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A Gift (Kihyun x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“Can I get a dom!Kihyun smut with riding where Kihyun is super needy, vocal, rough, and desperate but while 100% in control – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Kihyun x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, toys, spanking, slight language,
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: I went to a sex shop few days ago and I got inspired lmao. Also, we’re very sorry we haven’t been active, this week has been busy for the both of us!

Gif is not mine, Kihqun owns the gif.

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Med students, I love you, but when working in a clinic with limited equipment (say only 4 otoscopes for everyone to share) it helps to be aware of those limited resources (and not rolling your eyes at me when three of you each pocket an otoscope and I ask if we can just leave them in the work room so that everyone can share instead of each med student having their own and make four residents and two attendings share one).

[[Context: the party had encountered a non-aggressive skeleton and were trying to stop the paladin from attacking it. One player had earlier been polymorphed into a lobster for unrelated reasons]]

Lobster: “Before he attacks, can I try to intimidate him out of it?”

DM: “From [the bard]’s pocket?”

Lobster: “Yes.” [Rolls a nat 20]

DM: (while the rest of the party is collectively losing its shit) “[Paladin], you’re moving towards the skeleton, but out of the corner of your eye you see, emerging from [bard]’s pocket, two little claws. A sense of terror begins to grow in your chest as the claws open and close, going ‘snip, snip,’ and with each little snip you feel your heart thud. You are rendered immobile with fear.”


Able to make him do his killer smile

must’ve been born with two right feet

Nursey doesn’t usually go to these things alone. He can usually find a date - or at least a friend - to make everything a little less awkward. This is Jack and Bitty’s wedding, though, which means that all of his friends are already here. It also means that the only person he would want to bring as a date is already here, too, looking unfairly dapper in his grey suit.

He’s jumping around on the dance floor with Chowder and Farmer when the DJ announces that she’s switching over to a slow song, and he ducks out to sit down at the table.

He doesn’t mind sitting and watching the couples dancing, Chowder lifting Farmer off her feet to spin her around, Ransom with his face tucked into Holster’s neck, Jack leaning down so his forehead rests on Bitty’s, but he’s spent the whole damn day fantasizing about what might’ve been if he had the balls to just ask -

“Do you want to dance?”

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Accidental Flirting

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 950

Warnings: Spider-Man: Homecoming spoilers!!

Summary: You’re working at your dad’s deli shop, just like any other day after school, when a certain boy walks in and strikes up an interesting conversation with your father.

A/N: I love this so much, it was so much fun to write!! Part 2??? Yes, no, maybe so?

It was like any other day for you. After school, you dropped your books off at your apartment and grabbed a quick snack before heading down the block to the deli. Seeing as your dad was the owner, you were kind of obligated to help out there when you had free time. You didn’t mind, though, working the register wasn’t really all that bad. You were just lucky that you didn’t have to be the one actually making the sandwiches.

Today, in particular, you had completed most of your homework in study hall, so you weren’t worried about rushing home to finish it. It was still early in the afternoon, though, so the small shop was still empty. You were seated on the stool behind the counter, scrolling through your phone and keeping one earbud out so you could listen for the familiar ring of the door when a customer walked in.

After about fifteen minutes of doing this, you eventually grew extremely bored. Placing your phone down on the counter and pulling out the single earbud, you turned to your dad, who was busy stocking shelves. “Is there anything I can do? This is boring.” You complained, standing up.

Your dad shook his head slowly, chuckling, before picking up one of the cardboard boxes and shoving it towards you. “Here, chica, go help in the back. Put these away, you know where they go.”

Nodding contently with the moderately heavy box in your arms, you turned on your heel and walked into the back area of the store. Just as you entered, you heard the ding of the doorbell. Figures, as soon as you leave, a customer comes in.

Placing the box down, you began taking the packages of condiments and utensils out. From the main area, you were able to hear the conversation happening between your dad and the person. You recognized the second voice as belonging to none other than Peter Parker. He was in your grade, and you shared a few classes, but you’d never really had a solid conversation. He was a regular customer here, though.

Tuning most of it out, you quickly put the items in their respective containers. You only started listening intently when you could hear your father start speaking in Spanish.

“Ella es una mujer italiana bellísima.” You heard him say, visibly cringing at how strange the sentence sounded. Wondering who on earth he could possibly be talking about, you knew for sure it wasn’t your own mother, you stopped restocking and headed back out into the main area.

“¿Y cómo está tu hija, eh?”

You stopped dead in your tracks, but you’d made it far enough out into the room that you could see who the voice belonged to. And damn, he looked cute today. Peter was wearing a light blue sweater with a collar popping out of the top. His brown hair curled around his ears, and his dark brown eyes crinkled up at the sides as he lightly laughed.

A million thoughts were running through your head. He hadn’t even noticed you were there, he couldn’t have been talking about you. He did know that you were your father’s daughter, though, right?

