a poem for pluto

my condolences dear Pluto

Pluto the downsized.
Pluto, the once beloved astrological dog,
now just a roaming rock.

i feel you, Pluto
given my recent experience in rejection.
and all that.

So, as time passes, sweet Pluto,
you and i are in the same boat,
awaiting the replacement part.
People move on, and publicly.
Its not easy.

Now humans are enamored with Planet Nine,
next month it might be Ten.

Just know Pluto,
you are not alone on the planet of broken toys.
I am there too.
I am with you,
Whether you were a disney K9 or not.

Pilot Star

Some nights when you have gone to sleep
I go up to the roof and look for my pilot star,
my navigation star,
my guideline, my trajectory,

the place I am heading
when I stretch out my arms
and leap off the roof
and leave this silly planet behind.

Once I find it, I could go anywhere.

Fling myself out into the black sea,
skip upon every world whirling around the sun:
angry Jupiter, mysterious Saturn,
the frozen pebble of silent Pluto.
I could just keep going, out beyond the asteroids,
out past the dusty corner of everything
humans have ever known,
into the dark, into the dark,
until I find out where space ends
and nothing begins.

I never find it, my pilot star.

It is not there.
I will search and stare and hunt
for my pilot star until the night is almost spent
and then I will go in and lie down next to you,
next to the smell of your hair,
the heat of your body, the shape of you,
and I will know why.

Jupiter has its storms
and Saturn its rings
and forgotten Pluto cold secrets,
but only the Earth has you.

♇The 12th House♇

I am a Healer
In my heart of many hearts
In these chambers, these many chambers
In my soul, my whole Soul,
I am yearning, I am learning,
Compassion is stirring and it’s
Too much,
These feelings….
Suffocate my heart
Yet resuscitate me part by part,
And once again,
I return from where I came,
I awake,
And I am ready for a new dawn, a new day,
These feelings…
Birth me, guide me, pain me, kill me,
And resurrect me until I learn
What it is, what I want, what I need,
My path is free.

you wanna know the truth? NO ONE can save you. they can try, they can reach their hand down and try so hard to pull you up but they will never get you out of that hole if you allow your whole body to go limp. they cannot drag you up and out if your bones are broken and unaligned because they will just shatter you so much more. because broken bones need to be aligned in order to be fixed and if all you can do is stare and gape at the bones sticking out of your leg then you are never going to heal, you will never be able to walk properly again. so as scared as you are, snap that fucking bone back into place and stand up. no one is going to jump a thousand feet down just to realign your bones over and over again because that’s toxic to them. yes, they will want to. yes, they will try, but why let them break their bones right along with you? i have caused so many people to break and bleed. i have been beaten down and broken and glorified the fuck out of it, i made it look pretty. i made broken teeth and blood look like an art display and i thought people loved it. but no one loves the bitter smell of blood, no one can find the rose petals in your veins, besides you. so, i’m telling you, when you fall pick yourself right the fuck back up. i have stayed down for so long that every single bone had to be re broken in order for me to walk again and at first you think, what’s the point? and you know, there will never be a point unless you sharpen one yourself. you want a reason to get up in the morning? find one. MAKE ONE. the sun can only provide so much warmth, the moon can only illuminate so much darkness, pluto can only dip into neptunes orbit so many times to get warm. and you think pluto never gets cold? it does. it’s the furthest planet from the sun (that we know of, and don’t even tell me pluto isn’t a planet bc it always will be to me) and it still stays spinning, it still orbits around the sun even though it takes 248 years. and just when we all forgot about pluto it came back with an article that it may have clouds! and imagine this, pluto gets tired so it falls right out of orbit and disappears into vast blackness of space. you think no one would notice? NASA would flip shit. neptune would feel like it had less of a purpose. so think about that, you may be cold and tired but as long as you never stop orbiting, you will warm up again, you will thrive again. you just have to keep trying and spinning and fighting.
—  you want the good in life? get up and go find it.

sun – the one who keeps you warm, who is always brushing against you and ensuring that you have vitality, even if you don’t feel it. sometimes they get covered up by clouds or the moon or even the backside of you, but they’re always there and they don’t go away.

mercury – the one who’s fast-paced, who maybe even moves a little too fast for you. they’re too caught up in their own orbit to realize that you’re not having an easy time keeping up. they don’t know how to slow down, and so you get left in the dust.

venus – the jealous one. they’re on a different agenda than you, spinning off in the opposite direction, and yet somehow they manage to get upset when they see you absorbing heat from the sun. fiery red, they try to steal your warmth away by absorbing it themselves.

earth – the one who fascinates you. they’ve got an abundance of something nobody else has, and you’ll never run out of things to learn about them. they make you want to explore not only them, but everything that surrounds them, too.

