a ponytail moment

Bughead kiss!

I’m not in my senses right now, so forgive me if my post makes zero sense. Also I’m a little late to the party, but I just had to, I have too many feels

- The way he looked at her when at her window, his whole face softened and his eyes were roaming over her (Jughead NEVER looks at ANYONE that way!)

- Hey there, Juliet! (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)

- Her complete disbelief and then sheer delight at seeing him 

- His trademark sarcasm (Yellow wallpaper)made its appearance,  but oh, it was couched in warmth and protectiveness and concern

- She immediately unburdened her worst fears to him

- And he immediately jumped to comfort her

- She immediately calmed down

- He suddenly realized they were standing so close, they were alone in her room and his whole manner changed 

- The way he came close and choked on his “Also” (Cole’s acting here wounded me right in the feels)

- The way Betty looked surprised and quizzical about what’s coming

- The intense look he gave her first and then that determined expression that said ‘okay, Jones, go for it, its now or never’

-The way he dived right in, grabbed her neck and kissed her! 

- And the way she immediately responded, leaning into his kiss

-The way they moved their lips together in sync, gently, softly, tentatively, exploring each other

- The way he pulled away and the way she leaned in, her lips parted (she wasn’t done yet!)

- The way he exhaled - like he’d been holding his breath for too long and finally, finally it was okay to let it go! He had kissed Betty! And it was everything he’d dreamed about! And more! (Cole was fantastic here too!)

- The way his hand still lingered on her neck, he never wants to let her go

- The way their noses touched and they lingered

- The way she smiled, her eyes still closed, basking in the aftermath of that blissful moment

- The way he teased her about killing their ‘moment’

I’m just over here in the corner sobbing quietly

harry potter houses as things that are great
  • SLYTHERIN: looking killer in formal wear, perfectly crafted insults, sarcasm levels off the charts, an ungodly amount of eyeliner, knowing how to walk without making a sound, having very few close friends but you'd kill for them, horror movies, loving your heritage
  • RAVENCLAW: the perfect high ponytail, that moment when you figure out a complicated math problem, clear lip gloss, a perfectly crafted thesis statement, looking good in business attire, the carefully cultivated skill of reading while walking, correcting people's grammar under your breath
  • GRYFFINDOR: long road trips, volunteering in class, acting like an idiot with your best friends in public, action movies, dying your hair various shades of neon, the sound of a perfect high-five, high heels that click when you walk, winning an argument, recognizing a song playing in public
  • HUFFLEPUFF: soft hoodies, sitting next to the new kid, that awesome moment when someone you barely know says hi, helping your parents cook, long hugs, knowing the names of everyone in your classes, sunrises, sharing your snacks, waking up to texts from your best friends

Okay but Pamela Rabe is phenomenal. I love her. I love Joan Ferguson too. I love the ponytail. The iconic ‘ha’ moment. I live for these. I can’t picture anyone else playing Joan as good as Pamela and Maggie.

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This is so fucking adorable! Hinata needs this kind of love! He needs someone that’ll be just as much in love with Natsu as him!

They were beautiful. He knew that from the very first moment he had seen them with Natsu when returning home from school. Their laughter rang through the halls of his home and their smile shot an arrow right through Hinata’s heart. When their eyes landed on him, his jaw snapped shut and his cheeks burned red instantly. Yes, he knew they were beautiful.

But it was the moment he had seen them with their hair tied into too many ponytails. The moment he saw one eyelid colored blue and the other pink with painted red cheeks. The moment those purple colored lips turned upward in a wide grin when they had been caught in such a state. The moment that face brightened when they turned to Natsu, their hand extending out for her to do as she pleased when she approached with a bottle of nail polish. It was at that moment that he realized just how gorgeous they were.

“Have fun?” Hinata questioned, the corners of his lips rising as he placed his bag to the ground, his toes working his shoes off. He watched them rise from the couch, rounding the cushions to approach him. “You look…”

“Ridiculous, I know,” they laughed, hand rising to their hair and tug lightly at one of the many tuffs of hair on their head.

“Lovely,” he breathed unconsciously. Heat rose into his face at the sudden confession, his hands gripping at his shirt when the look of surprise crossed their face. Panic. Now was the time to panic. “I-I just, ya know! You don’t look that bad and, yeah…”

Their mouth opened to speak, but the sound of Natsu’s voice carried over anything they were going to say. “Shouyou and [First Name] sitting in an tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” she sang, jumping on the cushions of the couch, giggles leaving her freely.

