a potato life would be a better life

[TRANS] Harper’s Bazaar May Issue

Red Velvet’s debut had a lot of people tilting their heads. A lot of people were expecting a second f(x) or SNSD, but Red Velvet came out as a third type of idol that was closer to a new genre. They were an idol group that wasn’t surprising nor public friendly. They didn’t have a cute, sexy, or hipster kind of official color like previous groups. The cheerful and fun girls were yelling ‘Booyah!’ in their debut song ‘Happiness’ and only two months later, they are putting on a chair performance while promising to invite us to a secret world. 

And their music? The song ‘Happiness’, that was made by Chad Hugo who was in the same band N.E.R.D as Pharrell Williams, wasn’t an idol genre we have seen before.Musician and song writer, Jinbo, reviewed Red Velvet’s ‘Happiness’ like this: “Using an African tribal beat instead of a 4/4 rhythm showed that rather than going for the public music charts, they were going for a mania-heavy, experimental technique that can be heard widely on soundcloud. If you look at their arrangement as well as the minimal instrumental composition, they were trying for a more progressive sound compared to other idols.” With their not-so-simple nor normal melody, their unique lyrics such as “When I wake up in the morning, I tell my mom I love her. My kind daughter”, they had music communities talking. The reviews ranged between ‘weird’ and ‘refreshing’. Although the thoughts were contrasting, one thing was for sure: Red Velvet was a brave group. They were determined to prove their first line from ‘Happiness’, “Sometimes you gotta be bold!”.

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I’m so conflicted 

On one hand I love fitness and I know I truly enjoying working out 

BUT being so this trip has made me realize that my daily trips to the gym aren’t always allowing me to live the happiest life

I used to get myself into such a routine of working out in the morning that when I couldn’t, it would actually put me in a bad mood and although I love working out I don’t want to be dependant on it y’know?

So that’s why this trip I made it a goal to NOT workout, which feels so friggen weird because how is that even a goal???????

But the more I force myself to not workout, the more I realize how chill and relaxed life actually can be

Waking up and not having to rush to the gym or even going through your day without thinking  “I gotta make sure I make it to the gym later” is a really nice feeling and honestly, the more relaxed I am with myself, the more I will actually wanna workout because IT’S FUN and not something I feel forced to do

Not to mention, my body is FINE?!?!?!? Like i used to think that ONE day without the gym would make me a noodle or a potato but that isn’t the case and the more I realize that - The easier it is to be okay with not going to the gym on the daily

Sorry for the rant but today I was second guessing my choice to stop being so hard on myself and STOP living my life for fitness because it’s easy to feel lazy or like you’re making excuses but FUCK IT, it’s my life and I feel so much better waking up and going to Starbucks or to go out for breakfast and just lay on the couch then I did when I used to get up and force myself to the gym like a walking, tired, exhausting zombie 

Okay HAPPY MONDAY this has been a rant lol