a presidential one at that

i’m watching these terrible DreamworksTv shrek webisodes that were clearly made for small children but there’s one on the Presidential election and holy shit what kind of PG political Dreamworks discourse is this

No matter how “presidential” Trump acts in response to the flooding in Houston, no one should give him any credit. Scientists are saying the intensity of this storm is largely due to rising sea temperatures caused by global warming. Politicians like Trump, who are dialing back our country’s efforts to fight global warming, are complicit in these disasters. Trump’s actions may be too recent to have played a role in this specific disaster, but if he gets his way, future environmental calamities will arise due in part to his policies. Make no mistake: he is eager to capitalize on this tragedy to boost his image in a seemingly apolitical way, but don’t let it happen. His actions are contributing to a future of more disasters like this.


The ugly history of ‘Lügenpresse,’ a Nazi slur shouted at a Trump rally


Alt-right leader: ‘Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!’

“Spencer bashed journalists covering the 2016 presidential election, too. “One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem,” Spencer said in a reference to a Jewish fable in a portion of his speech dedicated to criticizing both the media and Jews.He also used a Nazi-era propaganda term meaning “lying press” to describe reporters, citing “the mainstream media – or perhaps we should refer to them in the original German, lugenpresse.”


It’s so funny how Trump gives one speech that is considered “presidential” and people are fucking falling over themselves to praise him. Y’all will praise his tone and presentation and say “finally Trump shows himself to be presidential enough for the job,” while ignoring that his speech was filled with inaccuracies and basically everything he’s said leading up to yesterday has been fucking awful. But what do I expect from people who paint a war criminal POS like George W. as just a cute, funny old man who did his best or whatever apologist bullshit you have for him now. 

Fourth of July Explained for Non-Americans

The Fourth of July is the holiday on which Americans give thanks twice as much to George Washington, George Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

One common American tradition on the Fourth of July is that of the Presidential Prayer Beads. At dinner time, one family member takes out a bracelet with 45 beads and uses it to help name each president and their role in building America. Every time the country elects a new President, families add a bead to their bracelet. Highly observant families also have bracelets devoted to the number of states, Constitutional Amendments, and Sessions of Congress.

Families settle down to the Independence Dinner after they finish counting and reciting all their beads and praying to each president. There is no single type of Independence Dinner. This reflects how America is a melting pot or tossed salad of different cultures and ways of life. In fact, that’s just what a lot of Americans do: they serve melting pots and tossed salads, but what’s in those meals differs with each region, city, or even neighborhood!

During the Independence Dinner, all Americans have their tv, radio, or web browsers open, listening for the First Bite made by the president. It’s customary that no one in the family starts eating until the President takes a bite of his or her own dinner, which has been broadcast throughout the country as long as there has been sound recording equipment or word of mouth in the Washington, D.C. It used to be a custom that the President would visit a household and take the First Bite from their dinner, but this ended with the Scalding of 1949.

After the Independence Dinner, Americans set out their lawn chairs on the grass, dirt, balcony, or in front of an open window. They do this to get a perfect view of the Fourth of July Fireworks. If you are staying in America during the Fourth of July, you will not need to travel very far to see the show because they are visible in virtually every part of the country. If an American does not live closer to a fireworks show, there is a good chance that their household plans to hold a fireworks show that year. Many states restrict the sale of fireworks, but if an American goes to a store and says I am holding a Fourth of July Fireworks show the law enforcement will usually look the other way. In major cities, this is less important because the town government will pay for the fireworks show.

When the Fourth of July Fireworks end, most Americans go to sleep. All burnt fireworks are recycled and all unused fireworks are sold back to retail stores at half price. If an American lives near the border with Mexico or Canada, they may cross the border to spread the festivities.

I hope this has been helpful. Criticisms and questions are welcome. If I missed something, please let me know. Happy Fourth of July!

We might choose to forget these slogans and these events from the years before World War II, but American Nazis remember the history in their own way, and so does President Trump. The Confederate statues he admires are mostly artifacts of the early years of the 20th century, when Hitler admired the United States for its Jim Crow laws, when Mr. Trump’s father was arrested at a Klan rally, before America passed its test. The presidential slogan “America First” is a summons to an alternative America, one that might have been real, one that did not fight the Nazis, one that stayed home when the world was aflame, one that failed its test.

That America might yet become our country. Whether or not it does now depends upon us. We are being tested, and so we will come to know ourselves.
So who amongst us hasn’t

had to retroactively amend a federal foreign contacts disclosure statement several times because we kept forgetting the meeting we had with our brother-in-law, our dad’s one-time presidential campaign manager (and active Ukrainian lobbyist), a Russian lawyer claiming to represent the Russian government’s interest in helping our dad get incriminating or embarrassing information against our dad’s presidential opponent, and a long-time, if perhaps “retired,” Russian spy? A meeting where we signaled our “love” for the point of the meeting?

I mean, it could happen to anyone. Anyone at all.


Citroën Franay 15 Six H Presidental Limousine, 1955. A one-off limousine based on the Citroën Traction Avant 15 Six, designed by Philippe Charbonneaux. Unfortunately, the car overheated when moving at walking pace during ceremonial parades and broke down during the 1957 state visit by Queen Elizabeth II. The car was eventually modified in the light of this deeply embarassing spectacle. It remained in the presidential fleet until the early 70s

In Japan, there are bags called called “ita bags,” which translates to “painful bags.” They’re totes or backpacks with clear protective windows where people can hang various merchandise of their, well, whatever they happen to be into. Hardcore fans will hang so many items to the point that they’re painful to carry, which explains the name for these bags. The items can be expensive too depending on their rarity or number purchased, which makes them “painful” to the owner’s budget too. Samples here.