Both of their cheeks reddened, their eyes turning shyly to each other. Hinata gave a small laugh, his hand rising to the back of his head, as they picked at the polish on their nails. They were finally able to escape the young girl’s teasing and he was able to walk them home. Hands tangled together as they strolled, voices small as their conversation played out. Maybe Natsu was onto something, they’d see how it goes.

To The Moon And Back

It was exactly after three in the morning when you tried to call Calum, meaning it was midnight there. It rang a few times before a message popped up saying he was unavailable for FaceTime. You pouted slightly, knowing that one of your boyfriend’s bandmates or his family beat you to it. So, figuring he was busy with talking to someone else, or sleeping, you shot him a quick text telling him “Happy Birthday!!!!” and a few kisses and heart emoticons, making a mental note to call him first thing in the morning.

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And then, as inspired by @sillypeppers art for my Shance Secret Santa prompt, a long bit of a much longer story. @sillypeppers said they envisioned it as an ABO thing, with omega Shiro, so that’s what you’re getting. 

Ten years after graduation, with too much time and too many harsh words and hurt feelings between them, Lance and Shiro meet at their high school reunion. 

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@bangbanghyun remember our seoblonde vs seoginger debate? I just remembered that moment in check 

100000 points for Seoginger, I can’t believe I forgot this amazing moment 

Seoginger was the best when her hair was completely straight

I was wrong for underestimating seoginger 


Summary: Bucky is taking Y/N out on a surprise trip, but what happens when they get there will surprise them both.

Bucky x reader. EXTRA FLUFFY. Word count: 2.1 k.

TW: none.

It was an unusual Saturday in the tower that weekend. Typically, a few members of the team would be out on a mission, but for the first time in a long time, everyone was together. When Bucky walked into the lounge that morning, he saw everyone sprawled out on the furniture eating breakfast. “Wanda made pancakes!” hollered Clint with enthusiasm. Bucky walked over to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. Steve was in there getting a second-helping of pancakes when Bucky asked him, “Hey, do you know if Y/N is awake? I didn’t see her out there.” Steve smiled because he knew that Bucky was only asking because he had a huge crush on Y/N. Everybody knew Bucky liked Y/N, except for her of course. They were best friends, and Bucky didn’t want to risk messing that up so he never told her how he felt. Steve turned to Bucky and said “She’s awake. I saw her leaving the gym this morning. She said something about taking a shower and then doing some reading, but that was a while ago. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you brought her a cup of coffee or something.” Steve winked at Bucky, which made him a little uncomfortable. Back in their day, it was Bucky who had been the ladies man, but now he was getting help from Steve of all people. The same Steve who was, at one point, possibly the most awkward guy in all of Brooklyn.

Bucky poured a second cup of coffee and walked down the hall to Y/N’s room. Since he had a cup in each hand, he knocked on the door with his boot. “Come in!” she yelled from the other side of the door. “Uhh, can I maybe get a little help with the door? My hands are kinda full,” he replied. He could hear her close her book, and walk over to open the door. “Ooh! Coffee! Thanks, Buck. Come in and have a seat.” She smiled at him as she took the warm mug out of his hand. After he stepped in, she closed the door behind him. Y/N walked over and sat cross-legged on her bed, while Bucky sat down in the swivel chair by her desk. She was wearing denim shorts and a flowy purple top with little white flowers on it, and her still slightly-damp hair was pulled back into a ponytail. For a moment, he was speechless—all he could think about was how beautiful she was, but he snapped out of his daze when she began speaking.

“So, to what do I owe this honor, Bucky? It’s not often people bring me coffee just because. What’s up?” Bucky was caught a little off-guard. The real reason he brought her coffee was because he wanted an excuse just to see her, but he knew he couldn’t tell her that, so instead he replied “Oh, you know, I just thought you might want a cup before Scott finished off the pot. So, umm, what are you reading?” Y/N picked up the book to show him the cover. Bucky snickered when he saw it. “Seriously, that one again? You know Stark’s literally got an entire library in this building, and you read the same five or six books over and over again,” he said jokingly. She tossed the book onto her nightstand and said “Hey, I just like what I like, okay?” she teased.

