a place to lay low

i keep people at a far place, watch for quick movements, get out first. don’t get attached, lay low, stay away, keep love narrow. the problem is that this gets lonely. but what if i let someone in. what if i’m supposed to be alone. what if this is the only way i know how to run a home.

The Holy Grail of Sam Wilson Fanfic Recs

A list of recommended Sam-positive fanfics and authors by @lunaaltare and @unclesteeb. For more information on how this list was created, click here. 

Just a special reminder to check out @samwilsonbirthdaybang! Let’s keep creating awesome works!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list in any way!! HAPPY READING!

Holy Grail of Sam FanFic Recs And Authors:

Dreadnought by lunaaltare [Sam/Steve/Bucky, 60k, Explicit]

It’s 2015. So when a Nazi organization bags and kidnaps a bisexual black man to be their next asset, he guesses they’re trying their hand at this whole progressive thing, too. 

Make Me Your Home by Unclesteeb [Sam/Steve, 3k, Teen]

Sometimes, things need more than dusting and cleaning. Sometimes, things just require a lot of hard work.

When There’s Rain Showers by AmarieMelody [Sam/Bucky, 12k, Explicit]

In which Sam and Bucky are married and have a certain code language.

Humor, fluff, more humor, and gratuitous smut at the end.

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Sharing a Room

Bucky x Reader Smut

“Welcome to my home.” Clint beamed as he held his arms up. “Your home as well, for the time being.” 

“We can’t thank you enough, Clint.” You smiled softly and pulled the purple archer in for a hug. “There weren’t any safe houses nearby and…”

“What? Were you expecting me to deny some fellow Avengers a place to lay low? Who do you think I am, Tony?” Clint scoffed and met Bucky’s gaze. “Relax, old man, everything’s going to be okay.”

The pitter patter of three children's feet came down the stairs and Bucky visibly stiffened. All three knee-high children halted when they caught sight of Bucky’s metal arm; their mouths dropped and eyes widened with awe. 


“It’s so pretty!”


They spoke in unison as they crowded around the Super Soldier. They poked and clawed and even licked his arm; each one fulfilling a different sense of curiosity with each movement. Bucky, still unsure of his level of safety, stood completely still until Clint called the kids away. You, on the other hand, joyfully patted the kids’ heads and hugged them tightly.

You couldn’t get a word in edgewise as the children circled you and their father. After a pained glance from Bucky and a few rough kicks to your shin, Clint guided his kids into the kitchen and vocally freed you to your room. You let Bucky walk up first. 

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| The Snow Apple | Sehun X Reader AU | Oneshot |

Originally posted by oh-no-sehunnie


Sehun X Reader

Synopsis: You were called upon to become a despicable man’s mistress. But after running away, he continued to pursue you. You ran, expecting to find asylum. You ran, not expecting to find your knight in shining armor.

Word Count: 5,288

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild language, sexual situations

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JADE!! (@pebble-xo

Disclaimer: This plot of this story is based upon the anime Snow White With The Red Hair. In no way do I claim the central idea/theme of this story as my own. That being said, it’s one of the best shows ever go watch it asdghfjk

“Lord Jongin wants me to be his what?”

“His concubine, madame.” The royal guard retorted apathetically. “In other words, his mistress.”

Your jaw was agape. You brought your hands to your arms, rubbing them in an attempt to combat the shivers than ran down your spine. You leaned against the doorpost of your shop, refusing to lessen your confidence.

“No, no, no,” You shook your head and held out your hands in protest. “There must be some kind of mistake, I’m sure of it. I’m just the town’s local herbalist!”

“Lord Kim Jongin has made no mistake, madame,” The guard’s eyes hardened. “He has taken a particular interest in the townsfolk’s rumors concerning your… Distinct appearance.”

He was referring to you alright. Ever since you arrived in town and set up shop, the townspeople quickly spread tale of your divergent physique.

Stark, snow-white hair that fell past your shoulders. Oftentimes a shade of shimmering silver in the sunlight.

You never knew how you came to look so different from the masses; you were orphaned at a young age and brought up by an old, travelling herbalist. That’s how you came to learn the trade yourself. The intricate mixing and application of every plant you could properly classify and diagnose. You loved helping people, which is why your heart became set on this profession. You came to this village because it neighbored the walls of the great kingdom, but was far enough off the beaten path to avoid unwanted attention.

Unwanted attention, however, is what you were faced with.

“That- That’s absurd.” You sputtered, trying to regain your composure. “That can’t be right. He… He can’t be interested in someone as common as me just because of my hair.”

“As you know, his highness is a gallant collector of exquisite rarities.” The royal guard before you remained emotionless. “Your unique, white hair has him innately intrigued.”

You scoffed.

What a joke.

You, along with everyone else in the town, knew that Kim Jongin was nothing but a spoiled member of the hierarchy. One who often dealt in shady dealings, and could most easily be compared to a weasel in likeness.

“And as such, you have been chosen.” The guard continued, his face stern. “As a resident of this town, it is non-negotiable.”

Your knuckles turned white at the proposition.

“Tomorrow, you are to appear before his highness and accept his offer.”

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The Masterlist of my Masterlists


Mrs. America -Hiatus 

Captain America x y/n Kent. 

Y/n Kent is the daughter of superman and wonder woman. Her parents send her to another universe because their world is ending. Here she meets fury and he helps her get used to this new world and has been working unofficially as his assistant since she was 20. Then Loki attacks and she has to step up and become a member of the avengers.

Guys Like That- Complete!

Bucky x plus sized!Reader.

 You are an inhuman with intuitive intelligence who tony and Bruce hired to work with in the lab. You have a crush on Bucky and Bucky has a crush on you. But you mistake his flirting for him being friendly.

The Deal with the Devil  -Hiatus 

Bruce Wayne X Reader. 

You’re the female version of Daredevil. This takes place in the DC universe.

How Could We Choose  -Hiatus

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers. 

You, Steve and Bucky had been friends since childhood. Right before the war it had turned into something more for the three of you. You had been shipped out first since you were a trained nurse. Once Steve gets chosen for the super soldier program he requests that you be brought state side so that there is a medical professional he trusts present during the procedure. The night before the trial you are sitting with Steve and Dr. Erskine comes in and says that he would like to give you the serum too. He gives you the injection and you become enhanced but your body doesn’t grow like Steve’s. You fight alongside Steve, Bucky and the Howling Commandos. You fall off of the train with Bucky. 

Hey, I’ve Got You -Hiatus 

Tony Stark x enhanced! Reader

Summary -The reader was captured and experimented on and given the healing factor and she has claws that extend out from the bed of their nails. The people who are experiment on her cover her skeleton in vibranium. So the reader now has metal claws. They keep her locked away for a very long time. They rarely feed her or let her out because there is such a high chance of her escape now. Somehow the UN panel that is in charge of the accords finds out about the illegal experiments and send Iron Man in to shut down the operation. The reader is the only one there because the scientists had gotten word that they had been discovered. Tony finds the reader and takes her back to the compound.

Green With Envy 

Bruce Banner x Daughter!reader and Peter Parker x Reader

You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones!

