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✧・゚:*Shoot a star on the boulevard tonight*:・゚✧

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Another MiyaBani fanmix because I’m trash. || Art source

tracks: ❝ 01. Love Again ->Pentatonix// 02. I Was An Island ->Allison Weiss // 03. Shatter Me->Lindsey Stirling (Feat. Lzzy Hale) // 04. Scream, Scream, Scream ->Ludo// 05. Btsk ->Ms Mr // 06. Grande Finale ->Studio Killers // 07.Love Runs Out ->One Republic  // 08. Turn Off The Lights ->Panic! At the Disco  // 09.Too Close->Alex Clare // 10. I’ll Eat You Up ->BoA // 11. Funky At Heart ->Studio Killers  //

tumblr user scarodactyl posts “easter eggs” of undertale, but just so you all know they’re just edits, not actual moments in the game. they made the naming yourself ‘quote,’ halloween update, accessing grillby’s shop interface, and the grillby boss fight posts which none of those are true they’re just made up easter eggs. Not poorly made, but definitely not real!