“You got any plans for today?” she asked before taking a large sip of her coffee. “Not really. You?” he answered. She let out a quiet sigh and said “No. I think that some of the team is planning on going out into the city today, but I’m getting a little sick of city life, to be honest. After all, I did grow up in a small town. Sometimes this all just seems like too much.” She looked out the window, staring off into the distance. Seemingly out of nowhere, and idea popped into Bucky’s mind. He leaned toward her, smiled, and said “I think I might have just the remedy for that. Can you meet me in the garage in about half an hour?” She gave him a puzzled look, not sure what kind of trick he had up his sleeve. “Sure? I guess so.” “Great!” he replied, and walked out of the room.

Once Bucky was gone, Y/N let down her hair, styled it up a little bit, and touched up her makeup. She wasn’t really sure what Bucky’s motive was for this secret adventure—was he just being friendly, or was this more like a date? “Could he actually like me back?” she muttered to herself as she slipped on her favorite pair of Converse. She had been crushing on Bucky ever since the first time she spoke with him on the day he moved into the tower six months ago. She checked the mirror one last time before heading down to the garage to meet Bucky.

When Y/N walked into the garage, she saw Bucky standing by his motorcycle. Two helmets were rested on the seat of the bike, and he had a navy blue Jansport backpack slung over one shoulder. He smiled when he saw her. “You ready for a trip?” he asked, playfully. She couldn’t help but giggle a little when she answered, “Yeah, but where are we going?” He ran his hand through his hair, brushing it away from his perfect blue eyes. “That, Doll, is a surprise. Now here, go ahead and put this on.” He handed her a pink helmet, and as she took it out of his hand she said “Only as long as you promise not to pick on me for having helmet hair when I take it off.” “Oh trust me, we’ll both have that problem,” he said as he ran his hand through his long, brown locks again. They both slipped on their helmets, and he asked her, “Would you mind wearing the backpack? I promise it’s not heavy. It’ll be easier for you to hold on if there’s not a backpack sandwiched between us.” “No problem,” she replied as she reached a hand out to take the bag.

Bucky got on the motorcycle and motioned for Y/N to get on. Once she was seated behind him, he took her hands and wrapped them around his waist. Through his shirt she could feel how muscular his torso was, and the warmth of his body pressed against hers made her heart skip a beat. Bucky revved up the engine and backed out of the parking space. Before he pulled out of the garage, he stopped and peeked over his shoulder. He flashed her a charming smile and then winked at her before turning out onto the street.

Bucky drove through the city until he got on the highway. As the two of them continued on, the scenery slowly changed from skyscrapers and shopping centers to trees and grassy fields. Y/N could smell the freshness of the crisp, country air and she was teeming with excitement, waiting to see what Bucky had in store for her. At the same time, Bucky was feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness, hoping that Y/N would like the surprise, and contemplating whether or not he should tell her how he felt about her. “If I’m ever going to do it, this would be the time, but what if I just end up ruining our friendship?” he thought to himself.

After about an hour of driving, Bucky turned down an old dirt road lined with tall trees. The road ended after a quarter-mile or so and turned into a shady clearing with beautiful pink and yellow wildflowers growing around it. Bucky parked the bike at the edge of the clearing, got off, and presented his arm to help Y/N get off the bike as well. The two of them pulled off their helmets and set them on the seat of the motorcycle. Y/N looked around her in wonder as she fluffed up her helmet hair with her fingers. “This is amazing, Buck. How did you know about this place?” He smiled at her and said “I come out here every once in a while to clear my head. It hasn’t changed since I was a kid—the trees have just gotten a lot taller. Can I have the backpack, please?” She slid off the backpack and handed it to him. He carried the bag in his left hand, and he held his right hand out reaching for Y/N’s. She grasped it and they held hands as they walked to the middle of the clearing together.