A Timeless Love -Complete!

Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Fire and Ice 

Loki X Enhanced! Reader

Summary- You were one of the three founders of the X-men, but you’ve had enough of the world and after Charles dies you, Wade Wilson and Logan move to an isolated cabin in the forest. Because of the lack of leadership the X-men dissolve and go their seprate ways. One day the man you blame for a lot of you issues-Fury shows up at your door with the Avengers and Loki, he tells you that the world is coming to an end and it’s time to get the band back together.

Sanctuary -Complete!

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are a princess on the run from your cruel brother. Three men- Bruce (the court doctor), Tony (a weapons designer who worked for your father) and Clint (your most trusted guard) sneak you into enemy territory.  They bring you to the Winter Court where they ask King James for assistance in exchange for their skills and your hand in marriage. He agrees. Will this arrangement turn into love? Or will it always be political?

Sense8: Avengers Edition

Avengers x reader (polyfic) 

Summary: You were one of eight. The eight of you are one. There was T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda. Tony Stark, heir to a billion dollar company.  Bruce Banner, boy genius. Natasha Romanoff, a girl from Russia who went to a really weird school. Thor, who was a prince of another realm called Asgard. Clint Barton, a boy who ran away to the circus-a circus that wasn’t really a circus. Steve Rogers, a man who was frozen in the Artic.  And then there was you- a girl who only had to think of a place and then they would be there. All eight of you hadn’t met in person- but that was all about to change.

Love at First Punch 

Damian Wayne x Reader

Summary- Reader is the daughter of green arrow and black canary and first meets Damian a couple weeks after he starts to live with Bruce. He says something rude and you punches him in the face and it’s been happily ever after ever since. When you are 18 you, Damian and Bart Allen get sucked into another universe. One where Thomas Wayne, your grandfather and Nora Allen are all alive and they are founding members of their justice league. In an attempt to get back to your universe Bart accidentally brings you to another universe where you are ambushed and taken into custody by none other than the Avengers. Will the three of you make it back home?

The Witch of the Rogers Pack 

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You and your father left your hometown of Salem, Massachusetts to move to Beacon Hills, California after a hunter attacked your home and killed your mother. You and your mother were the last witches from an old and powerful coven and now it was just you. You attempt to lay low until the Rogers pack confronts you about why you’re on the dead pool.

You Deserve More Than Me 

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are King Stevens beloved little sister, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend High Duke James. The only problem is James refuses to see you when he gets home from battle.

You Do Not Need To Love Me

Tony Stark x Reader

Summary- You and your younger sister have been living off of the kindness of your friends since your parents died. Countess Natasha decides to take you to Court so you can catch yourself a husband. You go with her not expecting much since you have no dowry, but on your first night there Duke Anthony, the richest man in the kingdom, shows an interest in making you his wife.

I Promise to Love the Both of you for Forever 

Steve Rogers x Reader X Bucky Barnes

Summary- When three seven year olds declare their love for one another they do the only logical thing they can think of-get married. Eventually the three of you grow up and go two war. The world thinks the three of you died within weeks of each other, but are any of you truly dead?

Staying Quiet

Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader and Tony Stark x Steve Rogers

Summary- The reader was made from Tony’s DNA (and an unknown inhuman). Fury brings her to Tony after the civil war.  The reader is 5 and doesn’t speak due to the trauma she has faced in her life. But Tony finds out she can control machines.

Be my Queen

Loki x Reader

Summary- You and Loki have been friends since childhood. While your older sister Sif trained to fight with Thor, you were learning magic from Frigga alongside Loki. As you grow older both you and Loki believe the love you hold for one another is unrequited. Will this change when Thor is banished and Loki needs a queen to rule at his side while Odin sleeps? What will happen when you uncover a plot that will get Loki banished just like Thor?

Home to you.

Did someone say angsty one way communication. Okay, it’s not texting but I’m SO your girl for angsty one way communication! This one is classic rip your heart out and duct tape it back together with glitter glue. Enjoy :)

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m trying to get back home to you, and I won’t ever stop until I do.”

His hand dropped, grip still tight around the shell as he turned back to Ariel.

“Ariel, is there any chance-”

“I’m sorry, Captain. Unless you can hold your breath for… I mean I’m a fast swimmer but not that fast.”

“But you could reach Storybrooke? Would you ensure that my message was received?” She nodded and he felt a weight lift from his shoulders. “Thank you Ariel. This, this means more to me than I could ever hope to describe.”

When they reached the water’s edge she reached around her neck and unclasped her necklace, her tail reappeared as she dove into the cloudy water. No sooner had her tail passed beyond his view there was a bright light and a wave came crashing back towards the shore, Ariel caught in its tow.

“Ariel!” Hook dove forward, catching her arm before she was pulled back under. She was fumbling with something around her neck and soon she’d two legs under her again.

“You were out of my sight for no more than a moment, you couldn’t possibly have-”

I’m sorry, Captain. I’ve made the trip to Storybrooke countless times now but this time… I couldn’t break through. It was like the fury of a storm pushing back against me.

“So the ways are shut to you? Have you ever experienced such a thing before? Has something happened to the town?”

“No, It was more… more like reaching a locked door than an empty room.”

“Thank you for trying, Ariel. Perhaps another way…” He reluctantly handed her the seashell but she shook her head.

“Keep it. Talk to her sometimes. Maybe she missed your first message, so tell her again.”

He nodded and within moments she was no more than a ripple on the surface of the water.

“Emma? Ariel tried to reach Storybrooke, to ensure that you knew the truth but she was unable to pass. I hope you’re safe. I never meant to leave you. I’m trying to come home. I love you.”

She had clasped the shell around her neck hours ago, in the hopes of catching his voice again, and now she’d heard the message a dozen times. Each time a flare of anger rose up in her and she finally glared up at Gideon. “You’re telling me that instead of asking for my help in defeating the apparent source of all Evil, you thought it made the most sense to kidnap my true love and hold him for ransom? Did it occur to you for even a moment that I might have been more willing to help you before you tried to kill me and ripped my true love away?”

“Tell you my plan when you could have chosen to stop me? I’ve worked too hard for this to let it rest on the whim of another.”

“Let me talk to him,” she insisted, putting down what she had been working on suddenly.

“Not until you help me to-”

“No,” Emma interrupted. “Keep him trapped in another realm, fine. It will hurt me like hell but it won’t get you a single step closer to your goal. You need me. But until I’m sure that it is really him, that you haven’t killed him and recorded this message somehow, I’ll not so much as help you resolve a parking violation.”

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Title: Have Mercy on Me

Genre: Romance, Friendship, future Smut

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader

part one | part two | part three


How exactly did I end up here? You couldn’t really recall the exact thoughts that led up to this moment. Sitting in a blacked out SUV, with a one Kwon Jiyong who had a ice pack pressed up against his now bruising face. What was I thinking! With your head in palm and your perfect bun now in a lopsided mess to the side and your lipstick smeared across your mouth you pressed your body as close to the door as possible.

    “…I don’t fucking bite.”

