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Two Face Tuesday

Didn’t want to wait for the 22nd, so have these Harvey drawings now

@ the anon who suggested metatron!akechi: i love and cherish you and i offer you this boy 


MARGINAL #4 the Animation

Character and costume designs for the main idols and their competition were showcased in this Otomedia+ SPRING 2017 (Amazon Japan | eBay) and illustrated by character designer Yoko Ito (伊東葉子).


Olloclip Studio for IPhone 6 Plus And IPhone 6s Plus

We came across an Olloclip lens a couple of years ago and we were amazed at the difference that a single detachable lens could produce via the iPhone’s camera. So, when this came out, we were obviously excited to share it with you. Presenting the Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

Summoning Fighter #2: Prompto Argentum

Dedicated to @nayeonniekim