Both of their hearts were pounding when they reached the center of the clearing. Bucky dropped Y/N’s hand so he could open up the backpack. He reached inside and pulled out a picnic blanket, which he proceeded to spread out on the grass. After they sat down on the blanket, Bucky reached into the bag again to pull out some sandwiches, juice boxes, a small speaker, and Y/N’s iPod.  Y/N looked at Bucky quizzically and said “How did you get ahold of my iPod?” with a smile playing on her lips. He snickered and said “Sorry, I swiped it on my way out of your room. I don’t have anything on mine I think you’d like. Plus, I can barely figure out how to work the thing. I thought it might be better to just bring yours. Go ahead, put something on—whatever you’d like to listen to, Sweetheart.” She noticed that he called her “sweetheart” and a swarm of butterflies flew through her stomach. At the same time, a lump formed in Bucky’s throat when he realized what he said. Y/N pulled up her favorite David Bowie playlist and pressed “shuffle.”

The two of them ate their picnic lunch and chatted just like they always do—a little bit of small talk, followed by some funny stories from their pasts and a little gossip about the other members of the team. Eventually, they reached a small lull in their conversation. At that point they were both laying on their backs, side by side, watching the clouds float by in the sky above them. Bucky then rolled over onto his side so he was facing Y/N, and propped himself up on his elbow. He reached out and grabbed her hand, holding it gently in his own. He cleared his throat and softly said to her “Y/N? So I…uh, kinda…oh God this is so much harder than I thought it’d be.” He looked down and took a deep breath. Y/N could feel his palm getting sweaty and could see his cheeks blush and she knew what he was trying to say—it was the same thing she’d been wanting to say for such a long time, but never had the courage to until now. She squeezed his hand a little tighter and said “Bucky, I’m kind of in love with you, ya know. I’m thinking that maybe the feeling is mutual, considering your current inability to form sentences…am I right? If I’m not that’s okay, we can just be friends.” Bucky sat straight up and excitedly said “I don’t want to be just friends—I love you too! I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long, but I was afraid I’d mess up everything if you didn’t feel the same way.” His eyes lit up in a way she’d never seen before, and the smile on her face was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The sun began to set as he leaned over to kiss her, and they passionately made out until long after the stars came out. Since it was getting late, they decided to pack up their stuff and head back to the tower. They were both smiling the entire ride back, and when they walked into the tower, hand in hand, they were met by the rest of the team playing charades in the lounge.  Clint pointed at them and yelled “Well, would ya look at that!” Everyone turned to see them and they both blushed bright red. Sam snickered and said “Well it’s about damn time you two got together!” The room filled with giggling as Nat spoke up, saying “Yeah, it was pretty obvious to everyone that you two had a thing for each other. Congrats on finally making it official.” Y/N and Bucky looked at each other and smiled. They spent the rest of their evening snuggling on a couch in the lounge, watching the rest of the team finish out their game of charades, both falling deeper and deeper in love with every minute that ticked by.

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I ain’t all bad

 Can you do a short thing where you find out about Matty’s past and all the bad things he’s done &other girls he’s been with and you’re super upset even though it’s the past and he kinda reassures you and says he loves you bc this is happening and I need to be cheered up :’(

I met Matty at a party my parents made. My dad introduced me to him.

He was wearing a suit and his curly hair was in a ponytail, but in that moment I knew he was different from all the guys I dated. And I liked it.
We chatted for a really long time, and when the party ended we exchanged numbers and soon he took me on a date.
In that date I figured out he really likes tattoos, smoking cigarettes and music. So far from what I’m used to. But I was ok with that, he really amazed me.

What I didn’t know was that he was a drug addict and that he loved to “party hard”. And those facts scared me.

“Please… don’t go” Matty whispered grabing my arm. I was about to get out of his flat. “I’m changing. I’m so much better than before." 

"I… I don’t know Matthew.” I said as I started crying. “I’m scared…”
“Scared of what? Of me?” He asked in sourprise. I only nodded. 

I understand it was the past but you just can’t quit drugs like they’re nothing but a silly game. And also, the girls he used to date… they were so different from me. And the people he hangs with, they make me feel uncomfortable and sick by just breathing the same air as them.

“Why would you be afraid of me? I’m not a monster…” He whispered the last sentence. “I know that I did mistakes, but I learned from them and it’s in the past now. I would never do anything bad to you, love.”
“This is too much for me, I don’t know if I can stand this whole situation.”
“Have you never made mistakes? Are you THAT perfect? Huh?” He started  and yell at me. And I was more scared than before.
“The only thing I’d regret in my life is breaking up with you for this stupid argument”. 

