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Quick thought about Lance’s vlog and reasons why he’s girl-crazy

I already kinda talked about this while answering an ask, but i wanted to make a post about it where all my thoughts are in order lolol

I’ve seen a few posts about people being disappointed in Lance’s vlog, and I totally get it.  I really wanted him to talk about his family more, and not just girls.  But!  I did notice something while watching Lance talk about Allura that kinda makes me think there’s a legit reason Lance is so girl-crazy.

I think Lance has a really hard time loving himself.  We’ve seen multiple times that he considers himself the least valuable on the team, and that he’s already kind of accepted that he doesn’t have a lion anymore (he talks about Blue like she belongs to Allura and he talks about Red like he still belongs to Keith)  

I think the only way he can feel loved is if someone else loves him.  That paired with the very obvious fact that he’s a hopeless romantic, are two big reasons he’s so obsessed with getting a girlfriend.  I don’t think it’s because he’s horny or a shallow character or anything. I think it all boils down to his self-esteem issues.

Lance uses to have a big family that he could rely on, and that he could be loved by.  Now that they’re gone, girls are the next best source of that Love for him.  He thinks that if he has a girlfriend, he will feel valid, and like he matters.  

I honestly think that loving another person helps him feel better about himself, and that he tries to make his love for others somehow circle back to himself, since he can’t figure out how to value himself.  

I think that’s why in the vlog, when Lance starts daydreaming about Allura, he say “yeah…. she’s great.” and then catches himself and says “I mean, she probably thinks IM great.”  Immediately turning his love for Allura back on himself to feel validated.

I also think that’s why he said “She probably thinks IM great…and strong…and pretty–” He’s using the words he would use to describe her to describe himself, because I think there’s a part of him that genuinely loves and values her, and he just wants to feel that way about himself, too.  Almost like he’s trying to take on what he loves about others, so that he and everyone else will love him for the same reasons. 

It’s probably a very subconscious coping mechanism for him, and he doesn’t realize he’s doing it (and i may be reaching quite a bit in this post, but whatever lol its fun to speculate)  

Jeremy Shada himself said that Lance would get “a buttload” of character development in future seasons, and that it would be crazy.  So i don’t think we need to worry about Lance ending up being just shallow comic relief.  I think Lance is still hiding behind his loverboy persona so that others wont see, and that he can deny, that he’s really hurting inside.  And I think we’re getting little hints at that, we just have to look really hard.

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can i request how rfa+v would handle mc who has hard time expressing their feelings bc they thought nobody cares about them? maybe its the result from their family who didnt care how they felt. lol when im crying my mom would always 'who hits you that youre crying like a baby'. feels like 'emotionally scarred' didn't exist in my family's dictionary 😔 on another notes, thank you so much, reading your posts always makes me feel better and loved by rfa lolol 💕💕

Thank you for your request! I’m sorry it took so long, Lunar New Year and the time before school have been making me a tad lazy :(
I’ve also done something sorta similar before with a Shy MC trying show affection!
Thank you so much for reading my posts! It makes me so happy that I’m making somebody else so happy and loved 

Reactions to MC having a hard time expressing their feelings because they thought nobody cares about them

Zen: He would be so furious about your family not giving you enough love but in return he would give you all of his love. Of course he would love if you expressed your love to him but he understands if you have a hard time or just don’t know how. He’ll gladly teach you the ways of affection as he seems to be quite good in that area. He’ll also make sure to always tell you how much you mean to him.

Yoosung: He would be so surprised to hear your parents treated you that way because you grew up to be someone he fell in love with! He’s can also, at times, be quite shy at expressing his feelings but after this event, he tries his hardest to show how much he loves you. Once you’re able to show your affection with ease however, you’ll be able to to make him faint with just a phrase!

Jaehee: After finding out how your childhood and how your parents treated you, she would cuddle with you even more than before. She would constantly encourage you to share your feelings and constantly talk about how much she loves you. You’ll never feel unloved as long as Jaehee is by your side because she’s always vocal about her feelings.

Jumin: “….Allow me to call your parents.” Underneath the blank look on his face, he’s absolutely furious at your parents. There’s nothing worse than somebody treated you the way you should not be treated. Even before he knew, he was showering you with his affection so to him, nothing has really changed. He’ll maybe say he loves you a bit more though. To him, even if you have a hard time expressing your feelings he’s just thankful to you for staying by his side.

707: “Let me hack into their bank accounts real quick.” But seriously, he would do something to take revenge. With Seven, you’ll always be loved because he’s such a clingy lover, he’ll be gentle with you and never try to harm you. Every action he takes will have thought behind it because you mean a lot to him (and he’ll be sure to tell you once an hour). He once had a hard time expressing his feelings however if he’s with the one he loves, you can bet he’ll be all over you even more after discovering this!

V: His face shows all his emotions about how he’s worried for you and asking if you’re okay. V’s very good at expressing his emotions so he could make up for your lack of. He’s patient so he’ll wait for the day you can finally express your feelings easily, he’ll be with you the entire way through.