When I visited Japan a couple of months back, I thought it would be funny if someone would be vain enough to carry one containing a photo of their own face. I never saw someone doing so, so I decided to just draw a person doing it. :))

NCT as High School Kids


  • the senior who hangs out with all freshman
  • lead in every school musical ever
  • well…every musical besides pippin
  • doyoung got the part and taeil cried
  • but we don’t talk about that
  • math genius?
  • but can’t handle academic pressure well 

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  • probably should have graduated like…three years ago
  • but everyone is cool with it cause he’s chill af
  • that kid who asks to use the restroom five minutes into class
  • and doesn’t show back up until the bell is about to ring
  • bathroom cyphers
  • bus stop cyphers
  • friends with literally everyone 

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  • president of pretty much every club
  • because if he’s not in charge, he will literally explode 
  • on first name basis with the whole faculty
  • always gets volunteered as the still life model in art class
  • best subject is actually home ec
  • because aprons and pie baking are lowkey his skill set 
  • that kid who reminds the teacher to pick up homework

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  • varsity soccer king 
  • somehow knows everything about everyone 
  • even tho he only moved here like a month ago???
  • sells snacks out of his book bag 
  • always overpriced and slightly melted
  • will take gossip as a form of payment
  • the debate team’s secret weapon 

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  • responsible for morning announcements
  • and general sports commentating 
  • really any situation where someone needs to speak over the loudspeakers
  • thinks he’s much cooler than he actually is
  • but please, no one tell him 
  • kind of like the unofficial school mascot
  • because real life bunny 

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  • the fine af exchange student
  • varsity basketball
  • female students cramming into the gym for games 
  • blowing kisses, finger hearts, and winks to the players on the opposite team 
  • because he will literally flirt with anyone. he has no shame. 
  • teachers included
  • especially if it means homework extensions 

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  • yearbook pictures looking like a damn professional photoshoot 
  • voted “best smile” as his senior superlative
  • confuses tf out of teachers
  • because he’s busy signing “jeffrey” on all of his tests
  • dream team: ten and jae on the court
  • not because they’re talented players, but i mean, they are
  • but because students are literally dreaming about them 

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  • accidentally enrolled in the exchange student program
  • so here he is
  • varsity wrestling and gymnastics
  • was bullied approx once
  • because it only took one time for the school bully to find out how savage dong sicheng is
  • special treatment from all the teachers
  • cause he’s so smol and curious

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  • way too involved 
  • student government, dance club, mathletes, basketball, all of it
  • that kid you want to hate because he’s so damn smart and good at everything
  • but can’t because he’s literally the nicest person ever
  • ran out of ap classes to take
  • so he found some online and is now taking those
  • plans to go to college and study something no one has ever heard of

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  • heckles taeyong’s presidential speeches from the back of the gymnasium 
  • joined mathletes because of mark 
  • instant regret
  • that kid who never has a pen or pencil on test day
  • probably copying your homework now 
  • lit af arguments with instructors
  • not so lit afternoons in detention

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Protected | Yixing X Reader AU Series | Chapter 1 |

Assassin!Yixing X Bodyguard!Reader

Genre: Action, angst, mystery

Warnings: Blood, violence, death, language

Word Count: 6,214 (holy sh*t what have I done)

Chapter 2 >>

The blood… it was everywhere

Your eyes felt like cinderblocks: Dry. Heavy. Unmoving.

The blood; was it yours?

As you tried to move your body, you were met with a painful realization: you were laying in a pool of blood, and, as you tried to gather any scrap of information about your surroundings, you found yourself to be utterly immobile. You collected every fiber of your willpower to pry your eyes open just long enough to scan your approximate area. Your breathing quickened and you fidgeted in panic once you saw something vertically, fatally lodged in your abdomen.


Your figure remained a solid brick regardless of your willful attempts to budge even the slightest. You felt a strange presence of heat to the left of your body as a faint light danced out of the corner of your vision.

Fire. There’s a fire.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream cause we are terrified

of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Don’t Wish For Trump to Be Assassinated Without Thinking About the Possible Ramifications for Sondheim’s Assassins

The internet isn’t a vacuum: Before you send out a tweet saying you hope newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump gets assassinated during his first few months in office, be cautious that there are consequences for doing so. For instance, Stephen Sondheim’s 1999 musical Assassins, which tells the story of historical figures who killed or attempted to kill the president of the United States, would certainly suffer from the event.

There are better, more productive ways to deal with your anger than by saying you want the president to be taken out by an assassin without even giving a thought as to how such an event would date the musical, which was a collaboration between Sondheim and John Weidman and won 5 Tony Awards in 2004. Sure, it would still be a well-constructed show, but it would no longer pack the same punch if there was a more recent presidential assassination that didn’t appear in the musical.

You might think one comment in which you confess a fervent hope that the president will be assassinated wouldn’t do much harm, but how would the scene near the end of the musical, in which various characters gather around Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository and advise him to kill President John F Kennedy, be affected if Trump had been recently assassinated? It would undeniably feel less significant. Instead of a flippant tweet expressing your wish for the president to be shot and killed, spare a thought for Sondheim and Weidman and write your representatives instead.

anonymous asked:

Question about your comment on that Chelsea manning post, I had thought that she was in prison for a while before obama and he was the one who ended up giving her a presidential pardon? Is that not right?

No, she leaked documents that exposed war crimes from the Bush era, and the Obama administration threw her in prison in 2013, after he had campaigned on encouraging whistle blowers and assuring them they would not be prosecuted or imprisoned for exposing crimes the US government committed.

Obama ended up prosecuting more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than every other President combined.



Democrats are just Republicans with better PR.