He smiled and my cheeks turned red. “I’m sorry. I’m just worried” I whispered ashamed of everything I said earlier.
“It’s okay.” he chuckled. “One of the things that made me fell in love with you was your innocence, the good person you are.” He hugged me and I hide my face in his neck. “I want to change. I really do. Let me learn from you…”
“I love you. I’m sorry for my overacting.”
“Shhh, it’s ok angel. I love you too. Please don’t ever leave me.”
“I would never, Matty.”

Statistically Speaking (Alexander x Reader)

This is officially the first fic I’ve written and finished in over a year. It was so much fun to do, but I’d forgotten how horribly stressful editing can get…

I’m still not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it, but I’d say it’s pretty good for the first time I attempt to write again. I hope.

I’m done rambling now. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1760

Warnings: Language?

You were going to kill John Laurens. He knew you hated math. What had possessed him to push you to take statistics? What had possessed you to let him?

You groaned and slammed your forehead down on the textbook open in front of you. You were a good student. You studied. But no matter how much time you put into this class, stats kept kicking your ass.

“I’m going to fail the final,” you sighed aloud to your empty dorm room. Your shoulders slumped and you laid your head down on the desk again, more comfortably this time.

Outside, you could hear someone laughing cheerfully, relaxing in the commons outside your dorm. Moments later, you heard an answering chuckle that you knew all too well. Your best friend, Alexander Hamilton, and that meant the girlish giggle belonged to Maria Reynolds, the unofficial girlfriend everybody knew he was in love with. You scowled at your closed door, even though you knew they couldn’t see you.

As his best friend, you were already shaking your head at the freshman girl. She was airheaded, wore way too revealing clothes, and never knew when to shut up. It was practically your responsibility to save him from her, just as Alex had rescued you when you stupidly dated Charles Lee last year.

But you were also biased against her personally, and you knew it. In spite of yourself, you had fallen for the hardworking man, handsome, dark haired, and talented with the written word. You had yet to speak up about his choice, though, and you weren’t planning on it. Because as long as the stupid Reynolds girl stayed in the picture, you had her as a barrier, a reminder of why you two could never work, a protection against you doing something stupid.

Goddamnit, Y/N! You snapped at yourself. Stats. STATS. You are studying, not whining about fucking Alexander Hamilton!

You jammed a pair of noise cancelling headphones on, determined to ignore the scandal going on outside your door and actually earn a passing grade on your final tomorrow.

Not five minutes later, you were jumping out of your skin, yelping in fear as a pair of familiar hands seized your shoulders playfully. You wrenched the headphones off with a glare over your shoulder. “Damn you, Alex! This is the last time I leave my door unlocked!”

He laughed. “Well I knocked, but you didn’t answer.”

“That’s because I was wearing these,” you shoved the headphones against his chest, “so I didn’t have to hear you and Maria while I was trying to fucking study!”

Alexander’s dark eyes widened at you, his hands raising slowly in a gesture of surrender at the venom in your voice. “Whoa, Y/N. What’s going on?”

You sighed heavily. “Sorry. It’s just…finals, you know?”

He rested his hands on your shoulders, leaning over your head to read your textbooks, before drawing back to furrow his brow in confusion. “What the hell are you taking Stats for?”

You groaned, shaking your head. “Don’t remind me. Laurens talked me into it.”

Alexander looked at you, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Then, he reached for your hands and tugged you quickly to your feet. “Come on.”

“What…Alex…I need to—” you protested helplessly.

His hands went suddenly around your waist, and your stomach was suddenly filled with dozens of butterflies. You let out a soft squeak when he tossed you backward, lifting your lighter frame so easily and letting you land amid the pillows on your couch. He gathered your books while you watched, confused, and then threw himself down next to you carelessly.

“Now, we’re going to assume you tuned out the teacher starting on the first day—”

“I did not!” You interrupted him indignantly.

“—because it’s a math class—”

“Alexander!” A laugh escaped your lips.

“—and you hate math—”

You punched his shoulder. “Shut up!”

“Y/N, you can’t lie to me. Have you forgotten how we met?”

You smiled in spite of yourself at the memory. He’d come into the library in your freshman year, John Laurens and Lafayette on his heels, the three of them making entirely too much noise—and Hercules wasn’t even with them that time.