Before you could tell yourself otherwise, using a sudden wave of confidence that had washed over you at the sight of how good he looked, you stepped further into view of the two of them. “Hmm, estoy bien, ¿y tú?”

The words flew out of your mouth before you had a chance to stop them, but for some reason saying them aloud gave you even more confidence. You met Peter’s eyes as you said them, and watched as a deep crimson blush arose on his pale cheeks. You raised your eyebrows, waiting for him to respond. Peter opened his mouth to say something, but your dad came rushing over to you and gave you a stern look.

“(Y/N), don’t you have shelves to be restocking? Off you go, adiós.” He shook his head, placing his hand on your shoulder and guiding you to the back area.

“Wait, Peter didn’t answer my question!” Smirking, you squirmed out of his grasp and walked behind the counter, now even closer to the incredibly flustered boy.

He was a mumbling, incoherent mess. It gave you a funny feeling in your stomach, knowing that you made him so nervous. This was the literal smartest kid in your whole grade, and here he was, tripping over his words just because you had flirted back at him.

Peter cleared his throat, placing the sandwich and bag of candy on the register in front of you along with a ten dollar bill. You put his stuff into a plastic bag, before putting the money in the register and carefully counting out his change.

When you handed the few singles and coins back to him, your hands brushed against each other. It was only for a split second, but it was enough for both of you to now be blushing. Peter’s eyes widened, before shoving the money into the pocket of his jeans and grabbing the bag of food. He was on his way out, you watching as you bit your lip to hide a smile.

Pushing open the door, he was almost fully out of the store before he turned around and looked at you. “I’m great, actually. I mean, my crush just totally flirted with me, so of course I’m good.”

Your jaw dropped, face flushing an even brighter shade of red before the door clanged shut behind him and Peter was gone.

Part Two!!!

anonymous asked:

He's FTM, starting on hormones but not surgeries or anything yet. So he wears a binder (which Tony is like "dude you'll damage yourself wearing one under he shit give me two days I'll make you one safe to wear" in my own hc) :)

Prev. ask- So I think I’m gonna write trans!Peter Parker with Dad Tony being stupidly supportive and Peter being emotional about it. Anything you headcannon for that scenario??? I want it to be longer :P

Okay! Okay! So!

  • As Soon As Tony finds out, he starts calling Peter by nicknames that are inherently masculine- son, dude, my guy, boy, etc. He’s a little shit so he never actually calls Peter ‘Spiderman’, but it’s always ‘Spiderboy’ or ‘The Friendly Spiderdude’.
  • Peter gets incredibly self-conscious when he cries, because he feels like he’s not being ‘masculine’ enough. Tony calmly sits him down and tells him that he probably cries just as much as Peter does, but last time he checked, he was still a guy.
  • Literally for real don’t mess with pronouns when Tony’s around he will chew you up and spit you the fuck out before you have time to fucking blink.

  • Calls Aunt May regularly to recommend some of the best tailors In New York, who can get Peter clothes which will effectively cover some areas and emphasise others
  • General Aunt May and Tony teamups. includes multiple high-fives and Proud Faces™

  • Happy finds out. Happy shrugs. Happy offers to teach Peter how to box. That Is All That Is Said.
  • Oh Hey Look Tony Is Now Seen Giving 11 Minute Lecture on Trans Issues Before Sticking His Middle Finger Up At Asshole Reporter And Storming Off.
  • Also How Did Those 8 New Charities Dedicated To Helping Trans Youths Get There Tony. Aunt May Why Are You Designing Them Shirts.

  • Seriously. Just. Don’t fuck with pronouns around any of Peter’s Friends. They will fuck you up so damn hard. Oh My god rip.
  • One time Tony and Peter bump into Flash. Flash mutters something about Peter being a princess. U can literally….tangibly see Tony’s temper like….Physically Blowing Up but before he can even turn around Peter has just rolled his eyes and pulled out a coin from his pocket. Not even turning around, he hauls it full-force. It hits Flash in the hand- the hand that is holding a bag full of groceries. He drops them with a yell. Food Everywhere. Cars stopping in the middle of the road. Mayhem. Peter grins. Asks Flash if he’s willing to admit This Princess could hand you your ass on a dinner plate without even trying.

  • Tony has never been more proud in his entire life ever.
Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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You're doing WHAT to the god?

Context: the players had just taken part in a ritual allowing them to see and interact with a god’s aspect. The players are: a teifling warlord (Ea), a halfling rogue (Octavia), and a dragonborn paladin (Rhogar), we had an elf ranger (Stasi) and a skeleton fighter (Bone Daddy) missing from the session. And then there’s me, the GM…

GM: so, as you bite into the bug, the fog around you lifts. You see an impossibly tall man who looks to be cut out of marble - both in colour and physique. His face is polished into a smooth curve from the eyes down; he has no nose or mouth.

Octavia: I want to take something from him

GM: uhhhh you can try if you like?

