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Random suggestion but maybe you could make your OC have like a literal name? So like Midori means green, and Y'know Midoriya's hair is green so you could somehow correlate your OC's name with their quirk/appearance???



Equinox: Volt, it isn’t fair to use your Passive to catch the fish.

Volt, running back and forth, building up his static charge: Equinox, if you love the fish like I do, you want them to die with dignity!

Volt: *throws his spear into the water, electrifying the entire lake and causing several fish to float up*

First suggestion for an Akayona Inktober character was Yona herself, so here’s a Yona scribble! I like her current long hair, I live in the hope we will get full-Hiryuu-esque glorious mane before the story ends. I’ve also been asked to draw Abi and Heuk-chi (LOL) so I should be doing that within the next few days!


Epilogue 🎃

A stylish woman leaves the Goth Manor some months later. She is Deserie the twin sister of Lolita, the woman who secretly lived in the house. Deserie was  estranged from her sister for many years because Lolita married Dr. Goth, the man Deserie was to marry. Deserie wants nothing to do with Goth Manor and the  memories of her sister who killed the man she loved so she sold it to Craig for $1. Craig is now the proud owner of a 4 bedroom mansion, featuring an impressive library, an extensive wine cellar, a greenhouse, and a boating dock of which he and Oriole have officially moved into. He still plans on selling most of the furnishings in the house but only so he can modernize and upgrade the house and to put his and Oriole’s stamp on the place. Oriole has finally gained some weight in all the right places just as Craig likes but it could also be due to the baby they’re expecting in the spring. Craig couldn’t be happier. He’s outside now mustering up the courage to ask Oriole to be his wife.


Sunset brings out the Milky Way over Mongolia


more things for english class, my content is always so redundant, sorry about that *^*

psats are tomorrow??? holy smokes?? to all of those taking it, 🗣 i believe in all of you!! yOU GOT THIS!! be sure to give yourself a pat on the back after taking it!! you worked hard, i is proud of you 💗

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