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i love how this fandom continues to want to erase Carol from the Daryl narrative at all costs

Rick flashbacks of Michonne: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

Glenn flashbacks of Maggie: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

people in relationships flashbacks of significant others: aww. so much love!

Daryl flashbacks of Carol: well you see it’s not really about carol as a person. carol’s face is there but it’s not about her. it’s about the cherokee rose, the symbol of hope. daryl carrying carol like her own personal knight in shining armor that basically means daryl is very protective of everyone in the group. daryl’s flashbacks are just all very symbolic because obviously carol means as much to daryl as everyone else - rick, glenn, abe, eugene, goat tabitha and one of them cows - but he only saw her face because carol is a symbol of everyone else.

haha. carol and daryl might never be canon. but fandom’s hypocrisy is.

the truth is daryl loves carol (whatever type of love!) and he thought of special moments he shared with her. moments when the need to comfort and protect her were more important. her. carol. she’s not an object or symbol. she’s a person in daryl’s world.

i don’t want to outright delete this entire blog because i’d lose a bunch of art and references, people probably wouldn’t follow me again, and i’d have to move around all my sideblogs, but i keep trying really hard to delete embarrassing stuff i posted in high school yet there always seems to be Something i missed and then i see people going really far back into my blog and i freak out

maybe this is just a result of anxiety or whatever but i’m kind of scared people will creep on my archives and find something to humiliate me with… and this literally has happened to someone i follow so i know it happens? someone went out of their way to dig through their archives, find an embarrassing post about how Dapper and Hot nerdy guys are from like, 2009 or 2010 or something, and then posted a screenshot with their url attached and it became a Hot and Highly-Reblogged Meme. and then people gave them a lot of shit over something kind of “cringey” they posted 6-7 years ago

Am I the only person who loved the film rendition of Agony not because Chris Pine is hot, but because I was genuinely happy that they didn’t make the mistake of playing it too straight, and that it was just so deliciously over the top and ridiculous without ruining it? Like, you know, I actually enjoyed the song? Not the supposed eye-candy?


He holds the device to his ear, Phil picking up on the first ring, not giving Dan enough time to do anything, prepare himself, fix his-

“Good morning, Dan.” Dan’s seen the posts about how hot guy’s voices are when they’re sleepy but Dan’s only ever heard his dad’s and kid brother’s so he never really understood the feel, but hearing his name in this kind of voice? Dan’s sure he’s having a heart attack.

“M-morning.” His voice is just gross compared to the baritone deepness of Phil’s but there’s an intake of breath on the other end so quiet, Dan’s sure he’s misheard until Phil says something that makes Dan want to die.

“I could seriously get used to your tired voice, Dan.”  

They watch the sun rise while Dan talks about how the sun doesn’t really “rise” since the earth revolves around the sun, the sun never moving, and Phil telling him to shut up and enjoy the magic.

The sky is a grey blue that Dan didn’t know existed, the sun is turning the fading twilight sky a soft yellow that’s making Dan’s stomach turn with first day of school nostalgia. This, mixed with Phil’s even breathing, is enough to make Dan dizzy.

asianellenpage/yourphaninapril’s best fics of 2015!

> love is gross and you disgust me < (by @aretheyinlove)

Holy shit now I remember why I left Tumblr. Majority of you people are idiots who read something on the internet and believe it to be 1000% accurate without even doing any research. If you even bothered to look at my blog, you would see the several messages asking about my sexuality, the countless photos of hot guys, and text posts about homoerotic stuff. 

Learn to take a fucking joke you keyboard warriors. Don’t go into rage mode over every single thing you read, because you all seriously look like such idiots right now, and I’m sitting here with a tub of ice cream watching gay porn and laughing at your insolence. Smh.