mars – the easy one. they’re always close by, but they’re also dry and predominantly inhospitable. you can’t stay for long because they just don’t give you enough of what you need.

jupiter – the big one, the one you just can’t let go. they’re chaotic, and their love swirls around you like a cyclone that whips at your hair and tears at your clothes, that invokes a rare sort of excitement in your chest and never stops spinning.

saturn – the soon-to-be-lover you spot across the room at a high school party. they fascinate you with the way they seem to have a sort of light that radiates from them.

uranus – the one with a cold exterior and a diamond heart. they’re guarded, frigid even, and it takes time to work your way past all their defenses and into their core.

neptune – the mysterious one, who your mother takes one look at and rules them as “bad”. they have a short of shadow about their eyes and an impressive set of scars from all of the destruction that whips against their skin.

pluto – the one who is exiled and misunderstood. they seem small and meek, and will latch onto any source of warmth they’re offered, but the warmth is just a luxury because they survive just fine on their own.

—  the planets as people you may love in your lifetime // k.g
dead poets society headcanons

-neil memorizes poems in his free time in an effort to impress todd

-neil has charlie test him on the poems he learns

-“neil i swear to gods ASSHOLE if i have to hear one more stupid metaphor I’m going to SHOVE THIS POETRY BOOK DOWN YOUR THROAT”

-todd being pleasantly surprised when neil had his favorite poem memorized, as it was pretty obscure. neil ranting to pitts for ten minutes about how cute todd surprised face was.

-meeks is super into astronomy

-like spends senior year building himself a telescope

-when they said pluto wasn’t a planet he wrote a poem in its honor and read it at the next dead poets meeting

-it got really really emotional

-tears may have been shed

-charlie is agender

-pitts is really into bulldogs

-meeks biggest turn on is when charlie has red lipstick on (he especially loves it when the lipstick leaves a stain on his neck after a late night make out session)

-todd has a whole fuckin notebook of poetry he wrote about neil

-knox is that person who “discovers” artists that are already super fucking popular

-“i’m telling you charlie, this band one direction is going places

-everytime neil makes puppy dog eyes at todd or vice versa charlie has to take a shot of the nearest liquid.

-knox is that person that thinks starbucks is hipster

-after charlie and meeks started dating, pitts became the official mediator of the group. he didn’t realize how many disputes they have until he was the center of them all.

-todd asks keating to review some of his poetry. the next day in class they were focusing on a new author, an anonymous boy who wrote beautiful poetry about the object of his affection.

-todd gets existential crises like every five minutes

-neil hates that he loves it when todd gets existential crises bc it means todd will let neil hug him

-meeks and neil identify as bisexual

-pitts is aromantic

-knox is the straightest boy on the planet

-todd is gay

-charlie is pansexual

-chris is a lesbian who gets a restraining order on knox

-for all of their talk, charlie loves hand holding more than anything else

-neil and charlie are both closet taylor swift fans fight me on this

-meeks listens to 8 bit versions of pop songs

-pitts listens to classical music

-knox listens to rap and dubstep and pretends he’s cool

-todd listens to orchestrated film soundtracks and indie music

more will probably come

The closest planet to the sun that burns and burns to be closer but will never touch - two lovers at a party with the wrong people
The woman scorned by love gone wrong, always tainted and cratered by the fingers who touch her - she never forgives
Home, when the arms you rest in feel just right and like all of your childhood memories enraptured in one singular being
The one who loved someone so long and so hard it killed them in the end - the reminder that unrequited love needs to be let go
The largest in the room, the loudest personality, the most drunk and boisterous with many moons in its orbit it will never touch
Spinning and spinning as though she is alone in the room, and the world, she will never see the millions who watch her and adore her
Blue in the face from holding its breath, it never spoke its mind - filled with words it forgot to say and everyone snickered with knowing anyways
The planet that drowned under the pressure of being and living up to what it had to be, made choices and carries the burden of them always

The satellite lost, the true love that turned to sour milk, the one that got away, the one who wants to come back

—  c.d. - I’ve Always Been A Constellation


I. a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat
II. I scratch at your chest, trying to crack it open like a nut. I claw your heart out without rest, the nectar dripping onto my skin.
III. you’re not sure you want to stay. you’re not sure you want to run. I am picking off your brain, putting only the sweetest parts between my sharpened teeth. 
IV. I still need more. 

V. I lick your sweat of my fingers, not taking the time to savour the taste. I suck the oxygen right out of your lungs. 

VI. I am insatiable. I will always need more.

Dan akhirnya kita harus terhenti.
Bukan karena cintamu yang terkikis atau rinduku yang mulai berhenti menghampiri, tapi karena kita tak pernah benar-benar ada.
Aku bukan milikmu, kamu bukan milikku, setidaknya itulah kenyataan yang sebenarnya.