    The sudden sultry voice made you jump in the quiet car and it took everything in you to look straight at him. Your gaze met his and your breath caught. He had said it so smoothly as if you guys were casual friends. You nodded, “well I guess that’s a good thing.” Instantly you wanted to suck those words back in. However when you saw the little twitch at the corner of his mouth you made peace with your choice of words.

    Without a second thought you slid over and grabbed his wrist. The quick movement caused him to tense up and you could feel him try to pull away from your grasp. Giving him a brief threatening glare which he equally matched, you did not back down. Pulling the bag of ice away from his bloody nose, you hissed just imagining how it felt. It don’t look broken, but he was going to have to take some painkillers if he wanted some peace tonight.

“Well, it doesn’t look broken, but you might have some bruising around the eyes. I would head to the hospital if I were you. I’m pretty sure you can’t afford any kind of broken anything.” Sliding back over to your side of the car, you started to fix the mess on your head after fighting with the hair tie that was tangled beyond belief.

You continued to watch him from the corner of your eyes as he grabbed a couple wipes from the middle console and began cleaning up the blood that was beginning to dry on his face. Surprised when he offered you a few that you gladly accepted. You had almost a stroke when you a saw the makeup smeared against your face in the reflection of the car window.

“I wanna thank you for helping me back there, I know you didn’t have too.” Every Time he spoke it made you tense up. To say you were nervous was an understatement. He was famous. He was handsome. He was bloody and oddly you found that little fact to be a slight turn on which you kept brushing off. You trying to keep your composure calm and the exhaustion wasn’t helping. The only thing your wanted was your warm sheets and your canine friend. The events of this night however kept playing over and over in your head, knowing well that the adrenaline was gone by now after sitting in the car for over an hour. You would gladly do it again.

          * two hours ago

You weren’t sure exactly what was going on. It was two in the morning, but the club still had the ambiance as if it was still a young night. You had remembered getting a text from two friends to meet them at club Arena. After searching for what felt like forever you had settled for drinking instead. There was too much friction, bodies, sweat and sexual tension in this place to even try looking for two individuals.

It wasn’t long before you found yourself crashing to the floor, you glass shattering and you could feel your knees throbbing. In spite of your calm mind there were times where your temper took control of your body. Swinging around, with rage blinding you and in more control over heels than you ever had before you lunged. Just as you jumped the man who had gripped your hair and pushed up down he had pulled back and punched one Kwon Jiyong square in the face. Ignoring completely that this was not your fight, for obvious reasons. Jiyong stumbled back, a friend of his catching him before he fell to the floor. Recovering quickly he jumped back in, blood pouring from his nose already. What in the hell is going on? Still on the assailants back you were dumbfounded after realizing who the bloody male was. The taller man grabbed your hair again trying to pry you from his back. The pain made you snap back to reality and your nails dug into his chest causing him yell. Falling forward just as Jiyong stepped back and swung. Narrowly dodging his mindless attack you moved off to the side, catching a few curses from him.

It would seem as if time had stood still, you noticed. The bouncers finally arrived, grabbing the tall man and one of Jiyong’s friend held him back. Shrugging off your jacket you threw it over his head and ducked him down just as flashes started going off. What are you doing, Y/N. Why are you getting involved? You cursed trying to find a way out and luckily this guy likes to travel with bodyguards. Oh, now they decide to show up. Just where the hell had they been?

You kept getting tangled in with him, just as you thought it was going to be over. They grabbed you by the shoulders and hid your face, keeping your jacket over Jiyong to avoid releasing his identity. They would later find their attempts in vain. It was a blur as your face was pressed against the chest of one of the bodyguards. It took everything in you not to gag at the scent of his musty sweat. Shoots could still be heard as everyone burst through the doors at the back of the club, they went around to the front where from what you could see were two black SUV.

And so, here they were two hours later.

“What’s your name?” His question falling on deaf ears as you were lost in your own thoughts.

He asked again. Still no answer.

Jiyong reached over gently touched your arm. The warmth from the graze of his fingers ran through your body like wildfire and your head snapped towards him with a wide gaze. “What?” You questioned, placing your hand over where the mark of his touch still tingled.

He chuckled with a small grin plastered on his face.

“I asked what your name was.”

“Ah, Sorry, I was just thinking. My name is Y/N and you’re G-dragon, right?”

“Jiyong,” he corrected you.

“Hm, Jiyong-ssi.”

Just as his name rolled off your lips the driver side door opened and one of the men that were in hired help for the celebrity. Jiyong’s ripped his eyes from you and nodded to the man.

“The hounds are coming. Haesoo reports that your house is surrounded. No doubt something got leaked out after all the silence we put out there. I don’t think it would be wise for you to go home tonight. Not looking like that. Thanks to you Miss, pictures haven’t surfaced yet. All the reporters have at this point is the speculation that you were involved.”

Jiyong rubbed his temple and pulled a cigarette from the pack with his lips and sighed.

“I guess, the apartment in Hongdae is gonna have to do,” he muttered, taking a long drag from his cigarette and exhaled from the small crack in the window.

“You can take me home,” you rose your hand and smiled. Pointing to the time on the radio, strongly indicating that it was four in the morning. Thankfully it was Sunday and you would be able to sleep in before work on Monday and hopefully you would be able to forget or at least pretend that this was dream.

Joon, the driver looked to Jiyong and back to you and frowned deeply.

“Let me guess, no can do.” Jiyong looked almost apologetic and you almost forgot that he was the reason you were this mess, partially. Then it was your temper. That was your story and you were sticking with it.

“Possible pictures will link you with Jiyong.”

“Oh well, my bad for trying to be a good samaritan,” you snapped. Not only were you tired and hungry, but not they weren’t letting you go home. Was this technically kidnapping?

Your temper was causing Jiyong to find his hard not to smile so he settled for resting his mouth behind his hand. “You can stay with me tonight and I will drop you off at your place tomorrow morning and we will scope out the place,” the rapper suggested as he put out his cigarette.

The driver agreed vigorously.

Morning. It was already fucking morning. Groaning at the forming headache and the concern for your canine companion you reluctantly agreed.

It was a long hour drive from Gangnam to Hongdae, a very quiet one.

By the time you arrived there was only two hours until daylight. Like a slug you pulled yourself from the car, taking careful steps. It was only now that you realized your ass was asleep.

“I bought this place a couple years ago as a place to lay low,” pushing open the door and flipping on the lights. You took your heels off and your ankles popped in relief. Now you just needed a bed.

“It’s nice, do you come here often?”


Well that answered that. You slipped on the slippers that he handed you and you began look around. Everything was so neatly placed, right down to the white couches. Pieces of art littered the walls and equally elegant vases on shelves.

“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna wash up real quick,” he pointed to his messy, tired face and you smiled.

You didn’t feel comfortable enough sit so you remained you browsing. Looking at the various pictures of his younger days as the water ran. You were completely lost in his life scattered along the walls that you hadn’t realized he was standing there now. Jiyong watched you quietly as he leaned against the door frame. You made your round to him and he smiled.

“Here, it should fit.” He lent you a over sized gray sweater. Hell yes, it will fit. It was probably two sizes bigger on him.

