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to all the onew fansites as well, i want to give them such a massive hug bc majority of them have watched onew grow up & have gone to see more than hundreds of times. they are probably hurting so much right now as well bc they havent gotten to see him in so long either. you all work so hard to share with us the moments you capture of onew & for that i thank you and we’re here for you as well 

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Muse are you sure you’re okay ?

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so i flippin love how we get to see Karen's steely-eyed, cut-the-bullshit side of her personality when she's with Frank, but goddd I really want Frank to see more of giggly carefree side that we see more of in the first season of dd. I've been re-watching, and god Karen is breaking my heart all over again :( her getting giggly drunk and cracking jokes with Foggy is so upsetting now knowing how lonely she is in the Punisher...wow I made myself sad

Awww *hugs* What I wouldn’t give for Frank to see Karen as her giggly drunk self tbh! (Especially if they’re open to drinking beers now heyo….)

As lonely and tense as Karen is when we find her in TP, Frank does prove himself still capable of bringing out some more of that carefree side to her as well – their first meeting, on the street, but namely at the waterfront. They’re such smiles there before the memory sharing starts. Instead of facing the water at the bench like their last talk, Karen’s standing open and seeking him out. Seeing him, even talking through the danger he’s in and the morally gray things he might’ve done, it makes her happy. And their looks!! They basically flirt there for the first minute, lbr.

I wish we didn’t leave her on such an emotionally drained note either. On the other hand, though, going through that drama with Frank and coming to terms with him being there to protect her did seem to give her some comfort? It appeared that way in her talk with Brett afterward. They went through some serious shit – and he still got out of it in one piece, he got out of it free and to do what he needs to do, had an unsaid but solid heart-to-heart moment with her putting their feelings out in the open. And with her being in the media and on the side of recognizing when stories get spun, I like to think she realizes as soon as his name drops off the radar again that he’s been successful and he’s still alive. That she’ll get more comfort from that.

And maybe once he gets a better handle on facing himself in the mirror of this new reality of living on past his revenge, maybe he’ll show back up again to share another beer without any hurry or hesitation this time ^^

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I'm not transphobic but there's no way the transgendered peter parker headcanon would work in the way of physical appearance, there's no way a trans guy could every achieve the muscles that are required of Spider-Man or any superhero. I'm not transphobic, but you trans guys will always have feminine builds and it isn't realistic for you to say that transgenders could look like buff superheroes or even just strong men. Sorry.

okay putting aside the fact that you are blatantly transphobic despite how much you say “i’m not transphobic” and also putting aside the fact that while peter parker does develop muscle definition he is still known for being very small and lean even after being bitten by the spider, let’s just take a look at some trans guys who will never be able to have the physique of superheroes or of strong men in general:

and that’s just a few of the many trans guys in this world, some of which are fat, or skinny, or curvy, or muscular as fuck – you know, like any other human being. can cis people stop acting like they know shit about what trans people look like.


This is about some Specific Things but honestly? Callout culture is toxic to all involved. Misinformation and rumors spread faster than the truth can hope to catch up to, and people focus on feeling like they’ve defeated someone rather than talking to that person about why their views differ from their own. I won’t lie, I’m an argumentative person, and I know it feels good to feel like you’ve put someone in their place. But just because something feels good doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t like that ship? That’s fine, you don’t have to look at it. Drawings of eye trauma squick you out? Block that shit! And if someone isn’t tagging something you need tagged, then ask them to or just straight-up block their content.

But people are allowed to make things that you personally do not enjoy. That doesn’t make them bad people. That makes them people with different likes and dislikes.


top ten underrated anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 2 : no.6 (2011)

“If I hadn’t met you, I never would have realized what kind of person I am. I would have grown into an apathetic, clueless, obedient adult. However, after spending time with you, in tears, laughter, and anger, I now know that I have all these emotions inside me, too. And that makes me proud. I’m glad to have known you.


We all started out loving five boys, who brought us together, and gave us hope for happiness, and love. Don’t forget where we came from, and always choose love over hate.

A young Hanzo design, before he started using the bow, before he killed his brother.

The design came to me after I figured a small McHanzo story. I may consider posting it to Archiveofourown if you wanna read it. 

Lance plays games with kids all over the universe. When they laugh at him for losing, he shows them how to play fútbol and wipes the floor with them in revenge. He learns new pick up lines from pretty people at liberation parties and teaches them ones from Earth in return. He pets all sorts of pets, furry and not furry and big and small, though he nervously begs off petting the ones with poisonous spikes. He learns jokes from castle servants with loose lips. Learns curse words from street vendors with looser lips. Tells stories about home to people who almost lost theirs. Puts his feet on hundreds of different beaches, sand digging familiarly into the spaces between his toes. Learns millions of different ways people say hello, goodbye, and I love you. And even though it really sucks, being so far away from his own little beach, the knowledge that things like that are universal - things like games and jokes and love - makes the universe feel just a little bit smaller.