a plague of bros

I just saw a thing

Someone posted a magic spell to bring baked goods into your life and I was like

Witch AU where one of the SMH (leaning toward Johnson tbh) is a witch and does this spell as joke. And then Bitty joins the team and theres! So! Much! Pie! And Johnson realizes he’s a powerful witch and that he must use his powers only for good. Unless he sees another spell that makes him belly laugh, in which case good luck Samwell.

I just really enjoy the idea of someone on the team doing strange and terrible things to the fabric of reality. There may have been a plague of crows on the LAX bro house, it’s a mystery, very strange. 

Sun-kissed lord,
my chest tightens
beneath Your beauty.
The rusted tips of
Your arrows rattle
between my ribs,
every breath a
constant reminder
of Your divine touch.
Through sickness I
am hallowed:
each cough a prayer,
each stab of pain
Your bolts lodging
deeper through my
flesh. Agony is
my devotion, and
I am a hunt,
bloody and limping,
wailing Your name
from a burnt throat.

Apollo of Sickness and Plague: for @suenoteamor  (@antlering)

yo bro i finally finished the drunken poem for your God-bro

Still on tumblr but I’ve been focusing more on my original stuff (so drawing orcs mostly lol). 

I may return to this blog in the future? I dunno, it depends on if I can get inspired again to finish Aakola’s story (since her story also involves me finishing the Plague Bros story too)


~ Necrosis ~

ゴア・マガラ - Goa Magara 
シャガルマガラ - Shagarumagara

The flagship elder of Monster Hunter 4 and its counterpart. Essentially a walking plague of MH4. A commission for my non-biological bro, Andras. I wanted to design this with a ghostly feel as if death is haunting you. Hopefully that was pulled off. 

Click through link on the name leads to the Redbubble for the shirts/stickers. 

#2223. For reasons unknown, Dark Pit really despises Yoshi. Pit takes good note and tries in every way possible to get his arrogant counterpart to befriend the green dinosaur by arranging play dates. The last play date Dark Pit was forced to attend lead to him having a nightmare about a Terminator-like Yoshi out for his head. Ever since then, he avoids the cheerful dino like the plague.

anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate on why you choose sobriety Christian?

Uhhhhhhm yeah let me try. It’s liiiiike. It started because I was scared of drugs and my friends doing drugs and that was in high school. A bunch of older kids we met identified as straight-edge and kind of started hanging out with us (Chris was one of them) and we played baseball or basketball or like swam at Dan Plasse’s or skated at the church and stole sodas from their fridge or broke into mills or went to pet dogs at the puppy shelter or like walked around town for hours and explored all the old machinery at these enormous areas that local companies dig up to use rocks/sand for whatever construction purposes. It was kind of the most beautiful thing. As much as it was plagued with bro-bullshit from time to time there were serious genuine moments of getting to see each other in very real ways at their own homes and see how they enjoy escaping it. Each person had a different way. Dan Jure played basketball by himself and lived in his van. Matt/RJ/and I made homes in abandoned polymer factories. When people started breaking edge they would usually just end up with different friends and that sort of just happened until our group got smaller and smaller and then we wouldn’t have enough people to play baseball, and then later basketball. This wasn’t like a big betrayal or like big sad moment or whatever but the focus just started shifting to parties where like you stiilll have like deep moments with people and are able to connect but it was just strange and different. So, now it’s a mixture of never really having role models in my life who recreationally smoke/drink/trip, feeling like the pieces of my self that I love came from being sober, and probably a little bit of wanting to hold that part of my history in my day-to-day. Because that’s what being sober reminds me of. But like, in the abstract, everyone is on drugs always. We all use something in the exact same way people use drugs. Things that are “bad for us”. Things that “keep us from reaching our full potential”. We all purposefully distort reality. We all have Gods we believe in. I just have an important piece of myself in being sober that I’m trying to hold onto.


Assassin’s Creed movie trailer 

It has Fassbender. I’m there day one although it perhaps wasn’t the best of ideas to release this during the storm that is Star Wars Rogue One. Here’s hoping it can rise above the usual game meets movie curse that has plagued many projects since Super Mario bros.