He showed you to the room that was opposite his which you gladly followed. There was bathroom and a bed and that was all you wanted at this very moment.

“I’m turning in, I’ll see you when you wake up.” With that he left you alone, the door clicked behind him as he shut it. You flipped on the bathroom light and washed up. Slipping out of your dress and threw his sweater over your head. You let the warmth develop around you and it instantly made you ten times drowsy. You don’t even remember falling to bed, but sleep had consumed you.

To be continued. 

Motel 96 (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Hostage situation
Word Count: 1359
A/N: This is the first part of my entry for @jurassicbarnes‘s writing challenge!
Prompt: “You were chased by cops and took me as a hostage but you didn’t realized the cops were after me”

Originally posted by winter-barnes


James’ grip on your arm was borderline painful. You had experienced far worse, but the intense pressure with which he was squeezing you to keep you in place was too much to simply ignore. It’s a stark contrast to the gentle way he had touched you last night. He had treated you as if you were glass that might shatter at any moment, but now you were afraid that he was the one who had broken. The barrel of the gun he was holding shook slightly against your temple, indicating that his hand was trembling. He was nervous, unsure. This is not what you had expected to wake up to.

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2017 has been GREAT to me in all aspects. I stopped surrounding myself with negativity and people who didn’t deserve me. I started surrounding myself with positive people and energy and now my life is the definition of LIT! Once I realized that I come first and I need to lay low, every thing began falling into place. Even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m glad I’m not where I use to be. 

Originally posted by fromthemotionpicture

Green With Envy- Chapter One

Bruce Banner x Daughter! Reader and Peter Parker x Reader 

Summary-You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones

Message- Here’s the first chapter for Green With Envy! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Warning- Mentions of child abandonment and a drug addicted mom.

Word Count-1300

“Shit, shit! This is bad!! We need to find a place to lay low for a while.” Tony says while he flies the quinjet. “Does anyone other than Clint have a secret family we can stay with for a while?” Tony jokes and everyone but Bruce laughs. Bruce sighs.

“Yeah, move over, Tony. I have a place.” Bruce says.

“Wait! You have a secret family?” Nat shouts.

“Yep.” Bruce mumbles. All of the other Avengers stare at him in shock and Bruce does his best to ignore it. After a couple hours of flying Bruce starts to land the plane. They all look out the window and they see a young woman with green hair standing in the field beside the house. “You guys should stay here, this might get ugly.”

“She looks a little young to be your wife.” Clint says.

“What!? No! She’s my 17 year old daughter!” Then Bruce takes a deep breath and walks out of the quinjet.

“What the fuck are you doing here!? You abandoned us 7 years ago! You have no right coming back! Me and Wyatt have been doing just fine without you!!” You scream.

“What do you mean you and Wyatt? Where’s your mother?” your father asks looking concerned. He hadn’t wanted to leave but you mother had kicked him out about a month after Wyatt was born.

“She left two years ago, the visions became too much for her to deal with so she started to do drugs to block them out. One day I woke up and found a note saying she couldn’t handle it anymore. She said she couldn’t be our mom anymore. Fury has been taking care of us since. He tried to find you but after Ultron you fell off the map. But I told him you didn’t have any interest in us anyway.” You sneer.

“Your mother kicked me out, Y/N. I didn’t have a choice!” You can see his skin ripple green. Good. That’s what you really wanted. You needed to have a few words with Hulk. Then you see the Avenger come running. They must have seen your father start to get angry. But you can’t let the interrupt so you use your powers and surround you and your father in a green dome.

“You abandoned us!” you shriek! “I haven’t seen you since I was 10, Wyatt was what a month old when you left!”

“I wasn’t safe to be around! I could have hurt you or Wyatt!”

“I can take care of myself.” You yell back, you lift your open hand up towards him and you shoot a bolt of energy into your Dad. Then you close use your telekinesis to throw him against the dome wall. You are vaguely aware of the Avengers banging against the dome. Trying to tell you to stop. “I want to talk to him. So stop trying to keep him away!” you scream.

“He’ll hurt you!” Your dad yells back.

“No, he won’t! He’s always protected me!”

“Fine!” then your Dad starts to grow and turn green, eventually the person standing in front of you isn’t your father, it the Hulk. You look at his face and instead of anger you saw shame.

“You let him leave! You promised me that you wouldn’t let him! I trusted you!” You scream as you shoot bolts at him. He just stands there and takes it. “Everything that’s wrong with my life is your fault! You took my dad away from me! You’re the reason I’m a freak! You’re the reason mom left! Wyatt doesn’t even know the two of you!”


“So you can talk, that’s new.” You said as you looked over to the Avengers. Vision was currently trying to phase through your dome. “I think I’m giving your team a heart attack. Just so you know I don’t forgive you-yet. You have a lot of trust to earn back, and so does Dad.” Hulk grunts in agreement. “Wyatt’s inside, if you give dad back his body, I’ll introduce them.” Hulk grunts again and he starts to shrink down until your dad is standing in front of you. “I know mom kicked you out and I know you stayed away to protect us. I wish you hadn’t but we can’t change the past. Just know that if you ever do something that stupid again, I will never forgive you.”

“D-did your Mom give you and Wyatt the letter I sent?”

“No, I found them when she left.” Your dad nods like he expected this.

“Is Wyatt gifted?”

“Yeah, he kind of takes after Mom. But not as intense, he goes into this trance and his eyes go white, then he draws an image of the future. When he snaps out of it he has no memory of it happening. I should probably drop the dome and let your friends in.” You say looking over at the Avengers. They’re a little calmer now that the big guy was gone, but they were looking at you warily.

“That would probably be for the best. How did you know that we were coming?” your dad asks.

“Wyatt drew it yesterday. He’s excited to meet you, he’s just as smart as the two of us, maybe even a little smarter.” You say grinning at your Dad. Then you bring the dome down and the avengers come running. That’s when you notice him, Spiderman. He’s wearing the suit but not the mask and you realize that he’s your age. “You have a teenager on the Avengers?” you ask your Dad and he shrugs. “You guys can follow me into the house, I saw what happened on the news. You guys are here to law low, right?” They all nod and you turn and start walking back to your house. When you get in you see your brother painting on the wall. “Fuck.” You whisper as you run over to him. His eyes are white and unfocused as he uses his fingers to smear the paint around. You know better than to try to break the trance so you keep the Avengers away from him. Then you see Fury walk in. “When did he-“

“A couple minutes after you went outside.” Fury’s says cutting you off. You look at the painting and you see that it’s the world literally crumbling apart.

“That’s a pretty disturbing image for a seven year old to be drawing. Are any of the three of you going to stop him?” Tony Stark asks.

“No, it’s not him and he can’t control it. He’s enhanced, he draws future possibilities. It’s dangerous to try to snap him out of it.” You murmur. “What the hell have you guys gotten yourselves into?”

“How do you know that the painting has anything to do with us?” Natasha asks.

“Just a feeling.” You say as you watch your brother paint. After about 10 minutes his little body sags in exhaustion. You walk over to him and pull him into a hug. “Dad’s here and he brought the Avengers. They would all really like to meet you.” You whisper into Wyatt’s ear. He looks over to where they are all standing and he starts to smile a little.

