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What's wrong with me?
  • Me: (sees a hot guy) He's cute.
  • Me: (sees a post about evak) *heart stops beating* *inhales sharply* Why are you two so beautiful. I-I can't take it. *whispering* I love you.

Guys ryou is OP.  He gets all the hot millennium bishonens. Just look at him. Its a RYOU HAREM

tamale’s Merthur fic rec list

my fic rec list with a bunch of different ships was getting pretty long so I decided to make a separate post with just Merthur. I’ve read a lot of Merthur fics in my day and these are just my absolute favorites. If you read any of these it would be great if you left a comment, small or large, for the author since all of these writers are incredible and they do all of this for free and only get our love in return. 

The Student Prince by FayJay rated M, 145.2k

A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kickboxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love…

This story was inspired by the thought of Prince William of Wales (and indeed the current Max von Hapsburg) studying at the University of St Andrews; it is also, as the title suggests, at least a little inspired by the operetta ‘The Student Prince’.

Grateful thanks to Lamardeuse and DarkEmeralds for Beta and cheerleading!

-a fandom classic and if you haven’t read this I don’t know what you’re doing with your life honestly unless you don’t like these types of fics then that’s cool you do you but if you haven’t read it and it sounds like something you’d like then get readin’.

In Love With My Radio by lunchee rated T+, 27.7k TW: Graphic depictions of violence in some individual works

Merlin listens to the radio, Arthur stalks Merlin, Morgana lives to create chaos in Arthur’s life, and then everyone goes to McDonalds! Also love happens.

From the kmm prompt: Arthur has an anonymous blog/lj/twitter where he posts about his life, and Merlin follows it RELIGIOUSLY. Arthur starts posting about how he’s stalking this amazingly hot guy…

-it feels like it’s been forever since I first read this and downloaded the playlist the author created for it, but it still holds such a dear place in my heart. it’s one of those hilariously charming merlin fics that captures the idiosyncrasies of the show and it’s a real fun read.

Loaded March by Footloose written in 16 parts, ratings range from G to E, total word count is a whopping 1,261,720

Captain Arthur Pendragon has put together the best team of specialists that the SAS has ever seen, but when his superiors assign Lieutenant Merlin Emrys as his communications officer, Arthur does everything to make him feel unwelcome. Arthur’s job is to protect and guide his team through dangerous missions, and he worries that he can’t do that when the newest member has a mysterious background and acts suspicious when he thinks no one is looking.

As their assignments become more dangerous, Merlin can’t help but to use his magic to keep his team – even his prat of a Captain – safe from threats they couldn’t possibly understand. But when they are sent on a undercover operation against a group of zealots intent on a magical apocalypse, Merlin needs to confront his fear of discovery and derision, and to finally trust his team with his secret.

Arthur and Merlin rely on each other for more than the sake of their mission. The entire world is at stake. When they learn – from dragons, no less – that they are prophesied to restore the balance of magic to the world, they fight on regardless of the outcome, because duty, honour and loyalty is a far stronger driving force than destiny.

-I’ll be honest and admit I never finished this series, I started it on Christmas Day in 2013 and after months of reading it I lost the name and never picked it up again, but the massive amount that I did read left a huge impression on me. the intricacies of the plot, the build-up of the romance, just everything about this work haunted me for so long because it was written so wonderfully.

World Enough and Time by alicephantomwise rated E, 18.9k. TW: violence, bondage, references to past minor character death, angst, brief mention of bloodplay

Arthur had had it all figured out. And then Merlin shot him in Beijing.

-This fucking fic yall. Incredible smut, incredible tension, just incredible incredible I’m going to scream I just remembered this fic and how amazing it is.

Not In This Land Alone by torakowalski rated T+, 36.4k

Modern AU. When Merlin Emrys gets a summer job at Buckingham Palace, he doesn’t expect to even meet King Arthur, let alone become involved in protecting him from a plot to overthrow the monarchy.

-To me, this is the classic modern royalty AU, more so than Drastically Redefining Protocol (which ya’ll should totally read too.) That’s really all I have to say now please go read it.