You hadn’t been paying attention, too fed up with your math homework to think. Heedless of the location of the boys making all the noise, you’d yelled in frustration and whipped your notebook clear across the library—and hit Alexander Hamilton squarely in the face.

You stuck out your tongue at him childishly now, pulling your notebook from his hand and lightly tapping his nose with it. “You watch yourself, Hamilton. Next time I’ll throw the textbook.”

“I’m terrified.” he teased back, his smile making the room seem warmer. “Now, let’s look at this problem. You are damn lucky I took this class last semester, by the way.”

You leaned against him, the textbook propped between you and your notes on your lap, listening intently while the attractive genius next to you re-explained statistics.

Somewhere around five hours later, you were ready to scream. “I am never, ever doing this again.”

Alexander paused, pulling his dark hair out of its ponytail and taking a moment to laugh. “Learning a semester’s worth of statistics in six hours is not exactly ideal.”

“Oh, trust me,” you smiled sweetly, “I know.” You stood, letting the blanket on your lap fall to the ground in a heap, and shuffled toward your mini kitchen. “Do you want coffee?”

No response. You turned around, annoyed, to find him engrossed in his phone. “Alexander! Stop texting your airhead girlfriend and answer the question?”

His head snapped up at that. “What?”

“I said, ‘do you want coffee’?” Your hands were on your hips, although you hardly looked threatening, tired and messy-haired as you were.

“Sure. And since when do I have an airheaded girlfriend?”

You rolled your eyes, pulling out a pair of cups and slamming them down on the table with more force than necessary. “Oh, please, we both know Maria must have an IQ of, like, fifty.”

“Y/N…” Alexander said slowly from behind you. “I’m not dating Maria.”

Your movements faltered and the hot coffee splashed on your hand, earning a quiet curse. “Damn it! Alexander, what the hell?”

“She’s alone and asked for my help. I’ve been helping her with her classes.”

Your heart leapt in your chest at that, but you were panicking too. Oh god, I need to apologize to her.

“Well,” you made your voice sound as light and careless as you could. “That’s awkward.” Scooping the coffee cups up, you returned to the couch beside him and handed one over. “And yes, I put all your stupid sugar in.”

“It’s not that big a deal, Y/N.” Alexander was looking at you with vague amusement. “Laurens is gonna laugh his ass off about this, though.”

“John Laurens is the cause of all of my problems, I swear.” you deadpanned. “Well, except for Maria. I owe her an apology for being a jealous bitch now, and we know how well that’ll go.” You rolled your eyes at him and tucked your feet under you, freezing suddenly as your words replayed in your head.

“And I just told you I was jealous of the girl I thought you were dating fuck this is why I don’t talk to people late at night I’m going to crawl in a hole now.” you rambled in one breath, face flaming. You stared resolutely into your coffee cup.

You’d done it now. He was never going to look at you the same, he wouldn’t ever love you, your friendship wouldn’t ever go back to normal. Your heart was racing, and your stomach felt sick. Oh god, what do I do now?

“Y/N.” Alexander’s voice was little more than a whisper. “Look at me.”

Obeying, you blinked miserably at him. “I’m sorry.”

“Would it help if I told you I hit Charles Lee because I was jealous of him?”

“W–what?” you faltered.

He smiled gently at you. “In freshman year, I was about to murder Aaron Burr for attacking me with a spiral notebook. I look over and there’s this h/c haired girl looking so guilty and she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And she’s brilliant and funny and she can tolerate Laurens–hell, she even likes him! And she didn’t look twice at me and I thought, I thought if she would just join us, if she would just be our friend, that would be enough.”

In spite of yourself, your eyes were stinging with unshed tears. “Alexander…” you whispered. You always called him Alex, but somehow in that moment his full name seemed fitting.

“It wasn’t. She was amazing and beautiful and she said I was her best friend and I should have been satisfied with that and I never was. Lafayette used to insist that I should just ask you out, but I couldn’t imagine you’d ever say yes…”

“Why do you have to be so good with words?” you asked him shakily, your heartbeat racing. This was the last thing you’d expected to happen.

Nerves overtaking you, you fiddled with the coffee cup in your hands, tracing the ceramic mug’s handle anxiously.

