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Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

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thereallukeevans: Tasting the local dishes. My favourite thing to do #thetravellingwelshman #beautyandthebeast #dimsum [x]


vernonone fine day in japan (ep. 3)

The second one for the night! (I’m not even sure if this is the updated colour scheme for Xia) I really adore scribs and this had to be done, so I hope they are having a good day! @galactibun


“It is always difficult with Poirot to know when he is serious and when he is merely amusing himself at one’s expense. I judged it safest to say no more.”
- Agatha Christie, Double Sin


exo’rdium in japan // junmyeon “taking pictures with his eyes” ft. sebaekchan’s extreme secondhand embarrassment


God.. Protect this Precious Man

When I see spoons, I think that I have to live fully. Even if things get hard and I get exhausted, I think [to myself] that a spoon of rice can become different with a side dish, so I live life to the fullest.. To be honest, as a celebrity, I am often under the spotlight, and some people might think that I was born with a golden spoon. Looking back at my middle school and high school days, I wonder if I had been born with a crap spoon.. My family conditions were not that good. I have been the breadwinner for 13 years since debut. When I was young, I resented my parents a lot, thinking, ‘Why could I not have been born to a richer or happier family?’ But as time passed, when I look back and think about it, it was that kind of situation that made me the strong person I am today. When we read books or biographies of great people, [we see that] none of them are from rich or happy families. It’s always people who encounter hardships that create a new era and become heroes. Because of this, I have hope that I too can become a small hero, and so, to our university students and high school students who are struggling, it would be great if you become small heroes too.”   –  Leeteuk

There’s Something About Lucien...

I’m re-reading ACOTAR (via the audible version) and I noticed something I missed before:

Lucien is the next High Lord of Autumn.

And not in a “I really want him to be” kind of way, but in a very real and tangible way.

Lucien is one of six brothers (No matter how many times Alis says Fae younglings are rare and precious, like everyone seems to have 3+ siblings…). Tamlin mentions killing one when Lucien first came to his court and his brothers tried to kill him.

Before Feyre gets the riddle from Amarantha, our least favorite redhead bitch demands to know Feyre’s name. To get her to reveal it, she has Rhys take Lucien’s mind and almost destroy it. Lucien’s 4 brothers come to the front of the crowd to watch. When Feyre gives up her name instead of letting Lucien be harmed, they all are mad at her- there is even mention of the oldest bearing his teeth.

They actively want to see him die, they’re pissed when he doesn’t, they killed his lover, tried to murder him, and even basically invaded another Court to do it.

If Lucien wasn’t showing signs of being the next High Lord, why would they bother? Wanting him dead to kind of restore the family honor in Amarantha’s eyes, sure, but facing down Tamlin, risking a full war between Courts? That sounds like they really don’t want their brother taking power.

It could also explain why The Tool keeps him so close- Tamlin doesn’t seem interested in keeping friends around unless they’re also worth something to him- and none of his other war buddies are allowed to be around him as much or talk back to him like Lucien.