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Landscaping Tutorial: Awkwardly Placed Villagers

I was asked to do a tutorial on how I would landscape around villagers who plotted in either an awkward or just downright horrible place, and thankfully I had just the villager to use to do this. Hopefully this helps! As always, all information will be under the cut!

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⛤🍃Simple Witchy Reminders🍃⛤
  • 🌱Did you water your plants today? 🌱
  • 🕯Remember to blow out your candle(s) before you leave the room.🕯
  • 🚪Insence burning? Please crack a door or window🚪
  • ➕On the topic of insence, try to save those ashes for black salt making!➕
  • 🐾Is anything producing smoke in your room? Please escorts any pets out until the smoke disperses, as their lungs are much more sensitive than ours 🐾
  • 🌼When was the last time you cleansed ____? 🌼
  • 🌌Record that dream!🌌
  • 💕Please eat/get a glass of water/take your meds/take that shower. Happy body, happy witch 💕

Remembering George 1943-2001

“George planted 400 maple trees during the final year of his life, and when he strolled around the garden he would pick up a flower or leaf whose unique shape he admired. “I think he saw in that garden an affirmation that life goes on,” said Michael Palin, friend, former Monty Python member, and travel writer and documentary producer “That seemed to give him great pleasure in his final days. It was almost as though the body might be weakening, but everything around him was an affirmation of life and the continuity of life.”

Excerpted from “Beatle George Harrison’s Formula for Spiritual Health” by Joshua M. Greene

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lately i don’t remember to water my plants
as often as i should
but i still make time every week
to pluck off their dead leaves.
it puts me in a trance;
it’s methodical -
like how i spend hours most days
examining the ends of my hair,
pulling off the dead & splitting parts,
when i can barely remember to wash it most weeks.
maybe this says more about dead things than me -
like how dead things aren’t as ready to let go
as we think they are,
how they need a little help.
but i think it says more about me
that i feel most calm
when i am,
that help.
—  methodically, maria s.

anonymous asked:

im going through a really bad heartbreak right now, and i was wondering if you could have companions react to sole getting their heartbroken? like, how they'd comfort them? it'd mean a lot, but it's 100% OK if you don't want to

Lowkey going through the same, so good vibes your way friend

Anyone got any good advice btw?😂

Ada: “Sir/Ma’am, though they may have left. I am still loyal to you and you have others that care about you.” Ada continued to stay by Sole’s side for the rest of the day, comforting them when they needed it

Cait: She sees Sole slumped on a low wall and plants herself down alongside them. “Hey, you still got me remember? And we’re a team, so don’t you go forgettin’ that” Putting her arm around them and pulling them closer “Give it time, if I can bounce back, you sure as hell can”

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum, in time this feeling shall pass, I can tell you from experience time is the best healer. But do know I shall be here for whenever you require my assistance”

Curie: Curie could see Sole was broken, even if they did not confirm this verbally. When they next paused to think, Curie went up behind Sole and gently wrapped her arms around them

Danse: “It’s not something you should dedicate too much time to. Someone that betrays another in the way they did, is not worth thinking of. I understand it hurts now but given time, the pain will heal and you will be stronger for it”

Deacon: “I’ve met some pieces of work in my time, but this one is up there. backstabbing you like that is something even I can’t forgive, and that’s rich coming from me. I guess though, when you think about it, there’s a reason it ended and you’ve gotta remember that, or else you fall back to where you were. It’s not healthy to dwell, just look at me. What I learned is you’ve gotta move on when the time is right, this definitely isn’t the end boss, just a rough patch. We’ll get through it as a team, Death Bunnies forever, am I right?”

Dogmeat: Dogmeat notices that Sole has been low on energy recently. He observes them, often approaching them when he believes they need company, though has learned to recognise when they wish to be alone. He sticks by them like a faithful friend, during their time of need.

Gage: “Fuck ‘em, if they wanna stab in you in the back like that then I hope the lurks get them. If they think they can do what they did to you and get away with it, well then they’re fucking mistaken. They better pray I never find them.”

Hancock: “If that lowlife thinks they can fuck you over then they’re wrong. If they ever set foot in Goodneighbour again they’d better have eyes in the back of their head and be armed up more then the Brotherhood. Lowlife pieces of shit think they can hurt people and get away with it. That ain’t happening”

MacCready: “Want me to shoot them? I could probably pick them off from here, just saying. But seriously I wouldn’t care too much about them. They left you, they’re the asshole, you did nothing wrong. So there’s not much sense in beating yourself up over some deadbeat asshole that would rather take off than stick around. Besides you’ve got all of us, and I’d say the odds are tipped nicely in your favour.”