“Can I meet them after sleep? I’m real tired, Sissy.” Wyatt mumbles.

“Sure, you earned a nap. You pained a real big painting.” Wyatt then starts to stumble towards his room. Fury follows him to make sure he gets into bed safely and you turn to the Avengers. “I’m sure you all have question.” After you say that everyone starts talking at once. You sigh and sit at the kitchen table. This was going to be a long day.

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It’ll Get Better Kid

It’ll Get Better Kid

A/N I wrote this when I was sad, still am a little bit but that’s okay because it gave me great material

Summary: A day away from the stress and standards of life seemed impossible while contemplating life on a balcony you unexpectedly meet Jason Todd.

The dark evening sky loomed over Gotham City like it seemed to every night. Each day in this god forbidden city seemed to just pour over to the next, meshing them all together. Gently placing your head in your hands as your eyes scanned the city skyline on the balcony of your apartment. The cool breeze causing you to shiver under your pyjamas.

It had been about two weeks. Two weeks of feeling nothing, your head buzzing with the absence of any thoughts or feelings. You hadn’t noticed it really, your days being so busy. Work had piled up and all you’d cared about was the time, how much time you had to try and relax before work. Or how much time you had to get ready so you could be there precisely five minutes early.

This was it. This was the rest of your life, working for someone and being a slave to time. You’d always thought adulthood would be some great adventure. You’d finally have the freedom to do what you want and feel as though life was endless. Now, you couldn’t wait for the end, when you wouldn’t have to worry about how much time you had because it would all end anyways.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the creak of your front door opening. Gotham being the hub of crime, you wouldn’t be surprised if someone was breaking in. You tried to will yourself to move, to care that you may be harmed by an intruder. But you turned your attention back to the endless dark abyss that was the Gotham sky.

As you stared off into oblivion, you couldn’t see Jason Todd, carefully examining every inch of your apartment to make sure no one was home. The notorious red hood, Gotham’s latest crime lord was being chased by Bruce his father - or the Batman. Needing a place to lay low so he wouldn’t be spotted, a dark empty apartment seemed like his best bet.

Just as Jason was about to relax, he spotted your dark figure on the balcony. The pale moonlight illuminating the features of your focused eyes.

The balcony door slid open, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion. You could turn around, face your attacker, get away. But you thought that if you were going to see anything for the last time, it would be this dark night. You decided it didn’t seem so bad anymore.

“Someone’s breaking into your house and you don’t even turn around. You got big balls huh?” Jason smirked, walking cautiously up to the balcony beside you.

You shrugged, “well you don’t seem very scary so I guess I got lucky.”

Jason laughed, turning to face you as a smile danced over his lips. “Glad I come off approachable.”

He marvelled at you for a second, appreciating your bravery in a situation terrifying to most citizens. “So what’s a gorgeous human being like your self-doing out on a balcony this late at night?”

You raised a brow, finally turning to shoot him a questioning look. “You broke into my house and now you wanna know my life story huh?”

He shrugged, placing his chin on his hands, cocking his head to the side. “Got nothing betting to do.”

You tried to fight back a laugh, “I don’t even know your name.”

“Todd, Jason Todd.” He announced, shooting you a cheeky grin and sticking his hand out towards you.

You couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over you at Jason’s immaturity. Maybe it’s reminiscent of the days when you were carefree and charismatic like him, none the less you decided you’d liked Jason Todd.

“I don’t know why I came out here.” You decided to start, gently taking Jason’s hands giving it a limp shake and turning your attention back to the sky. “I’ve just been so numb and tonight I just exploded with all of these emotions I’ve been bottling up for so long. Each week I just convince myself ‘I just have to get through this week’ and it’s not working anymore. Recently it’s just been 'I just have to get through this life.’” You finished, your throat starting to burn from pushing your sobs back down deep within you.

“Well shit that was deep,” Jason concluded, joining your eyes as they scanned the stars. “I understand though, sometimes you just have to break the routine. Find something to focus on other than work and time.”

“Is that why you break into houses?” You asked, grinning widely at your own wit. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d smiled like this, let alone genuinely enjoy a conversation with someone. It was refreshing, just like Jason.

“Breaking into houses is the least of my crimes sweetheart.” He laughed, turning so his back was leaning against the balcony and he was facing you.

“Don’t seem like much of a criminal to me.” You concluded, folding your arms across your chest as the sudden chill hit your body.

Before you could say anything Jason had removed his leather jacket, placing it delicately on your shoulders with one swing. “You don’t seem like someone I’d see on their balcony contemplating their life.

You opened your mouth to respond, but before you could a shadow emerged on the roof of the building in front of yours. Without even seeing all of his features, you knew it was the infamous Batman, protector of Gotham. You turned to say something to Jason, but when you went to ask him if Batman was after him, he’d already climbed atop your balcony railing.

"It’ll get better kid, I’ll see you soon.” He said, flashing you one more grin before hopping off into the cool midnight air. You rushed off to see if he’d inevitably hit the hard pavement, but there was nobody in sight. You were once again alone with your thoughts.

You still could feel the buzzing numbness in the back of your brain, and the panic thinking of your long eight and a half hour shift the next day. But maybe it’ll get better,

after all the guy who broke into your house said so.

Happy Valentine’s Day - Kai Parker

Valentine’s Day smut!

Warnings: Smut, so much smut. Mentions of mourning.

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Originally posted by sssssssim


Kai Parker was fucked up, after a really long time mourning his death you came to that conclusion. You always knew he was fucked up, but you tried desperately to see the good in him, the best parts of him that no one else seemed to look hard enough to find. You still love him, of course you still love him, you used to have dreams about him coming back and seeing him again, but after a while when he didn’t come back… you decided to grieve.

At first, you cried, you cried for hours. You cried by yourself, curled up in the darkness of your bedroom, trying desperately to convince yourself that when you woke up Kai would be back, sleeping on his side of the bed and drooling on his pillow. And then, when you went outside to get groceries, no one approached you, no one asked you if you were alright, if you needed a hug. And when you went home you friend some more, now you really felt alone, without Kai, who even were you?

After crying as much as you could, you tried to move forward. The world isn’t going to stop because the person you love is gone, people die all the time, and the only way you’ll accept that is when you understand that he won’t come back. Damon buried him in an unmarked grave, but you put a wooden tombstone there anyways, with his name carved into it with a butter knife.
No one ever came to visit you, they had no reason to, and you didn’t mind. Bonnie stopped by once, asking for a place to lay low, but you told her to fuck off and find someone else’s basement to hide in. So yeah, no one came to visit you. Which is why the knock on your door made you jump.

You weren’t even fully awake yet, you were wearing baggy pajamas, your hair was a mess and you dragged your feet even as you walked to the door. You opened it with a yawn.

“What the fuck do you want?” You open your eyes slowly and then rubbed them, standing right in front of you is Kai, holding a bouquet of roses and a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates.

“Hi.” His voice is low, and his eyes meet yours for less than a second.

“What the fuck?”

