a post of something not related to the wire!

Referring to a tag one of the reblogs had for my at first short post that turned into a small ragefests about Clint and Laura that is written thusly: when will people stop being bitter about Marvel giving Clint family.

Personally I will stop being bitter when they give me something of comic Hawkeye that is not bow and arrow. Give me his hearing disability, him drinking coffee as if it’s what circulates his system instead of blood, give me him cutting the wires of his PS console and then calling Tony to fix it. Anything comic book related really that makes me think ‘I can dig that.’

And since he has been given family, give me Clint who is not going jump out of bed on a say-so of not entirely reliable source that is Bucky and will stick by his kids instead of being flippant about consequences of his actions and then shifting the blame if being caught breaking numerous international laws to another person.


So I now have these in my possession and am ready to enjoy them and also scan and transcribe them for blog purposes, like the generous geek I am. They’re both in pristine condition, to the point both have posters inside that are still stapled in. One of them is a close-up of Garak and I’m torn over whether I unstaple it because holy crap, a Garak poster from 1993, versus “ruining” the old magazine? Though it’s not worth much, was cheap on eBay.

Oh, and I should mention (d'oh!) that both of these issues cover Season 2, meaning they include complete recaps of episodes, plus production notes, interviews and things related to those specific seasons. I’m definitely going to share the synopses for “Profit and Loss” and “The Wire,” plus of course the big Andy Robinson spread. I know that last one has been posted many times online but it’s always a graphic and find those very difficult to read. I’m very good at transcription, so I’m happy to just type it up, then scan any photos in separately.


P.S. The Garak issue includes a collectible poster of Kira and Bareil, from one of those scenes where they’re being all romantic and he’s shirtless. It’s… well… not something I’d hang on my wall. As opposed to the Garak poster!