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I see quite a few posts saying it’s ok if you didn’t know you liked girls or boys when you were younger but a not a lot of them saying this so:

It’s ok if you’re a girl who likes girls but never had crushes on girls when you were younger

It’s ok if you’re a boy who likes boys but never had crushes on girls when you were younger

It’s ok if you’re nb but never had crushes on certain genders when you were younger 

It’s ok if looking back you find it hard to tell whether there were early signs that you were queer or not, or if you’re pretty certain there weren’t any.

It doesn’t make you any less queer/gay/bi/pan etc.  What you feel now is enough.


❋ Castihalo’s Best of 2016 ❋

After wanting to create a compilation of my art for a while now, it’s finally here!! I’ve made a lot of other artwork since the past one year and choosing only twelve among many others was like choosing a favorite child but I eventually managed to do it!! (•̀o•́)ง✧

I noticed that I’ve been playing a lot with colors (mostly with pink and purple, sure, but colors nonetheless) this year - something that I never dared to do last year, so yay for progress! Thank you so much for all the support I received this year and I look forward to making more art next year!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto [2016.07]
└ #SummerDatingGoals (2/?) ♥

☆.。.:*  somehow i have recently hit 1k followers on here, and it’s kinda hard to believe?? anyway even though i’m extremely lame and barely interact with anyone here, beacuse i’m anxious af and everyone seems too cool, i decided to make this little post to show my appreciation for all of the awesome, inspiring people that i’m stalking following.

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this is the only post i’m gonna make about the election tonight but

i am so glad that i live with a liberal family in a democratic state

also…georgia is officially dead to me


Alright so I’ve seen posts that talk about how Darling and Apple didn’t really kiss, because Darling was just trying to wake Apple up with CPR. I really think these posts miss the point of that scene. 

Darling was absolutely trying to do CPR, that’s pretty obvious with her covering Apple’s noise. But CPR isn’t what saved Apple. 

Everyone knows the story of Snow White, True Love’s first kiss is what wakes her up. Everyone assumed that was the same for Apple, which is why Daring kissed her. He said, “I can’t believe I’m not Apple’s charming!” Meaning his kiss confirmed that they were not the fairy tale romance in Apple’s future. 

Here’s what happened when Apple and Darling’s lips meet. 

See? That gold magic happened, it clearly wasn’t CPR that made Apple wake up, but true love. (Besides, CPR wouldn’t work anywhere near that quickly, especially without chest compressions.)

tldr: Darling was trying to use CPR, but the magic of true love woke Apple up. 

I never posted my tank on here so here it is!

It’s a 10 gallon housing my betta Atlas, a nerite snail, and who knows how many malaysian trumpet snails. I’d like to add some shrimp one day too, it’s full of plant coverage.

I’m pretty proud of it at the moment!!

I’ve wanted nothing but the news and the truth and to make the world a better place since I was a little girl, and I never regretted it for a minute. Not until now… God, I’m scared. And I’m still a junkie. I still can’t walk away.
—  Georgia Mason, Feed by Mira Grant

So I finally got round to watching this show with the english subtitles. I have more than eight points to make but that’s the limit so here goes:

1. The apple really did not fall far from the tree. I always thought he was a mama’s boy but no, he’s 100% his dad’s mini-me.

2. With that kind of parentage and parenting, it really doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that Bobby grew up to be such a compassionate, generous and free spirited person. You can see so clearly that he had positive and supportive influences in his life from a young age and that’s probably why he turned out to be such a successful and well-adjusted human being.

3. His sense of direction is shocking. I commiserate so hard. As a prime example of their personalities and outlook on life, they kinda just happily got lost. Like, “Okay, we’re lost but we’ll have fun because we’re on holidays with each other.” Typical Bobby, always making the most out of every situation. Optimism is such an underrated thing to have. I wish I had more of it.

4. Plot twist: I thought all those anime figurines were Bobby’s but they actually belong to his dad. Dorkiness is genetic.

5. So where did his mum get that gigantic red Mickey Mouse t-shirt from?

6. His room is kind of awesome. All that neon lighting. I’m pointedly ignoring the fact that he changed his pants three times in front of the camera. No, we will not talk about that. And we will also not talk about how many pairs of underwear were on display at the IKON house. No. Let’s move on. 

7. I’m quite curious about his brother. This family just seems to be made of winning genetics. 

8. I absolutely picked the right person to be a fan of, both as a performer and as a human. I didn’t think I could possibly adore him any more than I already do but as it turns out, I keep progressing to the next level. Fuck it, I think I’ve progressed to the next realm at this point. I’m stuck with him and I’m fine with it. I feel so blessed.   

sooo, i’ve had this blog for about two years now and i thought it was time to make a post to thank all the people who make my dashboard so great! n_n

all the urls you’ll find below are blogs that i love, either because their owners are wonderful people with whom i really really like to talk, because they make me laugh with their tags, because their edits/graphics are a+ or just because their posts are really great! i haven’t talked to a lot of you, but god knows i want to sometimes, i’m just an awkward potato who’s too shy to do anything about it ._. 

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So my blog turned two years old a week ago, but I haven’t gotten around to making a follow forever until today, which coincidentally is the same day I reached over 3.5k followers!\(^▽^)/
I want to thank everyone who has followed me over these two years, sent me nice messages and/or liked reblogged my posts! Also, thank you to my friends that I have made here who brighten my days! (*´・v・)
These following people have made my experience on tumblr way better than I had ever thought possible. I want to thank all of you for existing and having a presence on my dash. I love you all! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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When asked what Avenger you would marry, the answer is Carol. Always Carol.

We’re in the big leagues now, kiddos! A BIG thank you to each and every one of my followers!! I’d love to do something to celebrate but don’t know what so if you have any ideas just HMU I’ll make it happen! Thank y’all!!

I don’t want to make this post too long so I’m going to be tagging some special friends under the cut!

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