a poet was i

your girl’s got lips like a eulogy, speaking in somber morals but raising beauty from it all. eyes like burial grounds, babe, like afraid to look but afraid to look away. and don’t you know, she’s got hands like a celestial body. exploding stars and absolute glory, and you’re holding them. a trapdoor mind, open quietly and snap shut and never see it coming. your girl’s a being like a sunset. watch her, fierce and exploding and beautiful.
watch her, disappearing.
—  GIRL, COMPLETE pt ii (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
  • soo ho: you know, if i were han sung, i would haunt this place.
  • yeo wool: you know what? i would too. him dying so young is bull shit. he didn't deserve any of this.
  • soo ho: han sung, i hope you're riding a speed boat in heaven.
  • yeo wool: oh, you know he has a great speed boat.

as the sun sets, this day ends.
it doesn’t matter if it was
good or bad or somewhere inbetween
but it’s over now,
and you survived it.
that’s what some call hope.

sunsets bring night.
they summon all the demons
who live within who
torture my thoughts who make sure
i don’t feel alive
who tell me i want to die

(and sometimes i believe them,
even when the sunset was
particularly fiery and gorgeous)

i go down with the sun
and i come back up in the morning.

– l.m. 

I remember my friend asked me,
‘Even if his words fell as harsh as the summer sun, you would still love him?’
Breathlessly, I replied,
'Of course.’
—  g.e. // March 27th
I love you entirely,
your best self
and the ones layered under it,
even in darkness,
even through dark places,
I promise you do not bring me fear.

It’s odd that opposing qualities  
bring magnetic elements together.
It is in a lot of ways,
especially that they find corrosivity 
rooted in what they are, 
but bonding strength in another.

Indifference to such difference
can keep us held secure.

I bring close what you push away,
I clot in ways you flow,
I upset what you settle,
take your earthly to be divine
and take your cold shoulder to bring it warmth.

You are lustrous in what doesn’t shine,
you can connect when you can’t combine,
and while they’ll be warning without a sign,
you may not be theirs but still could be mine.

a deity,
a doe.

you are a piece in a mosaic
you never asked to be placed in,
but I promise that your presence
is a little more than gracing.

Inspired by talking to @findastone. She’s a cool and very lovely person and I’m glad I know her and that she’s my friend. 

This is the greatest compliment I could possibly give someone. You are not your strengths, or weaknesses, but a brilliant amalgam of both. :)

just Cheeks things
  • Charlie likes to smirk and wink at people, but there’s this one specific look only Meeks has ever seen which makes him blush and go weak at the knees
  • Charlie loves using that look and Meeks’ reaction makes him go weak at the knees
  • they like to sneak out at night and go to the rooftop to look at the night sky
  • “look, there’s ursa major,” says Meeks, pointing at the sky
  • “oh and look, there’s a little nerd,” says Charlie, pointing at Meeks before giving him a kiss on the cheek

One day in 8th grade my mother was helping me study one of my Hindi short stories for a test.
And in the middle of it she started crying.
I don’t remember much but the story was something to do with women empowerment and patriotism and oppression.
One minute she was reading it out to me and the next minute she was crying.
I just couldn’t understand why!
My dad took over the situation and told me it’s okay and to complete the story on my own and I did.
But I didn’t understand why she was being so ‘emotional’ over a story!
And now I cry over isolated quotes and almost every book I read.
That’s what words to to you. They let you feel through the pain you hold onto so tightly.
They set you free.

Something from today...

Feels So Different

In the wake of a faux pas,
when sharing space in a
room, on a sofa, in a bed,
feels like playtime, feels
like a plodding book you
keep reading in hopes of a
turnaround, a revelation.
A face can seem less trusting,
can look like an imposter,
the outline of vow that been
crossed out with black marker.
It feels the neighbor’s
doberman, who knows you, who
sees you every day, but could
easily take a chunk from your
hand as you pet him. It feels
like the past on repeat. It
feels like another ending.

I grew up thinking that in order to live a happy life, I had to get good grades and go to a prestigious university and get a highly paid job. But as I grew older I began to realise that in order to life a happy life, I had to choose it for myself and not live a life that others expect of me, whether it be your parents, teachers or friends. This is your life.

I made a decision that I didn’t want to be successful and live in a big house with fancy cars in the drive. So, I packed my bags and got out of this little town that had suffocated me for the last 18 years and drank coffee in small shops in Germany, chased the Horizon in Australia, woke up with a mountain view in Singapore. How beautiful is it to know that your feet have walked the grounds of many different countries and your skin has felt the air of many busy cities.

Please darling, do not get lost in society’s belief that you are only successful if you have a well paid job, like I once had. As humans, we are going to die, that is one thing we are guaranteed in life. What will you care about the most while lying on your death bed, your fancy cars, big house? Or the stories and experience you have encountered on the journey of this beautiful thing called life?

So there’s one thing I ask of you: please travel. Whether you’re 21 or 49. It is never too early nor too late so see the beautiful world.

—  i-wonder-lust 

My nayme is Cowe,🐄
The grasse I eate,🌱
The sunne is warm,🌞
The aire is sweete,🌬

I luv my friends,❤
The cowes and sheep,🐄🐑
In day we romp,🐄
At nighte we sleep,🐮😴

We slumber then,🐮😴
At least so thinks🤔
The human men,👬

In eeriye mist,🌫
I care'flly go😐
A bovine tryste 🐄
(The men don’t knowe),👬😯

A Cowe I like,🐄
Who likes me backe,🐂
She’s white and browne,🐂
I’m white and blacke,🐄

I have but one☝️
Detail to say,😊
I lik her head,🐄😛🐂
This Cowe is gaye :) 🐄❤️💛💚💙💜🐂

And such concludes🙋🏽
My poeme nowe,📝
The storye of📖
Lesbiane Cowe.💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄💖

I respect your choice, even if it breaks my heart. I will never run after you or beg you to do something you don’t want to. Because that’s how much I love you. To choose your happiness over mine. I won’t be selfish with you.
Forced love is not true love.
—  F.F. // While I’m moving on.. #2

to the quiet ones
who are afraid
of the sound
of their voices:
and your words
will scream from the page

(and you will be heard).

—  to the quiet ones by shelby leigh

To each and everyone of you who stays despite everything, thank you for loving me, for taking me as I am. I will not make it this far without your faith and support. You are all a blessing.

Lukas W.