harry does some pretty awesome things, always keep that in the forefront, all these articles are meant to make people have an emotional response and it does, I want to be truthful, I get angry too at the nonsense articles. After all these months , my hands are ready to fall off, this just another episode, I pray it’s done soon, I really need a beach day.😘😘😘

Thanks anon, you have a wonderful easter as well  

Gluten free is not a "cool new eating disorder" Jennifer Lawrence

Nothing like waking up to find the headline, 

“Jennifer Lawrence Dismisses Gluten-Free Diet As ‘The New Cool Eating Disorder’

Well that’s just fan-fucking-tastic.  Couple of things. 

1.  I’m genuinely disappointed.  Jennifer Lawrence has always seemed pretty awesome.  I’ve enjoyed the occasional buzzfeed article of her funny quotes and gifs. *sigh* I guess part of her "down to earth-ness” is that she says whatever comes to mind…especially when she gets to talk about food.

2.  Do I think she meant Celiac’s have eating disorders?  No.  I am guessing she is making a dig at Gwyneth Paltrow (who by the way is the epitome of ridiculous fad dieter).  I could probably bet she doesn’t even know what Celiac Disease is.

What’s sad is that sometimes I find it harder dealing with the misconceptions of Celiac Disease more than the disease itself.  I am gluten free because I want to live.  Simple right?  My grandmother died the most brutal death due to being undiagnosed and developing non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. I don’t want to die.  I want to live a long life.  

It’s scary as fuck that I may not live a long healthy life because of other people’s actions.

  • When you work in a restaurant and cross-contaminate because you are lazy and/or don’t believe it’ll really hurt us, those little gluten-y crumbs can cause my immune system to start attacking my organs.  My poor intestines are trying to heal… cause I want to live.
  • When you are gluten free and you eat the occasional bread roll or pizza you are showing everyone around you that gluten free isn’t serious.  "You can just eat a little.  I saw *insert managers name from my job here* eat pizza and she says she has celiacs too"  Just a little bit of gluten will make me sick for weeks outwardly and cause enough internal damage to last months.  No food, regardless of how delicious and convenient, is worth becoming that sick again.  
  • Stop making fun of me or trying to make me feel bad because I am “picky” You wouldn’t make fun of a diabetic for being sugar free would you?  I’m just doing whatever I can to survive.  Because I deserve that much.  There is no medicine to make my suffering less.  I have no other options.  This diet is the only thing giving me my life back.

I just want to live… i’ll keep fighting and doing what I need to do.  But I hope for my sake things change.  I don’t know about you guys but i’m exhausted.  It’s tiring having to be cautious about everything we eat, touch, drink, wear, and breathe (walked into a pancake mix cloud once… that was awful).  To top that off we have to defend ourselves.

Well I’ll end with this…. Jennifer Lawrence, I would gladly switch bodies with you for a day or so.  Then you can get back to me on whether you think i'ts a cool eating disorder or not.

The FCC Chairman’s Lame Excuses for Slaying Net Neutrality

A few years ago, Internet users, democracy activists, and entrepreneurs got wind of a proposed law, SOPA, that would have changed the Web’s basic architecture to the benefit of a few media giants. So they organized protests for several months to oppose the law. Faced with this opposition, some senators…

There is very scary stuff brewing in Washington right now about Net Neutrality. Here’s a good article that articulates it pretty awesomely, please read, even if the subject makes you glass over, you will wake up as you read it, even if it’s not a GIF of Benedict Cumberbatch, haha. The repercussions of changes like these will affect you personally if you enjoy the internet as it is now.

Sadly, the general response I get from posting this online is apathy and/or hopelessness, that we can’t do anything as individuals to influence the policies of government or big businesses, that takeover is inevitable, and why bother fighting? Ugh, how depressing to hear.