“That’s what I thought. I uh- I bought you flowers, and the chocolates you like, it is Valentine’s Day after all.” Your hand launches forward before you can stop it and you backhand him right across the face. He moves his jaw as he looks back to you.

“I deserved that.” You grab his jacket, yanking him inside before he can say another thing.

“When did you get back?” He sets down the flowers and chocolate on the table beside your door.

“Two days ago.”

“How did you get back?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why are you here?” You cross your arms over your chest, angry beyond belief as you stare him down.

“Because when I was in hell, all I could think about was you. I was so stupid, Y/n, I never should have gone after my sister, I never should have fought with you before I left. God, I was such a dumbass-” Kai takes a step closer to you, you take a step back, “what I mean to say is, can you forgive me?”

You feel at a loss for words, he looks so sad, so tired, and all you want to do is throw your arms around him because yes- of course you forgive him. But you don’t, you stare up at him in silence, your eyes meeting his blues, your arms still crossed over your chest. It feels like and hour before you bring yourself to even take a breath. But when you do finally breathe you take one big step towards him and pull him into a hug, he’s bigger now, his shoulders are more broad and his arms are stronger as he hugs you back. You start crying, silent and happy as he breathes you in.

“I missed you so much.” Your voice comes out broken, but you don’t care.

“I missed you too.” You pull out of the hug and bring your hands to his cheeks, pulling him down for a kiss. He leans into it, pushing you back a little as his hands pull you even closer to him.

Your back hits the wall, it doesn’t hurt you, it’s gentle and then you realize that kai’s being gentle. He’s going slow, his mouth moves over yours passionately, your tongues don’t battle for dominance, his hands aren’t grasping you tightly, they’re smoothing themselves firmly over the skin of your lower back and hips. Your hands push his jacket away and you break apart only to take our shirts off. He lifts you up and presses you even more into the wall, your hands gripping onto his shoulders and neck tightly as he kisses you again. You take a deep breath when his lips leave yours, only to gasp again when he leaves kisses on your neck. He leaves wide open mouthed kisses on your neck before leaving a hickey just below your ear, his tongue runs over the slowly forming dark purple bruise as you lean your head to the side to give him more access. You grind your hips don as well as you can with his hands on your thighs and he moans when you grind onto his half-hard cock through his jeans.

In flash you’re in the bedroom, pressed against a wall again. Kai seems to lose some of his control, because he uses his vampire-speed to get your remaining clothes off. He turns you around and you put your hands against the wall.

“Kai, don’t tease.” He kisses your bare shoulders as one of his hands finds its way to between your legs, his fingers running lightly over your clit. You moan and push your hips back, his own moan exciting you more than ever before.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Kai keeps his fingers moving in a quick but soft motion over your clit that makes you moan. It had been so long since you’d been with anyone and even then none of them made you feel the way Kai did.

Your nails scratch into the wall, probably leaving marks in the paint but all you could think about was Kai, his hands on you, his mouth, his hard cock pressing into your back. You tried to keep quiet, you didn’t need to hear your snobby neighbors talk about you having sex literally ten feet from where they sleep, but Kai didn’t seem to be having any of it because his hand immediately went to your boob, twisting your nipple, successfully making you whimper loudly and pant harder.

“Don’t you go all silent and shy on me, I’ve been without you for far too long.” His voice is a low growl in your ear. You turn around and kiss him, walking him backwards to the bed.

He flops down, very ungraceful, which makes the both of you laugh as you straddle his waist. Kai’s hands fall to your hips, just like every time before, and you feel the coolness of his rings against your skin. He looks up at you and you meet his gaze, still smiling about his ungraceful flop onto the bed. All you can see are his stupid heart-eyes staring up at you like you’re a goddess.

“I missed you so much.” His hand loops behind your head as he talks. You let him pull you down to a deep kiss.

“Good?” You asks when you sit back up, this was how you asked for consent.

“Absolutely.” You give him a smirk as you sink down onto him, loving the way his eyebrows furrow and his eyes screw shut. You put your hands on his chest, and tilt your head back to moan.

The first lift of your hips has you whimpering and Kai gripping the sheets, it had been far too long for the both of you and you knew immediately you’d last as long as a teenage boy. You try to speed up but you don’t go fast enough, because Kai’s bucking his hips up and swearing loudly. His hand return to your hips, guiding you up and down and letting you grind your hips. With no warning, to Kai or yourself, you’re coming undone. The sudden feeling makes you arch your back and cry out, your hands pressing Kai even further into the mattress.

“Fuck, fuck, yes!” Kai throws his head back, his own back arching off the bed as you bounce through the last remnants of your oragasm, panting and whimpering.

You fall beside him, also very ungraceful in your fall, as he pants loudly beside you. Kai’s head tilts towards yours, a sated smile on his lips as he kisses you. A loud bang on your wall makes you jump and then laugh; neighbors.

“Fuck you!” Kai yells as you laugh, he laughs as well, his shoulders shaking as he does so.

What a Valentine’s Day this had been.

Mixed Emotions


Request: Hi there I’m in love with your blog!! Could you write something with Peter Parker where you were like the “newbie kid” on Team Cap and when you and Peter run into each other at school you guys don’t get along but slowly develop feelings with a little encouragement from like Ned? I’m sorry if this is a lot and if you want to change it up or don’t feel comfortable writing it that’s okay! Thank you! 💙💜💛💚

A/N: It took me so long to finally finish this. I had a hard time writing this imagine, not because I didn’t want to but because for some reason I just couldn’t figure out how to move from a scene to another. Hopefully this did not disappoint you, I think it turned out okay in the end. Also, to the person who requested this imagine, I am so sorry it took me so long to post. And to the people still waiting for their requests to be written, I’m trying to get them done asap. I’ve been having a hard time with writing lately. It’s frustrating, I’ll try to get through it. Have patience, my loves, I’m going to post them at some point. I hope you enjoy this imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 6,158 (yikes)

Warning: slight bullying, some fighting, fluff

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Green With Envy- Chapter Two

Originally posted by perfect-storn

Bruce Banner x Daughter! Reader and Peter Parker x Reader

Summary-You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones

Message- Here’s chapter 2! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Warning- Mentions of child abandonment and a drug addicted mom.

Background  Chapter One

Word Count- 1050

“So your Bruce’s daughter?” Tony asks. “Like actual biological daughter?”

“Is me calling him Dad, having green hair and super powers not enough of a clue for you?” You ask. Then you turn to your Dad. “I thought he was supposed to be smart.”

“Ooh, I like you, you’re sassy. You’re my kid now too.” Tony says while grinning.

“Cool, do I get a lab?” you ask.

“Sure, if you want.” Tony says with a shrug.

“Awesome, I love you new Dad!” you say as you fling yourself into his lap. “You’re gonna love Wyatt too!”

“This was a horrible plan, I shouldn’t have brought the team here. Tony’s going to try and adopt both of you!” Your dad says as he plops down in the chair next to you.

“I think Tony would make a great step-dad.” You say tilting your head to the side.

“Y/N, Tony and I aren’t dating!” Your Dad says.

“Why not? He’s your type!” you chirp back.

“Really, Banner, I’m your type?” Tony asks as a grin spreads across his face.