[Rest of Party]: oh no please no

Octavia: I’m looking for anywhere he’d hide valuables on him

GM: well, his hair occasionally glows green, probably more bugs like the ones you just consumed; you don’t see anywhere else he could hide something

Rhogar (ooc): wait is he naked?

GM: yeah, you’re not seeing anywhere he could hide something unless, y'know…

>players faff about and behave civilized for a bit, GM is lured into a false sense of security<

Octavia: wait before we go, I want to steal from him

GM: WHAT? How?

Octavia: I’m going to “check his back pocket”

GM: oh no, okay fine. Roll for it.

>Octavia rolls a 1<

GM: you stride up to Varitriel (the god) while he and everyone else stares at you; confident you’re concealed, you go to erhm, “check his pockets” and accidentally caress his undercarriage as you do. He reels back, eyes burning, about to strike you.

Octavia: it was… a trick! (bluff)

>Octavia rolls a 4

Animal Crossing Starters:
  • “I figured you must be blackmailing that poor girl to have lunch with you.”
  • “I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty sexy.”
  • “I don’t want to live in a world where I have to eat sugar free sugar cookies.”
  • “I remembered today was your birthday so I thought I’d say hi.”
  • “You have nothing to lose except your lonely loser status.”
  • “Shut it, you faker!”
  • “I sure am tired from all that relaxing I did today.”
  • “Then I can spend my entire allowance on comic books and video games and no one can stop me.”
  • “When you listen to pop music, you often hear them saying ‘shawty.’”
  • “[NAME] made fun of me because I say 'poot’ all the time.”
  • “I waited and waited because I really wanted to see you.”
  • “Tell papa/mama what’s up.”
  • “It hurts my face just looking at you.”
  • “Marry me.”
  • “I look forward to seeing what you’re gonna do with my butt.”
  • “A trash bin..? Is this a clue to your true identity?”
  • “I’m beautiful, but I’m also deadly.”
  • “I hope you go to jail.”
  • “What did you do to my body?”
  • “Stick to chocolate and comic books. You’re too young for love anyway.”
  • “I’m sorry.. please don’t be too mad at me.”
  • “I have a big favor to ask you.”
  • “Maybe I’ll just go home and lock myself in a closet.”
  • “I gotta admit, I really love that one show where all those people do the stuff and then something happens.”
  • “Here, touch my skin. It’s totally slimy right now.”
  • “I probably look in the mirror 24 times a day just to be sure I’m still so darned handsome/beautiful.”
  • “Guess what I’ve got in my pockets right now.”
  • “Better not catch you making goo-goo eyes at my wife/husband.”
  • “No one understands me. I’m hungry all the time and no one cares.”
  • “Are you suggesting my style is outdated?”
  • “Don’t play with stink bugs, especially when you’ve got a date coming up.”
  • “They don’t even care who wins. They just all flex their pecs.”
  • “Love means accepting that there will be times when you don’t get the last scallop.”
  • “Yeah exercise is totally hard and stuff. I think I’m gonna go take a nap and read a book or whatever.”
  • “Today was the day my best friend in the whole wide world was born.”
  • “Whoa you look so weird. And not weird in a hip way. More like 'weird’ as in 'makes me want to barf.’”
  • “End my suffering.”
  • “Not to sound corny but I really like you.”
  • “I wonder how I can say 'swaggy ’ in the most grown up way possible.”
  • “Just because two people are good friends doesn’t mean they’d make a good couple.”
  • “Sorry, I was staring at your face because I don’t know you. Not because there’s something wrong with your face.”
  • “Would it surprise you if I said I’m pretty proud of my legs?”
  • “The truth is never free.. but sometimes it’s on sale.”
  • “I hear the sound of rap coming from somewhere.”
  • “They tell you to sleep on a problem. But what if your problem is insomnia?”
  • “I’ll just observe your friends from the shadows.”
  • “I heard allergies are caused by the government.”
  • “Watch out, 'cause I’ll compliment you until you puke.”
  • “So D.I.Y. stands for 'do it yourself’? Well, if these guys think I’m going to do my own manual labor, they’ve got another acronym coming.”
  • “I can smell your confidence. Smells like soup.”
  • “I’m gay.”
  • “You’re my hero.”
  • “Please don’t call on me.”
  • “I think I dropped my house key somewhere. That was my favorite key… it opened my house.”
  • “Do you want to hear the brutal truth? That outfit is a hot mess.”
  • “Oh, I get it! You’re playing it cool. Trying your best not to cry.”
angel on fire

Summary: Your job was supposed to be simple: watch over Steve Rogers. Never did it occur to you that someone else would attempting to corrupt him. || demon!bucky x angel!reader || oneshot (?)

Warnings: smut and all that entails it ends kinda abruptly though, shitty ending, cursing, mentions of blood/violence, dub consent(??????), overuse of the name angel 

Notes: @sanjariti helped me with the title lol, its from a halsey song, im sorry this is terrible

Originally posted by injectablefame712

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