Nick: “Say, I know it hurts now, but it will get better in time. It did for me and I’m still kicking. Besides, you’re stronger than you think. Remember you’ve got friends as well. I know it’s not much having an old robot as a friend but it means I’m here to help when you need it.”

Old Longfellow: “I’m gonna be straight with ya. If you let some damn fool ruin you, when they run out on you, then you’re the fool. If they ran out on you, then hell, they didn’t deserve you in the first place. Trust me, the kind of lowlifes that just up and abandon people, are something you should lose sleep over. Trust me when I say that you’ll be right as rain soon enough”

Piper: “I know it’s not easy Blue but, chin up. You’ve got  a lot of people that love you and care about you, me included. So that say’s a lot about that ass if they just walk out on you. And hey, if you keep sulkin’ I may have to take you down to the dugout to get you smiling again?”

Preston: “General, there might not be much I can say to help, but whatever you need, I’ll try my best. I know it’s hard, losing someone you care about, but the worst thing you can do is let that feeling consume you. Sometimes you need to just put things behind you and move on to greater things. I was at a pretty low point before I met you, and when we did meet, you turned things around for me, I see things in a brighter way now. So believe me that things won’t be this dark forever”

Strong: “Strong know human hurting. Strong also know that is because other human left, me no like other human, other human weak, not like you, human. Strong respect you. You are strong, better than other human. Do not forget”

X6-88: “They are beneath you sir/ma’am. Anyone who would leave a person of your calibre, clearly was not deserving of one in the first place, in fact it shows weakness on their part. I would not give it much thought anymore”

Maxson: “Someone who betrays the Brotherhood, in a manner such as they, is not worthy of survival out in that wasteland. However, as a Brotherhood member, I have complete confidence and belief in you. You are much stronger than you think, and you are capable of making it through this difficult time and becoming stronger because of it. This is merely a set back, which we regularly encounter in our time. The best thing you can do is harness the energy you feel from this and turn it into something greater, use it to improve yourself.”

ellechan-88  asked:

Hey, I know the fandom is going to shit, but I wanted to plant a seed in your mind. Do you remember in TLD how Sherlock says "People always give up after 3."? Do you think that this could be a hint at the idea of a 4th episode in season 4? Since the entire fandom is pretty much given up hope on everything, perhaps this is what BBC wants from us. They might still be playing the game.

Hi Lovely <3

Okay, I had a different response written, but the Something’s Fucky Tinfoil Hat Crew™ have some really plausible arguments for a secret episode that might be released on 22-1 (221?? VERSION B).

I’m cautiously optimistic. Not committing 100%, because I don’t want to get people’s hopes up, but I think we can ALL agree that Something is indeed Fucky.

Five-sentence fic: Thorin + archery

Requested by @guhnerketeer

“Are you certain you’re comfortable?” Thorin murmurs mischievously, his bearded cheek tickling the shell of your ear as his hands slide down your sides to gently adjust the angle of your hips, “my weapon is not too long for you, too…firm?”

“If you will insist upon distracting me, I shall ask Kili to teach me to shoot…and besides,” you smirk, testing the tension of the bowstring with an experimental tug, “I’m told I have considerable skill in handling your weapon.”

“None better, my Queen,” he laughs with open admiration, stepping away to evaluate your form as he adds, “elbow on level with your ear, remember.”

With a nod, you adjust your arm, planting your feet as you stare down the target and pull the string tighter…tighter…and with a swish, the arrow flies to strike the barest edge of the parchment target.

Your disappointment is cut short by Thorin’s hearty applause, his encouraging kiss, and with his sheepish admission that his own first attempt with a bow nearly took off his instructor’s hat bringing a pleased flush to your cheeks, you take up another arrow.

i know it’s hard to accept compliments as anything other than lies. but when somebody blurts, “you’re beautiful,” take a breath. think of your dog, panting happily and covered in mud. think of your mother in her bathrobe with her hair in tinfoil while the dye sets. think of your best friend with her face streaked with tears and makeup. think of your little brother when he was sick and his face was a red puffy mess. think of how, even then, your heart swelled up with love of them. this is i think where compliments come from: when they look at you, no matter what, they see somebody beautiful, not some body, beautiful.