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KnB Stageplay Fanmeet Report

So I went to both shows for the fanmeets.For each show Tsuchida’s actor was the MC, and the cast members there were Moriyama, Aomine, Midorima, and Kagami. (I’ll just use their character names to make it easier).  Each were about an hour long so here are the highlights for the two shows. 

Afternoon Show (Ono Kensho (Kuroko) was not in this one)

  • The cast director was holding Midorima’s lucky penguin plush.
  • Midorima had a Midorima Hiyoko pouch which was carrying a Midorima Hiyoko and a Takao Hiyoko. 
  • Kagami accidentally drank from Midorima’s water bottle and switched the two bottles when no one was looking. 
  • Seirin-Shuutoku Team vs Kaijo-Touou Team Offshot Photo Contest! (They showed 4 random offshot photos and people on twitter voted for the best ones. Winning team gets treated to yakiniku!)
    • Turns out this one was a tie. 
    • Majority of the photos was Moriyama.
  • Half of the show was Moriyama flirting and stealing the spotlight. 
  • Re-enactment of certain scenes.
    • Moriyama’s flirting when first introduced
    • Midorima going on about how he has his giant tanuki lucky item
      • Kagami went offstage and surprised Midorima by wearing the tanuki mask just like in the play. Apparently this wasn’t planned and by Kagami’s own doing.
    • Aomine showing up halfway through the Touou vs Seirin match and hooking his arm around Kagami’s shoulder scene. 
  • Midorima kept knocking over everyone’s water bottles. 
  • Video message from Kise!

Evening Show (Ono Kensho was in this one)

  • Midorima had both his hiyoko pouch and the penguin. 
  • Second round of Seirin-Shuutoku vs Touou-Kaijo offshot photo contest
    • Touou-Kaijo’s photos were literally only of Moriyama. 
    • This time Seirin-Shuutoku won. Because it was a tie in the afternoon they got double the money for yakiniku.
  • Stageplay Quiz Game! - Actors had to answer quiz questions about the play! VERY specific questions! 
    • such as what was Izuki’s pun at a certain scene
    • or what was the score between Seirin and Touou
    • or what time was the first stageplay meeting
  • Loser had to do a punishment game.
    • Everyone ended up doing the punishment.
    • Punishment was drinking “Riko’s Special Drink”
      • Drink was a mix of: Vanilla shake, Teriyaki burger sauce, Red Bean drink, Onion Gratin soup, and cheeseburger.
      • Ono Kensho took it like a man and drunk THE WHOLE CUP.
      • Everyone else followed.
      • Everyone also gagged afterwards.
  • Scene re-enactments
    • Aomine and Kuroko Teiko scene
      • Ono Kensho apparently doesn’t have the script memorized so he kept messing up. XD
    • Kagami and Kuroko ending brofist scene
      • Again….Kensho needed some assistance with his lines
    • he comes on stage yelling “KUROKOCCHI I CAME TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!”
  • He brought a mysterious letter containing info of…..SECOND STAGEPLAY INFO!
  • the actors confirm they will be reprising their roles for this play too and some “hints” to some spoilers.

I went back out to my favorite bridge, but this time with a helper, and managed to line up all of the penguins I had on hand at the time (spoiler: there are more now) across the bridge to get a majestic rainbow photoshoot of all of them lined up in a row. It was a lot of fun, but also a challenge to get them all to stay!

You can find (most) of these for sale, and even some new ones, on my Etsy store!

I was tagged by @plainbytheriver for a getting-to-know-the-blogger sort of deal, thanks chérie, I love talking about myself! (If only I was kidding…)

Relationship Status: engaged to my imaginary Canadian girlfriend

Pets: I haven’t got any pets, but I’ve got a plush penguin dressed as Wonder Woman that I won at Six Flags last year- her name’s Diana! (Yes, I’m 16…)

Last Song I Listened To: “Don’t Hurt Yourself”- Beyoncé

First FandomPercy Jackson and the Olympians

Hobbies: drafting out ideas for video games I’ll never design because I’m a writer, not a dev; performing entire Broadway musical numbers with my brothers; writing for my novel; reading fanfiction, literature, YA- anything I can get my hands on

Favorite Book: My all-time favorite is Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman (black people in fantasy?? Heck ye boi!!) But I really love Pet Semetary by Stephen King

Worst Thing I’ve Ever Eaten: life’s too short for “bad food”; everything I eat is good!

Favorite Place: there’s this one exhibit at work, a Maori meeting house that almost no one visits; it’s always quiet and it’s easy to write or read in peace

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A pocket-sized Woozi sneaking into your bag when you’re about to go to school/work to surprise you later but ends up falling asleep instead. Imagine one morning at school/work you open your bag and find him sleeping inside while cuddling with your plush penguin keychain.

i used to have so much cp merch i had like at least two of every color puffle and nearly all of the penguin plushes and a bunch of mini figures and i had two shirts and i kept them under my bed with all my other childhood toys and my mom went through them a few years ago and threw them all away and now all i have is karkat puffle and any plushes my sister might have saved

Cuddling with Luke

• “What do you mean I have all of the blankets? I don’t!”


• “uh. I don’t know.”

• “I’m bored, Y/N.”

• “Shut up Luke. We need to get up early tomorrow.”


• *phone rings* “Hi Michael!”

• “Why are there crumbs in the bed?”

• “No reason.”

• “Where is my plush penguin?”

• “Y/N… Did you take it?”

• “no.”

• “I’m cold. Come cuddle with me.”

• “I can’t sleep.”

• “You’re so beautiful.”

• “God, I love you.”

earlier i was asked to draw 2007 patrick in blues, purples, and black but i thought this wouldn’t have as much of a christmas vibe if i gave the penguin plush a blue or purple hat. that particular penguin plush does exist. it doesn’t have any feet or flippers.. it’s really cute