Well, I guess on a basic level we aren’t motivated to act until policy makes things uncomfortable for us, and I get that. But if we anticipate the problems, act in whatever way we can to prevent things that will alter out life for the worse BEFORE it happens, we won’t have to wait until doors are closed to us, and paywalls are erected between us and things we take for granted so that big business can profit more off of us as individuals, subsidized by the government. We can STOP IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS! 

I know it’s hard to get outraged at theoretical scenarios, but I promise, more and more, we will watch how theory becomes reality in this area, especially if we don’t stand for what we believe in. Our online world and our personal data is literally the currency of the future. We have to dig our heels in and not give it away easily so a few big companies can raise their already huge profits farther into the stratosphere, with the purchased support of the government by lobbyists.

Strangely today, I also read an article on Kent State (the anniversary is tomorrow) and how after that incident, 4 MILLION STUDENTS went on a student strike against the government. In looking at photos of protests, and in general the era of advocacy in the 60’s, I was kind of blown away, because I hadn’t thought about what happened back then in a while. The change those movements back then created impacts literally EVERYTHING in our lives today from civil rights to military policy, to women’s rights etc etc. Things we take completely for granted were truly created by individuals coming together back then and forcing change. Because they BELIEVED in something, and DID something about it, the government was forced to listen and change. 

It makes me sad that, even with that not-so-long-ago historical precedent, people feel completely disempowered to advocate for what they believe because they feel it’s “hopeless”. I get the feeling, but what’s the point of living in a democracy then, if you don’t draw the line somewhere? The more you stand for what you believe in, the more ready you are to stand together when it counts, with people who think as you do when the problems reach critical mass. So, even though signing a petition feels like a drop in the bucket, every action counts a bit! 

Anyway, the two petitions I link below have a ton of support, but can use more. Lend your voice below if you wanna help in small ways:



Soapbox OUT!

A man, a photo and the search to find the person in it | SI.com

See that guy? The one in the photograph. Worn work boots, yellow construction hat, hooded sweatshirt, purple winter jacket, broad shoulders, serious face, slumped forward, hands clasped, eyes locked on the stranger’s camera pointed at him.

A reporter at Sports Illustrated really gave the investigative treatment to a HONY post from awhile back. Pretty awesome article.

Patrick Kane shares something important with us:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

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Hey I wanted to say that I love your blog and the sorts of things you post. What other sciency/biology/ethology type blogs would you recommend?

Thank you love!
Some of my favourite Ethology/Biology/science-y blogs in no particular order…

markscherz - Herpetologist. Specializes in Malagasy herps. The words Uroplatus and Tolkien are his bat signals. Beware of puns.

 - Fellow Ethology blog. They are also a pretty awesome writer so check that out.

theolduvaigorge - Biology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Primatology. Awesome articles from a wide range of topics, plus she has some of the best commentary on this site.

theladygoogle - Primatology, Bioarchaeology, and a wicked sense of humor.

xiphoidprocess - Anthropology, and fellow DC-ite (DC-er? ugh. What do we even call ourselves?) whose love of bones and disdain for the meat suits which surround them just makes me all kinds of happy. 

anthrocentric - Primatology, Anthropology, and Psychology. We have a mutual crush on Frans de Waal. If that’s not a glowing recommendation about a person I don’t know what is.

sapiens-sapiens - Conservation biologist with a love of primates and all things nerd culture. She is good people.

oosik - Field work, Anthropology, conservation, animal remains, and adventures in obscenely cold places. He makes me want to see a moose in the wild… even if I’m not made for cold conditions.

drkrislynn - Paleoanthropology and percussion… plus the occasional magic trick. One day I’ll get my drums back out and we’ll have a science tumblr jam session. 

hyacynthus - Biologist / Herpetologist. Assists Mark in torturing me with fantastically adorable pictures of the Mandarin Rat Snake known as Lemon. 

It’s getting rather late here so I’m gonna call it. You should know that this is by no means a complete list. These are just the people I thought of off the top of my head. For a more complete list check out this +500 Science Blogs to Follow page.
I hope this helps!