“I-I’m not talking about that right now.” Your Dad stammers out as he blushes. “Come on guys! You must have questions!”

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Honest Eyes

Is this how you post FanFic on here?  IDK.  But here it is, I want to thank the incredible @bribe-the-door for reading this, demanding I post it and demanding another 400 chapters by today.  Sorry Han, you’ll just have to settle for this being public (Although I’m working on part two if people want it!)

Fucking rain

He dodged his way through the busy London street, the rain splashing up from his Chelsea boots onto his jeans.  Could it get any worse?

“Hey, is that Harry Styles?”

Of fucking course

If it was just a couple fans, he wouldn’t mind, he’d be delighted in fact, but he was fairly certain some paps had been following him for a couple blocks.  The tone of the voice behind him confirmed that suspicion.  

He decided to find a quiet place to lay low before a full-scale mob came down on him.  He jogged a little bit and outdistanced the camera-toters slightly.  He then pulled up his coat collar and briskly wormed his way through a walking club of elderly people.  With the knot of blue-haired plastic bonneted women between him and the photographers, he started looking for a building that seemed quiet and nondescript.

He looked up through the drizzle and saw his salvation.  At the end of the block was a plain grey building with a tattered yellow awning and peeling black letter that read: “Marginalia: Used and Rare Books.”  


 He increased his pace slightly, adding a few more clueless pedestrians between him and the paparazzi.  He opened the door and was his with slightly chilled air, and the kind musty scent that only comes from a large amount of yellow pages living close together.  The bell above the door was so soft he barely registered it, but the cashier clearly did, “Can I help you?”  Harry pivoted around and saw a slightly annoyed boy behind the front desk reading what looked like a Physics textbook.  Harry could tell he better come up with a good excuse for interrupting the boy’s study time.

“Um, do you have any first editions mate?”

 “Sure, all the way in the back.” 

Harry faced inward to the rest of the store for the first time.  It seemed cozy and massive.  The bookshelves were so close together two people would have to squeeze between them sideways.  But the store itself just kept going back, it seemed like there were hallways, rooms branching in different directions and, is that a ladder into a basement?

He turned back to the boy, “How far back does it go?”

The boy smirked, “The whole block, mate.” 

Harry started the trudge back, in two seconds the boy was completely obscured from his sight.  Five more seconds and Harry was convinced that he was lost, and would never find his way out.  He passed different sections, announced only by a handwritten index card on the shelf or door frame; “History 1600s-1873, romantic art criticism, Popular Mechanics, religion and sexuality have been moved to the basement.” 

He was still walking in a straight line, right?

Finally, he saw a back wall or, or more accurately a bookshelf with a thumbtacked index card reading “Latin” in the middle of it.  He glanced around where he saw a room slightly to the left with an index card reading “First editions and seating.”  The first thing he did when he walked through the door was note the bookshelf across from him that apparently had first editions of poetry.  He strode over and was happy to see a few copies of Bukowski.  After selecting a book and spending a few moments inhaling the spine.  He went over to the comfiest looking arm-chair, even though it was a hideous orange and purple pattern, and sunk in.  He hadn’t noticed the 50 cent composition notebooks, paperbacks, sticky notes, highlighters, and pencils strewn around the chair.  If he had, he most certainly wouldn’t have sat in it.  He just felt so cozily invisible that his typical awareness had receded to the part of his mind that kept information like different types of clouds, and if it was his mum’s birthday or not. 

“I can’t believe it.”

He started and noticed the girl standing in the doorway, specifically he noticed her eyes.  That’s typical, supposedly, but her eyes…  They were clear, absolutely no walls.  Open and sharp and lovely and deep.  He imagined that seeing eyes that honest in a moment of joy or bliss was probably one of the best things that could happen to anyone.  Unfortunately, right now those eyes were betraying an inner fury and frustration the girl was clearly trying to control.  

“I mean, that’s my chair.  Always my chair.  I’ve been here for hours!  Seriously, those are my highlighters!  I leave to steal some of Gareth’s coffee, but apparently, this place is sooooo popular now that I can’t leave for five minutes or a Bukowski fan-boy invades my space!” 

She was trying

“I’m sorry, but I love the way Bukowski uses language.”  

She blew some of her hair out of her face while she was furiously shoving her things into her bag.  “If you mean that he perfected his craft and mastered how casual or crude language can be just as impactful as a complicated rhyme scheme, yeah I’ll give you that.”  She popped back up onto her feet, backpack slung across her back.  “But, if you mean that you like the fact that he tosses around words like cock and cunt like popcorn and that the majority of women he writes about are characterized as selfish whores looking for a hate-fuck, then I hope…” she was clearly thinking incredibly hard about this, “I hope that a squirrel the size of goose shits in your coffee.  She rocked back on her heels, pleased with herself, and spun out of the room.  Her voice floating back one last time.  “Besides, Bernadette Myers was using words like cock and cunt in poetry about complex yet loving relationships before Bukowski knew what enjambment was.” 

Harry was stunned.  It wasn’t often that someone completely left him speechless, normally he just chose not to speak.  But, Goddamnit, he wanted to yell after her that he didn’t know what enjambment was.  He wanted to say that yes, Bukowski was a misogynistic prick, but his poetry was so goddamn honest, at least in his opinion.  He wondered what her response to that would be.  He had somehow made it to the front desk without getting miserably lost.  The disgruntled cashier, “Gareth, probably,” Harry thought as the boy lowered his textbook down next to a steaming thermos of coffee.  “Can I help you?”  The boy drummed his fingers on the hard textbook cover. 

“D’ya know if you have any poetry by Bernadette Myers?”           

Liberty Pt.9

Originally posted by tonystrk

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peggy x Steve, Wanda x Sam

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe / Pirate Era

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo, Alexander Pierce, Blackbeard

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing, injury, alcohol.

Warnings for this chapter: None, really? Just a kiss or two.

Word Count: 1439

A/N: This chapter is quite short, I’m going to try and make chapters about 1-2k words each from now on, instead of over 4k, that way there will be way more chapters!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

AO3 Link

Bucky chuckled at your sleeping state, fairly pleased with himself. He had managed to calm you down, make you sleepy again and distracted you so you wouldn’t have any nightmares about the previous night.

“Mmm, ahluhyou Buck.”

It was midnight, the sky was dark, but the wind was warm. The ship was illuminated with dozens of glowing lanterns, billowing sails, and tired, sluggish crew members.

There Edward Teach stood at the wheel, alongside Peter and Zemo. Peter stood awkwardly beside the tall, strange man. He knew he was betrothed to you, or should he think you betrothed to him, and it made his skin crawl; this man was known for manipulation and having a fucking obsession with rocks, rocks. And he didn’t want you to become hurt.

Sir,” Peter coughed, “Where are we departing for first? Do you have an inkling of where Y/N might be?” He picked at his nails, awaiting his captain’s reply.

I believe there shall be a large arrival of pirates in Singapore very, very soon. I can sense it.

S-Singapore? Why would anyone want to go there?

Many pirates lay low there, there’s a very specific place, a cove, I’ve heard,” Zemo added, his eyes stuck on the compass in his hands.