“Y/N?” Alexander was smiling, and you melted inside. He was just so adorable when he looked genuinely happy. “Put that damn coffee down and kiss me.”

He pulled it from your grasp before you could react, one of his hands coming to rest on your cheek. His touch sent shivers down your spine, and you blinked at him shyly.

“Y/N…” he breathed out, crashing his lips down on yours.

Your eyes fluttered shut, and your hands flew up instinctively to tangle in his hair. You were shaking slightly, and you knew he could feel it when he wrapped his arms tighter around you, never breaking the kiss.

A moment later, though, he drew back suddenly, leaving you breathless, and looked at you askance. His hair was tangled from your hands, his face flushed and his pupils blown wide.

“In all seriousness though,” his lips lifted in a quirky smirk. “You actually thought I was dating Maria?”

Your cheeks tinged pinker than they already had been, and you smacked his shoulder carelessly. “Shut up and kiss me, Alexander. And never mention that again.”

He pulled you suddenly into his lap with a grin. “Yes ma’am.”

For once in your life, you could honestly say you were grateful for stats class.

Ready to Believe You [2/2]

Emma Swan doesn’t believe in ghosts, or magic, and she sure as hell doesn’t believe in true love, but when things start going bump in the night it’s up to three enterprising (and under-worked) members of Storybrooke’s sheriff’s department  to save the day, and hopefully find a little belief along the way.

(A “Ghostbusters” AU inspired by the 1984 movie.)

Still for @annaamell, still all credit to @trueloveswanjones for the beta and @jemmingart / @shadiestfairyaround for the beautiful cover art. Thank you so much to everybody who commented / tagged / reblogged the first part, I hope you enjoy the ending! And tagging @lenfaz because she asked and her commentary made my life complete.

T, 12k ish. Also on ao3 HERE.

They end up at Granny’s, mostly because there’s not really anywhere else to go, and anyway the grilled cheese is genuinely good. Emma does warn Killian away from the lasagne though, just to be safe.

To Emma’s intense surprise it’s actually, really, really nice.

He makes her laugh, makes her feel young and flirty, makes her want to bat her eyelashes and play coy like the girls she saw in high school. It’s a weird feeling, maybe even a bit uncomfortable, but she’s mostly shocked by how much she likes it. By how much she likes him.

(She still tucks a twenty in his jacket pocket when he goes to pay the bill. There are some things she doesn’t compromise on, and one is being able to buy her own damn lunch.)

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I… I just wanted to draw a happy Newt with his hair in a ponytail…
From the moment I knew Newt was a runner (and that he had long hair but that was already stated in one of the first few chapters) I had this headcanon that when he would run, he would wear his hair in a ponytail because that’s waaay more comfortable.
I also noticed that I’m maybe the only one who draws him with long hair..?



  1. Start off with tangle-free brushed hair without any interfering knots.
  2. Since Lydia’s curls are fairly understated here, feel free to use day-old curls to achieve this look. If not, try using a big-barreled curling iron to run through the majority of your hair to produce one large curl that will be your ponytail (feel free to wait to curl your hair until after tying off your ponytail).
  3. Produce a side part right above the middle of your eyebrow.
  4. Measure off a three-inch chunk of hair from your bangs from the larger side of your part–this will be your braid. 
  5. Being braiding with, each chunk about 1" large, and make sure to incorporate pieces directly on your head to keep it pressed close to your head. Braid downwards past your ear, grabbing hair along the way to slide into the braid.
  6. After braiding all the way to the other side of your head, fasten your hair off into a ponytail. Take a moment to pull on your braid a bit too make it larger and loosen it to avoid tightness. If you’re lacking the same volume Lydia has, try braiding your hair again after teasing these same strands.
  7. Pull out a few small strands from hear your forehead, pulling some out of your braid and some from the other side. Run your curling iron through these strands, creating soft, understated curls.
  8. Back to the ponytail! Now that it’s fastened, cover up the hairtie with your hair. Grab a section, about 1" thick, from the back of your ponytail and wrap it around the hairtie until it’s concealed. Hide the end of the hair either by tucking it into the hairtie, or by fastening it underneath your ponytail with a few bobby pins. Either way, make sure it’s discreet and hard to notice!
  9. Spray with hairspray if your hair is unlikely to stay in this position all day long. 
  10. Good luck!