Pianos are made for Falling by Fishwrites rated T+, 103.7k

Arthur is a world class violinist, trapped in Sydney, Australia, by his fear of flying. In the wake of a mediocre concert, vicious critics and with barely a month to go before his next (hopefully reputation-saving) recital, Arthur is almost at breaking point. When his accompanist, Morgana, breaks her wrist in a car accident, Arthur is more or less doomed. And the story begins, when the Maestro at the conservatoire, Gaius Stresemann, recommends his protege Merlin Emrys to step in. Merlin, who plays by ear, as he pleases and really just wants to be a kindergarten teacher.

Well. The story really starts six months previously when Arthur passes out drunk outside Merlin’s shoe-box apartment.

-This is the fic that made me ask my parents for a violin for my 16th birthday. They got me the violin, and I was obsessed with the idea of one day being able to play it as well as Arthur does in this fic (which of course never happened because while I’m decent at woodwinds, I’m fucking terrible with strings.) If that doesn’t tell you how this story affected me then I don’t know what else will. I spent a couple days just ignoring everything else in my life while I was absorbed with this work and it really touched me in a way no other Merlin fic had been able to. Even if you don’t know a thing about music you’ll still be able to be touched and to fall in love with this fic.  

Sammy dates a model

If Sammy Wilkinson dated a model: 

-They would try and coordinate locations so they wouldn’t have to be apart

-They would constantly be competing for closet space in their house

-She would be the star of his snapchats 

-His fans would accuse him of being shallow

-He would love taking her out 

-He would get defensive when guys looked at her too long 

-He would get mad when guys posted comments about how hot she was on his instagram photos

-They would love going shopping together 

-They would throw amazing parties

-They would love traveling together and exploring new places

-He would go on special diets and work out with her

-She would eat her guilty pleasures with him 

-He would try and do her makeup/hair

-He would talk to her beauty team and become friends with them

-He would sit front row at her fashion shows or shoots when he could 

-They would constantly be hounded by the press

-They would make BEAUTIFUL babies 

-They would love finding time to relax and get away from everything

-He would think she was most beautiful with no makeup on and wearing sweatpants 

-She would be in his music videos and help advertise for his merch on her Instagram 


So I’m listening to Ninja Sex Party’s cover of pour some sugar on me and a bunch of guys are posting about how hot Danny is but say they’re straight. Honey……. Bisexuality


I was about to do a “hot guys smiling part 3” but posting something about Petri and leaving his dorkiness aside feels so wrong… So, hot guys smiling -and this particular one making people happy his own way- part 3.
Oh, and did I mention how he ROCKS that miniskirt?

Disclaimer: as you know, every picture belongs to someone else, but this time I actually have taken images from sahtiwaari and battle-goblin. Thanks for your collaboration :p


KAY as u hot guys know, theres a popular post going round about a newly published nejiten book! Since im going to be majoring in chinese (and german and japanese) at uni next year (if i dont fail my exams) i would earn so much MOFO CREDITS IF I TRANSLATED IT ALL! so, ill get my relatives from china to get me the book and BAM if no one’s translated it by like idk in a year and a bit, i’ll start doing it.

but be prepared for crappily translated sentences like ‘tenten like neji. neji like tenten.’ lol, but since i can speak mandarin v fluently, i can get my actual chinese friends to explain the meaning to me if im not sure andthen i type it in my native language; english :-)

p.s the title of the book is ‘tian guang’, meaning daylight/skylight ; at least i can translate the title right!

anonymous asked:

Just saw a post of you in Tumblr is Life about this hot guy in class who became your partner and I WANT TO KNOW DID YOU GUYS HAPPEN?

Yes we did!! We just had our 8 month anniversary:)

i love how this fandom continues to want to erase Carol from the Daryl narrative at all costs

Rick flashbacks of Michonne: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

Glenn flashbacks of Maggie: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

people in relationships flashbacks of significant others: aww. so much love!

Daryl flashbacks of Carol: well you see it’s not really about carol as a person. carol’s face is there but it’s not about her. it’s about the cherokee rose, the symbol of hope. daryl carrying carol like her own personal knight in shining armor that basically means daryl is very protective of everyone in the group. daryl’s flashbacks are just all very symbolic because obviously carol means as much to daryl as everyone else - rick, glenn, abe, eugene, goat tabitha and one of them cows - but he only saw her face because carol is a symbol of everyone else.

haha. carol and daryl might never be canon. but fandom’s hypocrisy is.

the truth is daryl loves carol (whatever type of love!) and he thought of special moments he shared with her. moments when the need to comfort and protect her were more important. her. carol. she’s not an object or symbol. she’s a person in daryl’s world.