Bahkan setelah apa yang telah kita lewati, setiap canda, setiap tawa, setiap rindu dan setiap momen yang kukira cinta, semuanya ikut terhenti.

Aku terlalu jauh jatuh dalam angan-angan, sedangkan kau mungkin bahkan tak menjejakkan kakimu di angan tersebut.
Namun apa dayaku, aku sudah jatuh terlalu dalam.
Dan untuk bangkit lagi dari jurang angan ini, aku terpaksa benar-benar pergi.

Tawa canda dan cerita kita, ternyata hanya fiktif belaka.

— i38a & Your Pluto

Maybe I’m just really tired, I don’t know.
But the moment I laid eyes on the night sky tonight
made me realize that you are not the center of my galaxy.
There’s a vast universe I have yet to see
and you’re just a microscopic dust
in the heart of space and time.
It’s weird how I’ve let you ruin my entire world
but see, I’m rebuilding
and pretty soon
I’ll be a planet again
with my own moons orbiting me and everything.
I won’t stay here floating in the abyss forever
waiting for chances that will not come.
This time, I’ll be my own big bang.
This time, I’ll be my own creation.
I am my own universe.
—  Pluto by loracerdan

pan-troglodytes  asked:

All the constellations [or as many constellations you want to answer] for the space ask thing

wew ok! I’ll do my favourite questions, I don’t normally get ask meme asks so you’re killing many birds with one stone. :]

Planets: Life

  • Venus: English
  • Earth:  Staffordshire, UK
  • Mars: Pansexual
  • Jupiter: yep, a younger brother and sister
  • Saturn: A black and white cat called Sanjiv
  • Uranus: idk, um furry stuff i guess, I quite like writing poems too
  • Neptune: Jan 2nd 1993
  • Pluto: 23:16 as of the moment I press “post”

Stars: Experiences

  • Sun: Oh loads of times but I never get drunk
  • Sirius: I failed art because I did my own projects and didn’t like how controlled it was
  • Rigel: small ones, I don’t like rides generally
  • Deneb: I’ve been to France a couple of times
  • Arcturus: Oh loads of times, mostly confusion or anger
  • Aldebaran: wildlife conservation and animal welfare
  • Canopus: Yep, right humerus when I was 7 and right big toe when I was 15. I broke my arm from falling off a scooter and broke my toe from kicking a wall from frustration (classmates were picking on me, didn’t want to aim at them)
  • Bellatrix: yep
  • Alphard: Only due to the passing of time and us doing our own thing, I can still speak to them. 

Constellations: Favourites

  • Centaurus: Christmas
  • Orion: June or July
  • Cassiopeia: Benjamin Hale - Evolution of Bruno Littlemore
  • Delphinus: Out of the subjects I’ve taken I’d say psychology
  • Hercules: sitar
  • Pegasus: Twycross zoo and various friends’ houses
  • Libra: Purple, black and green
  • Phoenix: Jeans or chinos, button up shirt with a loud pattern, either a snapback cap or a *mumble*fedora*mumble*
  • Aries: new POTA series of course!
  • Cygnus: Humid 
  • Hydra: Gibbon song

Galaxies: Love/Friends  

  • Milky Way: Tom, best friend from highschool.
  • Andromeda: Yep! I hate being alone for too long.
  • Cartwheel Galaxy: I was 5, there was a boy in my class in school who was my “boyfriend” and we used to hide in the cloakroom and kiss and we got in trouble a lot for it. :P
  • Cigar Galaxy: ok I guess
  • Sombrero Galaxy: multiple crushes, most of them know and many fancy me back! :D
  • Bode’s Galaxy: probably?
  • Sunflower Galaxy: hellll no
  • Whirlpool Galaxy: yes

Other stuff: Wishes

  • Asteroid: Living anywhere with a good political climate and a hot actual climate, I’d live near the sea but also near forest and I woud be financially comfortable and have a job in my preferred field. I may also have a family with multiple partners and our (likely adopted) kids. 
  • Nebula: Knowing some guy from school, having anything to do with him, going to that sleepover
  • Shooting Star:  When I used to love certain family members because I was too young to pick up on serious flaws. 
  • Pulsar: Train to be a zoo-keeper
  • Supernova: Play with an irl bonobo, like at that sanctuary or something. Just want to know what one feels like, I will be satisfied with life from then on. 
  • Quasar: I don’t think I’d want to spend all my life with one person.
  • Wormhole: Waking up a different species :P