Zemo is correct, there are very few who know where this cove is. We don’t even know if my daughter is there, or who she’s with. She could be dead, dumped at the bottom of the ocean…” Peter grimaced at Blackbeard’s words, a horrible image of you stranded on a cold, wet beach somewhere unknown, your body probably purple or black or blue from drowning, choking on the salt water that covered most of the world you belonged to.

He shook the thought from his head as he watched Zemo depart for his bed, debating on whether or not he should do the same. The captain, on the other hand

We will find my daughter, Mr. Parker.

As you watched the man twist and turn in haste around his ship, you admired the way he worked, quick, but graceful. His agility and bossiness, as you liked to call it, made him seem like the alpha of a pack, and it made you feel submissive, well, sort of.

You had heard Bucky order to leave as soon as possible, both ships were leaving the Spanish coast and the swift winds had pushed against the sails. With two rocks placed on top of the map, you had a compass in your hand and good intentions of where you were headed. Bucky had told you that you were all on route to Singapore, somewhere that was notorious for pirates, famous ones at that.

Bucky had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach like he was being watched. It couldn’t be the sea, for he had sailed the sea for the entirety of his life. It felt as if he was being watched, eyes everywhere, staring him down and boring into his soul. He shook it off momentarily before going to relieve his bladder over the side of the ship.

The intimate activities of last night played in his head and he smiled to himself before buttoning up his trousers and turning to find you, wherever you were. His ship was large, you could be anywhere. Hopefully, you were on the top deck, or somewhere where the sun kissed your skin and the wind whispered around your hair.

Bucky found you at the quarterdeck, a compass in hand and eyes trained on the horizon.

You blushed as you witnessed Bucky climb up the stairs to where you were perched, you averted your eyes to the horizon before you, the images of the previous night playing at the back of your head.

Good morning Captain,” You chirped, an innocent smile on your face. “Lovely weather we’re having today, the sea isn’t too rough and the wind is only a small breeze.

Good morning to you too, my wonderful sea artist. The weather is, indeed, rather lovely. Did you… sleep well?” The telltale smirk on his plump lips was a sign he was intentionally jarring you.

Oh, very well, Captain-

Oh cut it out Y'all, we all know you been doin’ the dirty all night, we heard the moans and everything!” Sam intervened, a snort following by Wanda as she floated down from the crow’s nest.

We- We did no such thing!” You gasped, your face flushed beet red as you fumbled with the compass in your hands.

I’m just playin’ y’all.” You let out a sigh of relief, your boots becoming rather interesting.

You watched as Wanda turned to Bucky, you had noticed she was seeming quite anxious, and you were worried for her, what was wrong?

Uhh, Captain, may I speak with you for a moment?” Wanda asked, then her gaze shifted to you, then to Sam, “Alone?” Wanda asked Bucky whilst biting her nails, her voice just above a whisper. Bucky’s brow furrowed, and his eyes skirted around the quarterdeck before he replied with a small ‘of course’

You noticed the uncertainty in their eyes and you knew something was askew.

So you waited.

Did you feel that? Just now? Like-Like eyes, or being watched…?

You felt it too? How- I mean, yes, I-I did but- no one was in my cabin-” Bucky fretted, the crease between his brow prominent. “The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, as if someone was like, like right behind me.

Same… I was up in the crow’s nest, and I felt the wind pick up, only slightly, I felt exposed, vulnerable, Bucky I never feel like that-” Wanda murmured, rubbing her forehead, “I’ve built up a wall after all these years and it just got taken down by a small gust of wind. How is this even possible… I think… I think it’s…

Black magic.” They both whispered, eyes locking, the air was thick and suddenly the ship lashed sideways, sending goblets and paper and chairs flying. Wanda yelped as she stumbled and fell alongside Bucky. As they attempted to stand, the large grandfather clock started to fall forward towards them both.

With a scream, Wanda brought her hands in front of her, wispy red tendrils shooting from the tips of her fingers and wrapping themselves around the large oak clock, holding it in place as she maneuvered around it with Bucky. She shifted it back into place, along with some other things.

As they dusted themselves off, Bucky spoke up

Shit… Blackbeard, he… he sees everything, doesn’t he?” Bucky mumbled as the ship balanced itself again.

When the ship lurched sideways, you did not shift an inch, your feet were planted to the floor and your body was oddly frozen. Most of the crew had toppled over, you could swear one fell overboard. You could feel the compass fall from your hands, you had no idea where it had gone, but you were damn sure it had fallen through a crack.

What… in the fresh hell… was that?!” Huffed Sam, nursing a large graze on the crown of his head.

I don’t know, Sam, I’ll go and check on Bucky and Wanda.” You skirted down the stairway and into the Captain’s cabin, there you found them both. “Are you two alright? What was that?

Bucky glanced at Wanda, then back to you, “We must have hit a reef.

No way in hell that was a reef, James-

Y/N, you’re not harmed? How…” Wanda whispered, her pale features painted with awe and confusion. Bucky briskly walked over to you and felt the shock that coursed through your veins, with gentle hands he soothed over your shoulders as he kissed your temple.

I’ve heard things about your father, Y/N… Black magic, satanism, all things of evil-

No, no time for negativity, we can get to that later. We’re going to go out onto that deck and enjoy the sun, the sea and everything good that comes with it. But…” you paused for a moment, looking at the ceiling, “something happened out there, when the ship jerked, I was rooted to the spot, I was frozen.” You raised a hand to Bucky’s cheek, caressing the growing beard that adorned his sharp jaw.

Like you said, we’ll talk about it all later, okay? Let’s get our asses to Singapore.” Bucky placed a gentle kiss to your lips, letting it linger. As he pulled back, he was besotted with the vibrant colour of your eyes, and he spoke again, “And… to reply to what you confessed last night… I love you too, Y/N.


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Not Again: Part 2

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG13
Summary: See Part 1

Part 2: Returned
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Chapter 13, Day 31:

Scully is fully aware she’s dreaming.  She’s watching herself from across Mulder’s room - watching her and Mulder, actually.  They are laughing, trying to kiss at the same time, but the height difference is hindering them.  Instead of being frustrated by it, they’re laughing, lips missing their target repeatedly.  It doesn’t help that while Mulder is trying to bend his neck towards her, she’s trying to pull his t-shirt off.  Hers is already gone.  She’s barefoot, in dark slacks and a white bra.  

Mulder stumbles back as she yanks his shirt over his head.  He lands in a seated position on his bed, still laughing.  He says something, but she can’t understand his words.  Whatever it is, it makes her laugh and she straddles his lap, one knee down on the bed at a time.  He squeezes her backside and she pushes his shoulders down so that he moves down to his back, staring up at her.  She shimmies backwards and off of him.  He groans and moves up on his elbows.

She unbuttons her pants, smirking at him as she wiggles them off her hips and then steps out of them once they fall.  She pushes his knees apart and steps into the vee of his legs as he flops onto his back again.  She murmurs something that makes him laugh and then she grips the waistline of his jeans, sliding her fingers under the edge.  The backs of her knuckles brush his abdomen.  His muscles clench, but he laughs.

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